The Cowboy Soldier's Sons

The Cowboy Soldier's Sons Soldier Cowboy Father Husband Hired To Work The Callahan Brothers New Mexico Spread, Shaman Phillips Doesn T Know What To Do About The Stunning Blonde He Finds On His Porch Except Haul Her Into His Arms Turns Out Tempest Thornbury Wants To Share Than Just The Returning Soldier S Out Of This World Kisses She Wants To Have Shaman S Baby Tempest Came Home To Turn Her Not So Hot Past Into A Better Future The Sexy, Broody Military Man S Bringing That Dream One Step Closer To Reality She S Got Twin Boys On The Way At Shaman S Insistence, She Agrees To Marry Him And Remain His Lawful Wife For One Year After Their Sons Are BornBut Once He S Officially A Father, Shaman Can T Let Tempest Head Back To Hollywood It S Time For This Lonesome Cowboy To Join The Ranks Of Those Callahan Cowboys And Open A New Chapter In All Their Lives,

✸ [BOOKS] ✬ The Cowboy Soldier's Sons By Tina Leonard ❂ –
  • Paperback
  • 224 pages
  • The Cowboy Soldier's Sons
  • Tina Leonard
  • English
  • 28 August 2017
  • 9780373754229

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    I hate it when the guy on the cover looks nothing like the way the way the main character is described I absolutely loathe it Shaman is supposed to be a war vet who is scarred and rugged This guy is the complete opposite of that.A total and complete misrepresentation This story had so much potential It did But then about halfway through it all fell apart The characters hardly ever opened up to one another in the beginning and had seemed to be okay with their it s all physical relationship, to let s communicate without actually speaking and without actually knowing anything about the other person but we just know because that s how things work themselves out in the real world Obviously.Not.Besides the just okay storyline, the writing was actually pretty good This was how I was able to actually finish it without giving up and marking it as a did not finish.

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    I wanted to like this one but just couldn t really love it When we first meet Tempest Zora we find a woman drawn to a man who isn t afraid to get down and busy with someone she has only physically known for maybe 30 minutes I mean it was fast fast fast She s an actress who is back in her hometown to see a young fan who happens to be related by marriage to our hero She s got baggage but is a nice person.Shaman has issues of his own but when this gorgeous woman wants to bed him he doesn t complain He s got physical and mental scars from his time in the military but his inability to see why she might be attracted to him got a bit bold.Anyway she becomes pregnant and they get married in order to provide the kids his name yeah that s needed but then he finds himself wanting it to be real and she finds herself wanting it to be real but they just don t talk to each other We have a bit of drama with her family but otherwise this is just a story of two people who hop in to bed together then end up realizing they want it to be than just sex.I wouldn t say run out and get this but it wasn t a horrible read I found I liked Shaman a lot even though he tends to react first then think it thru later.Thanks to and Harlequin for allowing me to read this in exchange for my honest opinion.

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    This book is weird I suspect the biggest problem is a proper editor not for spelling, but consistency One minute Shaman is the oldest, the next Gage is Then when Tempest says she s having twins, the comment from the mom also called Millicent by her kids, really is as if she didn t have twins The character of Tempest doesn t make sense because we mostly hear how Shaman is feeling And so many of Tempest s actions don t make any sense Also, feels like we jumped into an already started book no idea who Cat Chelsea are until quite a while later Somehow, I m still enjoying it 86% not sure whyOh, yeah Business deal for the wedding Huh Did I miss that part It s just weird Oh, and Cat is a teen Sure sounds much younger

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    Shaman Phillips is taking a page from his brother s book and getting down to civilian life working on the Dark Diablo ranch After a long stint in the military, and unwilling to go back to the family business, Shaman figures working on the ranch is just what he needs Then, Tempest Thornbury comes to town The local girl gone Hollywood, Zola Cupertino made a better life for herself as Tempest Finding out that Shaman is the man she had always dreamed of finding, they suddenly jump forward to having children and getting married, all before the secrets of the past can be put to rest And the secrets Tempest wants buried, are at risk of ending the man she loves.An ok story.

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    I loved both books I just finished.

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    the Cowboy Soldiers Son by Tina Leonard 3 STARSThe Cowboy Soldiers Son is part of a series of books that I am not familar with so I felt a little lost just not knowing all the characters better.Thier are a lot of love scenes in the beginning of the book.Shaman Phillips has returned wounded from the war and now is working on a ranch out in New Mexico He doesn t get to town to often In fact he likes the peace and quiet.Tempest Thornbury is a star and she came to the ranch to see Cat Shaman s niece and bring her a present from Italy She grew up poor in the town of Tempest She has come along way from that start.Tempest invites Shaman to dinner and then instead end up in bed The while Shaman is showering to get ready for dinner Tempest left.Tempest kept bringing him food and making booty calls For awhile Shaman did not know she was famous.Then Shaman comes to town and finally asks her on a date Tempest took him to the old run down house she grew up on and someone was squatting in the house Her maybe have brother Bobby who was fighting to get his father s will overturned.Tempest went to make a movie but she found out she was pregnant with twins and came back.While Tempest was in hollywood Shaman got hit over the head and he believes it was Bobby but no proof and he did not want Tempest to find out He wanted her to be safe away from Bobby.Thier are a lot of characters that probably have thier own stories too and makes me want to go back and read them all.I was given this ebook to read in exchange for honest review from Netgalley.09 03 2012 PUB Harlequin Imprint Harlequin American Romance 224 pages

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    I am very disappointed The writing was poor, at the moments it seemed that I m missing the pages The characters didn t have any connection, there was nothing , no talk between them We couldn t feel anything from writing, just told what they are thinking, doing There are also contradictions in the story I even went back to the previous book in the series and there is a huge difference in writing I honestly don t think that this book should be published as it is right now, or I got a wrong copy from Kobo.

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    This book tell the story of Shaman and Tempest who got involved the moment they met and as their relationship has started off pretty fast, there are just too many things that was pretty unclear Communication seems to be one of the area that they are lack off To be frank, it has a rather slow pacing story plot which as a reader, it was rather difficult for me to immersed myself into the story.

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    another awesome read by Tina Leonard it was fun and quick witted I definitely love the Callahans I can t wait for .

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