Hedge Witch (The Cloven Land Trilogy #1)

Hedge Witch (The Cloven Land Trilogy #1) Two Worlds, One NightmareCait Weerd Has No Idea She S Being Sought By The Undain Sorcerous Creatures That Feed Off The Spirit Of The Living She Doesn T Know They Need Her Blood To Survive She Doesn T Even Know She S A Witch, Descended From A Long Line Of Witches Cait Weerd Doesn T Know A Lot, Really, But All That S About To ChangeAt Manchester Central Library She S Caught Up In Sudden Violence In The Chaos She S Given An Old Book That S Been Hidden There Given It And Told To Run Hide The Book Or Destroy It The Book Contains All The Secrets Of The Undains Existence They And Their Human Servants Want To Find It As Much As They Want To Find HerCait Learns The Fates Of Two Worlds Are At Stake Just What She Needs Along With Definitely Not A Boyfriend Danny, She Has To Decide What The Hell To Do Run, Fight Or Hope It All Goes AwayIt S Only Then She Learns Who She Really Is, Along With The Terrible Truth Of What The Undain Have Been Doing In Our World All This Time

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  • Hedge Witch (The Cloven Land Trilogy #1)
  • Simon Kewin
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  • 03 August 2019

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    I am always looking for a good witch story I m not really sure why, just something about the fantasy and the magic and the world building gets me really excited and Hedge Witch did not disappoint I was captivated from the first page, and thoroughly enjoyed going on this crazy adventure with Cait, Fer, and all their friends.Cait Weerd is a very interesting character We don t really know much about her from the beginning, as we re kind of just thrown into the middle of her life She goes to the library, and from there things just never stop moving I really enjoyed getting to know Cait as she s on the run with the old book her grandmother told her to hide or destroy, and discovering new things about her as Cait discovers them herself I definitely think she has quite a bit growing to do, and I m really excited about continuing her story in the next couple of books Especially after that ending What s she going to do next I do wish we had gotten to see of Fer though I think her character had a lot of potential, but once she gets to our world she kind of just falls to the wayside and she s just written off as another member of Cait s group I want to know about her background, about her family, and why she s so special I m hoping that s covered in the next book, because I have so many questions about her One thing that was really interesting in the story telling was the jumping around in time We start in the present and then a couple of chapters later jump back to the past to get quite a bit of world building and then end up back in the present I thought it was a little off putting at first, but the I read the I began to appreciate it I m not sure it was entirely necessary, but I think it ended up working out Overall, I would totally recommend this book to anyone looking for a fantasy book about witches It s interesting and different and gripping and fast paced, and I definitely found myself wanting You know that feeling when there s SO MUCH LEFT to resolve and only SO LITTLE BOOK left and you know it just can t be over yet because how could the characters be left in such a crazy predicament Yeah, I had that during this book, and I m desperate to continue this trilogy I d give it a 4 5

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    My Thoughts The cover alone is pretty darn amazing I love the abstract piercings and the blue hair eyebrows I think the cover really does the story justice and hooks you in with the beautiful artwork on it I also love that the main character thrives with individuality I really enjoyed the story line, especially with the parallel world that is there to help our main character, Cait, as well as hinder her too Who doesn t want a basement of old and rare books Yes, please That is a pretty cool scene and the action literally starts up in just the first few pages, grabbing our attention and not letting go I liked Cait but I wished she believed in herself at the beginning of the story, as well as toward the middle I would have liked for a little bit confidence from her I also loved the Old World tone to it As I read it, I felt like it was written as a classic, instead of this day and age I think it was the authentic British slang used throughout it I really felt like I was a part of the English culture, and loved having that feeling This story just had this cozy feel to it as I read it But that isn t to say it read slowly On the contrary, there were fast paced scenes in it with lots of action and other scenes that really captured my imagination The plot line flowed easily for me and was really easy to get caught up in the story threads I have always been a fan of witches and the lore that surrounds them I love that Hedge Witch built upon that and also bringing in its own magical essence too All in all, Hedge Witch is a great book with some very interesting characters that will make you laugh and groan all at the same time The Grandmother is pretty cool and I love the witches from the other world as well I can t wait to see how everything plays out in this series And way to go on such a cliffhanger ending How can you leave us like that How

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    Designed with younger readers in mind, I enjoyed this very well written tale It has unexpected twists and turns to the plot and another unlikely heroine, finds immense courage in a world gone crazy.

