Firefight in Darkness (Dryad Quartet #2)

Firefight in Darkness (Dryad Quartet #2) Her Name Was Blythe, And She Was Fire She Fought For What She Believed In, And Wouldn T Hesitate To Unleash The Fire In Her Blood On Anyone Who Threatened Those She Loved But When An Alarming Truth Is Revealed Regarding The One Man She S Both Hated And Longed For Her Entire Life, She Finds Herself In An Awkward Position Of Both Acceptance And Denial But Whichever Way She Looked At It, She Was Reminded That There Was An Evil Out There Gunning For Her And Her Family, And She Would Stop At Nothing To Destroy Him, Even If It Meant Sacrificing Everything She Had And Everything She Was Fortunately For Her, She Had Help But Even With The Companionship Of A Skilled And Lethal Bounty Hunter, Blythe Couldn T Escape Of The Truth, No Matter How Hard It Was To Swallow Because The Evil She S Fighting Has A Story To Tell, And She D Be A Damn Fool Not To Listen As intriguing and unique as was Breath of Air, Katie Jennings 1st book in the Dryad Quartet series and, incidentally, her debut novel , her second installment, Firefight in Darkness, manages to impress evenThe two books, a contrasting study in both thematic expansion and literary chiasmus, highlights Jennings strength and flexibility as a writer.The writing is fresh, polished and composed The editing is very clean The storyline is well done, a very nice and perfectly suspenseful arc with very few, if any, unnecessary tangents that so often plague those new to the craft This is clearly an example of a tale so strong and compelling, so well conceived, that one wonders whether it might ve written itself Kudos to Jennings for making it look so easy.I particularly enjoyed the way Firelight starts, with the literary rhythm mirroring the almost palpable beat of the nightclub scene in the book s opening pages This feeling perfectly sets the tone for the contrast between Blythe s youth and vulnerability with the hard driving storyline and the very real, very dangerous world she is entering This is as much a coming of age story as it is one of redemption and repudiation.Blythe s strength and high strung character can be somewhat alienating, especially in the beginning before we really get a chance to know her and to sympathize with her problems But Ms Jennings knows her character well She pulls no punches and makes no apologies She knows that it s precisely Blythe s strength of will which will drive Blythe s success or failure at the story s climax Neither the author, nor Blythe, ever waver, and so both of them win our full sympathy and support.With four highly rated novels published in a very short period of time and a fifth a new book in a new series to be released within days, Jennings fast growing fan base will have to race to keep up with her I know I sure will, but I ll be enjoying every moment. I give this book a 3, almost a 3 1 2 This is the second book in the Dryad Quartet to tell the story of an orphan, but these two characters are as different as night and day When I read Breath of Air, I knew I d like to have a friend like Capri, but when it came to connecting with a character, Blythe would be the one to win me over I like Blythe for so many reasons, but for some reasons I ll try to explain, I didn t like her story as much.First off, I should say that I do like this book and am enjoying the series I can t wait to see what happens in the next installment I really appreciate how the tone of this book reflects the attitude and personality of its main character, just as the previous book did For that reason alone, I could be happy enough to keep reading the series just to see how the other books are written Breath of Air was sweet and simple, just like Capri and Firefight in Darkness is rough and complicated, just like Blythe I guess what my disappointment boils down to is expectation I didn t think I had any expectations going into this book, but obviously I did if I m feeling a little let down while still being very pleased with the overall story Looking back on it now, I realize that the reason I feel disappointed is that I felt like Breath of Air seemed so natural and easy, while Firefight feels a little pushed I feel like the character of Blythe and the many hardships she endures in this story are a little forced I feel as if the story is trying too hard to be rough and tough There are even a few times in the story when Blythe admits, only to herself, that she s showing off purposely being tough so no one can see her being weak The problem is, I kinda felt like that s what was happening for most of the book Aside from that though, the story was great Blythe s almost bad girl persona did suit me well and when she meets Jax, it doesn t take a genius to see where it s going to lead, but it was fun watching it all happen I d say the only other