The Family Business

The Family Business Meet The Duncans, A Prominent Family From Jamaica, Queens They May Be Known For Their Big House, Fancy Cars, And Lavish Lifestyle, But That Doesn T Make Them Immune From Some Over The Top DramaLC Duncan Has Run His Successful Car Dealership In Jamaica, Queens For Than Thirty Years, But When The Recession Hits And The Competition Gets A Little Rough, Some Say It S Time For Him To Retire Palm Trees And Golf Sound Like Fun, But LC Still Has A Few Tricks Up His Sleeve Which One Of His Kids Can He Trust To Run The Family Business Paris Could Give Any Supermodel A Run For Her Money When She Walks In The Room, All Heads Turn, But It S Her Anger Issues And Knack For Getting Into Trouble That Most People Remember She S Much Dangerous Than Anyone Gives Her Credit For Except, Perhaps, Her FatherOrlando Is The Most Obvious Choice To Lead The Duncans Into The Future He Has Proven Himself To Be Quite The Businessman Over The Years But Sometimes, The Most Obvious Choice Isn T Always The Best ChoiceHarris Grant Is Married To LC S Oldest Daughter In Harris S Opinion, He S The Most Qualified To Run The Family Business Now He Just Needs To Convince LC And Make Sure No One Discovers The Secret He S Been KeepingHarris Isn T The Only One With Skeletons In The Closet The Duncan Family Has Been Keeping A Secret Of Their Own A Deep, Dark Secret That, If Revealed, Will Shock The Entire Community

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Family Business book, this is one of the most wanted Eric Pete author readers around the world.

[KINDLE] ❄ The Family Business  By Eric Pete –
  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • The Family Business
  • Eric Pete
  • English
  • 04 December 2019
  • 9781601625359

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    The Family Business was like reading a gangster print version of the Huxtables meet The Sopranos I m not one for giving review like summaries, no one s paying me and that s what Goodreads and is for I m hear to help you determine if it s worth reading purchasing, because I see that s lacking on these sites Honestly, I didn t think Weber had it in him Every once in a while I ll read something hood gangster like, but not as much as I used to because regardless of author,as the genre is repetitive I didn t expect much, but I did get entertained If you like Sex, Violence, plot twists, saying WTF a lot, this it for you If you buy, you won t consider it a waste Will you receive enlightenment and look at society in a different way Are there some predicable parts, yes, but the authors make up for it in the end Of course not This title is fast moving, but I never had to back up to keep up, if you know what I mean Critics might find fault with the character development, which is present, but it leaves a few questions about certain motivations, but as you progress through the novel, you understand why as I believe this is beginning of a series This Jerry Springerlike HoodRich crime family had me intrigued and tickled, and I think you might at the very least entertaining Fans of Wahida Clark, Nikki Turner, the like may find it a tad tame, but overall I throughly entertained.

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    This book started off a bit slow For the first 100 pages I was saying to myself will this get any better, or will I have to put it down The beginning was all about the legal side of the family business, and while commendable, the part of the story was just uninteresting Now when we got to the dirty side of the business the story did a complete 180 and became a definite page turner I thought the storyline was fast paced, had many twist and turns, and keep me thinking about where the story was going next I cannot wait to read the sequel.

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    Well I will not be buying the follow up for this book I am absolutely disappointed I am really just at a loss for this story, I am not sure if it was the unrealistic story line the amount of sex scenes It almost came off as soft porn or the story line jumping around like crazy What happened with the follow up on the congressman s son What did the Mexicans do after the father was finished grieving This book was a disaster in my opinion and if it was a returnable product I would surely be waiting in line to return it I hope the next Carl Weber book is a knockout, I m still a fan, just not of this.

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    First off I want to say I enjoyed this book it definitely kept my interest throughout However it definitely did not have the FEEL of a Carl Webber story Then I realize he had a Co Author And he most likely wrote this book Once I wrapped my head around that I was able to just enjoy the book I will definitely seek out book 2 in the series and I see already that it s another Co author with Carl Webber So I m ready

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    Intriguing, Gritty, Sexy Shocking An Awesome Read I Loved It

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    2.5 Stars The Family Business by Carl Weber with Eric Pete, where do I start First, if you have read my previous reviews you know I have a Love Hate relationship with Weber s books I think I will toss this one into the hate column Not because it was an awful book, but as a matter of principle The Family Business came highly recommended to me by a friend who said it was a really great read I m sure to those who love Street Urban Lit it is all that and then some For me, I just felt duped, like someone played a really bad joke on me The Family Business is billed as a story about a successful family business, Duncan Motor Company The story starts out with the family patriarch, LC Duncan, calling a family meeting to discuss transitioning control of the business to one of his sons From this point on the story takes a bad turn and never really corrects itself There is scene after scene of pointless sex that seemed to only serve as page filler, the murder of a councilman s son takes place early in the book and just fades away and seemed to have no relevance to the story, and none of the characters are believable or that interesting Midway through the book, there is a dramatic shift in both the plot and penmanship I believe Weber wrote the first half, and Pete the second Whatever the case, the writer s flipped the script and the readers land smack dab in your typical wannabe, but too far fetched to believe black mafia family saga Sigh.In typical Weber fashion, the story is fast paced and contains drama on every page Because there is so much focus on bringing the drama the story often reads as if it is being made up as the writers went along, leaving this reader shaking her head Although the real family business explains some of the questionable writing in the first half of the book it does not save it There are just too many missing details to give the story credibility, which is the problem I have with most books of this nature I m not sure what the goal was or who thought this was a good idea, but in my view it was not a good look My rating for The Family Business is 2.5 stars.Peace Blessings,Tracy L

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    nteresting Line Never pull out your gun unless you plan on using itThe Family Business by Carl Weber what can I say I usually like Carl Weber novels but this one did not hold my attention the way that most of his books do I do not know if it is because he is co writing with another author or what but it did not work for me All of the characters were unlikable there wasn t anyone that I liked or even cared for The women were portrayed as sluts and hoes with no growth or change at all The story was very predictable I knew what was going to happen after the first couple of chapters The funny thing was there was a lot going on but nothing really happening.Now don t get me wrong Carl Weber is an awesome author and has written several great books So you call yourself a man, something on the side, married men full of suspense twist and turns and great story lines I am just sorry to say this isn t one of them.Read This Novel If you like suspenseful stories about family If you like stories full of action If you like stories full of secrets and events that can make or break the characters

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    Like with all of Carl Weber s books this one did not disappoint The Duncan s were a family who owned a business with a side hustle Each family member played an integral role in keeping the family business afloat Secrets are released and lines are crossed but this family always has each others backs.

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    I loved it Although I do agree with another persons reviews the characters were not like able at all I did like junior though, I d like to read a little bit in depth with his personal life in part 2 of this series.

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    3.5 star ratingCan t say this was a bad read it actually kept you turning the pagesJust wasn t a Carl Weber read..with that being said I am looking forward to part 2.

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