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Stalk Me From USA Today,bestselling Author Jillian Dodd Comes The First Book In The Addictive Keatyn Chronicles Series Discover A Breathless Fairy Tale Romance With Swoon Worthy Characters, Suspense, And A Glittering Celebrity World Fans Of Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars, And Reality TV Will Devour This Pulse Pounding, Sexy Teen Drama Set Against The Backdrop Of Hollywood And An East Coast Boarding School Keatyn Has Everything She Ever Dreamed Her Life Is Following The Script She Wrote For The Perfect High School Experience She S Popular, Goes To The Best Parties, Dates The Hottest Guy, And Sits At The Most Coveted Lunch Table She S Just Not Sure She Wants It Any Because, Really, Things Aren T All That Perfect Her Best Friend Is Threatening To Tell Everyone Her Perfect Relationship Is A Scam Her Perfect Boyfriend Gets Drunk At Every Party They Go To It S Exhausting Always Trying To Look And Act Perfect And, Deep Down, She Isn T Sure If She Has Any True Friends To Add To The Drama, Her Movie Star Mom Has A Creepy Stalker A Hot, Older Man Flirts With Her And Tells Her They Should Make A Movie Together And She S Crushing On An Adorable Surfer Dating Him Would Mean Committing Social SuicideSo She Writes A New Script One Where All The Pieces Of Her Life Will Come Together In Perfect Harmony But Little Does She Know, There S Someone Who Will Do Anything To Make Sure That Doesn T Happen

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  1. says: ever And here is why.Review with Spoilers Let me just start by saying that I am so utterly pissed about this book My reason to feel so has nothing to do with the fact that the main character wasn t very likeable I mean, she is the daughter of Hollywood royalty, she is part of the popular girls, she is acts like a bitch then feels bad because she is acting like a bitch and want to change her ways, unfortunately is too weak to do so I could deal with that I could even deal with the fact that she couldn t make up her mind about which boy she wanted She loves Brooklyn then she loses her virginity to Cush, then dreamy Cush acts out of character sending Keatyn back to Brookyln s arms again But then Brooklyn starts to act like a dick and wants to change who Keatyn is, so Keatyn naturally breaks up with B and goes back to dreamy Cush By then she realizes she actually loves Cush That is when everything went down the drain and I was like are you freaking kidding me What is this shit You see, there was a stalker problem in this book duh, obviously look at the title But the stalker problem seemed to be like a subplot because Keatyn s love woes took central stage throughout the whole book So, 70 percent through the story, the stalker problem takes over Instead of that being the climax of the plot where the stalker gets arrested, Keatyn finally starts to act like herself and have a HEA ending with Cush, the author decides to let the stalker go free Yes people, a guy who attempted to kidnap a teenager goes free merely 20 minutes after such an attempt, even before the police got Keatyn s statement just because the stalker is gorgeous and has money WTF Okay, according to the author, the police did take Keatyn s statemente, however I don t recall reading about it Such an important fact I shouldn t have to read between the lines or guess It was not the first time that things weren t exactly clear in Jillian s books, so maybe she should take it into consideration next time And then, to make things freaking unbelievable, Keatyn gets sent to a boarding school in New York and is forbidden to tell Cush what happened to her because it could put him in danger ,however she is allowed to maintain contact with Brooklyn, how does that make sense I hate when authors push their plot agenda without consideration to common sense And how do you want me to believe that the teenager daughter of an A list celebrity could go anywhere incognito She didn t even change her unusual name, just her last name Talk about lame That was the biggest bullshit in Stalk me and it made me change a possible 3 star rating to 1.So yeah, I m really angry that I wasted so much time reading Stalk me This was me giving the benefit of the doubt I liked That Boy but thought that That Wedding was weak After Stalk me, I doubt that will be reading any books by Jillian Her writing style just doesn t do it for me.

