The Luckiest (Lucky Moon, #2)

The Luckiest (Lucky Moon, #2)I really don t know how to review this one After reading book one I was so sure I d be like everyone else and end up loving Nick Sadly I not only didn t love him I didn t even start to like him Throughout the whole book Nick was either an obnoxious jerk or a whinny brat There were so many times in this book I was either rolling my eyes or staring at the screen in disbelief They might of been little niggles on their own but put together in one book made them too overwhelming for me view spoiler Nicks whole drug and alcohol problem was just one of my niggles Even at his lowest when Luka has left him Nick doesn t even think about using again And yet he hasn t been on the waggon that long But then Nick does have awesome will power, as seen when after 4 months sober he goes to a club, mixes with his old crowd, knocks back some alcohol quickly then just stops I won t bother airing my issues with the re hab centre and staff I will say for such a run down place they have extremely loyal staff Not even the non medical staff or ex patients took the opportunity to earn some cash leaking Nicks where abouts to the press.There were also luke warm repeats from book one, firstly the repeat of the grandparents story, then the declaration of love on stage Book one did that so much better Our insight into Nicks childhood was kept to a brief mention of him having a dog that he set free for its own protection Intelligent dog walks away then runs with never a look back Oh and lets not forget that Shane the wonderful big brother that has been there for Nick his whole life has never bought his little brother a birthday present WTH hide spoiler I love, love, love Luka and Nicky But maybe Luka a tiny bit than Nicky because Luka was strong enough and ballsey enough not to put up with any of his shit I ve been looking forward to Nicky s book forever I absolutely loved to hate him in the previous book Moonlight Becomes You because he was such a huge asshole Yeah, I almost always love the assholes, though I love their suffering and their grovelingand oh did Nicky do some groveling In all fairness he wasn t really and assholehe s just a lot fucked up and had a huge tendency to be an idiotover and over Yeah, he just broke my heart not in a bad way and totally redeemed himself throughout the entire book Not just in the end, he made a lot of GIANT baby steps along the way And of course he did it all for Luka Now Lukahe was just an amazing character Strong even though he had been badly hurt in the past and independent and not blinded by Nicky s celebrity status And like I said before, he didn t put up with Nicky s shit Every time Nicky screwed up, Luka would immediately make it known Loved Luka So Luka and Nicky togetherOMG so HOT There was so much sweet sexual tension between them I was squirming There was no sex, or even really a kiss until after 40%, which is just the way I LOVE IT But OMG it was so hot once they started It was sweet and smexy and Luka was even a tiny bit kinky Oh, I can t forget the furry children Stephanie and Snowy were so adorable And Luka s mom was made of awesomeand so was Jeana Those of you who did not care to read or even like Moonlight Becomes You, I highly suggest you give this one a try It s AMAZING and sooooooo much better than the first one This one is going on my Faves list First Edition No Longer Available For Sale Second Edition Coming From Dreamspinner Press In Fall Tentative Release Month Is SeptemberRock Star Nick Ventura Has Finally Hit Rock Bottom Jealous Of His Brother S New Love, He Starts Overindulging In His Usual Vices And Winds Up Crashing His Car Into A Department Store In A Drunken Haze Publicly Humiliated And On The Verge Of Jail Time, He Enters Into A Court Ordered Rehabilitation Program Nutritionist Luka Novak Is Flamboyant, Effeminate, The Type Of Gay Man That Bisexual Nick Would Normally Sneer At His Sunny Nature Hides A Deep Hurt From A Previous Relationship Luka Knows He Should Be Wary Of Nick S Reputation, But He S Drawn To Nick Despite Himself Their Tentative Friendship Turns Into Romance, But Luka Soon Comes To Realize That Nick S Fear Of Losing His Bad Boy Reputation Means He Ll Probably Never Go Public With Their RelationshipNick Never Thought He Needed Anyone, Until Luka Novak Came Into His Life Now He Has To Reconcile His Carefree Past With The Future He Suddenly Wants Than Anything And The First Lesson He Has To Learn Is How To Become The Man That Both He And Luka Need Him To Be, Rather Than Stay The Boy He Always Was Alone Well the first thing I can say is that this novel has a HELL OF AN OPENERI gotta give props that was a hook and a half.Nicky Ventura who we met in Moonlight Becomes You has finally hit rock bottom when we catch up with him in this second installment of the Lucky Moom Series Nicky s partying and drugging has caught up to him and he has fucked up IN A BIG WAY It s done, he finally has managed to become the old strung out rockstar clicheAnd the only way to keep his dumb, arrogant ass out of the slammer is to do three months in rehab Nicky is not a happy camper and he lets EVERYONE fucking know it, because he s Nicky Ventura