Sempre This Is A Story About Sacrifice Death Love Freedom This Is A Story About ForeverHaven Antonelli And Carmine DeMarco Had Vastly Different Childhoods Haven, A Second Generation Slave, Grew Up Isolated In The Middle Of The Desert, Her Days Full Of Hard Work And Terrifying Abuse Carmine, Born Into A Wealthy Mafia Family, Lived A Life Of Privilege, Never Having To Answer For Anything He DidBoth Now Seventeen, A Twist Of Fate Causes Their Worlds To Collide, Making Them Question Everything They Ever Believed Entangled In A Web Of Secrets And Lies, They Learn That While Different On The Surface, They Have In Common Than Anyone Would ThinkIn A World Full Of Chaos, Where Money And Power Rule, Haven And Carmine Yearn To Break Free, But A String Of Events That Started Before Either Were Born Threatens To Destroy Them Instead Murder And Betrayal Are A Way Of Life, And Nothing Comes Without A Price Especially Not Freedom How Much Will They Have To Sacrifice Can They Escape Their Pasts And, Most Of All, What Does It Mean To Be Free Not Everything Is As It Seems, And No One Can Possibly Come Out Unscathed, But Maybe, Just Maybe, It Ll Be Worth It In The End

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sempre book, this is one of the most wanted J.M. Darhower author readers around the world.

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    I absolutely loved this book The title totally stunning everything about this story is in some way summed up in that title It s Godfather Cinderella It s thought provoking.It s about love.It s about teenage angst.It s about family love.It s about loss.It s about the challenges in life.It s about human slavery, the mafia.It s about loyalty.It s about sacrifices.It s about heartbreakIt s about murder.Even after a week, I am still thinking about the story, the writing and the characters This is really a love story between two teens, from totally different backgrounds that are thrown together by, I guess, fate.How they find love and healing despite the many obstacles in their way to finding happiness together Their chemistry and emotional connection was really amazing and so sweet.Carmine never deviated from what he felt for Haven He knew she was the person he had always been waiting for The intensity of his feelings for Haven was deep and emotional.From a life of a human slave, never being loved, except for her mother, and never knowing anything about a life outside her cage, suddenly meets a human being who cares and loves her Carmine made her believe, for the first time in her life, that just maybe there was something good out there for her and just adored how he supported her and gave her the confidence to do it The characters are so human and believable and you are pulled into their lives and see the good and bad sides of them and the struggles they go through.I was fascinated by Carmine s father, Dr de Marco Here is a man with so many secrets, such hidden feelings, who has done some pretty bad things but despite those things, I felt his pain as he tried to find redemption and do anything to protect his family that he loves so much.What I also enjoyed about this book is how I never knew where the story was going to Who were the real good and bad guys Would Carmine Haven find happiness together It s a long book, full of details and characters but I was never bored I just kept turning page after know the kind of book you never want it to end but you so want to know the ending This is was one of those.And the can t wait to start the next installment.

