To the Princess Bound (Terms of Mercy, #1)

To the Princess Bound (Terms of Mercy, #1) PARASITE PUBLICATIONS Sci Fi Romance TO THE PRINCESS BOUND Sometimes, Life Leads Us Where We Need To Go Six Years Ago, Victory S Mind And Body Were Brutally Shattered By Those She Trusted The Betrayal Has Left Her With A Closed And Tortured Heart And An Innate Fear Of The Men Around Her Her Father, A Cold, Compassionless Emperor Who Rules Victory S Life The Same Way He Has Ruled Mercy, Has An Inhuman Solution Chain Her To A Massive Native Man From The War Torn Planet That Kidnapped Her To Prove To Her There S Nothing To Fear Yet When The Huge And Gentle Native Shows Himself To Be Something Than Anyone Expects, Will Victory Open Her Heart And Allow This Handsome And Powerful Healer To Help Her Flower, Or Will She Turn Him Over To The Imperium That Hunts Him Bound To An Imperial Princess, Their Bodies Lashed Together By A Cruel Decree, Dragomir Is Tired Of Helplessly Watching Victory S Past Overtake Her He Has The Power To Fix Her, And If She Doesn T Like It, She Can Kill Him After He Is Finished He Is A Healer He Will Mend Her Broken Spirit, Or Die Trying Yet, In Healing Her, He Must Reveal His Secret To Her, And In Doing So, Dragomir Must Also Trust Her With His Life, For Those With His Special Talents Are Feared And Hunted By The Imperium What Dragomir Doesn T Foresee At The Outset Is His Own Passion She S His Soul Mate, Their Lives Entwined Throughout The Ages, And Her Mere Presence Sparks A Fire Within Him That He S Tried For Years To Ignore He Finds Himself Fighting His Body S Deepest Urges Every Time He Looks Upon Her Graceful Form, Struggling For The Control She Needs Of Him, Warring With Inner Desires And An Ancient Need That Could Make Her Abandon Him Forever EXCERPT Trust Me, Victory, Dragomir Said Softly There S Something Between Us He Swallowed And Glanced At His Hands, Where They Touched Hers We Re Connected In A Way That Most People Could Only Dream He Seemed To Be Struggling For Words, And Settled With, You Were Always Safe With Me, As I Was With You Victory Peered Into His Eyes, Wanting To Ask Him What He Meant By That, Yet Not Finding The Courage When She Said Nothing, He Gingerly Reached Down And kingfiction

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  • 323 pages
  • To the Princess Bound (Terms of Mercy, #1)
  • Sara King
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  • 12 October 2019

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    So, first of all, if you have triggers when it comes to descriptions of rape, DO NOT read this book I will go into this later in the review.The book is a combination of fantasy and sci fi, set in presumably what is our distant future, as there are references to Terran languages and animals There is also a lot of jargon that resembles our concepts of chi energy, chakras, karma, auras, etc., with some variations, but it is easy enough to figure out due to context.Alright, so my main issue with this story is the author s treatment of the Princess, who we find out was a victim of rape for six years while kidnapped This is explained early on, so it s not much of a spoiler Her father the king by another name is a cruel man and upon finding out she s been hiding in her room for two months after being rescued and that she screams at the sight of a man, decides that if she won t man up and start acting like the princess she is, then he ll chain her to a huge naked slave until she gets over it This is obviously psychotic and insensitive, but he s the villain, so it s understandably in character.However, throughout the book, the other main character, an empathic healer named Dragomir, displays decidedly insensitive behavior, despite the fact he s our hero and genuinely is concerned about the Princess emotional well being Early on he strips her naked, and she goes catatonic He does feel terrible for it afterward, and he says he did it out of frustration anger, but it s just not something a person should do Later during the story, view spoiler when they are hiding out in his village hide spoiler

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    Sigh Everything was right in this book How the story was told, the main characters and the minor ones The humor It s a brilliant story that I had to finish in one go as soon as I read the first page I couldn t find anything that annoyed me, except for the villain of course and it s so hard to describe what I felt while reading it It was like something clicked in my head and I couldn t wait to read the next page to find out what would happen Yes, for me this book was that good Therefore I won t tell a thing about the story, so you ll have to read it for yourself That way you ll know how good this book is I m also glad that this is only the start of the series and I ll get to know much about the great world that is described in this book Can t wait

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    I wanted to like this The description was intriguing, and while I don t enjoy reading about rape, other readers seemed to have enjoyed the book a lot.The setting was original, despite a lot of earth style slang and words in general I wish there was description of how the Imperium works, and how the colonists various groups got there I understand that Dragomir and Victory were fated for each other, so he felt like he couldn t give up on her, but COME ON The trauma she experienced led to emotional reactions I can understand, and Dragomir should have been careful with her than he was ex the bath On the other hand, Victory herself probably as a byproduct of her upbringing was a spoiled, petty, entitled, vindictive person who ruined things for fun ex Dragomir s drinking water, his food, I could go on here I didn t particularly care if she found her happy ending The fact that they were fated to each other, to meet in violence repeatedly throughout hundreds of lifetimes, seemed of a toxic relationship based on lust than a soulmate bond to me Victory reminded me of a combination of Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Princess Vespa from Spaceballs I felt sorry for the horrors she had experienced but didn t find much to love about her, either On the other hand, I enjoyed the side characters, especially Thor, Matt, and the Praetorians I would have liked to see of those, and less of Victory.

