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Scary Monsters and Super Creeps Dom Joly Sets Off Round The World Again, But This Time He S Not Looking To Holiday In A Danger Zone He S Monster Hunting Ever Since He Was Given A Copy Of Arthur C Clarke S Mysterious World For His Ninth Birthday Dom Has Been Obsessed With The World Of Cryptozoology Monster Hunting , And In Scary Monsters And Super Creeps He Heads To Six Completely Different Destinations To Investigate Local Monster Sightings He Explores The Redwood Curtain In Northern California In Search Of Sasquatch In Canada He Visits Lake Okanagan Hoping To Catch A Glimpse Of A Thirty Foot Snake Like Creature Called Ogopogo And Near Lake T L In Congo He Risks His Life Tracking The Vegetarian Sauropod Mok L Mb Mb Naturally He Heads To Loch Ness But For This Hunt He Has His Family In Tow He Treks Across The Khumbu Valley In Nepal Looking For Yeti And In The Hills Above Hiroshima In Japan He Enlists The Help Of A Local Man To Find The Hibagon, A Terribly Smelly Caveman Ape In Typically Hilarious And Irreverent Fashion, Dom Explores The Cultures That Gave Rise To These Monster Myths And Ends Up In Some Pretty Hairy Situations With People Even Stranger Than The Monsters They Are Hunting Are The Monsters All The Product Of Fevered Minds, Or Is There A Sliver Of Truth Somewhere In The Madness Either Way, The Search Gives Dom An Excuse To Dive Into Six Fascinating Destinations On A Gloriously Nutty Adventure

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Scary Monsters and Super Creeps book, this is one of the most wanted Dom Joly author readers around the world.

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    Hupaisa kokoelma kertomuksia koomikon hirvi jahdeista eri puolilla maailmaa Eka oli hienoin, sitten taso hieman notkahti, mutta miellytt v matkaluettavaa silti T ytyy lukea muitakin Jolyn matkailukirjoja.

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    I ve come across two very different versions of Dom Joly One is the pleasant family guy I ve seen in Cirencester s best coffee shop The other is the TV personality who has appeared in the kind of excruciatingly unfunny shows that I wouldn t watch with a barge pole This is not quite a mixed metaphor if you use Decartes model of light Luckily, Scary Monsters and Super Creeps was written by the former Joly.Although ostensibly about hunting down famous monsters from bigfoot to the ogopogo, it is probably best read as a humorous travel book, one of my favourite genre, and the reason I bought it There are some wonderful writers in this genre think, for instance, Bill Bryson, Dave Gorman and Stuart Maconie In fact, for me, the humorous travel book is far better than the serious kind.In principle, Scary Monsters ticks all the boxes We ve got a funny, self deprecating narrator and interesting locations to visit Not only do we get Loch Ness, but we also get to see the likes of Japan and the Republic of Congo through Joly s eyes Like all good travel stories, some of his adventures are fraught with problems, and a couple of near death experiences What can possibly go wrong It s really hard to put your finger on what is wrong with this book but there is something It s not Joly or his writing It s not the places he visits or the people he meets I think, in the end, it s the theme that doesn t work Although the frameworks that some humorous travel books are hung on are pretty flimsy I m talking to you, Dave Gorman not to mention that other guy who went round Ireland with a fridge , at least they have the potential to be fulfilled Going to see mythical monsters inevitably lacks a satisfactory conclusion.It probably doesn t help that Joly s monster hunting technique is essential to turn up at the alleged location and mooch around A problem that is reinforced when, in at least one situation, the travel problems he faces are so big that he never even makes it to the monster s home Along the way he meets lots of people who, when asked Have you seen the monster say No, I haven t, but I know lots of people who have And like their secondhand stories, this book lacks the narrative drive to pull the reader in for long sections.It really isn t a bad book, and worth taking a look if you are interested in cryptozoology if only to see how not to do it or like pretty well anything from the humorous travel shelf.

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    Totally worth the 99p I paid for this book, that s not a slight on Mr.Joly s work, in fact this is the first work of his I ve read and it was a blast from start to finish Funny and easy to enjoy it made me want to drop everything,pack a bag and go monster hunting.

