Railsea It could make a person despair, to dwell on how many parts of everything have been neglected Have not even been discussed, writes China Mi ville near the end of Railsea, his latest novel for readers of all ages But nothing s done If you tell any of this to others, you can drive, if you wish, go elsewhere on the way Until then, safe travels thank you.This kind of meta eye winking can be charming and occurs frequently in Railsea, which often references and comments on itself Mi ville s authorial presence is strong in this one, going so far in smashing the fourth wall as to acknowledge the limitations of his own work constraints typical for most fiction marketed for younger readers but at the same time turns it into a virtue, inviting the readers young and old to exercise their imagination and picture adventures still to come and lands beyond the horizon, extending an invitation to create our own stories Such a thing is a wonderful gift for children who are just beginning to discover the potency of their minds but also a reminder for adults that their powers of invention might often lie dormant, but are not gone.The concept of Railsea is bound to appeal to steampunk fans the world is covered in rails instead of water, and people travel it by train for thousands of miles, trying to avoid pirates and dangers of nature and not The book has been advertised as a gripping and brilliantly imagined take on Herman Melville s Moby Dick , and while the parallels are obvious the captain of a train ship is called Abacat, a woman driven by obsession to pursue a giant creature known as Moldywarpe , whom she considers her nemesis But with its young protagonist, Sham Yes ap Soorap who boards the moletrain Medes to engage in his first Moldywarpe hunt reminded me of Jim from Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson s most famous work and one of my favorite novels from my childhood Sham brings a sense of adventure to the tale which is bound to entice all readers, and is a sympathetic character for whom one is glad to root for through his ups and downs The Moldywarpe hunt is just the beginning Sham s discovery of a train wreck and its cargo which can potentially change the fate of the railsea will thrust him into a world of pirates and scavengers reminiscent of old sea tales, but set in a world full of winding and shifting tracks of mysterious origin The setting alone makes the book worth reading even though its utterly fantastic the use of tropes from past works makes it seem familiar and authentic.This was my first novel by China Mi ville and I am happy to report that it is a very good one I first added it when I discovered it and thought that it looked delightful, and that s exactly what it was A delightful book, bound to be liked both by readers of all ages I loved Treasure Island when I was a child, so much that I read it several times and in this novel Mi ville has captured a glimpse of that sense of adventure which so lured me in when I first stepped with young Jim Hawkins onto the deck of the Hispaniola Ahoy Call me Sham Yes ap Soorap.I wonder how many reviews have started this way Certainly Mieville dropped a letter flattered Melville the old sincerest way, but this book is so muchthan a modern revisionist re telling of the great American novel There is also a tip of the literary hat to Robert Louis Stevenson s Kidnapped the briefest of wink nudge at Robinson Crusoe But tying it all together is Mieville s inimitable narrative ability China Mieville s 2012 publication Railsea is a chatty, observant omnipresent narration, like a great storyteller boldly fantastic, yet playful Labeled as a Young Adult novel, I suppose in many ways it is, I saw itas a lighthearted modern fantasy with subtle post apocalyptic elements Almost the opposite of magic realism in Railsea Mieville writes great stretches of pure fantasy punctuated by brief glimpses of mundane, common sense realism The effect is a Will Ferrell straight man moment, a cleansing, grounding functionality that provides a credible boundary to the over the top fantasy theme there are a lot of ampersands. On Board The Moletrain Medes, Sham Yes Ap Soorap Watches In Awe As He Witnesses His First Moldywarpe HuntThe Giant Mole Bursting From The Earth, The Harpoonists Targeting Their Prey, The Battle Resulting In One S Death And The Other S Glory Are Extraordinary But No Matter How Spectacular It Is, Travelling The Endless Rails Of The Railsea, Sham Can T Shake The Sense That There Is To Life Even If His Philosophy Seeking Captain Can Think Only Of The Hunt For The Ivory Coloured Mole She S Been Chasing Ever Since It Took Her Arm All Those Years AgoWhen They Come Across A Wrecked Train, At First It S A Welcome Distraction But The Impossible Salvage Sham Finds In The Derelict Leads To Considerably Than He D Bargained For Soon He S Hunted On All Sides By Pirates, Trainsfolk, Monsters And Salvage ScrabblersAnd It Might Not Be Just Sham S Life That S About To Change It Could Be The Whole Of The Railsea Leave it to China Mi ville to write a young adult novel and so obfuscate his intentions via complex vocabulary, a tricky literary style, dense prose, measured pacing, a total lack of plot threads about which boy is cuter that I ve hadthan one conversation with youth librarians here on Goodreads who swear up and down that this isn t a young adult book My evidence is, of