Twenty-One Steps of Courage

Twenty-One Steps of Courage Sarah Bates has authored an excellent military novel for those 99% of American who have no contact with today s serving military community, and especially those combat veterans With no military experience of her own, the author embedded with active duty military units at the Fort Irwin National Training Center in California, and the 3rd Infantry, the Old Guard, along with the military health professional at Walter Reed Army Medical Center Her story follows Rod Strong, a California teen who volunteers for the army, intending to serve in the Old Guard, the soldiers who serve the honored dead at Arlington National Cemetery, also to honor his father who was killed in the Gulf War and who is buried at Arlington The author also follows the difficult story of the war widow, Rod Strong s mother, who watches silently as her two sons follow in their father s foot steps And for those readers critical of profanity, this author could not have accurately depicted the journey through basic training, along with the rigors of airborne and ranger schools, with a modicum of profanity, most often emanating from the mouths of the motivating drill sergeants So, the crude language is certainly not gratuitous nor excessive And from my vantage point as a 40 year military veteran, the language is pretty mild The author also very accurately depicts the journey of our combat wounded from the battlefield, through Landstuhl, back to stateside, in this case to Walter Reed Army Medical Center And, she also describes the very inspiring story of today s incredibly motivated soldiers, who quite amazingly return to active military duty after traumatic amputation, with high tech prosthetics Army GEN Shineski was the first Vietnam vet who returned to active military duty after sustaining a lower extremity amputation in Vietnam, and rose to four star rank, fighting the military medical bureaucracy every step of the way, but paving the way for today s injured warriors And, lastly this author has created a fitting sequel to GARDENS OF STONE, Nicholas Proffitt s story, 35 years in the past, of the Old Guard during the Vietnam War. In , With Wars In The Middle East Raging, Rod Strong Enlists In The Army To Seek The Goal His Father Did Not Achieve When He Tragically Died In The Gulf War His Objective The Old Guard Regiment, The Elite Soldiers Who Stand As Sentinels At The Tomb Of The Unknown In Arlington Cemetery He Overcomes The Setbacks That Litter His Path Until An Unexpected Firefight In Afghanistan Changes His Life Forever Several years ago I had the opportunity to visit Arlington Cemetery and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier I have to say, going into it I wasn t that interested but something about the silent dignity of the tomb and the soldiers guarding it really took me off guard and touched me deeply Seeing that tomb is a memory that I always cherish and this book brought me back to that day perfectly The story revolves around a young man who loses his father in the Gulf War and grows up wanting to be a member of The Old Guard, the soldiers that serve at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier The young man, Rod shared this dream with his father before he passed Rod s need to complete this aspiration of his fathers is palpable and, as I am a military brat myself, it hit close to home for me However, things go awry when Rod enlists and finds himself being sent to Afghanistan What follows is a sometimes grueling account of Rod s time in Afghanistan and how it really feels to be in the military serving overseas This novel was so uplifting and so incredibly realistic From the togetherness that Rod shared with his fellow soldiers, to the difficulty of being away from friends and family and living with such danger around you all the time I truly felt like I was brought into the world of a soldier I won t post any spoilers about how the story ends but suffice it to say that I was satisfied I will definitely be on the lookout for books from this author I loved her prose style and the way she made the action packed scenes just descriptive enough without getting bogged down in insignificant details 5 Stars I would recommend this book to anyone who knows a soldier. In Twenty One Steps Of Courage, author Sarah Bates weaves a riveting military story that follows Rod Strong s journey as he follows in his late father s footsteps and enlists in the Army with the intention to achieve his father s goal to become a Sentinel of the Old Guard The author s thorough, realistic and authentic research into the Army process from enlistment to the elite Old Guard Regiment that guards the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery, provides the reader with a captivating story about one man s vow to uphold his deceased father s legacy by achieving the commission as a Sentinel of the Old Guard.Rod is a driven young man determined to achieve his lofty military goals From enlisting on his eighteenth birthday through basic, Infantry, Ranger and Old Guard training, the reader can t help but cheer on Rod as he embarks on a personal journey full of courage, determination, pride, and a sense of duty.Twenty One Steps Of Courage is a well written story that flows smoothly from the beginning it is realistic and full of riveting suspenseful twists and turns that easily draws the reader into Rod s admirable and courageous military journey I would highly recommend this book for those readers interested in the military literature genre Disclaimer I received a copy of the book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Virtual Author Book Tours.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot As a military veteran, I can honestly tell you that this novel is about as authentic as it gets though the time line of events are a bit suspect because things don t move that fast the hurry up and wait philosophy certainly applies All you need to know about this book is the fact that I read it in 1 day and that NEVER happens Twenty One Steps of Courage captures the reader from page 1 and doesn t release its hold until you ve reached the end Quick Summary a young man decides to join the army to carry out the legacy of his father The novel takes you along for the entire ride from graduating high school, enlisting and all his army adventures During the process, Sarah Bates includes the attitude of his mother and girl friend Clearly, the author had some great insight on military life or she could have never pulled this off Well written, page turner and short chapters which I found refreshing Highly Recommended for all 10 Stars don t do this one justice.Disclaimer I received an ARC copy in exchange for my honest review. Rod Strong enlisted in the army with the objective of becoming a member of the Old Guard Sentinels, the soldiers who guard the Tomb of the Unknown Soldiers With war raging in the Middle East, though, he s required to do his deployment An injury makes it seemingly impossible for him to fulfill his dream, but Rod is determined to live up to his surname.Twenty One Steps of Courage by Sarah Bates is the story of courage and determination that follows Rod through war, recovery, and the intensely hard work of trying to achieve an impossible dream The author has done a fairly good job of showing aspects of a soldier s life that seldom make it into popular media, or even the mass media.A well written story that will stay with you long after you stop reading I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review I give it four stars. I was actually surprised at how much I liked this book Twenty One Steps To Courage was much than I expected It was a book filled with lots or emotion and courage Sarah Bates does an incredible job of research which makes thisbook a great read I would recommend anyone to read it There is some language in it but it kind of goes with the territory Expect a fast paced and fascinating read as you journey along with Rod through basic training and then into infantry training and then Ranger school and ultimately to the Old Guard.21 Steps to Courage is filled with love of country family You ll find strength and courage portrayed but very strong characters Whether your a fan of military books or not you need to give this one a chance I received a complimentary copy. I m pro military and support our troops 100% so I was excited when I came across the opportunity to read this book There are some topics that come across our sphere that just humble us, The Tomb of The Unknown Soldier is one of those topics and places that humbles me The author, Sarah Bates, uses her skilled talent of storytelling and articulation to compose this adventurous narration that is completely compelling and pretty darn authentic The story is smooth, fast paced, enticing, and brave I loved the research that Bates clearly used in writing this story I look forward to reading from Bates in the future.http 201 Moving, emotional story about a boy who grows into a man following a dream of honoring his father and becoming a Sentinel. I won this on a giveaway and was so excited to read it I may have bought it if I didn t skim through it well but I am glad I didn t have to The book was informative and well researched The story was quite interesting However,the story did not totally led from one situation to another all the time It jumped a little too much Although I know vulgar language seems to be approved in society, it tends to ruin a story for many of us.It is ironic that so much foul language is used in the military because in the military bi laws, profanity is not accepted My husband laid a complaint several years ago and all his co workers had to abide it around him or get written up.It would have taken a few words but Sarah could have eliminated the profanity and the readers would still have caught the main drift of cussing.

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