Patently In Love

Patently In Love After Her Popstar Boyfriend Publicly Humiliates Her, Jane Wants To Start A New Life Away From Media Scrutiny Maybe Even Find A New ManMarshall Wants A Partnership In His Patent Law Firm He Just Has To Prove He S Totally Focussed On His Work No Distractions No Office Romance Unless, Of Course, No One Knows About ItThe Last Thing Jane Needs Is To Have Her Picture Splashed On The Front Page Of A Gossip Magazine To Makes Matters Worse, The Only Person Who Could Have Told The Paparazzi Where Jane Was Is Marshall

❮Reading❯ ➿ Patently In Love Author Rhoda Baxter –
  • ebook
  • 306 pages
  • Patently In Love
  • Rhoda Baxter
  • English
  • 15 November 2018
  • 9781601741318

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    Finally finally I get to read this book I want to fill this review with the frustration of life with different ereaders, some books available on some and not on others Years of a job that meant inordinate amounts of time stuck in carriages or cabins thinking books, the traveller s life saver, should have figured on the Safety Information I was forever being entreated to read If only Patently in Love had been accessible earlier, one of those journeys would have been a great deal enjoyable.Was it worth the wait Yes, absolutely It s a fast moving fun romp featuring celebrity and the world of patents An unusual enough mix to pique the curiosity all on its own Rhoda Baxter s light touch doesn t disappoint Now I m off to look for her other books.

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    I found Jane particularly refreshing a character who, for once, instead of seeking the limelight just wants to escape and live a quiet life Of course, even moving town and altering her appearance won t be enough to stop the paparazzi chasing her How she deals with this is very well described.I enjoyed watching the relationship between Jane and her colleague, Marshall develop The obstacles to true love are realistically described and I love the fact that, in the end, all the characters get what they deserve.The story is told partly through narrative and partly through emails In the beginning I did find this quite confusing but once the characters made themselves known everything became clearer and it seemed to work.All in all this is a lovely, sweet, feel good romance that I found extremely enjoyable and whenever I reluctantly had to put it down, I found myself eagerly anticipating the next chapter.

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    This is a really feel good, sweet romance The hero was just gorgeous with all the attributes that I love a good moral compass and a fierce loyalty towards his sister whom he s brought up since their parents deaths some years before.But it s the chemistry between our lovely hero and the really likeable and deserving Jane that made me shiver with anticipation.Add to this the well executed device of interspersing the narrative with emails flying between brothers, sisters, friends, bosses, conniving colleagues and a framed hero and you ve got a fun, fast paced romance that s hard to put down.I highly recommend this

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    I always enjoy just browsing my kindle to see what I can stumble upon that I may have not overly remembered about before, and Girl on the Run was one of those books for me I bought it and there it sat for over a year, until I came across it again I m delighted that I did, as I found this to be a fast paced, great romance, about a girl on the run from the paparazzi Large amounts of the story was progressed using text and email between various characters, which gave quick snapshots into a variety of characters, while keeping the focus on Jane.

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    Anyone who can make working life in a patent law office not only accessible but also immensely fun to read has my vote any day I d definitely look out for this author again The story itself is a little short and predictable at times but it didn t infringe on readability The author makes subtle digs at certain personality types and industry practicesall great fun I d class it under smart chic lit.

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    Fresh and fun, Rhoda Baxter s debut novel is an entertaining read about learning to trust and love again.

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    I really loved the celebrity on the run premise for this book It has a great heroine, a swoonworthy hero and a properly nasty villain Really enjoyed definitely a fun summer read

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    Terrible No wonder she is self published The cover says it all Cheap, tacky and amateur.Don t bother.

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