character I had any issues with was Dante and not because he was the bad guy My problem was that, he seemed to be so horribly evil, but then showed a silly side when he threw a temper tantrum that was eventually turned back into a sinister evil action I guess I just didn t understand why a character that was supposed to be so evil stopped to care long enough to get his feelings hurt My last pseudo complaint is about the ending I liked the ending and I liked all the action leading up to it, but the transition between the action and conclusion seemed non existent It all happened so fast and calm that I kept expecting someone to jump out of a bush and start another battle to break the peace, but that was it There was conflict and drama and then, there wasn t I like happy endings, so to speak, but I do sometimes expect them to take a littleeffort All in all, the story was really good There wasaction and development of the mythology behind this series, which is always a favorite for me So I didn t like Blythe as much as I thought I would, but that doesn t mean you won t love her I d say if you ve read the first one, this is definitely worth a read. Firefight in Darkness is the second book in the Dryad Quartet, and is another wonderful piece of art that I find it hard to express just how much I loved it I loved reading from Blythe s point of view, and it was such a dramatic change from Capri s sweet and innocent narrative in Breath of Air , that I m very impressed with how Katie Jennings managed to switch between the two narratives so flawlessly I loved the differences in how I connected to the characters when switching to Blythe s view point, and it was refreshing to have the feeling that Blythe is not always right, where with Capri it was easy to see the logic behind her every decision Instead, Blythe is fiery, demanding and stubborn, and it was great fun to see how she clashed with Jax with her tendency to run into a situation head first without thinking about the consequences.It also broke my heart to see how Blythe thought of Rhiannon I loved Rhiannon s sensitive but lonely character in Breath of Air , and I found it desperately sad to see how she is shunned by Blythe, through no real fault of her own I can t wait to readabout Rhiannon s character and her story in the third book of the Dryad Quartet.This story was brilliantly timed, and didn t rush into the action We were given time to get an idea of how Blythe thinks and feels, and the desire she has to escape from her problems on Euphora In many books this stage of storytelling tends to be rushed, but it was perfectly balanced in this story, as I came to really sympathise with Blythe having seen how hard it was for her on Euphora since Brock s return.Jax was the perfect hero for this story Whilst Rian still remains by favourite ever book boyfriend, Jax was perfectly matched for Blythe and I loved that he was good friends with Rian, which was a brilliant device to give Blythe some much needed girl time with Capri Capri s excitement at Blythe s romantic life was brilliant and so true to real life, and I loved how the romantic Capri began to make her friend less cynical, as Blythe finally comes to realise that being in love doesn t make you a lesser person The image of Jax and Blythe spending evenings on the porch of his house with Dog, Cooper, for company was heart warming.I also liked seeing how Capri has grown in this book, becomingconfident in herself, no doubt through help from Rian sigh Oh how I love him Her helping in the final battle by creating a storm was badass and great What struck me most with this book was Bristol s storyline, as told through her diary It was desperately sad to see how she had been used by two men in her life, and then banished from Euphora, and I felt instantly bad for all the bad things I d thought about her previously It was a genius plot device when we see what really happened in the alleyway the night of the raid, and it really hits home in reminding us that not everyone is what they seem, and we should not judge people before we have the whole story.Yet again I am awestruck by the beautiful world that Katie Jennings has created in her Dryad Quartet, and it is honestly a world that will stay with me forever 5 Stars Second in the series and so much better I liked Breath of Air, the first in the Dryad Quartet, but I loved Firefight in Darkness I love how everything was reversed for the two main characters Capri grew up an orphan in the human world and then was thrown into the fae world Blythe grew up with fae and was thrown into the human world Capri had to learn everything from her long lost dad Blythe had to teach everything to her long lost dad Capri is timid and airy Blythe is bold and fiery.The book had a good pace and the storyline was action packed There was much less talking