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    5 stars Could someone do bad things, but not be a bad person I loved this book It was a beautiful, yet quietly powerful read.It did a fantastic job of blurring the lines between good and bad So many times when reading it I felt conflicted Everything about some of the situations was so wrong but at the same time, I was liking, maybe even loving, the characters who were doing evil actions Good guys put in bad situations, forced to make hard decisions that made them do wrong things for the right reasons but in the end the wrong thing to do actually ended up being the right thing Yeah, if that confuses you, it sure as hell confused me too lol And I loved it The story was quite the emotional roller coaster I cried a little, I laughed a little, it made me care a lot for the characters.The main character, Haven, is a second generation slave who grew up in a horribly abusive household and is bought into a Mafia family where she ends up falling in love with Carmine, the handsome, hot headed yet inwardly tormented son of the man who bought her Carmine never went looking for it, but trouble seemed to find him every time he turned a corner And Carmine turned a lot of motherfucking corners.The book is long 530 pages But I didn t want to stop reading At times it is a little slow, in the sense that its not always a burning page turner, but don t let that put you off The story takes its time in the right places, it takes its time as Haven and Carmine fall in love, as she starts to recover from her abuse, and as she begins to come out of her shell Sometimes I like books that don t just rush through the story it helps me immerse myself even in the world and in the character s lives Colpo di fulmine The thunderbolt, as Italians call it When love strikes someone like lightning, so powerful and intense it can t be denied It s beautiful and messy,cracking a chest open and spilling their soul out for the world to see It turns a person inside out, and there s no going back from it Once the thunderbolt hits, your life is irrevocably changed I love how this story explores boundaries and extremes Master slave, good evil, right wrong, excusable justifiable actions I d say the over all theme though of the story is sacrifice. Does the ends justify the means To what ends are you willing to go for the ones you love Right there in the moment, it was just her and him, no one and nothing else They were all that mattered two people, desperately in love and wanting to show each other No master and slave, no class divides And I fell in love with all the Italian endearments that Carmine calls Haven they just melted my heart I love Haven s quiet strength, and Carmine s fierce protectiveness of her I loved that he was a character who could be an ass on minute but then have no problems apologizing and admitting it and trying to do better It felt very honest He made mistakes and tried again There was an ache in his chest, originating in the center of his heart It was the pain of all consuming, overflowing love, so powerful it took his breath away Do you feel this We belong together He kissed her Sempre. They re titles other people give us They don t make us who we are If you re just a slave, then I m nothing than a Principe Is that all I am, Haven A Mafia Prince No, of course not That s what I thought, he said Just because some people see us that way doesn t mean it s what we are We ll overcome our labels together They don t matter, they don t make us who we are We make us who are are Fuck those motherfuckers She laughed When did you get so smart Baby, I ve always been smart, he said playfully I m just lazy as hell and rarely show it I fell in love with the whole DeMarco family Dominic, Carmine s brother, was delightful Light hearted, caring and protective And Vincent, the father I ll admit he made me a little swoon y at times It was really great that the author took the time to tell his story and to get inside his head because it gave such insight to the why behind so many questionable actions throughout the story I d love to read a book about him The bits of the book about him and his wife made me teary This tension in this book comes from all unanswered questions Who is Haven How can she, a slave, and Carmine, the son of a high ranking Mafia member be together Who is the good guy Who is the bad guy To what lengths will people go to save the one s they love The first 70% of the book is very character driven And then all the pieces come together and everything kind of blows up and I almost felt like I was watching a movie, instead of reading a book for the last 30% lots of action, lots of Mafia warring quite delicious I loved watching Haven s inner and outer strength develop over the course of the book I loved how fiercely she and Carmine loved each other, how he wouldn t let anyone look down on her This book had a happy ending but definitely left the story open for development How about we just be Haven and Carmine she suggested We don t know the ending, but we can always hope for the best I like that, he said Besides, there s a reason we don t know how the story ends Why Because it doesn t The author is writing a sequel now and I know I ll be buying it the day it comes out I d definitely recommend this book I have nothing else to compare it to but its definitely worth a read heading off to to buy a hard copy for my bookshelf EDIT OMG SEMPRE GOT A MOVIE DEAL I m so excited I can barely type this SQUEEEE Here s how I see Carmine and Haven For of my reviews, come visit my book blog at

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    5 stars This book captivated me from the beginning What a story Sempre is a story about choices, sacrificing everything for the ones you love, intense true love, and then you throw in some human trafficking slavery and mafia connections.It was heartbreaking at times, but I loved the story and loved the characters Carmine and Haven It s one of those books that shows sometimes you are born into a certain life and many things are beyond your control, but sometimes two people who appear to come from totally different worlds can have ties to each other than imaginable I would recommend this book to everyone Only have good things to say about it

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    5 MILLION Tesoro Stars Grabbing her hand, he pressed it gently to his chest His skin was warm to the touch, and she could slightly feel his pulse pounding against her palm Do you feel that I m not going anywhere, Haven This is yours I mean, am I supposed to just go on after reading this thing I know there are many reviews with the plot on here so I won t even go into it, but I just desperately needed to express my love for this story.What perfect, emotional, heartbreaking, soul crushing, sweet, sad, incredible story I literally had goose bumps the entire time, and was left with no fingernails after biting them all off from the suspense This story is so insane and all the characters are so entwined I wouldn t even know where to start to go into details about the story line even if I wanted to And what is most amazing about it is the simple way it s written To me, it read so well each scene played out like a movie in my mind If this was a movie, I would have watched it 7,356 times already I love you The words tumbled from her lips easily, like they had rolled from her tongue hundreds of times But they hadn t She had never said them before, but as she heard them in her own voice, every cell in her body knew they were true She hadn t known what love was, but she knew it now Love was the fluttering in her tummy whenever Carmine was near, the twinkle in his eyes when he laughed, the heat in her body from his words Love was happy Love was safe Love was green Love was him the beautifully flawed boy who made her glow I will say this Vincent God at first I hated him and could not understand the man for the life of me But as the story unfolded, I definitely understood and grew to love him Especially at the end when he view spoiler finally accepts the past and accepts Haven and actually addresses her by her name hide spoiler