MOTHERFUCKERS and there is no way he s gonna go quietly.Nicky gets to the rehab facility with a chip on his shoulder the size of a glacier, and he just cannot stop bitching about it, and I SWEAR that this book is worth reading IF ONLY for the part when he is filling out the questionnaire they give him during check in I was ROFLMAO, I think I broke something I was laughing SO FUCKING HARDHowever, his posturing only lasts so long, specially once he lays eyes on his nutrionist, Luka Novak, who is a big ray of ULTRA GAY SUNSHINE, and well Nicky can t stop looking The guy is hot, and so nice it s nauseating, but he starts getting Nicky out of that 20 foot wall of bullshit that he s built around himself, and little by little him and his cute little dog Steph make a place in Nicky s Life.Luka is a strong guy, despite his sunny, flaymboyant personality, he gives back as good as he gets from Nicky Luka can see that Nicky is broken and lost, he wants so badly to help him, to love himHe knows Nicky is trying, he still gets hurt though Nicky just can t figure himself out, by the time he gets out of rehab he know he s a different person Problem is he can t reconcile this new guy with his old life, and the he tries to move forward the he makes things worse.He s adrift, his brother Shane the only person Nicky has ever had is now married to Jesse the love of his life Nicky feels like he has no one leftThe only thing that feels real is Luka, but he still can t seem to stop himself from fucking up with him He is new at this emotions thing, and every time he builds something good with his hands, before he knows it he is kicking them down with his feetThey travel a rocky road these two men, they are both broken in different ways, but they still manage to make a home and a little family together Even when things looked like they have been too damaged, and I wanted to rip out EVERY SINGLE ONE OF NICKY S EYELASHES FROM HIS FOOL HEAD I still rooted for them, because the love was so genuine, but also also so new and fragile I just wanted them to have BIG HAPPILY EVER AFTERAnd they did Cute puppies and all Most of the issues I had with MBY were not present in this book, both Luka and Nicky were well developed characters, I knew them equally and bought what they had completely The secondary characters were well done as well, Luka s BFF Jeana, his mom Anna, were great My favorite part though was getting some time with Shane and Jesse If anything this book helped me to understand what Shane and Jesse had a lot better than their own story, I felt something missing in MBY and this book filled that in very nicely There were very tender moments with Shane and Jesse, and Shane and Nicky that really made this book so much better for me.The SEXWell there was lots of it and IT WAS FUCKING HOT..All I can say is that I had the lyrics from Anything Goes by GnR going in my head for like three hours after I finished the bookDamn that was some hot sex Like all kinds too Angry sex, kitchen table sex Oh shit this book just melted my Kindle sexHOTNESS AND HALF.Going back to Nicky and Luka, for the most part their characters were solid Nicky was a bit TOO much at times, and his assholyness might have felt like overkill here and there, but not in a way that turned me off, just like in a humm oookkkaaayyy I get it Nicky YOU TOTALLY SUCK kind of way Luka was not as flamboyant as I expected, he was toned down, which honestly I prefer to a character soooooo out there that he feels like a caricature So, not what I expected but still good, he was very likable and I really enjoyed the contrasts in his personality Sweet but STRONG, romantic but SO NAUGHTY Oh Luka what a DIRTY MOUTH you had As far as this being a rocker book, to me it didn t really feel like one, the music was not really a big part of the story So, to me it was like an overarching theme in the book than an integral one.All in all this was a solid romance, LOTS O DRAMA, but also lots of sweet loving moments, BIG ending, good characters, and well just a satisfying read This sopho novel my Ms Vaughn and Ms O Shea from this reader, gets A for effort and A for Awesome RECOMMEND. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww Nicky, oh sappy Nicky, you done good in the end there babe.I am going to write later But what I do want to say is this I said above that Nicky came through in the end Honestly, I do not think he got enough credit for what he accomplished since the beginning of the book He may have been a moron and did some really dumb things, but over all he came so far He had no good role models in his life and when he should have been growing up he was drunk and high Shane was just as bad until last year and by the Nicky was too mad and too set in his ways to learn from him I have to applaud our Nicky for growing up and taking it like a man Then there is dear sweet dirty mouthed Luka who is the only one who could have put Nicky in his place Loved Luka.What was missing music sad face. Review and rating removed ADDITIONAL POSTING INFORMATION COMING SOON Overall Rating 5Book Cover Book Blurb 5 5 total of 5Writer s Voice 5Character Development 5Story Appreciation 5Worth the Chili 5 6.39 on or 6.63 Barnes