Kilmeny of the Orchard

Kilmeny of the Orchard A Sweet And Moving Romance From The Author Of The Beloved Anne Of Green Gables Series Eric Marshall, Recent College Graduate, Has The World At His Feet He S Handsome, Popular, Wealthy, And Surprisingly, Single Living The Bachelor Lifestyle With His Widowed Father, He S Never Given Much Thought To Romance When An Old School Friend Asks Eric To Substitute Teach For Him On Prince Edward Island While He Recuperates From An Illness, Eric Thinks, Why Not He S Got Some Time To Kill Before Diving Into The Family Business With His Father, And The Rustic Island May Be A Good Diversion For HimEric Falls Into The Easy Routine Of Island Life, And His Status As Eligible Bachelor Endears Him To The Locals Eric Is Still Not Thinking Of Romance, But He S About To Find It In A Most Unexpected Place Kilmeny Gordon Is Sweet And Smart And Beautiful, Perfect In Every Way But One She Can T Speak She S Been Sheltered All Her Life Due To Her Disability And The Scandal Surrounding Her Birth She Wiles Away Her Hours Helping Her Aunt And Uncle On The Farm And Playing Her Violin In Her Favorite Secluded Spot When Eric Stumbles Into Her Hidden Orchard, He Brings A Whole New World With Him, And A Friendship That Both Frightens Her And Thrills Her As The Summer Days Grow Longer And Their Friendship Blossoms, Sweet, Silent Kilmeny, With Her Sunny Enthusiasm And Haunting Music, Manages To Do What Neither The Co Eds Of Queenslea College Nor The Village Lasses Of Lindsay Have Been Able To Do Capture Eric S HeartBut Kilmeny Knows He Ll Soon Have To Go Back To His Life On The Mainland, A World Of Business Meetings And Parties And Prejudicial People A World In Which She Ll Hold Him Back And Never Fit In None Of That Matters To Eric, But How Can He Get Her To Accept That She S The Only Woman He Ll Ever Love, When She Is Convinced That The Only Way To Love Him Is To Let Him Go Bonus Content Introduction And IllustrationsLegacy Vintage Collection Enhanced EBooks Have Been Professionally Edited And Professionally Formatted For Your Favorite E Reader Learn At The Vintage Reader

Lucy Maud Montgomery was a Canadian author, best known for a series of novels beginning with Anne of Green Gables, published in 1908.The author of the famous Canadian novel Anne of Green Gables, Lucy Maud Montgomery, was born at Clifton, Prince Edward Island, Nov 30, 1874 She came to live at Leaskdale, north of Uxbridge Ontario, in 1911 after her wedding with Rev Ewen Macdonald on July 11, 1911

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    This was a perfect Sunday afternoon read I really enjoyed the escapist quality of ita fairy tale type romance, with a brave hero and a beautiful heroine And of course I loved that Kilmeny is such a talented violinist

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    This book was really short, and hence, this review will probably be short.First, L.M Montgomery was not at her best in this novella This had none of the almost unconscious charm of the famed Anne of Green Gables or even The Blue Castle which was slightly shallow, yes, but still charming Perhaps it s because neither Anne nor Valancy, the heroines of those stories, were particularly pretty But they were witty and intelligent and their peculiarities and absurdities made them strangely lovable and maybe even captivating Kilmeny, on the other hand, is extraordinarily beautiful And that s about all she has going for her She can t speak, for no apparent reason, and what is supposed to come off as childlike innocence ended up just seeming fake and starchy She s been kept away from the outside world and has never looked in a mirror so she thinks she s ugly Eric, the main character, annoyed me far than Kilmeny ever could His thoughts on how perfect and beautiful Kilmeny was got long and tedious We get it, she s beautiful I wanted to box his ears when he said I m sure I could never care for an ugly woman I mean, seriously How incredibly shallow And of course he s terribly good looking and all the girls are after him, but he doesn t care for any of them because Kilmeny is so much prettier than they are For some reason these characters just didn t click with me and seemed to lack depth When I read on the back cover that Eric had to surmount great obstacles to win Kilmeny s love, I thought it would be a lot exciting than it was It wasn t I give this book three stars because there are some lovely descriptive passages And it could ve been a really cute, fluffy story, but there was too much doting over the heroine by the hero, and it just came over as cheesy and melodramatic.

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    Everyone I know who liked Anne of Green Gables saw a bit of Anne Shirley in themselves someone who made mistakes, got laughed at, and worried because they weren t angelically good, divinely beautiful, or dazzlingly clever Nope, none of us are.But you remember that Anne wanted to be all of those things, don t you She wanted to be sweet as sugar to everyone, a genius, and, of course, with flowing midnight hair and an alabaster brow, whatever the hell that is Now imagine if Anne was all those things and She has a crazy nonsense name KILMENY That s one step away from Renesme, Maud , she s willowy and gorgeous She s literally walking perfection, and mute to boot, so she can t talk back How would you feel with that Anne Yeah, me too Kilmeny is exactly how Anne always wanted to be and it s awful, just awful It s like Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote Anne of Green Gables, then smoked a ton a weed, and then wrote Kilmney of the Orchard Possibly while eating a lot of plum puddings But wait There s .Now imagine if Gilbert was one of the heroes of Anne s stories He s mooney, swooney, and kind of a stalker Also, definitely getting the racist vibes from him He doesn t think too highly of fiery Italians who CANNOT BE RESTRICTED BY CULTURAL NORMS THEIR PASSIONS MUST BURN BUUUUUUURN Now how do you feel Yeah Me too Instead of reading this, pour yourself a large tumblerful of currant wine and rewatch the miniseries.