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    5 Stars Damn Disney, and all their happily ever after, unrealistic, bullshit stories Keatyn is not your average teenage girl, and this is not your average ya book Keatyn is a sixteen year old girl who lives her life by the perfect script she has been writing for as long as she can remember She is the daughter of a famous actress, America s sweetheart, Abby Johnston She lives in Malibu and has everything any other teen could possibly want She is dating the most popular guy in high school, friends with the most popular girls She has it all or does she Keatyn sometimes feels like it s all a lie Her relationship, her popularity She questions what it is she really wants What type of person does she really want to be Maybe it s time to write a new script One where all parts of her life can come together It s not as easy as it seems After ending her relationship Sander, her perfect boyfriend and deciding to be just friends, Keatyn can go after who she really wants Her best surfing pal and the guy she has been crushing on for FOREVER, Brooklyn Brooklyn is chill, laid back He isn t into the whole popularity thing He is a few years older than Keats and he just wants to surf and hang Keatyn has that side too She loves to do those things She wonders if she and B could possibly have a relationship Now that she s single, he seems to like her Or does he just like hooking up with her After ditching her for some surfing buddies, she starts hanging out with her good friend Cush Brandon Cushman Cush has had it bad for Keatyn for a while, but she was always with Sander Since Brooklyn ditched her, she gives Cush a try I swear to God, I think my panties just melted off my body How can Crush just talking sex make me hot It is impossible not to love Cush He is so sweet, sexy, and he makes Keatyn feel like she is perfect just the way she is All of her But does she really love Cush, or is he just a friend When the mean girls from school interfere with their relationship, will it be able to survive Brooklyn gets back from his trip, and she realizes the whole thing was a misunderstanding He didn t ditch her to chill with other girls Since Cush is out of the picture for the time being, she decided to chill with Brook for the summer A thing of beauty is a thing of joy forever It s Keats For my Keats Brooklyn is another boy you will love He brings out the carefree, fun and laid back version of Keatyn He quotes her poetry, gets tattoo s with her, surfs with her She hangs with B and her buddy Damian another guy you will love most of the summer.She loves doing all the surfing and chilling with Brook, but he can t really accept the part of her that loves to dance and go clubbing, who loves to shop and dress up Can she be with someone who doesn t want all of her Only the side he likes Keatyn is back from the summer On top of her complicated love life, there is some family drama Her mom has a stalker Someone who has been threatening her And he has a new target Keatyn So Keats has to disappear for a while, to make herself safe She is no longer Keatyn Douglas Now, she is Keatyn Monroe Keatyn has a plan for her new life at her new boarding school A new script to follow I want people to like me, but I don t want to be popular I m going to make true friends I m not going to be a bitch or be fake, and I m definitely not falling in love But all that changes when she see s him The God of all Hotties This guy is almost too perfect looking to be real Keatyn meets many new faces at her new school There are even boys to add to the mix A lot are cute, sweet, and fun But no one catches her eye like Aiden Too bad she isn t going there No relationship for her Keatyn is kind of a hopeless romantic You will have to see for yourself how long she sticks to that Stalk Me is one of those books that makes me want to be seventeen again I want access to some of these hotties Too bad I m a decade too old for them This book takes book boyfriends to a whole different level I think I had at least 5 that I wanted in this book Not only are the guys great, but you will fall in love with Keatyn How many books have such a likable heroine I want Keatyn to be my bff Keatyn has a great heart, she is just a teenage girl trying to find herself She s not perfect, but she also isn t a mean girl She just wants to be her Be real Find people who like the real her Thats not too much to ask, right Just when you think you ve found your perfect guy, a new one comes a long and sweeps you off your feet Here is a nice visual, so you can check out some of the hotties in Stalk Me Stalk Me is fast paced, well written, unique, fun, and fabulous Once you start reading, good luck putting it down I fell in love with Jillian s writing and characters when I read This Boy and This Wedding , but I have to say I love this series even This is probably my favorite YA series Lucky for you, the first four books are out now so you don t have to wait to find out what happens next with Keatyn and her many boys For those of you who haven t read this fabulous series, what are you waiting for The first book is currently free on and iTunes, pick it up and enjoy LINK LINK

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    Did I just read the same book as everyone else My rating for this book 1 STAR only because I really liked Cush My main gripe with the story was Keatyn She was wholly unlikable, and I could not relate to, or connect with her I didn t want to, either She was a stuck up, immature, spoiled ass brat that could not keep her hormones in check, and an attention seeking, flip flopping, wishy washy, people pleaser To state that she pissed me off, would be a huge understatement Her so called friends were freaks They consisted of back stabbing, high maintenance, insecure sluts, making characters from Gossip Girl, and 90212, seem wholesome That s just not cool And that shit s just not fun to read about, either Oh, and the romance aspect of this story HA WHAT ROMANCE I wanted to crawl under my blankets and hide And I couldn t help but wonder, does this shit happen in real life Honestly, I ve known a few promiscuous girls in high school, but not really I m very familiar with the Malibu scene unfortunately, not all popular girls are backstabbing sluts, nor are all surfers potheads, etc The whole story was overly dramatic, exaggerated, and unrealistic And, the story just jumped all over the place I couldn t keep track of all of Keatyn s hookups, and mind changes On that note, there were like, 5 guys introduced in the story WTH Keatyn hooks up with multiple jerks, while going back and forth between multiple guys Keatyn doesn t have any self respect, or self control She was too desperate to lose her virginity, which made her look pathetic IMO And, even before she loses it, she has commitment issues, and is perpetually confused about WHO SHE LIKES The girl is annoying And the whole stalker issue was SO LAME Honestly, I m probably a horrible person, but I WANTED something bad to happen to Keatyn, because her dumbass almost deserved it, with the way she was acting Ugh STUPID GIRL I m sorry I just can t stand stupid girls And all the guys were ass wipe, jerkoffs Except Cush, until he got REPLACED again again AHHHHH If you value your sanity, and want a realistic, and actually romantic read, without all the unnecessary, dizzying, overly exaggerated, petty high school drama on the evils of popularity and hooking up with as many guys as you can, shallow ass story line, then please, SKIP THIS ONE.