Noble I have a confession to make I am pretty sure I want to be a gay man in my next life I mean think about it I love men Most everything about a man I love their hands, their beard think of it scratching against your fingertips and things , the conformation of the man ass , the softness of their you get my drift Have you ever thought about the pleasure you take from touching a man s chest grazing your fingernail over his nipple and the sharp indrawn breath Was it yours Was it his What about looking into a strong face, a little rough with a day s growth of whisker and notice the softness of the lip you just want a nibble, not much Or the fullness of the pout when you ve told them something they don t quite like whisper you have to wait until later because the baby is crying maybe Or, maybe, just maybe this IS the reason you ve denied them To see the pout only so you can kiss it off Have you thought about the strength and contour of the leg at the same time you feel the silkiness of the skin beneath the hard and the soft Oh My God I want to be a gay man they can appreciate like I can appreciate it To live in this skin all day and then to be able to touch it whenever you want to then be able to touch two at a time WOW Are you following me I d be someone who worked doing something physical I could be a football player or a martial arts expert How about a motorcycle mechanic with the loud groan of the bike between your legs as you start it up to test it out, reminding you of your lover s groaned rumble from the morning tumble This book makes me appreciate men even than I already do And, I do appreciate a man I need a fan with a cold spritz mist sighThree things I liked about this book 1 Nicky Luka A perfect couple The randomness of love Fate and all that rot These two would never have met if Nick hadn t hit rock bottom He did and ended in rehab where Luka is his nutritionist Sexy Not really when you think of the premise, but in practice, very Who doesn t love Celebrity Rehab I ve sat and watched that show and fell in love with the unlovable Dennis Rodman What a wonderful person you glimpse inside the tough exterior MacKenzie Phillips A tortured person you ve never met and even Heidi Fliess So, the premise of this story had high appeal for me Nick is a tough guy with a terrible past He feels un anchored because his brother, his anchor, is in a new committed relationship for the first time This leaves Nicky feeling left out You wouldn t think this would gain much of your sympathy when the man is almost 30 years old, but it does as we learn about Nick s past And there is Luka He is such a grounded, self confident, loving person He wants to help Nick because it is his job, then because he comes to know Nick and sees his worth as a person, and then because he comes to care about him This storyline sounds wonky, but it really works Nick wrapped his arms and legs around Luka s body and pulled his face down for a kiss I ve screwed up so my things in my life, he whispered into the kiss Sometimes it seems like getting shit wrong was what I was best at But maybe all those screw ups happened for a reason Maybe they brought me here, to this moment With you I feel like the luckiest guy in the world right now 2 This writing team of Vaughn and O Shea create characters you fall in love with almost immediately In Luka s case, he is a bit of a flamer He calls people hon , and puts the y on the end of names Nicky, Jeanny It is a bit stereotypical, but we love him He has heart, a huge heart, and is so self confident He is very happy in his skin and at one point tells Nick to come to grips with himself and their relationship because he has never been in the closet and you aren t going to put me there What you see now, I ve been this way since pre school And you just want to cheer for him This is the second book I ve read by this team The first being One Small Thing and I loved this writing team then, I love them now I don t know how they do it, women writing wonderfully fabulous gay men, but they do and I want to tell them please don t stop I love it and am a fan for life.3 The social message of complete acceptance contained in this book as it is written by this author team The love they write about is transcendental and universal The complete devotion Nick and Luka have for each other is something we all strive for The intimacy they write about between these two characters, perfection You feel the touches, you hear the sounds, you discover the textures Just remarkable and you want to be Luka or Nick It happened for me the first time I read one of their books, it happened for me again this time You feel this love and you forget anything else My very best friend is a gay man who has been working his whole life for the acceptance they paint so beautifully From Luka s mother who is pleased he has found someone to love and to love him in return, to Nick s best friend Dre who is only angry because he didn t tell him about Luka sooner, these two seem to have full support from the people that matter There are minor issues like the doctor Luka works with, or Nick s concern about the fan base, but for the most part, they are readily accepted What a wonderful