course, rather shaky at best the publisher says so, and why should I complain, because that means the hardcover costs less than 20.But if the feel is similar to Mi ville s bizarre New Weird Fantasies particularly the Bas Lag trilogy , if you ve read him before, there are a lot of giveaways that he is writing for ainnocent crowd, like the book is much shorter, has roughly half as many adjectives, there s no swearing, and no one has sex with a lady with a bug for a head I d wager this is one of the author s only works that doesn t included the phrase dessicated corpse at least once or twice don t worry though, he does manage to cram in a palimpsest for old times sake Also, like Un Lun Dun, his book for middle grade readers, there are a lot of cool pictures, drawn by the author himself So, what it isn t is your typical YA novel What is is, is one of my favorite fantasy adventures in quite some time The plot description makes it sound like a Moby Dick pastiche, and that s basically accurate set in sand blasted, trash strewn world where there is no ocean, but instead endless vistas of interweaving rail lines, it follows the journey of Sham a a boy teen It s never entirely clear who gets a job as a doctor s apprentice on a moler, serving on board the train of a single minded captain determined to hunt down and harpoon the giant albino mole that chomped her arm off But it s a lotthan parody, and another example of the author s ability to mutate his prose to suit any purpose Here, he s also playing with other tropes and conventions of Romanticism and Victorian literature, as well asmodern fantasy even his own equal parts Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, and Perdido Street Station In stark contrast to the first person teen narrators that populate the YA genre today, Railsea is told in playful omniscience, in a fashion that is as much about the mechanics of storytelling as it is about telling the story, jumping here and there in the action, self consciously commenting that no, it isn t quite time for that bit yet, we ll come back to that part later, instead let s have a chapter where we explain a bit of tangential backstory This kind of trickery requires a delicate touch He went a bit overboard with it in Un Lun Dun oh, the puns , but he s muchin control here something something pun about keeping the story on the rails something something.It isn t quite as philosophically or thematically deep as his adult novels, but it manages to fit quite a lot into the Boy s Own Adventure mold, including a host of the kind of memorable characters I ve come to expect from a China Mi ville book Sham falls haphazardly into the narrative but quickly becomes an active participant, making tough choices and managing to be brave and terrified at the same time Along the way he meets two younger kids, orphaned boy girl twins who play an important role, two characters who are a lot of fun, who carry the weight of what they have lost but don t let it stop them from setting off on their own journey Then there s Dr Fremlo, Sham s teacher on board the moling train, who admits that you don t really have to be a very good doctor out on the railsea, because anything you can t fix with a few stitches is probably going to be beyond fixing anyway Ahab analog Captain Naphi will remind regular readers of the she captain from The Scar, though she has her own unexpected secret to reveal And oh, what a world The railsea idea sounds a bit silly at first, but if there s one thing Mi ville is good at, it s world building, and he brings this one to life in vivid detail small cities that are essentially islands between rails that stretch from horizon to horizon, where falling from even a stopped train will bring certain death, not from drowning but from one of the terrifying mutant creatures that swims the railsea take your pick, we ve got giant moles, giant ants, giant owls, giant worms, giant earwigs Where Lovecraftian horrors inhabit the poisoned upper atmosphere and humanity is confined to a slim sliver of breathable air in between rail and the Upsky Where much modern technology has been lost is this a future Earth A colony planet Outside our universe altogether , but ancient, ruined tech can be salvaged and made new Where some trains are driven by engines, yes, but others are blown by huge sails, or moved by slave driven pistons, or pulled by a herd of rhinos I highly doubt there will be another book set in this world, but I really, really want to seeof it, and that s a nice way to feel after you ve closed the covers So, if it isn t obvious, I m entirely in the tank for this author, but I do think this is one of his most enjoyable, most accessible, and even most successful books in years In aiming at a younger audience, he s produced a book that is simultaneously simpler and yet no less linguistically complex well, maybe a little , with a muchstraightforward narrative than he typically favors It may just turn out to be my new recommended starting place for those intimidated by his reputation as a difficult writer Advance e ARC provided by Netgalley. There s truly a lot to enjoy here, especially if you re a fan of philosophy and moles.Sometimes together No, no, scratch that You can t separate the philosophy from the moles.Every captain must have a philosophy to chase after, and truly, it DOESN T REALLY MATTER if you re missing an arm or a leg, Okay Just