The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner

The Short Second Life of Bree TannerEA DE A DOUA VIA A LUI BREE TANNER Este Povestea Lui Bree Tanner, Un Vampir Nou N Scut Care Apare Pentru Prima Dat N Romanul Eclipsa, I A Lumii Ntunecate N Care Tr Ie Te Nuvela Relateaz Mar Ul Armatei Vampirului Nou N Scut Mpotriva Bellei Swan I A Familiei Cullen, Dup Nt Lnirea Lor Memorabil Bree Tanner Abia Dac I Aminte Te Cum Era Via A Ei Nainte De Dob Ndirea Acestor Sim Uri Puternice, Reflexe Supraomene Ti I Putere Fizic Cople Itoare Via A De Dinainte De Setea Neostoit De S Nge Via A De Dinainte De A Deveni Vampir Bree Tie C Traiul Al Turi De Tovar Ii Ei Nou N Scu I Are Unele Certitudini I Reguli Prea Pu Ine P Ze Te Te, Nu Atrage Aten Ia Asupra Ta I, Mai Presus De Toate, S Ajungi Napoi Acas Nainte De R S Rit, Altminteri Vei Muri Ceea Ce Nu Tie E C Via A Ei De Nemuritoare E Pe Cale S Se Sf R Easc Apoi Bree I G Se Te Un Prieten Nea Teptat N Diego, Un Nou N Scut La Fel De Curios Ca I Ea Cu Privire La Creatoarea Lor Misterioas , Despre Care Tiu Doar C E O Ea Pe M Sur Ce Descoper C Nou N Scu Ii Sunt Doar Pioni Ntr Un Joc Mult Mai Mare, Bree I Diego Trebuie S Se Hot Rasc N Cine Pot S Se Ncread Dar Dac Tot Ce Tii Despre Vampiri Se Bazeaz Pe Minciuni, Cum Po I Descoperi Adev Rul Ntr O Alt Combina Ie Irezistibil De Pericole, Mister I Romance, Stephenie Meyer Spune Povestea Devastatoare A Unei Armate De Nou N Scu I, Care Se Preg Te Te S I Atace Pe Bella Swan I Familia Cullen, Totul Culmin Nd Ntr Un Final De Neuitat Opening LineThe newspaper headline glared at me from a little vending machine SEATTLE UNDER SEIGE DEATH TOLL RISES AGAINI was surprised by how much I enjoyed this, I mean Bree s character only has a tiny part in Stephanie Meyers Twilight world so she and the rest of the newborns can t really have much of a story to tell can they Well as it turns out the answer is Yes At 178 pages this novella manages to also give up some new revelations regarding Jane and the dark cloaks Volturi jeez, that Jane is evil And I absolutely loved seeing Carlisle, Jasper, Bella and the red headed mind reader from an outsider s perspective.There was violence here then I would have expected from Meyer, as the newborns pillage Seattle and dispose of their drained food sources I was also freaked out by a scene involving the armies seizure of a passenger ferry in the Puget Sound and the insuring carnage as the dine on their human buffet I live on an island in the pacific northwest We are also introduced to a couple of fantastic new characters Diego as Bree s love interest and in particular Freaky Fred, who I really hope to read about again someday Because we all know the outcome there is a building level of suspense throughout the story And as the inevitable Eclipse battle approached I found myself wishing for a different ending to Bree s short second life as I d come to genuinely care about her which I believe was Meyer s point Bree Tanner can barely remember a life before the relentless burning thirst took over Now as a newborn Vampire this 15 year old runaway lives a precarious existence, trying not to draw attention to herself while her and her fellow newborns fight amongst themselves, killing each other as often as their prey Her only other constants would be Riley, who as their leader the army follows submissively and without question and a horrifying creator known only as her After 3 months Bree finds an unexpected friend in Diego when the pair discover that they can in fact go out in the daylight without turning into a pile of ash a stake through the heart is pretty useless too They quickly begin to wonder what else Riley s been lying about and question his agenda as a whole However as their friendship blossoms Bree and Diego soon realize that they re nothing but pawns in a war that has little to do with them But when everything you know about yourself as a vampire is based on a lie how do you find out the truth, who do you trust and how do you get yourself free With such an insignificant character like Bree getting her story told I realized that the novella possibilities here are endless Now if we could only convince Stephanie Meyer to finally finish Midnight Sun sighDon t watch the redheaded mind reader whispered I closed my eyes To be fair, I think if you are a fan of Stephenie Meyer and all her books including The Host and Breaking Dawn , you will enjoy this novella too Alas, I am not Gone are the days when I used to be entranced by the Twilight Saga I have to give credit to SM for introducing me to the genre of paranormal fiction, but as I read and of it, it is getting obvious how subpar her writing is I didn t finish this novella I abandoned it because it was boring, one note, lacked excitement, and very wordy without substance Plus I couldn t stop myself from nitpicking and it is always a bad sign 1 Does any vampire actually ever go through a violent and horrific newborn phase Eddie used to warn Bella about on numerous occasions Because nobody seems to have suffered through it in Victoria s gang, everyone appears to be very aware and at the same time with no sign of remorse or guilt including Bree and Diego.2 So, how exactly can you cover up disappearances of hundreds of vamp victims, even if they all are prostitutes and drug addicts 3 Vampire kissy noises stone on stone Eww, and why, Bella, was it really like snogging a statue And are bad