EnrapturedOrpheus To Most He S An Enigma, A Devil May Care Rogue Who Does Whatever He Pleases Whenever He Wants Now This Loose Cannon Is Part Of The Eternal Guardians Elite Warriors Assigned To Protect The Human Realm Whether He Likes It Or NotOrpheus Has Just One Goal To Rescue His Brother From The Underworld He S Not Expecting A Woman To Get In The Way Especially Not A Siren As Gorgeous As Skyla He Has No Idea She S An Assassin Sent By Zeus To Seduce, Entrap, And Ultimately Destroy HimYet Skyla Herself Might Have The Most To Lose There S A Reason Orpheus Feels So Familiar To Her, A Reason Her Body Seems To Crave Him Perhaps He S Not The Man Everyone Thinks The Truth Could Reveal A Deadly Secret As Old As The Eternal Guardians Themselves


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  • Kindle Edition
  • 415 pages
  • Enraptured
  • Elisabeth Naughton
  • English
  • 13 December 2017

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    Elisabeth Naughton s, sexy Eternal Guardians series, in which herculean warriors, protectors of the Greek gods living in the realm known as Argolea, continues in Enraptured, the 3rd enthralling installment Orpheus is on a mission to rescue his brother, Gryphon, whose soul had been stolen by an evil daemon when a magic spell went wrong Nothing will stop him and no one will stand in his way until he gets his brother back Even the Siren, who has suddenly appeared in his life, who seems to have a hidden agenda of her own.Skyla is a Siren warrior from Athena s army, who has been sent to kill Orpheus The reason for his execution given to her of him being a dangerous deamon does not fit the Orpheus she meets She begins to realize that she has been set up and that there is to her mission than what she knows.I liked Orpheus and Skyla together The chemistry, sizzling attraction, was incredible.and the they are together, the the feeling of knowing each other before intensifies I loved their interaction and banter For the record, Siren, I like being saddled Reverse cowgirl is my favorite When you re ready to ride, you just let me know I loved seeing familiar characters again and having a glimpse of what is happening in their lives since the last book.Honor, family, action, sadness, love, lies, heart stopping adventure, passion, and enticing twists this fast paced story has it all.The ending is emotional and hear breaking a broken Gryphon Will he survive the evilness and cruelty he experienced as a captive of Atalanta We will find out in his story, which is the next book in the series.

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    4.5ME ENCANT Los dos fueron WOW y Gryph ayyyy mi cora

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    Esta serie cada vez me gusta m s.Sab a que Orpheus me iba a gustar pero no a que nivel, la verdad es que me sorprendi mucho, es un gran personaje Amo cuando tienen un aire de oscuridad y chico malo y eso lo tiene l pero aunque l no lo crea tambi n es bondadoso.Skylar al principio dudaba de ella pero despu s me gan , esta chica es valiente y aguerrida, lucha por lo que quiere y tambi n se sacrifica por amor, es una de mis favoritas.Tiene mucha acci n, romance y eso es algo que disfruto mucho.Seguir con el siguiente libro porque aaay mi Gryph.

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    Enraptured is a dark, sexy and gripping read that will leave you addicted to these Eternal Guardians if you weren t already Orpheus is now one of the Eternal Guardians, at least according to the marks on his arms he is But he wants nothing to do with the elite group, all he wants it to find his brother and rescue him from Hades and he will stop at nothing to see his goal fulfilled When a Siren named Skyla gets in Orpheus way though the game drastically changes Sent by Zeus to steal an artifact from Orpheus and stop him from completing his task, Skyla comes to the startling revelation that she has met Orpheus in the past The Gods have not been entirely honest with her and Skyla must decide if she wants to see the past repeated Can Orpheus hold his dark side at bay though to complete his task and fight off his instant feelings of connection to Skyla or will succumbing to it be the only way to set his brother, and himself, free ZOMG, I knew Orpheus was going to be good but I didn t know he was going to be this damn good Enraptured is hands down, the best of the Eternal Guardians series to date I LOVED IT and I am so glad too because you know when you set your heart on a character from the very beginning and you hope to God that when they finally get their HEA that you don t end up disappointed That s how I felt with Orpheus but Elisabeth Naughton brilliantly captured his story and Enraptured totally rocked my socks off Complex, in depth and magically woven together, Enraptured kept me glued to the pages start to finish The Eternal Guardians are the direct decedents of the original Argonauts and heroes Orpheus doesn t see himself as any sort of hero however and his story is both touching and heart wrenching as we journey through the revelations of his past and the acceptance of both his light and dark side Orpheus is truly one of my favorite book heroes and long ago earned a top spot in my book boyfriend harem Skyla was a strong, kick ass heroine that matched Orpheus perfectly Their attraction was instant and fans self really sex ay due to a connected past but not easy full of twists, turns and surprises I loved how Ms Naughton revealed each piece of the puzzle and the ending was sigh put together superbly The plot moved at a steady and captivating pace, I was most definitely Enraptured by it Enraptured can be read as a stand alone but is so much better read in series order The Eternal Guardians series is a must read for romance, paranormal and mythology fans I love when authors add a mythological twist in their stories and this entire series is based on a fun one Ms Naughton gives the Argonauts her own little spin and ended up creating a series that no one should miss

