Catastrophically Consequential

Catastrophically ConsequentialBrilliant If you a take the time to read this small book you will LOL many times and I hate that acronym I did not really want to read a satire a dead medium.but after I did I was refreshed and revitalized..There is still art being produced via words in this country Bird is a bitter even nasty man but so fing smart you will be humbled Keep in mind this book was written for art sake With little or no encouragement.In another era before I pad 2 s and we all save people on this great site decide to look at pictures we would know Steve Birds name and sit around and quote his marvelous workreally Steve is that good I cant imagine anyone not laughing or at least respecting a lot of the pros.although some of it is a tad tedious redundant, I still don t get the somber critical first few pages but I am not well as various languages are used not for the A.D.D push trough for the golden lines Be still with your waxing hysteria Everything is going to be different once I acquire a wardrobe of rubber fetish gear They were the neighborhoods new hot couple possible mis quote referring to a twelve step group as Pal o non At pal on non she would share how she got into another toxic relationship I am laughing hard right now and how her fellow co depedents would trash her at fellowship Steve comes up w another word for fellowship I have shattered the props of your wasted, meaningless lives of indolence what were formally objects of luxury now represent the deformed ugliness of your grotesque hypocrisy Finally a woman has a break down and start screaming at a bunch of unsuspecting Euro trash at a NewYears gathering in So Ho..Then she jumped on the back of a woman laughing again of a woman she had identified as the female alpha whore BY the way.Bird nails the Lower Eastside scene and Martha Stewart, GALIATH BRANDING helps if you are familiar with BOTH. Initial reaction WHAT seriously, what What Did I Just Read I can t even describe how twisted this book is My brain is still trying to grasp the words my eyes were reading, if you can call them words Wait I take that back Of course, they re words. They re just special words I m not even mad My comfort zone just expanded Thank you, Stephen C Bird I don t even know how to summarize Catastrophically Consequential, the sequel prequel to Hideous Exuberance Within this book is a wide range of nonsensical topics, from daydreaming to time travelling and inner monologues to intense ranting, and so muchThere is something for everyone Everyone. Trust me.Catastrophically Consequential contains 14 short stories that leave the mind filled with mixed emotions and somewhat disturbing thoughts When I say short story, I mean short story Fifteen pages or less It s great, if there was ever a time when books didn t make me feel uncomfortable, that s over now One second, I d be disgusted, and the next, I d be laughing at something so ridiculous, I d find it funny There s just so much information and emotion packed in one small book The way it s written is different than anything I ve ever read before I cringed, giggled, closed the book for a second for a small, necessary break, re read the ludicrous names, and just had a wild adventure Mind BlownI pumped this baby out in less than an hour Each short story left meunsettled and confused than the previous story, but I couldn t stop reading I just let the words take me along, and opened my mind to the possibilities It was quite magical in a way I m not really sure what the message I m supposed to get from this book is, but I did have a fun, twisted time reading these crazy stories In you re into that, you ll love this book I encourage anyone who considers herself at all literarily adventuresome to dive into the weird world of the words of Stephen C Bird Like its predecessor Hideous Exuberance, Catastrophically Consequential plays with language to an extent seldom seen even in the most experimental fiction The language reveals character and the author s relationship with his characters, and realities are toyed with to the max There is time travel, there are explorations of extreme degradation, and people who are both poignant and pathetic Sometimes the language is a bit too satirically impenetrable in an attempt to convey ignorant oafishness, butoften it is just delightfully strange For all the bizarreness, characters and situations are often deeply recognizable, even including the medieval Princess Orca Media who is reincarnated as a stand up comic That should maybe give you an idea. I received this book for free as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway.I m going to be 100% honest here, if I hadn t won this book in the giveaway and subsequently felt that I should review it I probably would have never picked it up I started reading this book on April 20th and managed to read two chapters that day I then attempted to read the third chapter and felt so overwhelmed that I had to stop I didn t pick it up again until the 24th of April For four days I stared at Catastrophically Consequential and for four days I felt extremely frustrated I m not usually one to not finish a book, even if I don t really like it, and I didn t want my first Goodreads First Reads book to be one of them.Once I picked it up again, this time focused on getting through the book, understanding as much as I could, I managed to make it through.If you don t want spoilers I suggest that you don t read the next part view spoiler For those who haven t read this book or at least attempted you won t fully understand what I m talking about when I say that the majority of the book was written in what I can only describe as if a drunken German hill billy was speaking Heahz uh last minute reminder we takin our gun siez case dey any Druidyck Wyckan