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Zdobycie władzyWhat a find Why is this book not on the shelves next to the other modern classics There is so much to process in this book, about human nature, about society, about ourselves, that another reading is required.Oh, it contains my fictional doppelganger Hace tiempo hice un intento de leer este libro, pero sab a bastante poco de c mo fue la II Guerra Mundial y la posguerra, y al no conocer lo que pas no fui capaz de empatizar con los personajes As que pospuse la lectura de El poder cambia de manos.Ahora, con unos conocimientos algo m s extensos que entonces sobre lo que pas en torno a la mitad del siglo XX, retom el libro, lo comenc de nuevo y esta vez s que me envolvi , ya comprend a a los personajes El poder cambia de manos se ambienta en la Polonia de los a os 40, cuando llegan las tropas sovi ticas de camino a Berl n y liberan a los pueblos antes sometidos por Alemania Como es f cil de entender, muchos polacos se sent an insultados por la ocupaci n y toma de poder por parte de los rusos Es un viaje a la angustia existencial y a los dilemas morales y pol ticos de los polacos de entonces, tanto de los que formaron la resistencia como de los comunistas Una maravilla.Formalmente, el libro se divide en dos partes la primera es algo ca tica porque no paran de aparecer nuevos protagonistas, mientras que la segunda parte est todo m s asentado Esta ltima ha sido la que m s he podido disfrutar.No puedo m s que recomendar su lectura. Best Ebook, Zdobycie W Adzy Author Czes Aw Mi Osz This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Zdobycie W Adzy, Essay By Czes Aw Mi Osz Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Milosz is by far one of the finest writers of all time but is not, at heart, a novelist In this book he tells the story of Poland as German occupation was disintegrating and Soviet occupation began and the horror and terror that both systems held There are many passages in the book where Milosz writing is so absolutely beautiful that I found myself rereading them over and over However, I gave the book only four stars instead of five because, in spite of the magnificent writing it lacked cohesion. Poignant This novel will stay with me a long while Poland was so devastated by Nazi and Russian invasions of WWII, but the end of the war brought no relief due to communist rule Milosz successfully connects the horrors of war with the unique personalities of the victims and some of the perpetrators, and those who were both The struggles of dealing with loss and the attempt to make sense of the emerging political order were well illuminated I thought of giving the novel four stars instead of five, because I needed to re read many parts towards the end to grasp them This might be because of the translation I decided to stick with 5 stars since, by the end of the book, I was very moved and felt enlightened so much about the horrors of war and the complexities of the emotional aftermath. An amazing book I discovered it when it was mentioned in Anne Applebaum s Iron Curtain That book made a good prelude to this, as it was very important to be familiar with the events in Poland between 1939 and 1949, most especially around the time of the Warsaw Rising through the end of the war There were, nevertheless, a few specific cultural or period references that I didn t get, but this did not really detract overall from my appreciation of this work Compelling storylines of several characters involved in all Polish sides of the conflict Home Army, Polish Communists, and those in between just trying to survive all trying to figure out a way forward for themselves This really gave me great sympathy and understanding into the mindset of people tired of war and of youth who were forged by the experiences of the war and occupation, and how the Communists Soviet and Polish were able to get independent, patriotic Poles to go along with the Soviet occupation. Every person should read this kind of book once in their life But no sane person should be forced to read this kind of book than once, because they ll probably resent the world and humanity afterwards I read it out of choice, even though I ve read similar things before, and it made me sad, disgusted, and nauseous every time I picked it up But I persevered If nothing else, I wanted to see how this real life version of Orwell s 1984 would play out Perhaps I should have awarded the book 5 stars on the sole basis of the strength of emotion it engenders But no, let it be 3 a warning to those who think about reading it think hard. No doubt this book has deep and enlightening insights into socialism, communism, humanitybut I found it hard to follow A disjointed style that I m sure wouldn t faze many others at all There are moments of such inspired brilliance though, if I never knew of Milosz and I was told this writer would one day win the Nobel Prize, I wouldn t be surprised. This book deals with the sad part of Polish history from the closing period of WW2 including the Warsaw uprising, through the immediate post fighting chaos and power struggles as the communists came to power It s a sad story of heroism being rewarded with imprisonment and even execution, as political manoeuvres played out and ex fascists transformed themselves into communists It is realist portrayal of the chaos of war and shows how this chaos continued afterwards.It s a good translation from Polish Overall a very good, if somewhat depressing read If you want a sense of what the war felt like in Poland then this will give you a really vivid impression.A couple of flaws part 2, dealing with the post fighting power struggles feels at times a little dated Unless you know your socialists versus your communists the politics may lose you Still the story shines through the characters even if the politics may be opaque The book flicks between the voices of various protagonists They are all men women only have peripheral roles This seems an omission as there was no male monopoly on heroism or interesting characters and a woman s voice might have painted an even fuller picture It s a niggle rather than a major issue. The Pull of Polish PoliticsThe American media has always liked to delineate sides in any conflict We come to think of good guys and bad guys , aggressors and defenders But in many situations, it s not so simple Look at the Middle East today I m not going to go into that But the situation in Poland, as World War II drew to a close, was at least as chaotic as today s conflicts in the Arab world You had Nazis, you had German civilians beginning to flee west before the oncoming Soviet army You had that Soviet army, in no mood to forget what the Germans had been doing in their country since 1941, but unwilling to help the nationalist rising in Warsaw in 1944 The instigators of that rising, the former ruling class in Poland, many of whom had fled to Britain in 1939 40, broadcast encouragement and tried to support allies still in Poland These were as anti Semitic as the Nazis they hoped to recover their privileges at war s end Opposed to them were Polish Socialists and Polish Communists who marched to the Soviet drum Jews and other Poles, released from the camps, Russian slave workers freed from Germany all were criss crossing the country, trying to survive in the destroyed cities As the Russians advanced, it became obvious they were planning to stay, their Polish allies would help them do it Polish guerrillas gathered in the forests Atrocities occurred all around Ideology often trumped humanity Tell mewho were the good guys here Most people just tried to stay alive not easy To explain how all this felt, Milosz, previously a poet, wrote this novel, giving a number of characters roles which would display how all the different sides thought From Marx to Catholic conservatism, from uneducated peasants to philosophers, he draws a fine political portrait of that tragic, unsettled time in Polish history For a glimpse of the Polish politics of the 1940s, you couldn t do better How strongly do you feel the pull of that subject On that, you should base your choice It s well written, if somewhat diffuse owing to the large number of characters, but the objective is clear This is literature with political intent, as the title may show.

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