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    Enraptured3.5 StarsThe son of an Argonaut father and a Medean mother with a Daemon alter ego to boot, Orpheus has always been the black sheep of the family This all changes when his brother, Gryphon s, soul is sent to Tartarus and Orpheus swears to rescue his sibling from the underworld with the aid of the Orb of Kronos Unfortunately, other forces are determined to locate the Orb for themselves and Orpheus will have to deal with powerful Gods, vengeful enemies and a beautiful Siren with a mysterious link to his past Once again, Naughton s research is fantastic and the incorporation of elements from Greek mythology adds a gripping layer to the overall story arc Sadly, Orpheus and Skyla s romance is rather dull and disappointing Orpheus has been a fascinatingly ambiguous character throughout the series His scheming machinations combined with an obvious affection for his brother and hints at an underlying current of goodness have made him particularly appealing as a hero While he mostly lives up to this characterization and the insights into his personality are compelling, Orpheus internal struggle with his daemon lacks detail and is resolved too easily Skyla, the Siren assassin sent to kill Orpheus and retrieve the Orb, is simply uninteresting as a heroine She fails to really stand out in any way and it is even difficult to picture exactly what she looks like despite the necessary descriptions While she and Orpheus have tremendous potential as a couple, their chemistry falls flat and the resolution to their relationship, which is supposed to be intense and emotional, fails to completely resonate In contrast, Maelea with her conflicting forces of light and dark is a far intriguing character and I m looking forward to seeing how these are related to Gryphon s tortured soul in the next book.

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    One of the things I truly enjoy doing is sharing my new author finds with my friends, family, extended friends, blog readers, random people I meet in book stores, complete strangers. grins I know. everyone really does say it all I love when an author I find, hits home run after home run That she shares her wonderful depth of talent in book after book after book. So far Elisabeth Naughton is doing just that Often when we know a character is coming next, when his is a story that we have been waiting for, we find ourselves disappointed. YAY for Ms Naughton because she gives us a slightly sinful, fully delightful read in Enraptured.ORPHEUS, resident bad boy. Oldest son who should have been marked as an Eternal Guardian but was passed over for his much younger brother He is part Demon, Part witch and part Argonaut and ALL Hero in disguise For years he has lead a life of opulence, his hero tendencies known only to a select few and even then he manages to convince them that it is or less his imagination When his much loved Hero Brother s soul is taken and suddenly Orpheus is marked as an argonaut. He has one goal Get Gryphon back at all cost If anyone should ask, he tells them that he doesn t want or need the hero burden. only to himself does he admit that his love for Gryphon will lead him into any darkness, just to find and save his much loved brother.Skyla the longest living siren a woman devoted to her job, the assassins of the gods. She has been sent to hunt Orpheus down. he has an agenda and the gods want him stopped The problem is, once they meet there is a deep connection, a shared memory, an impossible reality Skyla is confused, she has spent a thousand lifetimes serving the whims of the gods and now she begins to wonder Are they being straight with her Is there to her story than they have shared Why is she so attracted to Orpheus Why are the gods keeping secrets She must learn to see the truth between opposing stories, to fight for what is real and in the end she has to decide what is real and what in fact is fiction.Skyla and Orpheus join together to search out an ancient artifact that all the gods seem to want Each for their own purpose and yet each accuses Orpheus as being the extreme evil. His wants are questioned, he is the betrayer, he should be destroyed Ms Naughton shows us the pettiness of the Olympic Gods. The malice and spite which ruled their pantheon, she does an excellent job of reminding us that they gods are not cute, considerate beings but petty self centered children with too much power. This was after all, a group of beings that banded together to kill their fatherWhat I really loved about this book was that Orpheus found he was not alone, he was never alone. That he had friends who were willing to support him, to back him, to just be there for him. It brought tears to my eyes to see Orpheus realize that he truly was a being of worth. That he deserved the love and respect he was getting.Skyla and Orpheus journey was about than saving Gryphon, it was about remembering themselves, finding and accepting love, about letting go and holding on It was about working together and trusting the other when he she needed to work alone The tension between these two was most excellent, a powerful pull I totally loved it. As I have said with every book of this series. it is a must read series. a must read book Run, not walk, to your nearest book store and pick up a copy..ShauniFor reviews by Shauni go to Tea and Book andBodice Rippers, Femme Fatales and Fantasy