than in the first, less explaining I think it may be that the first book was about an Air Dryad and the second a Fire Dryad The powers of the two girls formed the whole feel for the stories, not just their personalities I enjoyed that this feltgrown up than the first There was adult subject matter bad parenting, infidelity, family betrayal , even cursing when appropriate The author let it be what it was and didn t pull any punches to make it fit into a particular genre It is YA and very appropriate for all audiences, but I didn t feel like I was reading a children s book I would be happy to let my daughter read this and I would be happy to reread it with her.Katie Jennings, you should be proud This is fine work. Firefight in Darkness, the second installment to romantic and enchanting fantasy series The Dryad Quartet , was a novel that pulled me in and held tight until the very end After finishing Breath of Air I was so excited to start this novel since Blythe was my absolute favorite character in the previous book She absolutely did not disappoint as a protagonist, and the way that she developed and progressed through the story without compromising the qualities that made me love her to begin was very satisfying We follow our determined and spirited young lady on a quest to hunt down the half demon, Dante, who left her family in shambles, shaming them During the course of the plot, we are also introduced to Jax, a sultry, focused bounty hunter with a country western flair With the combination of this new romantic lead and antagonist, and the discovery ofsecrets from the past, the novel blends all the perfect elements of an engaging tale Though this novel focuses mostly on this strong trio of characters, fans of the wonderful cast of characters from Breath of Air will not be disappointed all our favorites do make an appearance Romance lovers will absolutely melt under the antics between Jax and Blythe it s almost impossible not to fall in love with this couple The characters complement one another perfectly, and in tandem they will pluck all the right heartstrings The antagonist is particularly interesting, as well He is twisted and complex, and through him we find out the truth behind Blythe s family history, which is fascinating to say the least In the segment revealing the history of Blythe s grandmother, I could not put the book down even for a minute Overall, I found Firefight in Darkness to be a driven, heartfelt, and exciting book The pacing is great, the characters loveable, the development strong, and it leaves the stakes higher than ever by the end I can t wait to dig in to the next novel and see how this gorgeous series will progress, and finally conclude Bravo, Katie Jennings I loved Breath of Air and eagerly dove into this book to see what happened next Jennings didn t disappoint Although Blythe isn t my favorite character, I still liked getting to see things from her point of view I thoroughly enjoyed getting to revisit the characters again and Jennings made sure to touch on all of them at some point in the book Blythe herself is a little too high strung and emotional for me and at times it just seemed a bit over the top, which is why this book gets a four star instead of a five But over all I enjoyed the book and seeingof the story unfold I look forward to reading the next one, and would recommend this book. At first I was a little thrown by the fact that this book focuses on Blythe instead of Capri, but then I got into it and I enjoyed it as much as the first book in the series Blythe is fierce and feisty This book is full of action, romance, danger, and demons It was a fun ride and I especially liked the big fight toward the end There is a lot of cursing in it, however, so if you find that offensive you might want to pass this one by. Katie, you did it again This book was awesome I was never bored for a second Truly a page turner I am so amazed by your writing style So full of detail Great job P.S Jax is total swoon worthy. Book two of the Dryad Quartet is about feisty and full of attitude Blythe who has the power of fire She must deal with feelings about her father while wanting revenge on a powerful demon Blythe must work with the handsome Jax, demon hunter to hunt down the demon.Full of adventure and passion Firefight in Darkness can stand alone but proves to be a great companion the Breath of Air.

Katie Jennings is the author of the popular fantasy series The Dryad Quartet as well as the award winning romantic family drama series The Vasser Legacy Her paranormal romance, So Fell The Sparrow, won an Honorable Mention in the 2014 Readers Favorite International Book Awards Her bestselling contemporary romance, Things Lost In The Fire, is a semi finalist in romance in the Kindle Book Awards.

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