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    THIS REVIEW HAS BEEN POSTED AT ANGIE S DREAMY READS4.5 CUSHTASTIC STARSStalk Me by Jillian Dodd was a fun filled, angsty ride It s a mix between Gossip girl meets Beverly Hills 90210 and I loved it Keatyn is the type of girl you always wanted to be in high school She s the popular girl with a closet to die for and a never ending list of suitors after her Jillian did an amazing job of writing some good teenage angst with a twist I found myself devouring this book and fully invested in what Keatyn was going through Damn Disney, and all their happily ever after, unrealistic, bullshit stories Keatyn Keatyn Douglas is not your average teenage girl, she is the daughter to a very famous mother named Abby Johnston and her stepfather is Hollywood icon Tommy Stevens Growing up all she s wanted to do is be the popular girl, have the perfect boyfriend and have her life follow the perfect script don t we all But unfortunately life never follows the script we imagine and plan for ourselves and Keatyn s journey is pretty rocky She has to deal with boyfriend drama, mean girls and fights to remain the person she is and not conform to her friends mean girl ways On top of all that she faces a life threatening stalker issue that threatens her safety and leaves her life taking a new path.Stalk Me is overflowing with swoon worthy boys It seemed every time I turned the page there was someone to drool over Jillian did an incredible job with writing these characters It started out with Sanders, your typical high school golden boy He was sweet and amazing and came with a pretty big secret which you ll discover as you read We also meet Brooklyn who is your typical surfer boy, his laid back personality and smooth boy charms are extremely appealing He know s how to woo a girl and his Keats for my Keats poetry were pretty damn incredible Brooklyn is a little bit of a bad boy in this story, tending to lead Keatyn on A thing of beauty is a joy forever Brooklyn You re single I m single Let s mingle Cush Then we have Cushman Oh girls Mega swoon time He had some amazing pick up lines Cush is the type of boy that you would have fell all over yourself for in high school The boy you would have dreamt about at night and wanted to marry The the type of boy that makes your heart skip a beat at the mere mention of his name He s sweet and dreamy and caring but also is a little bit of a player which gives him this bad boy sex appeal He has a major soft spot for Keatyn You re single I m single Let s mingle Cush And last but certainly not least we have The God of all Hotties, Aiden This boy is so flipping gorgeous that he is called The GOD of all hotties I mean come on, if for no other reason than that you need to read this book Aiden was damn near delectable and I fell for him immediately leaving me torn between Team Aiden and Team Cush It was that hard to choose Overall I felt this book was really fantastic and I m so excited there is going to be six books in this series I love that we will be following Keatyn s life and will be able to see her mature and grow I really loved Jillian s writing and felt it was a fun, faced paced, sexy and filled with an amazing amount of drama Her story took off and left me not wanting to put my kindle down I would highly recommend this series It made it to my favorites shelf Angie

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    Jillian Dodd still has my socks She knocked them off with That Boy That Wedding and has decided not to give them back I was a little worried before jumping in I mean what if she comes down with a big case of suck It could happen It Did Not Happen Now Jillian Dodd has my socks and my knickers This book blew a fresh breath of different in all the right places It was totally not what I expected Speaking ofif you re expecting Stalk Me to be exactly like That Boy That Wedding then you will be disappointed If you re expecting a unique YA mature read with sharp edge and an addictive story line, then slap your own arse because this is the book for you If it wasn t for the high school setting, I would have sworn this was new adult.Okay KeaytonI wanted to like her, I did, but I got distracted with wanting to punch her in the face She stirred up a lot of emotions for me and whether the emotions were good or bad that is ALWAYS a positive thing She s a 17 year old girl she s gonna drive you crazy She s having to learn lessons the hard way and it s extremely frustrating watching her do this FinallyTEAM CUSH I liked Cush from the beginning, the VERY beginning He gave me Cush lash Stalk Me NO Stalk you Cush Cush Cush CUSH Cush me YES PLEASE There s a scene between him a Keatyn that literally punched me right in the gut I couldn t breath I felt sick My emotions had emotions I didn t understand why I was so invested, but I wasand I loved every second of it I still can t decide if I liked the ending or not Other than breaking my heart, it was like the last few chapters were actually the first few chapters of the next book A whole new story Very interesting, very different From the second I picked up Stalk Me, I could NOT put it down It was unique, it was hot, it was sexy, it had Cush You re heart won t be the only thing feeling, you ll feel it everywhereEVERYWHERE READ ON

