The King Must Die (The Isabella Books, #2)

The King Must Die (The Isabella Books, #2) I am enjoying Gemini s style very much, and will be looking for her name The King Must Die is not disappointing me Picked up well after Isabeau and has kept interest Her discriptions continue to be filling me images of the time, not only of the physical surroundings, but what is happening inside the character. I really enjoyed this book and the way the author presented Isabella, Edward and esp Mortimer Unlike the she wolf Isabella is considered, here I find her a concerned and thoughtful person This is most likely because her short comings are glossed over significantly But I liked her a lot in this book and felt for her with every decision or inaction she took The relationship between Phillipa and Isabella was nicely done too To me the best character in this book was Mortimer I ve read different accounts of him where I ended up hating him and looked forward to his downfall I can t say that of this book Here he was clever and I found myself extremely sad for his end And for him to go down knowing Isabella chose her son over him was haunting The way the author showed Isabella s grief over losing Mortimer was perfect The craziness of it all In the end Edward came to his mother and offered his pardon, but also asked it of her I liked that, it showed he was becoming a man I only hope that part was true.And that letter was it proven true I don t know enough of this particular history, but am extremely curious to find out. 1 copy available Ahhh I ve always been a fan of books about royalty, no matter what the country English kings and queens are my favorite I have to say, I ve not read much about Plantagenet line I ve read about the Tudors and the Stuarts mostly, so when I had the opportunity to be part of this tour, I jumped on it.The start of the book is slow, because Edward II hadn t abdicated his throne The story is told from both Edward s and Isabella s point of view It gave the story good perspective, it also helped the readers to understand what Isabella and Roger Mortimer had been through prior to the events of this story You might want to read the first book Isabeau to learn , I know I will be reading it soon What I found refreshing about this book was how Isabella was portrayed in a favorable light, but even still you weren t sure how you felt about her You saw her, as well as her son, warts and all You knew she was having an affair with Mortimer, and that her marriage to the king had been a loveless one You see her love of her children and her thirst for power.There are times you love her and times you hate her When she lost power, along with Roger, who also lost his life, you felt sorry for her Not because of her rule, but because Roger was the love of her life That love is portrayed beautifully in this book You knew they loved each other, even though Roger had a wife and family I think that s what made Mortimer s deathheartbreaking, because she truly lost him She also does a great job showing the love between Edward and his Queen Phillipa.This book made me curious about this period in English history I found myself checking wiki pages to learnabout the characters I definitely want to learnabout Edward III s reign The story was full of intrigues and other terribly bloody things It is hard to believe how cruel the human race is.If you are a fan of historical fiction, this book is definitely a must read I really liked the first Isabella book, so I decided to purchase the conclusion to readof her story The second book balances out Isabella and her son Edward III as the main protagonists.One thing that I really enjoyed about bother books was the portrayal of Phillipa of Hanault, wife of Edward III I d read some of her in Ann O Brien s The King s Concubine A Novel of Alice Perrers Sasson portrays the couple as a close and loving one, and I hope that they were truly as happy as they appear in the book.Since Edward III s life included battle after battle, Sasson had to include battlefield scenes in the book to make his portrayal realistic But since I hate those scenes, he lost my interest at several points. There are so many historical fiction renditions of Edward II s attempted murder and Isabella s supposed involvement However, N Sasson has portrayed a different perspective and shone light on the possibility that Isabella didn t try to murder her husband N Sasson has a gift for story telling and her talent of imagery made the story so vivid it could easily be interpreted into a visual picture within the imagination I enjoyed this book, at times it felt rather slow but I would continue to read nonetheless and it would pick up pace again The dual first person perspectives between Isabella and her son Edward III was a great way to see both sides of the story and see how much Isabella cared for her son and what great lengths she went to, to protect her child even if he was king.It would be really great to see this adaptation of Edward II s murder to be turned into a movie, through the perspective N Sasson had painted it in. I didn t realize Sasson was planning a second book continuing the story of Isabella and Mortimer I had read Isabeau and enjoyed it, although as shrewd as Isabella most likely was, I think she is depicted a little too worldly, with too much insight into her own mistakes and humanity The King Must Die picks up after the deaths of Lancaster and Hugh Despencer and focuses on Isabella s son, Edward, soon to be Edward the III The book vacilates between Isabella s and Edward s perspectives, offering an interesting switch in narrative We see the prince grow into a man and fight to assume power and total control of his reign from his mother and the ever influencial Mortimer A couple of little twists make this story different from others written about the same subject, but it s a story I enjoy reading over and over. I feel like this is somewhere between 3 and 4 stars.It s a GOOD story It s well written and does a good job on the tightrope between fact, rumor, conjecture, and fiction.I think what keeps this from being a 4 star book is Isabelle Maybe Eleanor of Aquitaine has ruined me for rebellious queens Isabelle just never materialized as the she wolf Honestly, in this book instead of coming across as an empowered, powerful woman she plays the role of flighty, confused damsel in distress I didn t like that I wantedfrom the character. I m going to refer back to Gemini s terrific guest post in this review I too was struck by the film, Braveheart It is my favorite film and probably always will be And, as Gemini also felt, it was this film that led to my obsession and further investigation into the personages portrayed in the movie I immediately did a lot of non fiction reading on William Wallace and Robert the Bruce In addition, I was very curious about Edward I Longshanks , Edward II, and Isabella and so, didreading on them as well Since then, I have been intrigued to read historical fiction that features these people who held such interest for me The King Must Die is one of those books I ve said this before and I ll say it again Good historical fiction, whether completely accurate or not, will should invoke such passion in the reader that he she can t help but go off on a quest forinformation on the subject matter and or the historical figures depicted there Whether this quest comes in the form of readinghistorical fiction portrayals of the subject, as to get different points of view, or taking it a step or two further and devouring every non fiction source a person can get their hands on, for it to occur at all is a bow to the genre Gemini has made her characters so real and interesting, I certainly can t help but want to readabout them Especially in the case of Edward III I found him so interesting as he grew from a 14 year old boy into a king, husband, and father I also like that she explored a different avenue than the portrayal of Isabelle as an evil witch who wanted her husband dead Another great aspect of historical fiction novels is to read the differing points of view of the authors who write them.I recommend The King Must Die to all lovers of historical fiction It is written by an author who is clearly passionate about her subject matter and it shines through in every word on the page I look forward to reading her future and past works.Note Be sure to read the excellent author s note at the end of the book which sheds some light on the historical facts behind the story. England,Edward II Has Been Dethroned Queen Isabella And Her Lover, Sir Roger Mortimer, Are At The Pinnacle Of Their Power Fated To Rule, Isabella S Son Becomes King Edward III At The Callow Age Of Fourteen Young Edward, However, Must Bide His Time As The Loyal Son Until He Can Break The Shackles Of His Minority And Dissolve The Regency Council Which Dictates His Every Action When The Former King Is Found Mysteriously Dead In His Cell, The Truth Becomes Obscured And Isabella Can No Longer Trust Her Own Memory Or Confide In Those Closest To Her Meanwhile, She Struggles To Keep Her Beloved Mortimer At Her Side And Gain Yet Another Crown France S For The Son Who No Longer Trusts Her Amidst A Maelstrom Of Shifting Loyalties, Accusations Of Murder Propel England To The Brink Of Civil War In The Sequel To Isabeau, Secrecy And Treason, Conspiracy And Revenge Once Again Overtake England The Future Rests In The Hands Of A Mother And Son Whose Bonds Have Reached A Breaking Point

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