Goliath Yet again another trendy left non Israeli Jew decides to jump on the burn Israel bandwagon hoping to get ahead with his champagne socialist friends in the media and academia by writing hate filled agitprop against Israel.Now erroneously comparing Israel to South African Apartheid is not strong enough for the genocidal agenda of the Islamists and their hard left allies Now all Israelis are labeled Nazis The descendants of the Holocaust survivors are now to be in the popular mind no longer Jews but Nazis and the Palestinian terrorists who want to kill every Jewish man, women and child in the Land of Israel, are the new Jews Orwellian to say the least 160 000 murdered by Assad in Syria in two years, tens of thousands of women and girls executed for sexual immorality in Iran, Regimes that starve out their entries populations like North Korea and Zimbabwe These do not prick the consciences of these obsessive maniacs with their bottomless hatred of anything and everyone Israeli.But once the likes of Max Blumethal, Noam Chomsky or Norman Finkestein can identify all Israelis as Nazis, the stage is set for the genocide of Israel s Jews down to the last child Ironically the real Nazis set up Europe for the Holocaust of Jews by demon zing them to such an extent that their mass murder was seen as a rightful act of justice The BDS supporters, and pro Palestine propagandists are doing exactly the same thing Israelis are not to be regarded as human Their slaughter is an act of justice and a fashionable process of progressive liberation.The enemies of Israel want the physical elimination of the Jewish people from the Land of Israel This constitutes anti Semitism The point is that they want a Judenreihn Palestine the same way that Hitler wanted a Judenreihn Europe The anti Zionists claim that they are not anti Semites but that think the only country on the earth that must be annihilated is Israel The anti Zionists claim that they are not anti Semites but that think the only country on the earth that must be annihilated is Israel The anti Zionists claim that they are not anti Semites but that the only children on earth whose being blown up is okay if it serves a good cause are Jewish children As regards the so called 1 state solution favoured by so many sophisticated leftwing intellectuals today, we can discuss this all day and all night , but dismembering Israel into a single Arab dominated state means a second holocaust It means methodical massacre of millions of Jews , of hundreds of thousands of Jewish children Anyone who pushes for this 1 state solution is actually pushing for a second holocaust Denying a nation s right to exist is genocidal racism, akin to Nazism, hence in my opinion ,Anti Zionism is Nazism Only the hard hearted, hate filled and cowardly will deny Israel the right to exist and defend herself One must always continue to ask why the powerful organizations, unions, church groups, academics ,governments etc advocate a boycott of Israel and only Israel, while not advocating any boycott or censure of States that do enrage in genocide or severe repression and persecution like China, North Korea, Zimbabwe,Syria Iran or Sudan THEY NEVER have an answer And where is the mention made of the thousands of Israeli victims of the terror war by the Palestinians on the Israeli people In March 2008 Arab terrorists murdered eight young Jewish seminary students at study of the Torah.Shortly after this a survey by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Media Research revealed that 84% of Palestinians supported the attack Itamar Marcus of Palestinian Media Watch points out that the leaders of the propaganda for Hamas and Palestinian Authority TV with their televised sermons, cartoons, comic books and school books have constructed a machine to incite mass murder similar to that of the Hutu journalists who spearheaded the genocide of Tutsis in Rwanda The Islamic refers to Jews as the sons of pigs and monkeys to be exterminated just as Hutu supremacists spoke of Tutsis as serpents to be crushed.Hamas and Hezbollah, two of the terorist organizations that work for the physical annihilation of Israel describe Jews as pigs , cancer garbage , germs parasites and microbes.Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in continually vowing to wipe Israel off the map for which he is building a vast nuclear arsenal without the world or the Obama administration lifting a finger to stop him, uses the expression dead rats Not only do the rabid anti Zionists who boycott and demonize Israel display gross and racist anti Semitism , but they also responsible to a large extent for terror against Israeli women and children.This is because Moral denigration encourages physical eliminationIt is entirely in keeping in the character of Islamists or rabidly leftist anti Zionists that they should carry a rabid hatred of Israel to the point of defending the killers of Israeli children.There is certainly.The mainstream and left wing world media are also extremely culpable for fomenting mass killing of Jewish men, women and children in Israel.As Claude Lanzmann director of the monumental film Shoah wrote When settlers were killed it was intolerable to read in the newspapers stuck in a corner of the page settler women killed or worse settler child strangled as if the twofold stigma of Jew and settler made the murder