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    I was intrigued by the dichotomy of the two main characters when I started reading, but a number of things muted my enjoyment as I read on 1 I was uncomfortable by how quickly a victim of multiple rapes was expected to heal emotionally and become romantically and physically involved with the hero.2 Dragomir seems to forget her trauma way too easily for an empath.3 The details were pretty mundane for a wealthy society several generations in the future Very little non Earth centric world building undertaken.4 The major conflict was too easily resolved.

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    Terms of Mercy To the Princess Bound by Sara King will tenderly like a soft golden tendril, embrace you, touch your heart and since it is a romance make you fall in love From the beautiful opening chapter, there is Dragomir, a romantic hero unlike all others before him A gentle giant, healer, possessing a rare, feared gift that if discovered, by a tyrant ruler, would be executed He is chosen from all the others, captured without his consent, and brought to Victory, the princess, a broken soul, of whom he ll be bound Victory, the princess, privileged since birth, is betrayed by those she trusted Now, she is scorned, abused, locked by fear, rescued, only to be subjected to the heartless decision of a soul less man, her own father In a short excerpt from the book No, his heart began to hammer like a sledge in his chest The soul link, made across an entire planet, completely dormant, yet still radiating residual fear to him for an entire month It was her .There, begins their journey, soul mates, both lost, in pain, yet to be connected in this lifetime One where one step forward, sometimes means two steps back, on that path where trust the key A book of the heart, one that has timeless qualities that blossom with the best of humanity, yet does not hide the dark shadows of it either This one touches deeply You will cry, but you will rejoice too, have experiences that will make your toes curl, and ones that make you, in no better words, pee your pants from laughing so hard.Miss King has this ability, no that word ability is not enough, it s a unique gift, to pull you from your life and take you to a wonderful placethat you want to visit time and time again Terms of Mercy To the Princess Bound, a love story unlike all others..

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    I have a serious love hate relationship with this book Parts of it are executed wonderfully while others so rife with contradictions I wanted to pull my hair out I liked how the female protagonist Victory was initially written, she wasn t exactly a likable character She s selfish, privileged, and her view of life is warped from living the high life as a princess in the world of Mercy It was refreshing to see a character that wasn t an overwhelmingly nice character especially because after meeting her father it s obvious where she learned these character flaws The leading male, Dragomir was completely the opposite It felt like the author wanted to make a dream man rather than a defined character He doesn t really have a strong personality, interests, or even likes and dislikes His main personality trait is enduring and doing everything for Victory s sake With Victory we get to know her likes dislikes, favorite foods, and even choice in decor Dragomir remains a giant question mark that will never be answer.The side characters seemed like they had potential, but too little was invested in them Nothing about them is learned other than their sole purpose in life being Live and die only for the main characters, you don t need any other character growth The plot was refreshing for the first half of the book The characters were forced together with interesting enough reasoning While the dialogue felt clunky at times overall it was engaging watching the characters interact Mercy was a creative alternate reality futuristic aspects on one side of the coin, while peasants survived in a medieval environment There is an established class system, religion, and a somewhat vibrant magical atmosphere It would, however, have been nice for these aspects to be explained in detail It felt like the author was overwhelmed with her own creation Alternate planets were mentioned, yet the animals and vegetation are all earth originals My suspension of disbelief was broken on than one occasion when normal earth things were inserted awkwardly into the story For example, an Emp and royal princess sitting in the kitchen together while he makes her the magical dish of spaghetti Another blaring annoyance was glaring contradictions throughout the second half of the book Victory is portrayed as an educated young woman who goes as far as to look down on lower classes for being uneducated Yet in the second half of the book she acts like a bumbling idiot not understanding basic things about human life One example among many being Victory is horrified and shocked to discover that eggs come from chickens.really You mean to tell me this woman is educated with a supposedly photographic memory but she doesn t know where eggs come from This coupled with a few other similar incidences made me want to chuck the book across my bed Most of my hang ups with the book my personal rating dropping for 4 stars to 2 started in the second half The plot shift in the second half of the book came across as completely illogical and it simply was an excuse for the characters to have to stay attached at the hip for a longer period of time The whole, sure we could solve the problem but let s take a long detour instead Finally leading up to an incredibly anti climactic confrontation So anticlimactic it s not even written about You re just told it happens in a different location while our main characters are off making love Which by the way was one of the most ridiculous sex scenes I ve read in a while with the leading lady having a whopping six orgasms in one go If you re looking for a creative magical backdrop for a romance series and plot inconsistencies don t bother you, go ahead and try it out The style wasn t overly painful or hard to read it just lacked a clear direction The book was enjoyable especially in the first half and despite bouts of rage I may decide to check out the sequel But you can rest assured I won t be running out to grab a copy anytime soon.