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    While teaching at PEI, Eric Marshall sees the glorious Kilmeny Gordon in an old orchard And because she s fair of face, he decides to fall in love with her because he could AND I QUOTE never care for an ugly woman HOLD YOUR APPLAUSE TILL THE END PLEASE So then he helps Kilmeny become a woman I DON T EVEN KNOW HOW TO MAKE THIS SOUND BETTER I M SORRY and proposes except Kilmeny won t have him because she s unable to speak CUE RACISM AND THE DEUS EX MACHINA OF YOUR GODDAMNED DREAMS 1 MONTGOMERY WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS.2 This is seriously such a disaster of a book It s got such a silly, simple little plot with a hero who s a shallow fool and a heroine who s so innocent and beautiful and pure that it s gross and a romance that is absolutely DISGUSTING 3 A MOMENT FOR ME RANT ABOUT THAT ROMANCE BECAUSE WHAT THE EVER LIVING SHIT WAS THAT Eric s internal monologue about Kilmeny is the most horrifying innocent fetishizing bullshit I ve read in a while He THRILLS at her na tivity At one point he flat out rejects a plan to send Kilmeny to school because I QUOTE AGAIN I can t see why she can t learn all she needs to learn after she is married to me, just as well as before UM MAYBE BECAUSE SHE SHOULDN T BE TRAINED BY YOU YOU GODDAMNED CREEP.WHAT THE FUUUUU THIS IS SO MESSED UP LOVE IS NOT ABOUT LIMITING YOUR PARTNER, OR CONTROLLING YOUR PARTNER, OR SHAPING THEM INTO YOUR IDEAL IT SHOULD EXIST BECAUSE OF YOUR PARTNER, JUST AS THEY ARE lksdjflkdjThe whole thing was so horrifying HE S JUST SO HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND SOMEONE UNTOUCHED AND UNTAINTED BY THE WORLD AROUND HER VOM.2 so this thing is really, really not great SO NOT GREAT 4 THE STAR IS SOLELY FOR THE SCENERY I STG.

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    While I do feel a trifle guilty considering only a one star rating for L.M Montgomery s Kilmeny of the Orchard as from how much I have actually enjoyed this slight and rather overwrought 1910 novella I should probably be rating it with a low two stars, as there have indeed been a few descriptions of especially the Prince Edward Island countryside that have been magical and descriptively delightful However and yes very much personally, I absolutely cannot really justify having in recent months given the author s Rilla of Ingleside but one star because I absolutely despise the Blythe family housekeeper Susan Baker s unapologetic and never even remotely in my opinion criticised by L.M Montgomery horrid and propagandistic although of course also historically accurate for time and place anti German sentiment and this albeit that Rilla of Ingleside is actually penned in a generally evocatively readable and emotionally approachable, heartbreaking manner and then rate her Kilmeny of the Orchard with two stars even though it most definitely is in my humble opinion both not in any fashion as flowingly rendered writing style wise as Rilla of Ingleside and certainly contains considerably annoying cultural and ethnic stereotypes For truly and yes I do say this with very much vehemence , I absolutely cannot fathom and believe the sheer amount of the latter the stereotypical assumptions that Kilmeny of the Orchard contains within its pages And while perhaps the most obvious of those depictions for my 20th and 21st century sentiments is of course that Italian born Neil Gordon an adopted son must of course by his very nature and his genetics, his ethnicity be volatile, unbridled and thus inherently dangerous that he basically is Eric Marshall s main and a dangerous rival for Kilmeny s love first and foremost because of his Italian background , if that were indeed the only stereotype presented by L.M Montgomery, perhaps Kilmeny of the Orchard could still be salvageable to and for me as perhaps a very grudging three star ranking However, aside from the Neil Gordon as a dangerous and genetically bred in the bone Italian representation, there is also and concurrently a lot of both hidden and not so hidden sexism contained in Kilmeny of the Orchard and that entire idea of Kilmeny basically only accepting Eric Marshall s love once she has overcome her muteness which event also feels rather too cinematic and fairytale like for my reading tastes really does make me rather majorly cringe, not to mention that the depiction of Kilmeny s lack of speaking ability as being somehow a justified punishment for her late mother s stubbornness, for her mother not forgiving her husband regarding his inadvertent bigamy, that probably and in retrospect angers me even so than even the Neil Gordon scenario does, for if there is one attitude and sentiment that I have NEVER been able to stomach and accept, it is that horrible and viciously vile Biblical dictum that the sins of the father and in Kilmeny of the Orchard of course the sins of the mother shall be visited and rightfully so it seems on the children Combined with a writing style that often feels both overly maudlin and on the surface, as well as rather cobbled together from bits and pieces although yes indeed with a few small instances of Prince Edward Island landscape description brilliance , Kilmeny of the Orchard is definitely amongst the absolute worst offerings from L.M Montgomery s pen I have read to date and a book to read one time, but never ever again and no, I only really do recommend Kilmeny of the Orchard for serious L.M Montgomery completists.