understandable, justified it and dismissed it from our attention.Thousands of Israeli Jewish men, women and children have died from bombs, bullets or knife attacks, and thousands of others have been maimed, blinded, orphaned, widowed and terrorized.In 2003 on the Eve of the Jewish New Year, seven month old Shaked Abraham was shot dead in her crib by an Arab murderer who forced his way into her parent s house as the family was celebrating the New Year.A ten month old Jewish baby, Shalhevet Pass, was shot in her father s arms by an Arab sniper in 2001.The following year, a five year old girl, Danielle Shefi, was shot to death at point blank range by an Arab killer, while cowering under her parents bed.That same year, two boys, four and five years old, Matan and Noam Ohayon where shot dead together with their mother as she read them a bedtime story, in a kibbutz, by Arab terrorists.In the summer of 2005 pregnant Jewish women Tali Hatuel and her four terrified little daughters were executed at point blank range by terrorists of the Popular Resistance Committees, one after the other after Tali s car had been spun off the road by gunfire.Then there are the thousands of suicide bombing perpetrated by Arab terrorists in malls, restaurants, schools, buses and everywhere else where Jewish men, women and children in Israel gathered.Victims were killed, burned, maimed and shards of metal infected with rat poison lodged into their bodies.Unlike a traditional war zone, the victims are often riding, sitting in schools or enjoying a meal.So far 128 Jewish children have been killed, 9 of them less than a year old, 9 pregnant women have been murdered, 886 children have lost one parent and 31 have lost both The youngest victim of terror was just one day old.At the Dolphinarium Disco on June 1, 2001, 21 Israeli teenagers were killed and 132 wounded, many maimed for life, after a suicide bomber blew himself up in their midstHamas claimed responsibility and celebrated the attack.Meanwhile the Isalmists and their hard left allies will attempt to silence us who speak up for Israel as a Fascist or reactionary , classic Stalinist language And try to physically prevent Israelis from speaking or even performing music on university campuses In this book Blumenthal makes what seems to be a pretty compelling case that Israel is descending or has already descended into a form of fascism, driven in part by the occupation of the West Bank but also as a natural result of the states founding ideology The book is basically a series of vignettes, but there is a ton of research in here, both contemporary on the ground and looking through history As he tells it Israel is becoming an increasingly racist and militarized state, intolerant of minorities and increasingly intolerant of any form of left wing dissent Racist laws, lynch mobs, state sanctioned colonialism in the West Bank the book does not paint a pretty picture at all.Israel is interesting to me as a person born in Pakistan as it is the only other country in the world founded as an ideological state The trends that Blumenthal documents in Israel also manifested slowly over time in Pakistan until it reached its present state of ultranationalism mixed with religious chauvinism Although Israel s path down this route may have been slowed by its economic success no small part of which consists of American largesse , I feel like it s inevitable that it will end up as a Jewish version of Pakistan It s just hardwired into the creation of the country the idea of exclusionism and ethno religious supremacy, even if as in Pakistan the founders of the country stressed the need for tolerating minorities within their own borders Even worse, Israel was founded as a settler colonial project in a region which understandably has never accepted it and which it remains constantly in conflict with These are not circumstances conducive to the development of a healthy, functioning society.While I was pretty compelled by this book due to the sheer volume of research and the strength of the facts marshalled for his argument I ll still keep my powder dry in making a decision about what Israel is until I can visit one day I m not sure if it d even be possible given my ethnic background, work and past travels In a way that itself is a bit of an indictment of the state , but I can t write off a place completely without experiencing it on my first and challenging my biases This is a good book, alot of it will already be familiar to people who follow the issue closely but it is nonetheless worthwhile and might perhaps even be revelatory to those who usually have just a passing interest. Brilliant, infuriating, troubling, illuminating, depressing, inspiring this book provoked so many feelings in me It is excellent journalism as another reviewer has said, even those who think they know a fair bit about the situation will find themselves learning a lot Blumenthal narrates his experiences in Israel between 2009 and 2013, including interviews with people on all sides and all walks of life What he ends up witnessing is a rather shaky democracy s plunge into unabashed, racist fascism I had to stop reading this book frequently because it shook and upset me so much But I am very, very glad I read it I feel that I have a better understanding of the real facts in this sad situation and also of the only possible way forward Every