trust me on this Don t go chopping off perfectly good appendages just because some bloody mole popped out of one of the seven layered seas and ruined my perfectly happy steampunk reverie This is vintage Mieville, in my opinion, or at least, this is the kind of Mieville I ll always associate with Mieville It s the unabashedly weird, the hints of some truly spectacularly interesting worldbuilding, the use of small furry creatures, and the totally meta reimagining of classics, distilled into what could almost be a children s tale of adventure, including trains on the high seas, pirates, and One Huge Goal Yes, Philosophy Most philosophy comes with a tail to tell, and only good philosophy has a tale you can hold on to Hell, that s my favorite part Unfortunately, there s a lot less philosophy than I really wanted, and some of the tail drags around a bit too much, so it s not quite as cohesive as I d like Otherwise, it was clever and cute and I really wanted to like itthan I actually did Much like most of Mieville s work, actually I take my hat off I bow respectfully to the sheer weight of imagination and word wrangling skill.And then I wish the shape of the whole novel had been better.It s worth reading I just wish I could outright love it, too There s so much promise. DNF at page 150Ok, so what are the reasons why I didn t like this retelling of Moby Dick In fact I haven t read any retellings of Moby D before, at all D The world building, the writing and the language are strange and quite odd for me At first I couldn t get used to all that signs, oddly formed sentences, but it s not a big problem This book is peculiar I must admit, there were some funny puns thrown and that s one of the points why I didn t DNF it at the very start Also it has some kind of mystery But what annoyed me is that I felt only a slight intrigue and mostly I read Railsea as a random ordinary diary Well, a diary with some monstrous creatures and not too much of adventures The characters seemed bland a little bit, well except Mr Moley Dick, who sadly, left to pasture in the holy grounds too quickly One of the gems I found in Railsea So Turned out he d slept outside in the yard of some final pub Whimpering at the assault of merciless morning light on his eyes, he blinked until he could see a few of his crewmates still snoozed in a barn, watched by contemptuous goats.I read some books before which I didn t like and I finished them because I was so angry that they had no hook for me and of course I wanted to spill all the nasty things I thought about the book Well it s not the same with this book I can feel that this book is special, so I don t want to throw any nasty things at it It s only disadvantage is my POV D 5 StarsOnce again I am blown away by China Mieville Railsea is a young adult oriented delight It is like all Mieville novels in that it is tough to put it in a category It is part fantasy, part dystopian, a smattering of steampunk and science fiction, and all Mieville Parents can take delight knowing that if their child takes up this amazing piece of fiction, they will also be taking up the Webster dictionary Mieville creates a fun and three dimensional cast of characters and side characters The world building in this book is imaginative and top notch The plot is a combination of a coming of age story of a boy named Sham, a search for a captains Moby Dick , and the endless pursuit of the great treasure that all thieves are searching for.The dystopian world of the Railsea that Mieville has created is worth the read alone It takes place in a world that has become poisoned, the upper atmosphere is unbreathable, the land itself is dead, and the world is filled with incredibly inhospitable fauna I felt like I was reading a book in a world filled with Graboids from one of my favorite B movies Tremors It feels a bit like a post apocalyptic Moby Dick Trains crossing a land covered in iron tracks, crossing dry and dead lands, passing by derelict machines, and unearthed salvage where one might finally strike it rich Mieville s prose painted this landscape in a way that made me feel like I was there He makes it all work at a new level by turning railway terminology into a completely new nautical one The worms breach the surface of the ground and flop back down the same way that a whale does in the sea The rail people cast their fishing lines a stern in hopes to get the catch of the day The penguins Rocked Literally The trains moved like giant ships a sea, across the vast and derelict landscape.The amazing creatures that filled the pages were all earth adapted versions of creatures that we know today Think about the world of The Flinstones, where they had creatures that they called rock this and rock that Burrowing owls, digging rats, beetles as big as a car, and worms the size of the trains themselves The poisoned uppersky was filled with freak show twisted and mutated creatures One such giant was reminiscent of a horror out of Stephen King s The Mist and I thought that it was freaking sweet Mocker Jack, captain Nephi s white whale, was a massive worm that was bone colored and had a house sized mouth that was filled with razor sized teeth There are many other amazing creatures to,be discovered in this book.Sham is a good young adult protagonist that goes through all the familiar coming of age story plot points He befriends my second favorite character, his