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Book Cover Lover Geeky Jason Randal Enjoys His Career Editing Romance Novels, But Working Primarily From Home Leaves Him Feeling Lonely Unsure Of Himself, He Takes An Opportunity To Attend A Major Book Conference Stepping Out Of His Comfort Zone Could Lead To Good Things Model Noah Pierce Is Popular, Not Only For His Work Gracing Novel Covers, But Also For His Elicit Promiscuity His Status As A Player Gives Him Pause He D Like To Find Something Meaningful Than A Convention Hook Up A Chance Meeting In A Crowded Lobby Of The Conference S Hotel Brings The Men Together Sparks Fly And The Intense Physical Reaction Leave Both Hot For The Other But Noah S Former Lover Has Other Ideas For The New Duo

Eve Tesoro resides in Pennsylvania, deep in the realm known as The Greater Lehigh Valley A few years after roleplaying on social network she discovered a niche she d never really accepted, although secretly wished she could explore.With a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Public Administration, much of her adult life has been spent in the community mental health field Longing for , li

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  • ebook
  • 101 pages
  • Book Cover Lover
  • Eve Tesoro
  • English
  • 18 March 2018
  • 9781614955672

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    I love this book I ve read it twice now, and am completely shocked by the reviews below ITS FICTION, its not a day in the life of a cover artist It s fantasy, and wonderful And its hot And you want these two together Great Job Eve, I think I need to start a Eve Tesoro fan club Great job, so worth the read

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    Jason and Noah are, at first glance, a totally unlikely pair If it weren t for the shared professional interest in romance books, they might never have met And even when they do, their encounter is full of misunderstandings, incorrect assumptions, and a lot of initial insecurities on both sides Watching them work through their differences then face an external enemy of considerable determination was a lot of fun Jason is a somewhat geeky romance editor, who has his routines and doesn t really expect to get a lot out of the convention his publisher has asked him to participate in Not being comfortable around people and preferring solitude to social interaction makes this doubly difficult for him I wanted to kick him a few times, to help him open his eyes and see what was going on, how much Noah admired and liked him, but Jason took his own sweet time to get there.Noah, the gorgeous and much loved romance cover model, seemingly has no issues at all Well, not in the social interaction arena His problem is in the area of self confidence especially when presented with the super clever Jason I admired him for stepping up to the plate and going after Jason anyway That took a lot of courage And when it all goes wrong, he does what he thinks is right, even though it will cost him everything.These two men are not only very hot together, they both have issues to work through that they can help each other with Upon second glance, they are made for each other each possessing something the other is lacking If you like stories about opposites attracting, two hot men who are both shy in different was, and if the idea of an editor and a cover model getting together makes you smile, you may like this book as much as I did.

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    As I design books and their covers for a living, the whole premise of the book required a huge suspension of disbelief on my part You really don t want to use a model who s already on tons of other covers because a it ll confused readers who don t know if they ve already read the book and b your cover will end up at Stumblingoverchoas where Chris will mercilessly make fun of it But then I told myself, Girl, you read books about vampires and werewolves, a premise like that shouldn t be too hard to swallow , so I gave it a try.But the asinine premise was the least of this book s problems Cardboard characters like the Lonely But Lovable Geek, the Beautiful Model Who Wants Someone to Love Him for More Than His Good Looks, the Ruthless and Lying Ex and the Supportive Female Friend all made their very predictable appearances Combine that with insta love, a wooden writing style and MCs who re behaving completely crazy and you have a book that never should ve been published and sold to an unsuspecting readership.

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    Well, it s mine so of course I give it five stars But seriously, I enjoyed writing this for Silver Publishing s call for submission, A Mind Is A Sexy Thing Everyone at the House is very talented and helped me make this piece the best it could be Jason and Noah were a pleasure to write.I hope you all enjoy the story

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    I loved this book Worth the time and the money, Eve you did it again with this one

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    Jason is an editor and his publisher sends him off to a Romance book conference He bumps into a stranger and immediately feels something Noah feels something too The story is kept from being a predictable and routine story with the addition of a jealous ex lover Really enjoyed the development of this story.

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    0.5 stars Meh m m romance about an editor of erotic romance attending his first conference when a gorgeous cover model catches his eye The story was implausible and the writing poor this was painful to read.

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    A bit too insta lovey for me.

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    Very abrupt ending.

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    Reviewed for Hearts On Fire ReviewsJason is an editor of romance novels for Burning Trinity, one who spends the majority of his time in front of a computer and not interacting with people This time, however, he is asked by his boss to attend The SSC, Sexy Storytellers Convention, until she can get there Jason isn t thrilled, but he likes his job, so agrees to cover the booth Noah is a cover model, beautiful and outgoing He is there as promotion as well Noah doesn t trust people much after an old boyfriend turned hateful when Noah was discovered He keeps things casual and simple, hooking up and remaining friendly That is, until he saves Jason s glasses from hitting the floor and is thunderstruck Up to this point, the story was engaging and had elements that I love, the geeky romance editor who works at home and doesn t like crowds, the beautiful model who wants someone to see past the pretty face, the chance meeting However, we lose something in the translation, maybe just too much suspension of belief There is love at first sight for sure literally within 48 hours declaring , public sex when Jason supposedly is so shy about that, and an ex hook up not even a boyfriend who goes completely insane This part of the story line is hard to swallow The book is written well, but after about the first third just lost me.

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