politician, and every adult citizen, in America should read this book We should know what we are supporting.Addendum I did say the book was illuminating and inspiring, not just depressing I admire Israeli activist like Yonatan Shapira than ever and, as for the citizens of Bi lin, Ni lin and others peacefully protesting the wall and trying to go about their lives its shadow, they are beyond praise. What a truly engrossing read Blumenthal does a tremendous job of showing the apartheid state if Israel in all its true colors What I appreciate the most about this book is the way Blumenthal weaves together threads of Palestinian history and current events in context while simultaneously illustrating precisely how Israel has sunk deeper and deeper into a white supremacist state that targets African migrants with the same brutally racist means I do wish there was a bit skepticism about the role Israelis think they are playing in the unraveling of their state if you look for this perspective it s there, but at times it s subtle enough that readers may not perceive it. Goliath Life and Loathing in Greater Israel by Max Blumenthal revisits the Israeli Palestinian dilemma largely from the perspective of Israel s injustice to the Palestinians, both outside Israel s borders and within them.This is an overwritten if heavily researched, personal account that undermines its principal thesis with an excess of one sided reporting, all of which contains elements of truth but nonetheless raises questions on page after page about whether these elements of truth tell the whole truth and whether they develop into a solidly built analysis.The principal thesis is that the Israelis displaced the Palestinian people, took most of their land, keep taking their land in the name of Israeli security, and have carried out their policies with substantial brutality.Setting aside the brutalities that occurred within the context of establishing Israel and then defending it in the 1967 and 1973 wars because all wars are horrific and can be detailed in such a way as to make one side or the other appear inhuman, Blumenthal provides many, many instances of Israeli discrimination against Palestinians that have, over a period of decades, oppressed them to the point that there is almost no need for a two state solution because there is already a one state solution, meaning an apartheid state, where the Israelis are on the top, the Palestinians, inside and outside Israel, are on the bottom.Blumenthal traces a sharp move to the Zionistic right in Israeli politics, culminating in the present government led by Benjamin Netanyahu, and portrays a boxed in, demoralized, diminished Israeli left He spends a good bit of time describing the ways in which Israel has battered and isolated the Gaza Strip, now governed by the anti Israel Hamas party He also spends a good bit of time presenting the Israeli right as utterly heartless, justifying itself by referring to what happened to the Jewish people in the Holocaust and vowing, never again The tragedy in all this is that the Holocaust did happen, six million Jews died, and that the result was a Jewish state that did in fact displace Palestinians, push them off their lands, and make them feel existentially wronged to this day, so many years later.No one would want any of this to happen, but no one knows how to resolve it Blumenthal presents an Israeli political class that has, in the interest of the Jewish state s survival, no sympathy for the Palestinians plight By the same token, many who have followed this conflict for a long time can point to instances of Palestinian aggression, or resistance, that have had ghastly consequences for Israelis.Ultimately, this combination of stand off and struggle has had negative impact on both Israelis and Palestinians The circumstances of their existence have coarsened them both, and that s understandable.The underlying purpose of Goliath is no doubt to inform the American people that their Israeli friends are not liberal democrats and a bastion of freedom and stability in the autocratic, violent Middle East Many details here are fresh and disturbing, but the overall narrative to this effect has been emerging for a long time Currently Secretary of State John Kerry is expending a lot energy on the Israeli Palestinian conflict He would seem to have two overriding motivations first, simply to settle things in a non violent way that both sides can accept second, to demonstrate to the Arab Muslim world that supports the Palestinians cause that the United States is an honest broker, a friend to Muslims as well as to Jews.Kerry s chances are slim He indicates that any time left for a two state solution may be running out In this he s probably right in one sense and wrong in another If his efforts bear no fruit within nine months to a year, the Obama administration will have to take a step back and probably not readdress the question That s the sense in which he s right The sense in which he s wrong is that time will go on, the tragedy of competing claims will continue to fester, and the idea that the Palestinians might one day govern their own sovereign, internationally recognized state won t disappear any than Israel s determination to survive will disappear. I don t like Max Blumenthal, although I ve never met the man He s a leftist convinced of his own moral superiority, and quick to