cool Daybat friend that he saves and names Daybe Together they take us the reader on a magical and unforgettable journey Across the great Railsea aboard their moler train, they search out legends and treasures It is a fantastical ride that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages Mieville paints the Railsea with almost as much detail as he does his pinnacle achievement the city of New Crobuzon from Perdio Street Station.The book is paced at lightning speed There are not really any major twists or turns to speak of, but that is alright too The book has an amazing ending that really brought together the themes behind this gem I would have loved it to be twice as long.I loved this book and Mieville is one of the most gifted writers out their today Fantasy lovers, dystopian readers, YA readers, and those that like sci fi and steampunk are all sure to love this one This book is one of my favorite reads of 2012 I am sure that it will hold a top spot come this years end.Not to be missed. I generally like YA sci fi fantasy novels but I rarely consider them anythingthan lite fun between big books and because of it I tend to be less critical towards them but every now and than one comes along that is good by any standard and reminds me to take this sub genres seriously.Un Lun Dun,Half a king, Wizard of Earthsea yes I do consider this book to be YA but not rest of the series , Graveyard book, Chaos Walking and now Railsea joins the group.If I had to label it this would be YA dystopian novel, it isn t as bleak as his Bas Lag series and doesn t require constant use of dictionary like most of his work and overall everything seems toned down but don t be fooled this mix of Moby dick, trains, steampunk and Mieville s special highly hallucinogenic spice isn t like anything you seen in this sub genre This is strange and bizarre world that can only be conceived in Mieville s head with storyline only him can pull off. We re having an open book discussion of this book here Do come and join More , when it comes to China Mieville, for me, it s lurrvve lurve LURVE I m starting to get to the point where I miss his voice when I m not busy reading a Mi ville In this amusing and inventive coming of age story, Mi ville pulls out all the Postmodernist stops creates a work that is at the same time immediate, as it is highly allusive metafictional.Some of the characteristics of Pomo fiction, especially as they apply to Railsea Postmodern authors tend to employ metafiction fiction that refers to itself, for instance when it poses as a journal or a history book, or when the author as Mi ville does in this novel breaks the fourth wall by speaking directly to the reader.Another characteristic of postmodern literature is the questioning of distinctions between high low culture through the use of pastiche A pastiche is a work of art or literature, that imitates the work of a previous artists, usually distinguished from parody in the sense that it celebrates rather than mocks the work it imitates It tends to combine subjects genres not previously deemed fit for literature.In plain terms, this would mean that lines between media and genres are being blurred, especially those between, in this case, speculative and literary fiction, and whatever the genre is of the works alluded to, I d imagine David Mitchell s Cloud Atlas the one that was recently adapted into a film is a good example of pastiche, especially in a chronological sense.Common themes techniques in pomo fic In Railsea, we find a lot of instances of parody and of intertextuality I m going to shamefully steal Wikipedia s paragraph on intertextuality because it perfectly describes what Mi ville does in this novel IntertextualitySince postmodernism represents an integrated concept of the universe in which individual works are not isolated creations, much of the focus in the study of postmodern literature is on intertextuality the relationship between one text a novel for example another or one text within the interwoven fabric of literary history Intertextuality in postmodern literature can be a reference or parallel to another literary work, an extended discussion of a work, or the adoption of a style In postmodern literature this commonly manifests as references to fairy tales as in works by Margaret Atwood, Donald Barthelme, many other or in references to popular genres such as sci fi detective fiction Often intertextuality iscomplicated than a single reference to another text Indeed, Mi ville makes many allusions to varied sources, some of them less respectful than others, but most of them pretty funny in a dry, tongue in cheek sort of way.The main work that Mi ville parodies here, would be Moby Dick by Herman Melville, first published in 1851 The latter is wait, let me utilize Wikipedia again Moby Dick or, The Whale is considered to be one of the Great American Novels The story tells the adventures of wering sailor Ishmael, his voyage on the whaleship Pequod, commed by Captain Ahab Ishmael soon learns that Ahab has one purpose on this voyage to seek out Moby Dick, a ferocious, enigmatic white sperm whale In a previous encounter, the whale destroyed Ahab s boat bit off his leg, which now drives Ahab to take revenge.In Moby Dick, Melville employs stylized language, symbolism, the metaphor to explore numerous complex themes Through the journey of the main characters, the concepts