Dutch and Gina (The Presidents Girlfriend, #5)

Dutch and Gina (The Presidents Girlfriend, #5) I had heard some much about this series and I was afraid to read it just in case I did not like it because I really enjoy this author However, I loved it and read all the books back to back.Another great series which I enjoyed very much I would highly recommend it.Lala and her man totally did my head in though and I think it takes a special kind of woman to stand by this particular man Completely amazing story of lover who as so became friends for life I had been looking at this book for a while and decide to give it a try and I loved this story What I hate about this book is that it ended I hoped that they had another baby, because little Walt is amazing child Lala and Crader seem like they can be an incredible couple , Christian deserve to have an incredible partner for life The story seems incomplete When Walter Dutch Harber, The President Of The United States, Is Caught In A Compromising Situation In A San Francisco Hotel Room That Leads To Deadly Consequences, The Washington Press Takes Matters Into Their Own Hands With Rumors And Allegations That Could Bring Down His Presidency But When Gina, His African American Wife, Is Dragged In By Powerful Forces They Didn T See Coming, It Is Dutch Who Takes Matters Into His Own Hands To Protect His Wife And Preserve Her Good Name In The Fifth Installment Of The President S Girlfriend Series, Dutch And Gina Endure Twin Catastrophes That Seek To Tear The Very Foundation Of Their Love Apart, And That Calls Into Question Everything About Their Love, Their Friends, And Themselves I so loved this book and had been waiting I stayed up all night reading this book the best 4 hour in my day lol I hope she come out with of Dutch and Gina, I need my fix soon. DUTCH IS GANSTA This was all about the love of DUTCH GINA The situations they were put in and its outcome only strengthened their love for each other I am still waiting for that DAMN MAX to get his comeuppance He is still quietly slinking around. Don t mess with FLOTUS Dutch kept telling them not to mess with his wife They just won t listen I think NOW, they are able to hear him loud and clear They truly NOW, understand Wow WowYou delivered again Every book gets better I started reading Dutch and Gina when I finished all the other series and because they appeared in Tommy s book I am no disappointed I am enraptured. True Love Triumphs I loved this particular book in the series The love between Gina and Dutch you can feel just by reading the book.The feeling is what daydreams are made of. Lots of intense drama, no holds barred alpha male willing to protect his family at all costs and annoying heroines Gina doesn t use common sense She makes poor decisions because she feels Dutch is too controlling and risks everything Jade is switching the script all of a sudden and out of the blue she has an issue with Gina, but we are never told what, even after Gina has been nothing but accepting and loving towards her La La was the ultimate annoying female You either are wiling to take back the man you obviously love or let him go Two very simple choices she couldn t seem to make I hate whiny women and she was the biggest culprit I also found it disturbing that Gina would want to have sex with Dutch so soon after what happened In a lot of these books they just have sex for no apparent reason and to be honest, each scene is the same and extremely boring and the author uses awkward words to describe sex Sex scenes are supposed to move the story forward but not in this case And Someone please, for the love of God, call an editor What the hell is a vanilla envelope Do they have chocolate too Grammar spelling it s all a mess Although my review is mostly negative, I m giving this book three stars because of Dutch Without him, this series would flop. okay, first of all, WHO IS THE HOT GUY ON THE COVER in my mind i think this is what dutch must look like lol this is a great book this is a great series the love between dutch and gina is just exemplary that couple knows how to interact and BE a couple gina is so precious to dutch anyway, can t wait for the next book may the series never end so many interracial romances have less story and erotica and its a shame this series has stories that not only pack a punch, but elevate the whole genre to another level thank you miss Monroe keep em coming and don t take too long lol oh and one thing I can say is that I was surprised by the reaction of both Dutch and Gina regarding what happened to her for Dutch, I was surprised that he would not take his wife to a private place to reveal it to her given the very personal, traumatic, and sensitive nature of it for Gina, I expected a traumatized reaction from her so their whole reaction and interaction, both of them, was odd to me but then Dutch avenges her, and her response to his taking care of her was just another reason that I love this couple.

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  • Kindle Edition
  • Dutch and Gina (The Presidents Girlfriend, #5)
  • Mallory Monroe
  • English
  • 06 September 2019

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