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    5 I am now a Stalker StarsYes, its true Jillian Dodd has officially made me into a stalker This is my third Dodd book and I absolutely adore her writing This is series is a little steamier, and still has a ton of heart Keatyn Douglas is the daughter of a America s Sweetheart she grew up having the best of everything traveling the world Despite having privilege and wealthy Keatyn has always wanted a normal high school experience She has been writing screen plays for how she thinks her high school experience would play out, her first kiss, and even the first time she falls in love As you know people rarely get their Hollywood ending, and things don t play out liked she planned.This is the first book in the Keatyn Chronicles and it lays the foundation for the rest of the series We meet Keatyn, her awesome family, horrible best friends, the many men who love Keatyn, and one who loves her too much I loved the journey Keatyn went through It is something that most girls go through at some point in their life It is hard to balance who are and who everyone wants you to be It is hard to decide to be you when being popular and going with the flow is so much easier I love how Keatyn was a good person with good intentions, and didn t want to be a mean girl What did I love the most Cushman, yes this little high schooler had me lets mingle I loved him for Keatyn I couldn t be sold on this series, and I cannot wait to see what comes next for Keatyn and her friends For Reviews, Free E books and Giveaways

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    FREE today on US 8 14 2013

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    Spoiler Free Review4 STARS out of 5 STARSGenre Mature YA RomanceSeries Book 1 in Keatyn Chronicles Boy s Boy s Boy s Boy s Boy s I do adore.. sighs Kiss me Date me Love me Hate me STALK ME. Yes this says it all.Seems i found myself a new YA series to love Stalk me left me wanting and Thank goodness this is a six book series YOU TOTALLY ROCK Jillian DoddLights Camera Action.When she said Gossip Girl meets Hollywood she was not kidding this book brought The Life The high life that is Keatyn is living a life the average sixteen year old girl could only dream about She gets to travel the world drive high end luxury exotic cars, get into exclusive night clubs parties and rub elbows with the rich and famous Nice right Yeah, I thought so too The Perfect ScriptKeatyn Douglas is sixteen years old and is the daughter of Hollywood movie star Abby Johnston She has a coveted wardrobe lives in Malibu and is dating a former child star Sander They make the perfect couple and everyone agrees Keatyn is popular at school she is an It girl and hangs with other It girls her bestfriends Vanessa and RiAnne Everything that glitters Keatyn keeps up a facade that is something that becomes very clear She is currently unhappy in her relationship and has been crushing on a surfer boy who lives down the street Only problem is dating him is not even an option according to her bff s Yeah and what about them her so called bff s Vanessa and RiAnne are mean girls on steroids They are calculating and phoney it s obvious Keatyn does not really like them so much She soputs up with them Oh, and then in addition to all that her movie star mom has a fan who has just been bumped up to STALKER STATUS Yikes Why you should read this book I cannot say much without giving too much away but i will say this Keatyn s life revolves around Sipping champagne at parties Shopping Hanging on tour with boy s Surfing with boy s Starting a Feud with girls Kissing boy s and dropping it like it s HOT with boy s Slowly grins And i enjoyed every second This chick has the fellas wrapped around her pinky all wanting a taste And she gives them each a nibble, hmph and some a bite Stalk Me has so many twists and an ending that leaves you salivating for Is that a good enough reason smirks ThoughtsI loved the writing and the way Jillian Dodd incorporated a script as a theme throughout the book That was a nice touch I also like how she has Keatyn living this double life with the pressure to act a certain way It made her personable and I found it easy to relate to her on that level I am very excited about this series and i cannot wait for book 2.The only thing i had a problem withKeatyn had way to much freedom i know that her lifestyle differs from the average But Her mom allowed her way to much freedom My RatingCharacters LovableWriting Style Fun, Witty, and SavoryPlot Storyline Unputdownable,Fast paced with a touch of SuspenseStean factor Medium Moderately SteamyOverall I loved it Now go forth and read Then come tell us all about it on Goodreads To see reviews go to