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    I enjoyed the reading very much and I am looking forward to next book.There s magic aplenty here but also some old fashioned strategizing But. Here is the lesson..Magic should never be used lightly using magic hat it s price It is a wonderful and terrible gift and you should use it wisely if you use too much you can burn the magic out f you Cait lost her loved father in tender age , and since then her mother wasn t been the same, they become two strangers that living at the same house On top of that, Cait thought that She is a total failure, going nowhere But at the same that she is getting a weird message They will hunt you Once they find you, who you are and what you are, they will come Day or night You here all along All along from a strange crazy beggar.It was too much for her and she turned and ran for the library There she will meet her grandmother Her grandmother was always pleased to see her Always had time for her Underneath the Central Library of Manchester, a straight, concrete corridor, where a string of lights provide occasional clearings in the darkness, lead into the gloom of the vault A strange place where old, wispy cobwebs, with no evidence of any actual spiders, hanging in the high corners and at a regular intervals were locked, metal doors Book storage We only have a small percentage of the volumes on display upstairs, you know The rest are down here, carefully cataloged and protected.It s much bigger than the library upstairs Not many people know this level is even here It extends a long way under the streets I like to think this part of the city is built on a foundation of books Her grandma explained her In one corner a part of the shelf was sectioned off with strong metal grilling, a large padlock securing a hatchway in it Several old books were inside, placed carefully onto the shelf so they weren t touching each other why are these books locked away when they re in a room that s already locked Oh they re valuable, her gran said We sometimes look after books for other people They have to be well protected for insurance Some of them have been here for years Suddenly there was a strength yellow green light and loud banging sounds and then a sharp smell of burn from this moment everything had changed for Cait and the secrets surrounding her, and the introduction of Nox Nox, with his phalanx of bodyguards, their motorcycles gleamed silver in the bright sun, each wear a helmet so it was impossible to see their face, who love to hunt some low life waster who barely knew what was going on, on his Harley Davison V Rod He loved everything about this The throb and roar of the bikes The sweet smell of burning fuel The thrill of the chase and..the kill He and his gang serving the Lich King on our world, Cait, listen to me This thing is extremely dangerous and, I m not going to lie to you, extremely frightening It s come from another world in search of something A book And we must stop that from happening, at whatever cost Do you understand In the fight on the protection of the book, one witch die and one got heart..Cait grandma The creature that can for the book run away By the orders of grandma, she reached inside Vault 42 yes the same No as in The Hitchhiker s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, and In the Judaism, the Two Lettered Name ascribed to God,and in the In Japanese, shi ni four, two, that sound like the phrase, unto death and so on. and took the book A book that, etched into its leather a sketch of a skull and strange symbols Cait put it under her arm, turned, and ran back to her gran Take the book and destroy it Burn it Burn every page Not a word must survive When you ve burned it, shred the ashes, too said her grandma And Cait succeeded to exit the library walking past Nox and head to her best friend Danny Where they together tried to destroy the book, but couldn t Meanwhile, on another world, to Islagray, the Witches Isle, in Andar , brought an unconscious witch. Her name is Fer A hedge witch She is uninjured She worked some terrible magic and the pain threw her into this stupor In time she will recover said Ariane to Hellen Meggenwar, eldest of Islagray She fought against pair of Undains and succeed to kill one, but she nearly killed herself with the magic she worked Under Islagray, five passageways, hewn from rock led off into the ground to an archive Torches here and there showed many doorways in the walls of each passageway, leading to caverns Four of the five tunnels eventually disappeared around bends but the fifth, the central one, seemed to go straight down fore and in this spot the the two worlds where were connected, with the Manchester Library archive Undains a creatures owning a rotting smell to them, are, sorcerous in nature, something that should never have lived They are bone and feather lashed together in roughly the right shape and only able to move because of the death magic that filled them Worse than the stench was the way the skeleton had been cut Human bones sawn up and mixed with those of animals or some giant bird They all created and ruled by Menhroth, the Lich King This king rule the kingdom of Angere, that contain a big population of Undains that he himself created. Johnny Electric A wandering minstrel A bard, a busker, a jongleur A tall and thin, with a good natured face, a wide smile His hair was long and ragged His eyes sparkle He could have been a scarecrow taken from some sunny field and brought to life Ran A dragonrider Leather armor covered his torso, legs and arms Tattoos deep blue, intricate whorls, cover his head and hands and would cover, his whole body His hair was long and bound in a tightly knotted sheaf that reached half way down his back In his left ear were one silver stud to denote his rank Around his neck, a gold chain studded with string of small red gems, Penitence Stones A shame burned in him And the intense desire to spell out what the dragonriders had done all those years ago As the king guard, they followed their orders and allowed Ilminion the necromancer, to work his necromancy It is said that over a thousand people died within the chamber as Menhroth was ritually killed and brought back as undain In this He offered Menhroth eternal life and inhuman power Offered him all the powers of necromancy, too The book Over long years, Ilminion perfected the Ritual of the Seven Ascensions, and described in the books The necromancer s magic is all there in one book How it works, how it may be broken The book may be the only hope for stopping the Angere king, so they couldn t destroy it By magic, Akbar, mancer of the failed Angere rebellion, split the book to two One half were taken to Angere and the second they sent to Islagray The copy of Angere disappeared and copy of Islagray has been sent,twenty years ago, to the other world Now the the witches of Islagray send a delegation to retrieve the book from our world The delegation contain Fer the young witch, Saleen another witch, Ran the dragon rider who want to compensate of the shame of his ancestors and Johny Electric that is actually a famous singer from our world On the other side in our world Cait, her Grandma, her mom, Danny tried to to prevent from the book to fall into the hands of Nox and his gang.