Pagan woship pers down at duh Fyremenziez Fieldie themmerz duh worst kind uh heatheners.This quote is surprisingly not from the chapter that was hardest to read and from what I understood the narrator is talking about bringing their guns to a fire where they were burning the Cora Ann Qur an and were 100% okay with shooting and killing anyone who tried to stop them.In terms of clarity and ease of understanding I would give this book half a star if I could It honesty was the most annoying book I ve ever read when it comes to the actual reading aspect There were multiple times that I had to sit and think about the words just to figure out what Stephen C Bird was trying to convey.There are words such as szcztall stall , kulchural cultural and mythologistickal mythological that require a double check to make sure you ve understood and then there are the words such as themmerz them they are , heahz here is and deah they are that you need to understand the rest of the sentence to fully understand them.On top of all the normal words that have been given a weird German hill billy twist there are tons of people and places that are well known that also have new spellings Jeh Hee Zeus Jesus , Mecks Sicko Mexico , Kanadyans Canadians and Two Tank Amen Tutankhamun Though, to be honest I though these were pretty clever.The story itself is quite hard to follow, the timeline is quite scattered and some of the chapters just didn t fit into the story More specifically the first, second, and last chapters have the same the world is f cked up theme as the rest of the book, but from what I understood they don t fit into the story Despite the numerous characters and plot lines the general idea of the novel remains the same Most of these characters are involved in an alternative lifestyle Either one of sexual nature that is different , whether it be part of the LGBT community, the SM community, incestual relations or weird fetishes such as being urinated on Or one that involves excessive use of hallucinogenic drugs Those characters as well as the few that don t fall into one of those categories all share a hatred for minorities even when most of them fall into one themselves Leading them down a path of self hatred The minorities that are hated on in the novel are mainly the poor, the people of middle eastern decent, the sexual deviants and drug addicts including food as a drug.In my opinion this novel is a commentary on how damaged our world is and how hypocritical we are No one group of people are perfect , each of us has a different view of the world and unless we stop judging others for their choices, no matter how weirded out we are by them, we will continue to fall in a downward spiral.Maybe I missed the point of the novel completely, but I think that the title Catastrophically Consequential refers to how messed up this world is and how much human kind will have to pay for the way we have treated each other and the planet itself hide spoiler The Kindred Spirit Doppelg Nger Prot G Of Hideous Exuberance Incorporates Non Linear Plots, Comical Rants, Unsettling Inner Monologues Stream Of Consciousness Dream Sequences, Surrealistic Scenarios And Time Traveling Characters Revel In The Chaotic Confusion Of Sociopathic Celebrities, Suburban Swingers, Suicidal Trust Fund Girls, Decadent Jet Setters Medieval Princesses, Evilangelists , D List Standup Comics And Disreputable, Vindictive Lost Souls That Search In Vain For Metaphysical ClarityPlease Refer To The Blog Posting On The Stephen C Bird Author Profile Page For Reviews And Quotes From Goodreads Reviews For Catastrophically Consequential This is a really well titled book, for one thing Catastrophically Consequential is a seeming humble brag, a bombastic statement name la A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, though Bird s collection of stories about stories about stories bears no resemblance whatsoever to Eggers steady account of his rise from tragedy Stephen C Bird s work contains tragedy, for sure not as a pit you rise from, but built right into the architecture of language and identity Catastrophically consequential isn t it all Aren t we all As to identity, there are multitudes, and in this prequel to Hideous Exuberance, he sucks the reader back into a kaleidoscope of the damaged, deranged, fat, angry, hapless, medieval, phonetically confusing, twitchily hilarious, despairing, and genuinely, searingly poetic In the space of a paragraph, the various narrators can verge from the mythic landscapes of demented demigods, to the interior monologue of a Faulknerian adherent of a kind of Orwellian moral doublespeak In Ebonic Southern redneck drawl It is not easy stuff, but Catastrophically Consequential is by turns hilarious, brilliantly musical, and it s audacious as all hell His writing is infectious, too reading back over this review, Bird s all over it Or my version of him, anyhow Maybe most refreshing is that Stephen Bird, as a writer, is willing or compelled to navigate seemingly any avenue of Western culture, and trusts his reader to be able to see all the signposts If you can t, then he gives you enough to chew on, look up, and ponder And if you don t wanna do that either, read somebody else. Treasures of the Unknown December 12, 2012 By Nina Klein This review is from Catastrophically Consequential Paperback I had read Mr Birds first book Hideous Exuberance which I thoroughly enjoyed and this second book was truly an art form in itself It has beauty, greed, spiritualness the ugliness of the world, the truth about what s happened to our society and was also beautifully entwined with the past and the present Mr Bird has such a visual and artistic imaginaton it is very easy to visualize everything you are reading. Defintely a must readWill not disappoint at all Stephen C Bird This