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    This little book is so unassuming, sitting on my shelf, with its battered corners It is so very well loved As an adult, I realize all its faults, and I don t recognize it as one of Montgomery s best but that s part of why I like it I bought it when I was probably eleven or so and put it away for a while, and then it became one of my favorite stories It feels like a story that an author wants to write simply to please herself, a pretty little thing like a soap bubble It s simple and elegant and beautiful.

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    4.5 stars It was pretty short and I thought it was cute Not my favorite L.M Montgomery book, but it s nice for a light, quick read Don t want to say too much about it because then I feel like you won t have much to read about since it s only 134 pages XD I think it would be better to just read it without knowing anything if you usually enjoy Montgomery s books.

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    L M Montgomery wrote Kilmeny when she was a teenager, this was her first attempt at writing so it comes off a little childish than her other books You can see her romantic soul in everything she writes Also, Valancy in The Blue Castle, Kilmeny such beautiful names I have in my list for potential daughters in the future Valancy remains my favorite ever though.

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    This is an old fashioned, predictable and saccharine romance that is not L.M Montgomery s best work Her descriptions of the orchard were captivating and it became my favorite character The actual people Not likable to me at all I loved Anne and Emily, so was not prepared for Kilmeny Yeah, we get it she is gorgeous and innocent Eric s on and on swooning over her because of these two superficial things are gag worthy I felt like she was the poor sweet beautiful disabled girl, and her level of wanting to be good and obedient were galling I hate it when they make people with a disability so perfect that they compete with Christ himself Perhaps this is a stereotype that bugs me because of my background of having two deaf children I know it was written in another time, but every time they called her mute, and especially dumb I just cringed Of course, it is best to probably not erase how things were in the past Don t even get me started on how she has never spoken totally unrealistic and then later on all is well even unrealistic Then there is Eric, who I felt was just mostly captivated by her looks and when he found out she was shy and mute she became a challenging conquest for him I hated his attitude that once anyone saw her beauty their prejudice would be erased, like beauty trumps all Once he won her hand, I was disappointed that he was immediately ready to return to his own world I noted this meant breaking his word with the school Why was he ready to leave his rapturous beauty and go spend the winter with aunt and uncle Despite all this, it was sort of a fun quick read I was able to enjoy it because of Montgomery s writing despite the forced plot and over the top romance.

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    More than ever at that instant did she long for speech speech that would conceal and protect where dangerous silence might betray Kilmeny of the Orchard Kilmeny of the Orchard 1910, Grosset and Dunlap by L M Montgomery, is a sweet romance set in an unspecified year on Prince Edward Island This book is not part of a series, unlike most of Lucy Maud s novels Montgomery published many short stories before her first novel was published, and it appears that Kilmeny of the Orchard was published after Anne of Green Gables and Anne of Avonlea I wanted to read Kilmeny because I enjoyed it as a teen, and as a deaf person, I find the world of audiobooks to be most accessible with books I ve read before Which I am totally OK with, because it s so hard for me to justify choosing a reread when there are so many lovely new to me books to try Rating 5 starsThe heroine Kilmeny Gordon is a gorgeous young lady, mute but not deaf, who plays the violin exquisitely I remembered this story very well even though it had been many years since I last read it I m sure it largely has to do with Kilmeny being mute I enjoy clean chaste stories about deaf and or mute characters Recommendations are always welcome The hero Eric Marshall is teaching the local school, taking the place of his ill friend as a favor He happens upon Kilmeny playing her violin in the woods, and becomes fascinated by her.Christian elements God and church are occasionally mentioned in passing in a positive or matter of fact way.Is it clean chaste Yes Everything written by Ms Montgomery is There is a stain on Kilmeny s birth, however.What I liked This is a feel good simple tale with a happily ever after It makes my heart happy.What I didn t like This is actually NOT a personal dislike, but for being published and as far as I can find, also written after the first two Anne books, in comparison, Kilmeny is not as complex developed Personally, I find beauty in the simplicity of the tale and don t feel compelled to reduce my rating, but I could see how this could disappoint some readers There is a hint of prejudice One of the characters is Italian In Anne of Green Gables, there is a hint of prejudice toward an Italian peddler But considering the period in which it was written, I don t feel the need to reduce my star rating Audio book Unfortunately, it s been too loo long since I read this one to be able to comment on the narrator Bummer The bottom line I d recommend this book as an introduction to romance for tweens or teens, or for adults who would enjoy a simple romance The next book I read by L M Montgomery might be Anne of Windy Poplars.6 26 19 update minor edits

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