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    Gosh I loved this book Orpheus Skyla, Skyla, Skyla LOL HOT, HOT, HOT Whew Orpheus, the mad bad boy of the Argonauts A Medean magician who acquired his half brother Gryphon s Argolean marks as a fluke or was it That s how we enter the Guardians domain Add in Skyla, one of Zeus s Sirens sent to kill Orpheus and retrieve the Orb of Kronos bad juju Little does she realize that she s met Orpheus before about 2000 yrs before I loved this book It had Hades who was Hot and not in a good way , his wife Persephone, Atalanta, who is thrown into hell captures poor Gryphon and binds him to her so sad Can t wait to find out what will happen to him I know a girl named Malea Zeus and Persephone s quirky daughter is involved somehow.BUTthis is about love and faith which conquers all things, including space and time I cried at the end of this Orpheus was such a dare I say it JERK Yep, total jerk but such a hot Alpha Skyla, the Siren who was lied to by Zeus and Athena had told Orpheus Cynurus, I will never forget she even has to leave for a time but the Fates step in , and of course being the kick ass Siren that she is, she KEPT HER PROMISE Oh, I loved the woman I also loved that this book was lushly descriptive of the surroundings and I felt like I was there Although, descriptions of hell were harsh but appropriate, I thought.Great Book for all you Guardian addicts out there Thanks Elisabeth

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    5 starsJust great.It started out really slow at first and I had a hard time to grasp with the story, at the point I was worried this book might not be my favourite in the series Well, I was wrong and I m glad I enjoyed it immensely Skyla would be on top of my favourite heroine in this series She s an assassin, a fighter, and feisty Yet have a loving and tender heart Definitely my kind of girl There s a scene involving her that tugged my heart I was close to cry and curse oh shit is this going to be a happily never after, no Yes, I was scared shit for her For Orpheus For both of them Pardon me the continuous usage of shit word.Next best thing in this book would be their journey to the Underworld It was fascinating although it wasn t as thrilling as I was expecting and it was suffice enough because other scenes weren t lack thereof My observation from beginning until now is that I conclude that the Fate is three old meddle and romantic hags They re so funny alright They clearly enjoy this Hera soulmate curse or blessing in Argonauts case thing.Next book will be about Gryphon and Maelea To be honest, I m not sure about these two Not sure if I want to put high expectation on the next book One is far too cry out damaged soul and broken One is too dark and spineless Will there be any excitement Should I prepare for emotionally drained I guess so.Recommended.

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    Well, I didn t enjoy this one as much as I did the previous two but it was still enjoyable It took a bit of time for me to get into the story but once it started to pick up I was anxious to finish it.The ending was quite emotional Unfortunately, the library does not have the next one in an e book so I have to wait for the paperback to arrive at my location to read the next one Poor Gryphon He was such a fun loving character and I hate that his character changed I just hope he can somehow come back from where he is right now It will be hard but I hope that Mealea can bring him out of it and that he can heal her too.

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    I love the guardians Great series, great characters that I have completely fallen in love with.

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