Hammer of Witches (Thaumatology, #6)

Hammer of Witches (Thaumatology, #6) Ceri Brent And Lily Carpenter, A Sorceress And A Half Succubus, Are New To Police Work After Becoming Special Advisors To The Greycoats, But When Ceri And Her Werewolf Mate, Michael, Find A Charred Corpse She Finds Herself Frozen Out Of The Investigation As The Bodies Pile Up They Begin To Investigate Anyway, Especially When Their Friends Are Threatened By The Witch Hunter S Widening List Of Criminals To Be Tried, Convicted, And Burned AliveBut The Witch Hunter Appears To Have Divine Help And Ceri S Faith Will Be Tested To The Limit Before He Can Be Finally Brought To Justice What Can A Girl Who Stopped Going To Church At The Age Of Seven Have Faith In When The Country Is Invaded By Angels

I was born in the vicinity of Hadrian s Wall so perhaps a bit of history rubbed off Ancient history obviously, and border history, right on the edge of the Empire I always preferred the Dark Ages anyway there s so much room for imagination when people aren t writing down every last detail So my idea of a good fantasy novel involved dirt and leather, not shining plate armour and Hollywood

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 201 pages
  • Hammer of Witches (Thaumatology, #6)
  • Niall Teasdale
  • English
  • 11 June 2019

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    2.5 Still interesting, but least favourite thus far.As advisors to the police Ceri and Lily help to investigates a serial killer who burns witches and almost seems to have divine assistance The world is still interesting, but this novel wasn t all that interesting on it s own The world remains one of the most interesting pieces of this series and keeps expanding in well thought out ways in interesting ways And that includes this novel, but the story itself seems rather recycled from a previous instalments supplemented with a lot of adult scenes that distract than the add to the story.In short Good worldbuilding expansion, mediocre below average story

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    Hammer of Witches by Niall Teasdale, ASIN B007YG2I44 I am on the fence I like the author s style of writing and creativity, however, the sex scenes almost seemed to be like fillers In other words, it felt as if the writer did not have enough material to keep the story going, so sex filled up all the gaps I would be willing to read of this author Perhaps, this series should have been put to rest before this particular book was born.

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    The series is still ok, not a whole lot of variety in plot With the books being so similar, I ve noticed that it is better to NOT read them one right after another Space them out with 4 or 5 other books that way the series is nice brain candy and a light read.

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