A Little Book Of Pleasures

A Little Book Of Pleasures This Delightful Anecdotal Collection, Told With Wry Humour And A Gentle, Sometimes Quirky Style Slightly Reminiscent Of A Bygone Era, Contains A Mixture Of Description And Observation, With A Smattering Of Autobiographical Incident William Wood Has Lived In Many Places Of The World, Is Well Travelled And Well Written, With A Keen Sense Of Enjoyment Of What He Sees And Experiences, And A Talent For Bringing That Visually To The Mind Of His Reader The Short, Usually Self Contained Pieces Make Wonderful Cameos Both For Those Who Do Their Reading In Snatches, And Those Who Will Want To Devour His Stories In One Sitting

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[PDF / Epub] ☃ A Little Book Of Pleasures  Author William Wood – Webcamtopladies.info
  • Paperback
  • 174 pages
  • A Little Book Of Pleasures
  • William Wood
  • English
  • 09 October 2018

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    This book was entered and was a bronze winner in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards This is what our readers thought FEEDBACKAuthor William WoodTitle A Little Book of PleasuresCOVER 10 10ALL of the readers loved the cover and the title They felt the central image of the boat was strong and the text easy to read Many of the readers also checked out the blurb on and they thought it was very enticing One reader put, The cover reflects the contents very well the picture of an old rowing boat looking a little tired and worn on a rather sentimental book which looks back charmingly on a bygone era Perfect CONTENT 9 10This book was very much enjoyed by our older readers aged 45 65 They loved the gentle prose and the wide range of feel good yarns the author entertained the reader with They felt it would make a perfect travel companion, brightening up any lonely moment in a hotel room One reader put in her feedback, I loved The Morning Post story It cheered me up as I happened to read it on the day my internet packed up and was driving me crazy That s the best bit about this book You don t have to read all of it in one sitting you don t even have to read it in the order it is written, but, trust me, there s a story for everybody in here A few of the younger readers felt the book wasn t for them Too oldie worldie, they thought But they still thought it was well written and a book they might return to when they were older.EDITING 9 10The readers thought the books were well edited and discovered no glaring problems with grammar, punctuation or spelling Two readers did note the use of you and not I throughout the text and thought it a little off putting One reader put in his feedback, I did find this a little unusual for such personal writing If I was the editor, would I have suggested changing YOU to I Yes, probably STYLE 10 10The readers very much enjoyed the author s style of writing They thought it was very easy to follow and had a sort of old fashioned feel to it, appropriate for a book of this kind They loved the way the author described the tiny details of things settings and characters, and how this brought the story alive One reader put, I just sat up till midnight reading A Little Book of Pleasures on my laptop and it was, to be frank, a treat I enjoyed the content but it wasn t the content I enjoyed the most I loved the style of writing He is a writer who will never need to fill his work with the exclamation mark, For that, I am grateful STATSOf the 29 readers 29 finished the book.29 thought the cover was excellent and genre appropriate.14 felt that the best part of the book was the range of stories in it and how easy it was for the older reader to relate to them.15 felt the best part was the gentle way it was written One reader put, It was the voice of the author that captivated me 22 would like to read another book by this author 7 younger readers felt they would like to read this book and other books by this author when they were a little older Gently written, uplifting and a total pleasure to read A BRONZE winner The Wishing Shelf Awards

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    William Wood s unusual book is a real gem Others have already said that it is written in an unusual style, using the you instead of I as if the author is talking to himself throughout, and about how one can dip in at any point of the book instead of reading from cover to cover What I found is that this is a beautifully written book, at times poetic, at times wryly humorous The author s pleasures are as diverse as a child s smile, silence, a log fire or remembered fragments from his many journeys to far away lands I found it thought provoking and it made me contemplate the simple things in my own life that give me pleasure Some passages were so poignant or evocative that I think they will stay with me long after I ve finished reading it and this book is destined to become one of my own small pleasures or treasures.

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