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    5 FOREVER STARS Colpi di fulmine The thunderbolt as Italians call it When love strikes someone like lighting, so powerful and intense it can t be denied. I ve known about this book for a very long time, and everyone told me to read it But for some reason I kept postponing it, until I just forgot about But then I finally decided that I might as well read since the two books I ve read by JM Darhower were both 4 or stars And I m so glad I did This is by far the best book by this author in my opinion If you re looking for an epic love story, about love that overcomes the most trying obstacles and characters that will make you want to cry, hit something and basically feel intense emotions, well then, here you go Haven, was born into slavery, besides knowing that her mother loves her, it s the only other thing she s ever known Her Master is a cruel man, she s never known kindness from anyone else but her mother Until one day she decides to run, the same day she meets Dr DeMarco, the same day she starts her new life.So for some reason this book almost destroyed my emotions, I m not sure if it was because Haven was a just a young girl, who d been so badly abused Malnourished, beaten Gah I just can t I mean it got me thinking Somewhere in the world some girl is living the same life and there s no Dr DeMarco or sweet Carmine to save her That s just how it is.So how would you feel if you d never known how freedom felt, and suddenly you were given just a small taste of how it would feel to be free Haven s character was so strong, she s been added to my very short list of female characters I love When Dr DeMarco, takes her to his home, her life becomes very different This is one of those books where you ll love the characters one moment and hate them the next which is how I felt about Vincent and Carmine DeMarco I loved them in the end but sometimes I felt like throat punching them because I felt like they were so insensitive to Haven s previous life Especially Dr DeMarco, view spoiler I honestly started sobbing when he threatened to kill Haven by shoving a gun at her She s just a child I was inconsolable hide spoiler

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    Sempre is not your average feel good love story It is a gritty portrayal of various harsh realities and agonizing circumstances Although my heart broke for the majority of this story, I enjoyed it immensely and found it both inspirational and humbling I also found a new respect for individuals born into dreadful conditions beyond their control Haven was born into slaveryand one could say that Carmine was born a slave to the pressures and expectations of following his father s footsteps into the mafia On the outside, Haven and Carmine have had vastly different childhoods but upon closer inspection, their lives were all too similar Their love for each other was young, but true and deep and I enjoyed watching it blossom into maturity Although this book was focused on very serious and sometimes dark subjects, there were also many moments of fun and lightheartedness, for which I was grateful This beautiful story is as intense as it is touching It s about redemption and hope Its about sacrificing everything in the name of love no matter what the cost It s about dying for what you believe in, but ultimately, it s about being able to just truly LIVE Book Stats Genre Category New Adult Steam Caliber Mild sexy Romance Complex, intense, and beautiful young love Characters Protective hero Heartbreakingly damaged and abused heroine Plot An intense, unconventional love story focused on pain, redemption, and hope Human trafficking Writing Passionate Poetic Gorgeous Compelling POV 3rd Person Perspective Cliffhanger Mild doable Ending open for story Next Installment Follow up.