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    I feel like I ve lost a few brain cells This book hurt to read I was super excited to read this series It s no secret that I LOVED the That Boy series But after reading this and looking back at That Boy, I think I was blinded by my pure love of Phillip and Danny that I just overlooked so many things Unfortunately, for me, there were no likeable characters in Stalk Me, so there was nothing to hide behind There will be spoilers in here, you have been warned Stalk Me is the story of Keatyn, daughter to a famous actress, whose life is ruled by money, glitz and glamour It was like The Hills meets High School Keatyn is 16, only wears designer clothes which we are told in extreme detail every time , and only does things that keep her popular She has to be the most self centered, egotistical, idiotic child ever Her inner monologue was like nails on a chalkboard Remember how I said it hurt to read this book It literally gave me a headache Everything in her life revolved around status and looks Great message to young girls out there, by the way Keatyn would never do anything if she thought other people would look at her negatively this included dating breaking up with boys and having an actual opinion She cared way too much about what other people thought that there was nothing original about her Now let s talk about her love life snort Did I mention every boy is in love with her Oh, well they are There s the California surfer dude, there s the stoned rich boy, there s the older sophisticated gentleman and that s only in the beginning While she s a virgin in the beginning of the book, she loses it about halfway through and then becomes obsessed with sex Apparently it s the only way to solve arguments And yes, she s still 16 16 and drinking in public places and going off to Europe alone with a boy Ok, calming down Now, let s talk about why the book is called Stalk Me Keatyn s mom has a stalker So everyone in the house is put on high alert and told to avoid strangers and going places alone Well, Keatyn because she s such a smart girl decides that she doesn t need protection and goes off on her own where she meets Vincent on the beach Vincent is 30 and immediately shows interest in our young Barbie He s a director and wants Keatyn to star in his movie His movie which is a remake of her mother s first big role Oh, and he also has a tattoo of her mother s name on his arm.So what does Keatyn do Why she goes out to dinner with him and continues to see him and chat about his movie of course When the stalker is finally revealed three guess on who Anyone , plans immediately come together to get Keatyn out of Malibu She needs to be safe Witness Protection anyone Not kidding, this was an actual suggestion But Keatyn, not wanting to be hidden, comes up with her own plan What if he thought I was a whore What if I did a slutty video Wouldn t he hate me and stop being interested in me Umm what That gets dismissed and they decide to send our precious princess to a boarding school in Europe using a fake last name so no one knows who she is After some tearful goodbyes to the two loves of her life the surfer and the stoner , she s heading to boarding school where upon arrival meets two new boys Shocking, I know The last handful of chapters are spent with Keatyn making out with two different boys in two days all the while telling people she has a boyfriend back home But wait, it s complicated Disappointed doesn t even begin to explain how I felt about this book It was the most ridiculous storyline with asinine characters Unbelievable situations with no emotional connections to anyone And worst of all Nothing was solved While I have the next two in the series on my kindle, I do not know if I will continue it.This review can also be seen here at my blog.

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    Reread ReviewI want a redo of my high school experience with Keatyn Douglas as my best friend Oh the clothes we would wear and oh the boys we would meet Keatyn is the daughter of a famous movie star and dreams of having a real high school experience FYI her best friend is a gorgeous rock star I wanted to live out one big high school musical. Keatyn has established herself as a popular girl, dating the popular boy all the while sitting at the popular table Truth is she hates her girlfriends and her boyfriend is kind of a dud Keatyn has had a crush on Brooklyn her surfer pal for the longest time The problem is, Brooklyn only likes the surfer laid back aspects of Keats A thing of beauty is a joy forever It s Keats For my Keats He hates her social life and fashion obsessions Also, Brooklyn has professional surfing aspirations.Then there is Cush.Cush goes to Keatyn s school and definitely has a crush on her He plays soccer and throws lots of parties He is flirty and seems to follow her script When are you going to dump The Sandman Come play with Cush You re single I m single Let s mingle They seem to be a perfect match but danger in the form of a STALKER threatens Keatyn s safety She will have to abandon her family and friends to start anew She enrolls in a private high school under a new last name and persona Keatyn than embraces her new role and the opportunity to do things differently this time around This school has a plethora of hot guys in attendance A shout out has to be made to The God of All Hotties Aiden Arrington and that delicious quarterback Dawson Johnson I can t wait to read about these two So don t change that channel because these important questions need to be answered Is Keatyn safe at her new school Will Cush and Keaytn meet again Where can I buy all those amazing outfits Keatyn wears Is Eastbrooke accepting late admissions Jillian Dodd sure has a winning series with The Keatyn Chronicles as there will be six books overall so get started today

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