of class social status, good evil, the existence of God are all examined, as the main characters speculate upon their personal beliefs their places in the universe The narrator s reflections, along with his descriptions of a sailor s life aboard a whaling ship, are woven into the narrative along with Shakespearean literary devices, such as stage directions, extended soliloquies, asides The book portrays destructive obsession monomania, as well as the assumption of anthropomorphismIn addition, Mi ville subverts traditional texts either via satire or by subverting stereotypes For example, in Railsea, a character who was a stereotype male in the original the alluded to text, is presented as a female character in Mi ville s text, with almost hilarious effect.In Railsea, the names a gender a limb or two a few species are changed, not to mention the landscape In Railsea, we are looking for our malicious prey, which is a huge mole instead of a whale, while travelling the railsea instead of the ocean, in a train instead of a ship we havefun Lotsfun.Mi ville pokes merciless fun with many aspects of Moby Dick, other works to the point that I often laughed out loud Which brings me to another set of characteristics of po mo fiction, which fits in with the parodic style of Railsea, being irony, playfulness black humor Well, these are in ample supply in Railsea Mi ville is pretty inventive with his world building Mi ville readers know that by now in this work, in addition, he peppers the text with clever writerly asides well executed drawings.Moby Dick is not the only text he alludes to though the text is richly scattered with allusions to especially adventure or boy s fiction like Kidnapped Treasure Island By RL Stevenson, including a truly hilarious reference to Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe Not sure what else but here is the list of the most important influences as supplied by CM himself Joan Aiken, John Antrobus, the Awdrys Sr Jr., Catherine Besterman, Lucy Lane Clifford, F Tennyson Jesse, Erich K stner, Ursula le Guin, John Lester, Penelope Lively, Spike Milligan, Charles Platt, the Strugatsky Brothers.Wondering about the Seems like another Mieville experiment in text meaning The amperand symbolize the twisting of the railtracks I m not sure if that particular little experiment worked replacing and with , since it seems to irritate many readers, but I must admit that after initially being irritated myself, I soon got used to it didn t even notice it any by the end.This is one of the things I love about China Mi ville he is courageous He is prepared to put his money where his mouth i.China, I 3333 you XOXOXO Looking forward to your next creation.Full disclosure Okay, this work is not perfect, perhaps especially due to a curious emotional dryness or restraint New Moon it is not In some respects this makes it a bit dry and nerdy compared to non literary YA fiction out there but if you re a nerd, this provides so many chuckles that it is worth its 5 tars Part of why I gave it 5 stars, was because I think China has gained some immense discipline as a writer A good thing is that Mi ville has, for a change, pared down the plot a lot compared to some of his initial works albeit almost a bit too much this time On the other hand, stylistically, for me, this work is perfect All illustrations shown here, are from the book, as done by China Mi ville himself. With thanks to Wikipedia, where you can readon po mo fiction Urged on by his guardian cousins, young Sham Yes ap Soorap gets apprenticed to a doctor on a moletrain, riding the Railsea in search of moldywarpe, giant moles hunted for food Captain Naphi of the Medes, the train Sham sails aboard, is obsessed with Mocker Jack, the biggest moldywarpe of them all, will do anything to find her preyRemember that game you used to play when you were a kid, when the living room floor was either molten lava or shark infested waters, you had to leap from chair to couch to coffee table never touch the floor That s what the world of Railsea reminds me of, covered in miles miles of rail, most exposed earth harboring moldywarpes, mole rats, worms, many other malevolent beasties In Railsea, China Mieville tells a tale inspired by Moby Dick, the tale of a young orphan named Sham, a captain obsessed with a mole the size of a building, the other denizens of the Railsea, a world of dangerous fauna, megatons of salvage, untold parsecs of rail.The sheer inventiveness of Mieville s world is staggering As in Kraken, China shook the idea tree hard on this one As outlandish as it is, the setting of Railsea isn t all that hard to imagine.The story feels like Moby Dick at first, but with tastes of Treasure Island Robinson Crusoe as well It also reminds me of aaccessible version of China s Bas Lag books Captain Naphi s obsession with Mocker Jack echoes Captain Ahab s, although Ahab never had pirates, angles, the edge of the world to contend with.Sham s meeting with the Shroakes is what makes the book veer away from being a take off on Moby Dick and become its own animal A colossal mole, perhaps I had my doubts about Caldera and Dero Shroakes at first but things really came together at the end And what an end it was view spoiler I love the final image of Sham, the Shroakes, and Captain Naphi sailing beyond the end of the world hide spoiler


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