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    Normally I don t prefer to read long books Long books give me pressure BUT this book. My God, this story I can read the damn book over and over again It was amazing It was pure perfection I loved it, I loved it so much It was a really unforgeattable reading for me Forget all the mafia stories you read before and don t expect too much action with every page but still there is a great story in this book and great mystery But above all of that there is in love. And of course there are a lot of other things going on around Carmine Haven The tension of the story is simply amazing and it will give you thrill so much I read the book in 3 days and when I finished the book my eyes were burning from too much reading but fuck it I loved it a lot I enjoyed very much every damn minute Especially when I read the last chapters of the book OMFG my hands were shaking I loved how Carmine worship Haven I loved how Haven gave her soul to Carmine They re perfect together And I won t write to you the full story here but all you need is to know this book is about a boy and a girl About their love, sacrifice and freedom And their choices for themselves or for their beloved ones And about How this two broken souls find each other by fate I m a hopeless romantic I believe fate and I believe soul mate Cause I m married with my soul mate. And when you read this book you ll see how to love somebody and be loved in return can chance your life And maybe because of that Carmine Haven s story touched my heart so bad Ps Can t wait to read 3rd book MADE I m really excited Corrado Celia s story When he touched her, she didn t feel so alone When he touched her, she felt alive for once Grabbing her hand, he pressed it gently to his chest His skin was warm to the touch, and she could slightly feel his pulse pounding against her palm Do you feel that I m not going anywhere, Haven This is yours How about we just be Haven and Carmine she suggested We don t know the ending, but we can always hope for the best I like that, he said Besides, there s a reason we don t know how the story ends Why Because it doesn t Ps If you wanna read this series, I suggest you to read with this order Sempre Sempre Redemption Friends Novella Forever Novella Made She hadn t known what love was, but she knew it now Love was the fluttering in her tummy whenever Carmine was near, the twinkle in his eye when he laughed, the heat in her body from his words Love was happy Love was safe Love was green Love was him, the beautifully flawed boy who made her glow Do you think you could ever love someone like me She found the nerve to bring up a subject he wasn t brave enough to broach, to utter the word love that terrified him so much, and instead of reassuring her he clammed up Haven, I could never love someone like you, because there isn t anyone else like you You re one of a kind My mom used to talk about fate all the time, and I think you re it you re my fate You were brought to me for a reason, for us to save each other Because you weren t the only one needing saved, Haven I was drowning, and you rescued me How about we just be Haven and Carmine she suggested We don t know the ending, but we can always hope for the best I like that, he said Besides, there s a reason we don t know how the story ends Why Because it doesn t Colpo di fulmine The thunderbolt, as Italians call it When love strikes someone like lightning, so powerful and intense it can t be denied It s beautiful and messy,cracking a chest open and spilling their soul out for the world to see It turns a person inside out, and there s no going back from it Once the thunderbolt hits, your life isirrevocably changed Do you have any idea how important you are to me he asked, pulling from her lips I m finding myself again because of you I never thought it would happen My mom used to talk about fate, and I think you re it you re my fate You were brought to me for a reason, for us to save each other Grabbing her hand, he pressed it gently to his chest His skin was warm to the touch, and she could slightly feel his pulse pounding against her palm Do you feel that I m not going anywhere, Haven This is yours See how much she s changed you did that for her I didn t do anything You re the one who made the difference no matter what you do tomorrow, Carmine, what matters is that you did that today All I did was love her Ever think maybe that s what she needed Sometimes we don t have to really do anything We just have to be Tell me, Mr DeMarco What s love to you He glared at his teacher I think it s ridiculous you re even trying to define it like it s something material you can just go find if you want it People use the word too loosely as it is They say they love this and they love that, when they don t They just like the shi uh, stuff Love is something that changes you, and if you really loved all the crap you say you love, you d never know who you were because you d constantly be changing Once you love, you love forever You can t help it Sogni d ro, mia bella ragazza, he mumbled, closing his eyes Sweet dreams my beautiful girl When he touched her, she didn t feel so alone When he touched her, she felt alive for once Every I hate you echoing from her chest was followed by an I love you from his lips Every time she begged him to let go, he told her he would be there forever His hold was strong, his arms familiar, but it did nothing to take away her pain Some things in life only happen once, the memories of them lasting forever They re moments that alter you, turning you into a person you never thought you d become, but someone you were always destined to be There s no magical rewind button in life, no take backs or do over s to fix things you wish you could change Carmine, she said The sound of his name on her lips made his chest swell with love despite the fear Nothing would ever overpower it He stared into her deep brown eyes and it seemed as if time stopped It always would, he realized Carmine s world wouldn t go on without her I love you, too, he said, struggling to fight back the emotion so as not to scare her Sempre You shouldn t be afraid to take risks It might not always work out, you might fail miserably and get hurt, but you ll never know unless you try And if it does work, wouldn t it have been worth it

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    Sempre was fantastic It is a real reader s book Knowing this book was self published explains a lot It is a raw story, straight from the author s imagination and heart It shows Sempre was a treat for me, after I had completed the day s tasks, I d get to read until my eyes gave up Carmine and Haven became alive You want everything good for them There is action, romance, and a great plot There s also a much bigger purpose for the book It shines an unflinching spotlight on modern day slavery Darhower does one of my very favorite things blurring the lines between the good guys and the shining white knights She does it so effortlessly, I actually smiled when I realized I was heartbroken because a murderer was injured That takes some serious talent I hope you decide to treat yourself to this book Please remember that it s not chick lit This isn t bubblegum, gigglepants stuff, though you will laugh at times It s novel with a journey that feels very important to take Load it up on your eReader, you will not be disappointed.

