A Child of a Crackhead III

A Child of a Crackhead III With Mike In A Coma The Doctors Say He May Never Awaken Again Envy Blames Herself For Mike S State Of Condition, But She Had No Choice Michael, Jr Wants To Put The Past Behind Him And Act As If None Of The Chaos In His Life Has Ever Happened He Yearns For A Regular, Normal Life How Could That Ever Happen When The Devil, In The Form Of Black Ice, Is Lurking Around Every Corner And Within Every Shadow Waiting For An Opportunity To Strike Rachel Has Seen The Future To Come In Her Dreams As A Sign From God And Tries To Warn Michael, Jr And Envy Will They Heed Rachel S Warnings In Time Or Slide In To The Danger That Is Black Ice

Shameek A Speight was born and raised in Brooklyn New York His writing journey began as a way to escape the madness and mayhem that had become his life He shares his true life experiences with his readers giving them a taste of his struggle His stories are so profound that they will genuially touch your heart and soul to learn about Shameek Novels, visit his Face Book page Shameek A Spei

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  • Kindle Edition
  • 244 pages
  • A Child of a Crackhead III
  • Shameek Speight
  • English
  • 02 August 2019

10 thoughts on “A Child of a Crackhead III

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    ughhh i cant believe Black Ice clone himself it makes me madder that he wont stay dead i hope in part 4 he die for good this time because this series is tough to read by what this one man does _

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    I feel like this is the most ignorant book series I have ever read but for some reason, I can t stop reading I question the person that allowed this book to be published without checking the punctuation and grammar thoroughly, as both are lacking I wish Black Ice would stay dead and the I read, the irritated I get with the repetition of what is occurring and this cloning machinesmh The series has the potential to be amazing because it was almost believable at first book that something could happen where girls are being kidnapped and raped while being forced to take drugs, but Black Ice is a crackhead with super powers Although, I feel like I am losing brain cells reading it, I have to admit that I will begin reading part four shortly Highly entertaining while equally unlikely I am extremely amused.

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    I MUST SAY AGAINSPEIGHT IS BRILLIANT I thought one and two were CRAZY but THREE took you to awhole NOTHER LEVEL..Looking at this from a SOCIALOGICAL aspect..There are crack babies then one would want to admit..they have experienced DEVASTATING childhood etc..now to look at the soulless youong adults etc this fiction could be VERY REAL..I have even stated that THIS IS YOUR STORY OR SOMEONE CLOSE to you due to the vivd scenes and events. NEVERTHELESS CAN T WAIT FOR PART 4

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    As with the first two books in this series the editing was a big problem with me Besides the numerous typos and incorrect forms of words, the author continuously went from past tense to present tense which messed up the flow of the story Despite the editing issues I enjoyed reading about Black Ice and his many escapades Like COACH 1 and 2, this book had me biting my nails and having nightmares about them damn hyenas The gruesome killings and hyena feedings made me made my stomach flip but I loved it I still can t understand why they just won t kill Black Ice and get it over with It s so frustrating that he just won t die lol I also loved reading about lil Mike and Tazz and I kind of wished of the focus would have been on him instead of the many women that were kidnapped by Black Ice At times the story was very unrealistic and dragging Although I m kind of over Black Ice I will be reading part 4 bc I need to see him suffer greatly I m still wondering what happened to Lil Mike s friend Crystal.

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    Like his other books this was a really good read There were quite a few errors that were hard to overlook The author kept going from past tense to present tense, and it threw me off a little Black Ice just seems to get evil and crazy as the series continues Tanya was getting on my nerves, especially once she started falling for Black Ice, i just wanted to shake her While the series is good im not sure if i will continue to the next book the novelty of Black Ice is starting to fade a little for me.

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    The grammar errors weren t the only thing cringy about this book I was invested in the storyline in book one, by book two I was over it I read book 3 just to have closer only to find out that Black Ice was an immortal crackhead Along with the many disturbing rape scenes described in this book How is that every woman that came in contact with his 10 inch dick enjoyed it What kind of demented mind works that way

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    WOW What the hell didn t they tell him crack is wackWOW What the hell didn t they tell him crack is wackThis nigga is never gonna die I look the plot and characters but something has to give Give me a break What is it gonna take to be rid of this nigga once and for all One of the kids should have snapped by now I m at my breaking point with this series I was actually a little scared on certain parts

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    I find this series very unrealistic A superhuman crackhead I have read enough I am only reading this series to see how he dies Book 1 was good I was ready for the series to end by the end of book 2 Now at the end of book 3 I m questioning so much Why Why is the author dragging out the life of Black Ice I guess I will have to read the next book, so I can figure this out.

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    Dang gone it gonna have to buy A Child Of A Crackhead IVDang gone it gonna have to buy A Child Of A Crackhead IVAwesome author well written and I just couldn t put any of this serious down I read all three within a week One must read this serious in order so you can fully understand the story line Last thing I will say don t mess with Black Ice

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    This book brought much of the past two until the end I did not expect the ending Riveting until the end, definitly a page turner Now I want to read Part Four..

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