judge any rube whose world view or manners don t conform to his standards He s the sort of fellow who calls someone racist, after which analysis stops.However, he s written an important and fundamentally accurate, if flawed book about today s State of Israel Composed of short, readable vignettes of interviews and slice of life observations, most of which seem accurate and are confirmed by independent evidence in many cases the book depicts a country increasingly dominated by open ethno nationalism, and deformed by the oppressive and unpleasant consequences of enforcing that against a dominated Palestinian Arab population The book rips the mask off the propaganda line that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, a trendy, feisty start up unjustly targeted by irrationally resentful neighbors Likewise, he tears up the distinction between the post 1967 occupation and the events of 1948 In both cases, Israel won wars, dispossessed some Arabs from their homes, and reduced others to subjects of one sort or another That said, the book is flawed, and limited It is flawed by an excess of editorial adjectives and leftist assumptions, which in fact detract from its message because they cast some suspicion upon the author s objectivity It is limited because it does not subject the Palestinian side to the same scrutiny as the Israelis, and certainly one can find hostility and incitement on that side as well It is further limited because of what it does not attempt analysis as opposed to a series of journalistic vignettes.That said, one cannot fault the author for his failure to write a different book Someone else will have to do that. Max Blumenthal s Goliath is a brave and important book Blumenthal raises the alarm on a rising tide of racism and close mindedness in modern Israel that is increasingly based in the ideology and policy supported by the country s youth To draw attention to this cultural crisis and stimulate action the book features examples of some of the most disgusting manifestations of the shift in national attitude including an apparent paranoia concerning the prospect of Arab men gaining sexual access to Israeli Jewish women.It is the widespread and prosaic fears among Israelis that are the most disturbing, however Among observant Jews who are otherwise demographically aligned with the country s right wing base, the vast majority would have a problem with an Arab for a next door neighbor Moreover, traditionally leftist secular Jews report that same segregationist view at a rate of about 47% according to my best recollection.Blumenthal considerably enhances the impact of his message by moving beyond disturbing poll data as well as poignant stories of these ideas in action in particular newsworthy incidents In particular, he wisely showcases a primary source from an Israeli teachers association expressing the widespread racist ideas among their students and worse still, the difficulty they are experiencing in opening their students minds to different perspectives on such politically charged topics.When as a culture you are losing the ability to think independently, consider diverse points of view, and consider the situations of people different from yourself with sympathy, your culture is in decline Anyone who cares about modern Israel and Jewish culture could benefit from reading this book as a first step in actively trying to improve the current Israeli discourse on Palestinians and the Arab world.Please be advised I read a free electronic copy of this book on NetGalley through gracious permission of the publisher. Very disturbing read This book rips through the veneer of propaganda in Israel and reveals the Jim Crow like racism at the core of the Zionist ideology I truly believe that Israel needs to be the target of the next global movement that helped put an end to apartheid South Africa Free Palestine In Goliath, New York Times Bestselling Author Max Blumenthal Takes Us On A Journey Through The Badlands And High Roads Of Israel Palestine, Painting A Startling Portrait Of Israeli Society Under The Siege Of Increasingly Authoritarian Politics As The Occupation Of The Palestinians DeepensBeginning With The National Elections Carried Out During Israel S War On Gaza In , Which Brought Into Power The Country S Most Right Wing Government To Date, Blumenthal Tells The Story Of Israel In The Wake Of The Collapse Of The Oslo Peace ProcessAs Blumenthal Reveals, Israel Has Become A Country Where Right Wing Leaders Like Avigdor Lieberman And Bibi Netanyahu Are Sacrificing Democracy On The Altar Of Their Power Politics Where The Loyal Opposition Largely And Passively Stands Aside And Watches The Organized Assault On Civil Liberties Where State Funded Orthodox Rabbis Publish Books That Provide Instructions On How And When To Kill Gentiles Where Half Of Jewish Youth Declare Their Refusal To Sit In A Classroom With An Arab And Where Mob Violence Targets Palestinians And African Asylum Seekers Scapegoated By Leading Government Officials As Demographic Threats Immersing Himself Like Few Other Journalists Inside The World Of Hardline Political Leaders And Movements, Blumenthal Interviews The Demagogues And Divas In Their Homes, In The Knesset, And In The Watering Holes Where Their Young Acolytes Hang Out, And Speaks With Those Political Leaders Behind The Organized Assault On Civil Liberties As His