cleverly crafted, ironic short story with its clich and satirical themes is truly remarkable and quite extraordinary Totally genius, clever and ingenious this spectacular short story is just breathtaking The concoction of celebrity merged with the bizarre, peculiar and individualistic characters makes this a real treat for any reader who is seeking something different and quite out of the ordinary Brimmed full of wit, sarcasm, realism and truth drawing poignancy this thought provoking, idiosyncratic book is so absorbing that you will find it hard to put down Reading Catastrophically Consequential I felt like Alice in Wonderland who had been lured into a tantalizingly tempting trap that was so outlandish, eccentric and extraordinary that I did not want it to end Changing ones aspect on life itself I can honestly say that this story is affecting, touching your inner self and which lingers upon ones mind for a long time afterwards Prepare yourself for such chaotic confusion as to confound, which combines a blend of fantasy, general fiction, humor, satire and adult themes which is totally astonishing This prequel sequel to Hideous Exuberance incorporates non linear plots comical rants and disturbing inner monologues stream of consciousness dream sequences psychedelic, surrealistic scenarios and time traveling characters Revel in the chaotic confusion of sociopathic celebrities, suburban swingers, suicidal trust fund girls, decadent jet setters, D list standup comics, medieval princesses, sinister passive aggressive jokers, Evangelists and a host of other lost souls and disreputable, vindictive losers as they search in vain for metaphysical clarity This work encompasses the following genres Adult, experimental, fantasy, fiction, humor, satire and short story Surrealistic, psychedelic, neo beatnik, character based collection of thematically unified, darkly humorous and satirical short stories featuring meandering non linear plots, disturbing inner monologues, imaginary dialects, dream sequences and comical rants I am lost for words This book is certainly targeted at a wide readership, being something that will appeal to anyone and to those who have a vivid imagination As such a person I can honestly say that this book was so enjoyable to read, peculiar and at times embodied such lunacy and yet was so brilliant The author s visual, artistic vision is commendable as too is his dry sense of humor that comes across through the writing This is a strange book and one that doesn t have a storyline shock nor can it be slotted into a specific genre and so this makes it totally unique, original and a stand out book or one of its kind If you have an odd and often over active imagination like myself, then I highly recommend it as a fantastic read I won this book in a first reads giveaway on GoodReads I would like to thank the author for having his book as a giveaway In keeping up with the idea of how short this book is, I will be writing a review that contains exactly 152 words which is equivalent to the amount of words in the book starting now Catastrophically Consequential by Stephen C Bird is something so different from books out there, it was worth reading Although there is really no obvious storyline or genre it in someway can be related to poetry in the way that it has a deeper meaning at certain times I honestly feel this book is destined for someone who will thoroughly enjoy it but I was not one of them The book really demonstrates how creative Stephen C Bird is and I congratulate him on this hilarious at times book It was beautifully crafted in the way that pictures were involved within the writing The characters were developed well but the reason it fell short of its rating is because it feels at times that you are suddenly thrown into their lives which can honestly be bizarre and confusing to some I would recommend this book to anyone because it wouldn t hurt to read.Congrats you read a review that consists of the same amount of words used in the book If you feel this book is not for you don t pick it up but if you have the time, totally check it out but be warned, it might not live up to your expectations For me, I won this book off of GoodReads giveaway from the man himself, Stephen C Bird and I fully appreciate his generosity for the experience I had with this book. Whoa A new classic So This is surrealism I m not that smart I read it twice I underlined parts that I thought were particularly weird, fascinating or I just felt needed to be pondered It felt like the thing to do I am amazed by this book It s not an easy read but worth the effort, if you are a culture vulture and have been bored to tears by contemporary fiction and haven t finished Ulyssesstill I suggest reading Hideous Exuberance first, so you get the author s style and then you won t be baffled by the unique spelling mode Mr Bird spells words to satirize a certain concept, eg Pal A Non Unlike his first novel, the characters are much creepier, current modes of thinking are given much heavier cracks on their true relevance to reality and the author makes references to contemporary culture in Amurycka Profunda that makes this an instant classic No one and nothing is out of reach of Stephen C Bird s arrow of truth Then at the end, there is a tiny beam of light I almost wept It s a deep investigation of how we perceive life in today s culture, not bland nasty cynicism It s written by a real writer not a blogger or a journalist with an axe to grind It s about every one of us If you love amazing writing and new ideas, you will love Catastrophically Consequential.

Stephen C Bird is a fiction writer and visual artist He was born in Toronto, ON grew up in Erie County, NY and lived in New York City for thirty three years.

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