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    10 16 18 Finished Audiobook today Still absolutely love this book Ahhhh Sempre..One of my absolute favorites So I have been highly anticipating this book since I heard it was being re released.Honestly I didn t feel they changed too much regarding the book.There are a few things I wish they kept cough cough angry dragon but whatever..Haven is a slaveCarmine is the son of Vincent who buys Haven Carmine is a disgruntled teen who saw his mother being gunned down as a child He doesn t do well with relationships and looks to acting out and drugs and drinking to dull his pain Haven and Carmine meet and are two total opposites However, they have a special spark that strikes someone like lightning.

    Colpo di fulmine

    Haven gets caught up in a predicament Carmine wants to save her and in the end he would do just about anything for Haven

    I love you too, Sempre

    9 27 13 REREAD OF NEW VERSION ARC provided by Edelweiss on behalf of Gallery Books in turn for an honest review __________________________________________Original Review Dec 2012 This is one of my most favorite books ever Everyone should read this and see the awesomeness of this book I can t wait for Book 2 So I was looking through my books and I realized I never wrote a review for Sempre beforeThere are not enough words to describe how I feel about this book and if you have not read it, you should Read it now Stop what you are doing this very second and read this book The storyline is great, the characters are great and its just overall a kickass book My feelings about Sempre READ THIS BOOK J.M Darhower

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    4.5 Stars Riveting I had a love hate relationship with this book, this story, and these characters What I mean is that the life they live and the things they do, I would never condone, but in their world, the mafia famiglia, it is the norm and the story is based on that I constantly questioned their actions, but as the story unfolds you come to understand, and past history, why they react so severely to certain situations and need to have total control Haven is the teenage slave that Dr Vincent DeMarco rescues and I use that term loosely, because although her surroundings have improved, his hate for her is quite evident I was not taken with Vincent, I found him to be lacking as a father, and his total disregard for Haven really put me out, but as the story progresses my heart feels for him and all that he has endured He has two sons Dominic and Carmine, they live with him far from the world that all too often calls him back to Chicago Dominic is sweet, easy going and embraces Haven as part of the family Carmine is a hot head, reckless and his abrasive personality has Haven running in the opposite direction As they spend time together she learns to relax around him and he becomes nurturing and protective of her He s still reckless, but is trying hard to be a better person for Haven Theirs is a unique and unconventional love story They are so young, and Vincent seems to look the other way when it comes to their close proximity, particularly their sleeping arrangements Although for the most part of the book it is innocent, as much as it can be for two teens, it then progresses in sexual nature I don t know too many parents that would allow this, but again, this is not the All American family You feel that Carmine and Haven are meant to be together, and the love they have for each other is undeniable Then we meet Corrado, Vincent s brother in law and Celia, Vincent s sister, mafia wife I loved them Corrado pulled the trigger without blinking an eye, human life disposable to him, but if it protected the famiglia he saw it as nothing than necessary measure and again I will reiterate that I loved him Celia is all too aware of what her family is and what they do, but her love for her husband, brother and nephews, even Haven, is so evident that I could not help but love her Halfway thru the books, the unveiling begins and that s when I had trouble keeping up, because when you think you knew the answer or predict the outcome no, no, no it was not to be I would get to the end of a chapter, tell myself to walk away, do something else, but I couldn t I was in it for the long haul Talk about emotional overload EXHAUSTING I hated the things that these people did, but yet I was rooting for them Why The writing You have now connected to these characters and you overlook the bad, and hope for the good what is good for them There is violence, there is death, and I cried I never saw it coming, and it was like someone ripped my heart out of my chest My predictions were for the most part unfounded and the author would then pull me in another direction, and again I assumed, and again I was wrong These characters, this story, stayed with me, disrupted my life, had me lost in thought for hours, and I loved it I did take issue with a few things, one being Haven s swift recovery She adjusted rather quickly and for someone who was sheltered from society, she seemed to be knowledgeable than I would have expected The other was the ending, way too abrupt and too much left to the imagination I wanted closure, I needed closure, I wanted the end to be wrapped up with a pretty little bow I didn t get that I hung in there for the whole book, a long book, when through the emotional wringer and I felt cheated, and those are my reasons for removing a half a star Thank you Kristen for recommending this phenomenal read, it was everything you said it was

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