Journey Deepens, He Painstakingly Reports On The Occupied Palestinians Challenging Schemes Of Demographic Separation Through Unarmed Protest He Talks At Length To The Leaders And Youth Of Palestinian Society Inside Israel Now Targeted By Security Service Dragnets And Legislation Suppressing Their Speech, And Provides In Depth Reporting On The Small Band Of Jewish Israeli Dissidents Who Have Shaken Off A Conformist Mindset That Permeates The Media, Schools, And The MilitaryThrough His Far Ranging Travels, Blumenthal Illuminates The Present By Uncovering The Ghosts Of The Past The Histories Of Palestinian Neighborhoods And Villages Now Gone And Forgotten How That History Has Set The Stage For The Current Crisis Of Israeli Society And How The Holocaust Has Been Turned Into Justification For OccupationA Brave And Unflinching Account Of The Real Facts On The Ground, Goliath Is An Unprecedented And Compelling Work Of Journalism There is likely no rule in internet debate as well known as Godwin s Law The semi satirical law coined in 1990 by author attorney Mike Godwin states essentially that the invoking of Hitler or the Nazis by any participant in a debate causes the participant doing so to lose the debate But Godwin s Law is not without its detractors Kevin Drum of Mother Jones and liberal firebrand Glenn Greenwald have each argued for its repeal Noting rightly, that since WWII analogies are so universally known they can be extremely useful So as the acts of the Nazis are universally condemned, and universally considered atrocities of the absolute worst kind, it becomes important that any use of a Nazi analogy had better be apt.The power of Goliath Life And Loathing in Greater Israel, by Max Blumenthal, comes in the slow realization that his provocatively chosen chapter headings The Night of Broken Glass, The Concentration Camp utilize Nazi analogies that are useful and apt Blumenthal s book is a thoroughly reported look at the way in which modern Israel has devolved into a fascistic, racist apartheid state Blumenthal spends years in Israel and Palestine, speaks to men on the street and men in the halls of power, and comes away with a portrait of a country in an identity crisis of its own making.As Blumenthal explains it, the State of Israel was founded to be both democratic and Jewish Yet as it annexed land, and as its native and immigrant populations grew, it became clear that these two tenets were in tension If Jewish Israelis failed to maintain a demographic majority in the country, then the Jewish identity of the country could be dissolved in a popular vote This idea that indigenous or immigrant populations constitute a demographic threat, and thus an existential threat, to the country results in these populations being subjected to both public and private forces aimed at pushing them out of Israel s borders.Goliath then argues that as the official, legislative, and policy efforts to disenfranchise Israel s Arab population came into maturity, living amongst state sanctioned discrimination led Israel s Jewish population to cease to see Arab Israelis as anything other than threats Government acts of otherizing gave way to a universal acceptance as the Arab as the other A reality that plays itself out in sobering public opinion polls that show majorities of Jewish Israelis unwilling to share apartment buildings with Arabs, for example.Working hand in hand with these discriminatory policies, is a PR campaign built to show Israel and its allies that it is engaged at all times in an existential struggle Far from being an occupation, or apartheid, the actions of Israel are necessary to prevent a second holocaust and to prevent the Arabs who would destroy Israel from gaining the power to do so Goliath stands out because it cuts through so much of this hasbara spin and shows a Western audience what public life in the region looks like.Though Blumenthal has been cast as an anti semite, or a self hating Jew by some for having the audacity to criticize the Jewish state, I think that the cold, hard facts of this book stand on their own This is a familiar story of a people whipped into a nationalistic fervor, and told their entire lives that the problems of their country are the result of another group Though it is a great, tragic irony that the perpetrators of this fascism are a people who were once victims of a starkly similar chain of events, that simply does not make the reality of this situation any less true.Goliath is a dark, depressing, troubling, and lengthy look at the increasingly dire reality of Israel Palestine It s a region and a conflict that I knew very little than the headlines about I recommend the book, but I acknowledge that it may be controversial for some, triggering for others, and certainly a difficult read for many But Goliath needs to be difficult, because the truth the book shares is a difficult one as well And tragically, Godwin s Law does not apply.

Max Blumenthal born December 18, 1977 is an American author, journalist, and blogger He is a senior writer for Alternet and formerly a writer for The Daily Beast, Al Akhbar, and Media Matters for America.He is the author of two books including Republican Gomorrah Inside the Movement that Shattered the Party 2009 , which appeared on The New York Times bestsellers list, and Goliath Life and Lo

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