place this world would be if we had such universal acceptance of love.What three things did I not like or not appreciate 1 I can honestly say there was nothing I didn t like in this book Maybe I would have liked a bit of the music industry portrayed, but it wasn t a deal breaker by any means, so really nothing.2 Nope.3 Nothing.I enjoyed this book from start to finish I loved the characters and their development I enjoyed the story and how it pulled me and how it made me feel Nothing not to love about this one.Very Happy Reading love this writing team.Full review to come. The Luckiest is the sequel to Moonlight Becomes You, which was a 5 star read for me and one of my favorite books of 2011 I like this book even.In Moonlight Becomes You, Nick Ventura was pretty much just one big fuck up and nothing has changed at the start of The Luckiest Forced into rehab when he crashed his car into a store, Nicky meets Luka Novak, a nutritionist who works at the rehab facility Their friendship turns into a romance in spite of Nick trying to convince himself that he s not in love with Luka Now all Nick has to do is not make a mess of this relationship like he has with everything else in his life.I know a lot of people didn t like Nick in Moonlight Becomes You I think after you read The Luckiest, you will fall in love with him, just like Luka does. When we first meet Nick Ventura, he s this one bastard of a guy, who snarks and being sarcastic, and has a role of separating his brother, Shane with the love of Shane s life, Jesse He s even being a jerk during Shane s and Jesse s wedding Then, when this story begins, we have him at rock bottom Going to rehab after car crashed due to driving under influence, Nick meets sunny and sweet nutritionist, Luka Novak, who determines to put Nick back into shape Unable to avoid Luka s positive attitude, Nick starts to slowly trust Luka, starts to feel attraction towards him Their friendship becomes something I love how the authors slowly peel the layers of that of Nick Ventura Nick is mellowed out in this story, but at the same time, readers get to find out reason behind Nick s tough experience, his selfish need to keep his brother to himself That beyond all that, Nick is just one scared guy, for being alone, because all these years, Shane is all he has Losing his brother to Jesse, takes the balance out of his life In this story, Nick gets the chance to actually grow up Luka is a sweetheart but at the same time, he shows spine of steel When Nick tentatively enters the relationship, something unfamiliar to him, Luka doesn t easily take Nick s non sense Luka doesn t forgives easily too at times, I feel like he s being a bit too hard on Nick However, I also realize, that maybe it is what Nick needs Nick spends his life knowing that his brother will have his back, and takes that for granted Nick needs to see that his attitude has consequences I also like how contrast Luka is, in life and in bed Luka has that demanding attitude when he s in bed, and a streak of dirty talks too Which adds nuance to his character.The story is well paced, no insta love, and enough balance of drama and angst There is one scene that just squeezes my heart, and gets me all teary eyed, when Nick tells Luka the story about his old dog, Tucker.Coming to the end of the story, it s getting and into the sappy territory, as Nick after doing one stupid thing, we know he can t really help with needs to do the grand gesture to prove his love to Luka We get abudant love testaments and promises from both guys as they ride into their happily ever after For some, you probably will roll your eyes and think it s too much For others, you will probably going to sound like Nick when he says, Fuck, I m a sap and smile in content.Me, I fall into the latter group And guess what, THIS SAP is INDEED smiling, and sighing, and ready to paint the sky with color of rainbows because SHE feels so totally in love with how things wrapped up.Personally, I think this is definitely better than Moonlight Becomes You With addition of two cute little dogs AND this is important people a female best friend who is NOT being a bitch or too much of a fag hag YES , the story is just a perfection for me SO, KUDOS, Piper M.J., you both deserve my 5 stars for this one Don t stop your partnership and keep writing the kind of romance story I need. DNF 1 star because I cannot rate it with 0 stars.Nick I am so f ing mad that I feel like I m going to freak out pretty soon Yep, I know that I have only read the first 18 % of the story but I do not care at ll and I m going to rate it nonetheless A BIG FAT ZERO FOR Nick who does not deserve to be called a hero.I need to think about it Might add a bit.Book goes back to.P.S Happy National s Day Ugh.

Piper Vaughn is a queer Latinx author and longtime romance reader Since writing their first love story at age eleven, they ve known writing in some form was exactly what they wanted to do A reader to the core, Piper loves nothing than getting lost in a great book.Piper grew up in a diverse neighborhood in Chicago and loves putting faces and characters of every ethnicity in their stories, ma

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