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    An interesting story that kept me reading I m looking forward to reading of this series I want to know about the characters and their roles in both our world and the other.

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    Book was well written and I enjoyed reading it.

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    Great Beginning Really enjoyed this book I m looking forward to reading the rest.Thanks for sharing you re talents with the world.

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    Quite goodI thought it was a good book and interesting enough to read the rest of the series I m looking forward to finding out what mischief the characters get into next.

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    Cait Weerd goes from being a normal teenager to a witch in the matter of a few days A great task has been given to her Destroy a book that can create monsters with unimaginable power Along with Danny, her boyfriend but not she sets out to rid the world of evil, along with finding out who she really is.Hedge Witch was a lot like I expected it to be but not too Does that even make sense After reading the synopsis I knew I d enjoy reading it but it took me until 40ish percent before I could get into it The first 40% wasn t much fun to read for me, it was slow and boring some but once the ball got rolling I couldn t put it down Weird huh I love love witch books, whenever I can get my hands on them I mostly enjoy them lots, and there s definitely a few witches in this one plus creatures and other worlds, I loved the plot, how it all fit together and the characters were great too I felt I could connect with them all I didn t much like Hellen though, she just didn t sit well with me for some reason.Cait was great, I really enjoyed reading about her journey, how she found herself, pushed herself past her fears and her bravery and strength Plus the blue hair You go girl Such a hard task at a young age and she took it on with both hands and really went for it An admirable character.Her mum and gran were awesome too, both witches, her gran not so powerful but still determined to help out as much as she can Her mum is powerful and once she s back in reality she helps as much as possible and saves the day, literally Danny was lovely, not many friends would risk their lives on a journey of madness, trying to complete a task that s probably going to fail and get everyone killed but he takes it all on with a smile I loved how he stuck by Cait, I didn t enjoy what happened towards the end though He better be okay The only part that really let it down for me was how slow I found the beginning, and there was a few parts throughout that made me want to skip a page or three but I didn t I gritted my teeth and carried on and I m so glad I did Then there s the fact a few bits didn t make sense to me, I admit it s early hours in the morning so my brain isn t at full power but I couldn t connect some dots and it upsets me a lot when that happensThe ending I m not too happy about What a way to finish, now I m dying to get my hands on the sequel, Worm Lord to find out what happens next I ll definitely be reading that one Overall a fun read, fans of witches should give this a go, it s different and really grips you once it gets into it A copy was provided for review purposes Original review at

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    With all the stories of witches and fantasy out there, simon kewin has found a interesting twist to add to the genre He created a world in which our world and an alternate world collide in epic proportions A great twist to this type of fantasy he has created Cait is a normal teenager or so she thought Her friend danny she secretly likes but doesn t decide how much until they go through this high stakes adventure together in this book.Danny is thrilled when they are revealed to be dating but even thrilled with the world he is now in He has Cait and is trying to help her prevent catastrophe from occurring which could kill everyone witches and humans alike Especially since it is seen humans are unknowingly being used to help sustain evil What happens to turn Cait s world upside down and make her go from normal teenager to witch extraordinaire Going to the library to visit her Grams here her world is turned upside down and so is Danny s here there is explosion, undain s trying to kill witches while trying to get a Grimoire A very valuable piece of the Grimoire In the alternate universerse Fer kills a undain and ends up on the witch s isle where their archives are attacked for a Grimoire The grimoire is not found but it is revealed that there world is about to be turned upside down and not in a good way So a group is set out to come to england to try to prevent or slow down this bad topsy turviness that is about to occur It is in England working with Cait s mom and grandmother that Fer feels she belongs somewhere the side characters of Johnny and Ran are great as well the Archeon that helps has a wee bit of a snarky attitude but I guess if you are a book worm you can I love what happens when he is introduced to the smartphone and information highway.It takes Caits life being in danger for her mom to wake up from her despair of losing her husband and embrace who she is A witch descended from Ilminion Not a good dude Glad he s dead phew Anywho Cait, her mom, her grandmother, danny, ran and fer are set out to stop the Lich King from gaining power while being chased by Genera A wonderful ending that has a wee bit of a cliffy..a great fantastical book about witches and finding your strengths and growing into yourself and your confidence in yourself I love the romance that began with Danny and Cait and hope his heroics in the end are not in vain I would like to see them together at the end of this trilogy A fun light read that will have you smiling.

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