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    I think that there are two things that you have to consider before reading this book The first is this are you a fan of Dom Joly To be completely honest, I didn t enjoy this book very much simply because I have no idea who Dom Joly is, what his accomplishments are, etc He seems to be famous in the UK at least he makes it a point of telling us so his arrogance may be his sense of humor but I didn t enjoy it and he makes a lot of references to his TV shows, past travels, and other works, but honestly those just flew right over my head because I couldn t care less I think that when he wrote this book, he had a very specific target demographic in mind his fans in the UK And I was not one of them TBH, this just seemed like one of those things that publishing houses publish BECAUSE the author is already famous and has a reliable fan base, not because the author is necessarily a good writer The second thing to consider with this book is that you shouldn t read it as travel writing That is definitely my opinion at least The book classifies itself as travel writing but I strongly disagree that anyone should read it as such I work at a travel agency and a lot of my work revolves around researching on places Therefore, I ve somewhat developed a nose for good and bad travel writing and if this is travel writing, then it is BAD travel writing For one, it s written in white man s perspective Which isn t bad in itself, only if you re the type of white man who will call unfamiliar Japanese food cat puke He literally runs away from a lot of people as well which isn t a bad idea in a lot of cases, but I just feel like there s a vague cultural breach there , and fails to really tell us the nuances of his encounters with other cultures He does however talk in excruciating detail about EVERYTHING ELSE he does what he eats, where he sleeps, what he does in airplane lounges, mundane things that I don t think are necessary to the story like meeting a guy he thought was famous in that bar, like what was the point Especially since a lot of times, his expeditions fail and he just ends up wandering around There s also a condescension in the way he talks to people to treats other cultures I got really peeved with the whole Japanese cat puke thing because it s things like these that show you what kind of traveler you are Granted, I haven t traveled as extensively as Joly has but I think that common etiquette just dictates that you not call exotic food puke The one good thing about this book is that Joly does write with a sense of humor So there s that And the one portion I enjoyed was the Yeti portion followed closely by his trip to Congo even though he never actually made it to Lake Tele Everything else was just kind of boring or tedious because nothing spectacular really happens At least nothing spectacular that I felt invested in Joly does admit in the beginning that the book isn t necessarily about monsters, but just about his travels I just wish he d stop using monster hunting as a crutch If you want to do travel writing, then JUST DO IT Especially since we get nothing of value about monsters in your book that we wouldn t get doing a simple Google search So in the end, I feel like the only reason you should read this book is because you are a Dom Joly fan and want to learn about his life If you like me give no fucks about Dom Joly, then don t read it And if you are like me and are not a Dom Joly fan but read it anyway , then I suggest you don t read it as travel writing but as a self absorbed piece of confused essay writing.

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    A mildly entertaining travel log, specifically documenting the silliness that accompanies Dom while he goes in search of The Big Six scary monsters I had the feeling that rather than Dom has been obsessed with the world of cryptozoology being the motivation for this book, actually Dom had some success with Dark Tourist, and wanted to do another travel log Having realised that he could use the title Scary Monsters and Super Creeps referencing the David Bowie album by the same name this set the scope for this book It is worth noting however that I have absolutely no evidence for this assertion, but that too is rather fitting for this book.Other than being somewhat over credulous regarding the existence of these creatures, the problem is that rather predictably there is very little monster activity What fun there is in the book actually comes from the amusing anecdotes of the author in his travels Hilarious No, amusing Yes.

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    This is a travelogue with a gimmicky premise to hunt for crytozoology marvels like Nessie or Mokele Mbembe, but that s largely a vehicle for Joly s comments on mundane human absurdity, small mindedness and self importance This takes him from the jungles of the Congo to the peaks of the Himalayas and to, erm, Inverness, in search of these creatures A lot of these mis adventures generally involve him getting pissed and moaning about his hotel this is Karl Pilkington than David Livingstone but he does trek out into some wonderful places and have some great experiences Whilst his commentary on the travels and travails is often very funny at times it slips into self indulgence and some of the anecdotes don t really hit the mark As a result of being a description of real trips, it tends to be tonally all over the place, which I think is the source of some of the negative reviews.I d say I really like it it is an odd, brave, somewhat Quixotic little book But I couldn t honestly say the execution is a strength.

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    Dom Joly travels around the world in search of creatures that may or may not exist Bigfoot, the Yeti, Ogopogo, and the like He doesn t find any of them, but that doesn t really matter, because this book is about the journeys than the monsters And those journeys are filled with odd incidents, interesting people, and travelling frustrations, all recounted for us with Joly s judicious jocularity It doesn t hang together as well as Dark Tourist, and there aren t as many memorable scenes Even so, if you did like Dark Tourist, this is a travelogue you definitely don t want to miss As before, Joly s self narrated audiobook is the best mode of consumption.

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    A very enjoyable read about Dom Jolly s adventures travelling around the world in search of some of the iconic monsters such as Big Foot as well as a few lesser known cryptozoological mysteries You won t find a great deal new on these creatures but you will find a frank, entertaining dialogue of the travels and on Mr Jolly s experiences filled with a dry wit and a few interesting observations.

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    Quite a variety of takes and tales here Not sure how much I d seek of the same, but I didn t hate my time on his journey The writing isn t bad, but nothing to rave about.

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    Great fun no, it s not going to give Dr Karl Shuker any sleepless nights but this is the definition of good time spent in excellent company.

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