vampires not allowed to go beyond 1st base Because I don t think Victoria and Riley do, they prefer making vamp kissy noises The only reason I am asking this question is because of the portrayal of Cullens as sex crazed furniture breaking nymphomaniacs in Breaking Dawn Why should newborn teenage vampires be any different 4 Seeing sparkles evidently causes instant to die for love 5 To make vamps want to puke is another special vamp power, right 6 A couple of 15 and 18 year old newborn vamps, when alone, talk about special BFF clubs, secret handshakes and being ninjas.Well, I guess I have at least somewhat satisfied my curiosity I wanted to know if my interest for Twilight could ever be revived The answer is No, it can t. For all those people hating on the novella calm down alreadyDid it provide a unique and brilliant addition to the quadrilogy Mmmm.questionableWas Bree s story essential to the series Definitely not.Was it an enjoyable quick read Absolutely.This novella takes place during Eclipse the third twilight novel During Book 3, we follow Bumbling Bella and the Sparklers as they prepare for the war against Vamp Vixen Victoria When Victoria s mate James gets offed in Book 1, she begins planning her ultimate revenge The old adage Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned takes on a whole new meaning That revenge involved Bree and a bunch of other kids from the dregs of society Our Vamp Vixen convinces Riley another new ish vamp to create an army of newborn vampires to attack the Cullens As we know from Eclipse, these teen vamps were to be used as fodder while Victoria attacked our clumsy heroine though honestly, Vicky could ve probably killed Bella by scattering a bag of marbles in her bedroom and wait for the hapless girl to trip die Bree Tanner is one of those new vamps And this is her story We meet a bunch of absolutely useless characters they re all fodder and a few interesting memorable onesthough Stephenie Meyer to my knowledge never used them again So, they were a bit pointless Bree was an interesting character but ultimately there s no point in investing too much emotional attachment to her we all know what happens in Eclipse.All in all, I liked it a fun read and an interesting take on the Cullens from the outside The 2018 ABC Challenge S Audiobook CommentsRead by Emma Gavin, the ultimate queen of teen novels Seriously Nearly YA novel I ve listened to has her as a narrator She was excellent as always Blog Instagram Twitter 4 poignantly, tragically, thought provoking starsI want to say, right up front, that I hadn t planned to read this book because those of us who read the entire Twilight Saga already know that things don t turn out well for Bree Tanner She played a very, very minor role in the book, Eclipse I don t even think she appeared in than 2 pages so, why read something about a character I cared very little about and already knew the outcome of Well, one day I went to my mailbox and there was a package from my dear friend and fellow Twilight fan, Dee, and inside was my very own copy of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner. I was excited and touched by her thoughtfulness and realized that my fate was sealed I would be reading Bree s story, after all.I ll be honest, the first 50 pages or so seemed rather ho hum to me, and I ve decided that s because I began this book dreading the outcome Once I wrapped my mind around reading this for the story as it related to Victoria s army of newborn vampires, I couldn t put it down I m not going to go into the plot, because frankly, if you ve read Eclipse you won t need details, and if you haven t read Eclipse, you ll not understand what the point of this book is, and it would take way too long to explain.What stands out most to me about Bree s story is how all of the newborns were manipulated It made me think of charismatic leaders around the world political, religious, corporate or yes, even vampire and how much influence they have over the people who are dependent on them, because if you can convince some one or some group that they need you, that you re only looking out for their best interest and that life without you as their leader would be filled with pain and anguish, possibly even death you d have absolute control over them Such was the case with the newborn vampires, and when looking at them in this light as people violently torn from humanity and forced into a new way of life which they nothing about were literally newborns and dependent on someone else for their survival I found myself actually feeling sorry for them I started wondering about the families who are missing them, what kind of people they would have been had they lived out their human lives So what started out being a dreaded read, became one that really made me think about life and those we trust to lead us And for the first time since reading Eclipse, I wished with all my heart that things could have been different for Bree Tanner.

I was born in Connecticut in 1973, during a brief blip in my family s otherwise western U.S existence We were settled in Phoenix by the time I was four, and I think of myself as a native The unusual spelling of my name was a gift from my father, Stephen ie me Though I have had my name spelled wrong on pretty much everything my entire life long, I must admit that it makes it easier to Goo

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