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    I had mixed feelings about this book I think the concept the book had was a great one but there was a lot going on1 A princess and a pauper throw in slavery and switch places 2 Healing of a savaged girl learning to love again 3 Life sometimes takes us where we need to go. or to experiences we needed to have 4 Betrayal of family 5 End of slavery safety for people with psychic genetic mutations I wanted to love this book and was excited based on several high rated reviews I was concerned due to the nature of the story I tend to treat books having anything to do with rape cautiously What I was expecting out of this book Damaged princes healer fighting for his life slowly built trust love HEAWhat I got.Spoiled self involved damaged princess insensitive suicidal healer quickie rushed HEAI had a bigger problem with Victory s personality then the rape The author didn t get too detailed about the rape but did manage to describe the pain and degradation she experienced at the hands of her captors The ending felt rushed needless to say I was disappointed especially since I had to suffer though so much of Victory s personality only to have a magic fix and HEA slapped on at the end I loved the world King built and all the characters except Victory I m not sure I d read this book again but I m not sorry I read it It was a bit like Dune meets Could Atlas

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    This novel goes back and forth from a three to a four for me The plot is good because who doesn t love an evil father who tries to kill his daughter but I think the characterisation of Victory was a bit off for me Honestly, I don t think it would be possible for someone who has suffered so much trauma to go back to acting in such a snooty manner plus, there were a few other things I didn t particularly think she should have done in so little time but you ll find that out when you read it I did like Dragomir, he was well portrayed and although he didn t abuse his power well, there was that one time which he deeply regrets and tries to make amends for , he didn t allow her to make a pushover out of him The story is well written, it evokes a lot of emotion there is a lot on the heroine s trauma which can be quite graphic and gets you lost in the book Back to Victory for a minute, I also felt that her development in terms of her beliefs and musings on slaves was too conveniently wrapped up, I know that Drago does bring her up on calling him a slave a lot but I think there needed to be something to it to account for the changes she wants to enact, The ending is quite anti climatic which is a bummer , I was expecting something a little , maybe even an epilogue would have been appropriate.

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    This is the first book I have ever read in its entirety on my Kindle Fire I have other eBooks, but I couldn t put my Kindle down I had to know what was going to happen next Sara King is great with detail and background of her characters As the opening line of the synopsis says, Sometimes, Life leads us where we need to go, and that is so true for each of these characters Dragomir s spirit of compassion and humbleness tugged at my heart and his overall patience with Victory was amazing and at times a little maddening Victory is spoiled, but that is how she is supposed to be for the story to progress and Sara did wonderful.I knew very little about the story going into it and didn t know there would be a rape rather several involved I knew it was a romance novel of sorts and once I found out about the rape, I was a little put out I thought how in the world is this going to convincingly turn into a romance when the main female character has been raped How will she recover in some 300 pages and be able to fall in love with Dragomir No worries, Sara King handles that and the details with tact and twists and turns that will lay your raised eyebrows at ease.Quickly because this is getting long and I need to go home the story is phenomenal and I can t wait for Sara to write about the world of Mercy The rape wasn t so vividly described as to force me to put the book down and walk away to prepare myself she handle it with care The sex well ummm yeah It was there Do I have to go into detail than that It was probably one of the most steamy sex scenes I have ever read and I m having to block it from my mind trying for clearing throat ok moving on.To read my full review, please visit my blog.

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    Most of everything I want to say would lead to spoilers, so this will be a short and rather vague review With a small amount of editing, this could have been a five star book.While decent enough on the SciFi front, what really made this romance novel rise above others of its ilk was King s decision to address both of the main characters ndash Dragomir the healer and Victoria Victory the princess emotional traumas head on She took her time building both the world and the relationship before we were even a hint of anything beyond healing existing between the the healer and the princess.Taken out of her element, Victory wasn t likeable at all, but her behaviour became somewhat realistic once I got a better understanding og the nature of her mutation Prior to that, I thought that she was not only rage inducingly snobbish as would be fitting for a princess , but also incongruously stupid unable to make important and obvious logical connections King subtly, but rather nicely, made it clear why that was possible in my opinion, anyway.All in all, this is a good read While it s definitely not perfect, King is an exemplary story teller who can also weave a good plot.

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