How I Slept My Way to the Middle

How I Slept My Way to the Middle I am seriously so excited to have won this giveaway as I m a huge fan of Kevin Pollak Thank you for giving me the opportunity and as soon as I receive the book in the mail and read it I will be sure to edit this into one proper review Thanks again. Fan freakin tastic I read a lot of autobiographies the overwhelming majority I love And this one was the most entertaining of the bunch.If you have the option, definitely listen to the audio book Kevin s voice is like jazz He s great when he s being himself, but he also does all the impressions on the audiobook And if you haven t heard his impressions, they re master craftsmen level.The thru line of the book is that his best moments have come directly from the times where he took the reigns on his own career The book is funny, entertaining and even sometims heart warming Can t recommend it enough. One Of Comedy Central S Top Stand Up Comedians Of All Time, Award Winning Dramatic Actor, And An Internet Pioneer, Kevin Pollak Has Done It All For Thirty Years And Is Ready To Spill The Beans Best Known For Performances In A Few Good Men And The Usual Suspects, He Shares Never Before Heard Stories Of Film Legends Like De Niro, Hanks, Howard, Lemon, Loren, Lucas, Martin, Mathau, Reiner, Scorcese, Singer, Willis, And He Turned Down His First Invitation To Do Stand Up On The Tonight Show Because He Knew That He D Have A Bigger Impact If He Sat Next To Johnny Instead Of Performing Onstage When He Gambled For A Spot On The Most Coveted Couch In Showbiz, He Had No Agent, No Auditions, No Prospects But His Gut Was Right A Year Later, His First Sit With The King Of Late Night Led To Three Visits A Year, Every Year, Until Carson Retired Now A New Media Entrepreneur, Pollak Is Laughing Proof That You Can Do Anything You Want Except Have A Rational Conversation With Rip Torn, Who S An Evil, Paranoid % This was fun to listen to I loved hearing about Kevin s experience on The Usual Suspect His impressions both that he actually does excellent and the ones he perceives of some the people he has worked with over the years went along with my own perceptions of these bigger than life actors However, he had me when he recalled listening to a Nixon impressionist when he was young on his parents hi fi the enormous piece of furniture they were back in the old days I recall the exact same thing when I was young Yes I listened to a Nixon impressionist when I was like 5 For the life of me though I can t recall who the album was by Yes I just said the word album. Kevin Pollak s book is amazing He is a master storyteller who imbues each tale with genuineness and humor The stories he tells are from his point of view but he never gets in the way of the reader seeing what he saw Amazing talent Great book. After reading the advance reader copy, I wanted to encourage others who enjoy memoirs or who are flat out fans of Kevin s, to get this book when it releases later this year He has recycled some of his best bits from televised comedy specials but there are many stories from his stand up film career that is new He also recounts his emerging online chat show The book has a quick pace and he writes EXACTLY like he performs. I love books by comedians, even , books by comedians that can do voices and even ones in which the comedians read the book in audio format and do the celebrity voices of all the people they write about This is one of those books. Kevin Pollak is delightful and this is just confirmation of that This is full of funny anecdotes from his career, as well as quotes from some of the hilarious people he s worked with I definitely recommend this book for celebrity movie buffs like myself. Kevin Pollak s Kevin Pollak s Chat Show podcast is a treat as Kevin Pollak interviews celebrities in a freewheeling 2 or 3 hour chat about show business and their career What makes Pollak s show so appealing is his enthusiasm for the business, his love of both the comedy and acting craft, and his seemingly endless enthusiasm to know about others What shines through behind Pollak s smart ass exterior is a genuinely nice guy who seems to be in awe of the fact that he gets to do something he loves among people famous than he Kevin s goofiness and ease with a story transfers well to How I Slept My Way to the Middle, a mostly good natured celebrity tell some about his Zelig like his comparison journey through Hollywood Pollak has worked with some of the best in the business and tells loving stories of working with the likes of Nicholson, DeNiro, Cruise, and Samm Levine Like the best of these types of books, it s light, breezy, funny, and a little bitchy at times HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. I saw Kevin Pollak plugging his book on the Craig Ferguson show So, I thought I d give it a try It s actually really good Turns out he grew up in San Jose I grew up in the Silicon Valley too So I was instantly hooked since I could understand local references But his stories go one better He talks about working with Robert De Niro, Johnny Carson, Steve Martin, and Jack Nicholson, just to name a few The book is filled with hilarious stories of what silly things actors do in their trailers to how to really piss off Bruce Willis If you don t like his humor or stand up, you may want to pass The book is full of his humorous voice But if you are a fan or just want a good read, this is a great book I m not a big Pollak fan So I was surprised I enjoyed as much as I did I kept wanting Which brings me to sequel talk I hope there is one Somehow I figure, Mr Pollak has a lot in store I look forward to.

Kevin Elliot Pollak is an American actor, impressionist, and comedian He has appeared in over 80 films, his most notable roles including Sam Weinberg in the legal film A Few Good Men, Jacob Goldman in Grumpy Old Men and its sequel Grumpier Old Men Todd Hockney in The Usual Suspects, Philip Green in Casino, and Bobby Chicago in End of Days.

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