Blue Notes (Blue Notes, #1)

Blue Notes (Blue Notes, #1) Jason and in love image error After walking in on his fiance and a strange man in his bed, Jason Greene needs a break A long break, far away from his Philadelphia home So he arranges a two month sabbatical from the law firm he is with, and makes plans to stay at his sister s apartment in Paris.Yes, two months in Paris, the city of lights and love could be just what he needs.On his first night there, he stumbles on a small jazz club, and decides to stay for the show The relaxation is just what he needs, and jazz soothes his damaged soul And there, he meets Jules, one of the jazz trio playing that night Their music is a revelation, as is the man.Seeing Jules standing in the rain waiting for the next bus, Jason makes the impetuous decision to invite him home with him And somehow Jules ends up staying And the two become fast friends, exploring Paris As it turns out, Jason lived in Paris and knows is better, some ways, than even Jules.As the friendship between the two deepens, so does the attraction Before either can think, they fall into a passionate affair Jason is new to loving a man, but has thought about it before Jules is gay, and no stranger to it But both are surprised by how quickly the attraction flames into Could it be love For Jules, for sure But Jason is only there for two months.Will the two be able to make an affair into something permanent Or will the past that haunts Jules, and, indeed Jason s past, come between the two And can a long distance relationship work with them Shira Anthony has composed a bluesy take on love and relationships with this relaxed, sure riff She has created two very likable characters in Jules and Jason I wanted them to come together, and I wanted them to stay together.The chemistry is hot, and the romance and sex hotter For Jason, it is a revelation, as he explores what it is to reconnect with his passion For music, for life and for love.And Jules He is a genuine man At once so sure of himself, then so vulnerable The perfect mate for Jason s strength and surety This book was as sweetly satisfying as a night of wine, John Coltrane and beignets.Give it a read.Tom Blame It On Jet Lag Jason Greene Thought He Had Everything A Dream Job As A Partner In A Large Philadelphia Law Firm, A Beautiful Fiancee, And Money Than He Could Ever Hope To Spend Then He Finds His Future Wife In Bed With Another Man, And He S Forced To Rethink His Life And His Choices On A Moment S Notice, He Runs Away To Paris, Hoping To Make Peace With His LifeBut Jason S Leave Of Absence Becomes A True Journey Of The Heart When He Meets Jules, A Struggling Jazz Violinist With His Own Cross To Bear In The City Of Love, It Doesn T Take Them Long To Fall Into Bed, But As They Re Both About To Learn, They Can T Run From The Past Sooner Or Later, They Ll Have To Face The Music I started this on July 14 and dropped it temporarily because of the instalove.I m not in the mood to get back to it.DNF 45% 3.5 Stars This was an interesting enough debut from Shira Anthony about finding love with a rebound and first homosexual experience Lawyer Jason Greene just caught his female fiancee cheating on him, so he tucks tail and runs his broken heart to Paris to try to mend There he meets a 22 year old musician, Jules who is gay and outwardly flirtatious, on his first night visiting a jazz club The two become unofficial roommates, fall into bed rather quickly and Jason discovers he can love a man.The sex was hot, the angst was low, the vibe of the story fairly mellow The issues were easily resolved The secondary characters were interesting enough to have me read the rest of the series There were minor jealousies and misunderstandings but no major quibbles.I do believe the best part was the setting Paris is an easy city to fall in love with.My issues with the story It could be the mellowness, I m not sure and I m not that anxious to go back to examine I did question Jason s true feelings for fully kicking open the door to being in a gay relationship and so quickly I mean, if a strange woman laid in the bed next to me and I woke to find her thereshe would not be greeted with a smile I had some doubts.I liked Jules and Jah son that s me saying it in my charming fake French accent, in fact for parts of the book I used my fake French accent to read out loud , glad they got their happy ending but I m not heavily invested. Blue Notes at first sight a GFY is like the journey of a man discovering what he wants from life and love by falling for a much younger man on a visit to Paris.Tourist attractions,delicious food,jazz and classical music galore,lots of terms in French language this book really got the French vibeJonas and Jules were an adorable couple that fell in love quickly but they both needed their time to get comfortable in their relationship,especially the older Jonas who fled to Paris after a bad break up with a cheating fiance and a stressfull job as a successful lawyer.Meeting Jules,a young jazz musician made him deal with unpleasent childhood memories and re discovering his long time buried love for music and playing the piano.A big niggle was the use of terms like older man younger man,American Frenchman.Especially in the sex scenes they were off putting and unnecessary.Some cliches here and there like the older Jonas automatically taking the lead and Jules as the younger man being insecure and behaving immature.But overall I really enjoyed this book I really loved this story It hit me just right This is a GFY although his sexuality is questionable to begin with where we get to meet Jaz the toppy lawyer who meets a young cute submissive violin player There are some really decent surprises to the story that keep it moving in a great direction It does have the traditional secrets, miscommunication and Jules tend to be a runner , but other than that the story was solid A plus to the story is that at least 80% of the story is based in Paris As others have pointed out, there are some terminology issues through out the story that get old older man younger man, American Frenchman, etc I cannot really comment on the French, even though I took 7 years of it through out my schooling, the phrasing and meaning looked right to me With that said, there was too much he said this in french using the slang vernacular type footnotes through out the story that drive me crazy especially since the sentence would be in English I could have done without all that. This was a pleasant surprise I could really feel the emotions between both Jules and Jaz Jason and I easily loved them both Rosie was an amazing sister to Jaz, even though she annoyed me a bit when she kept butting into her brothers relationship issues view spoiler with Diane the bitch hide spoiler 3.65 stars rounded upI don t think I can add other things that haven t been mentioned before by my other reviewer friends Yes, the repetitive terms older man younger man, American Frenchman is off putting In fact, I actually counted around 35 mentions of older man, 60 mentions of younger man young man not to mention the term kid that Jason sometimes also use to describe Jules I know Jason is older and Jules is younger, can we get on with it Oh, and I m also pretty annoyed with Jason s unnecessary internal drama queen of thinking that he is being old enough to be Jules father Considering Jason is 34 and Jules is 22, THAT is highly improbable, isn t it Except if guys are frequently becoming a father when they re 12 years old Jeez I also agree that the last part becomes a bit tad too long ALTHOUGH, if the idea is for us to meet a character named Sam, whom I truly hope will get his own story, it s pretty nice.Despite all that I like how Jason doesn t end up contemplating too much whether he s gay or bi, that he just takes Jules as his lover, and acknowledges that he is indeed in love with the violinist I also like how Jules pretty much takes over Jason s heart with his own determination and a young man spirit yes, I end up using the term young man , forgive me And I have to admit the passion for music and the lovely city of Paris helps On the dedication page, Ms Anthony thank her parents for the gift of Paris I can sense how the beauty of Paris captures her mind in this book In fact, it seems like Paris infuses a life of its own, making this story engaging and helps the rating. 3.75 Stars This was a sweet story A man travelling to Paris to do some thinking about his life, only to find possibilities he never knew he had for himself.Jason is an attorney in Philadelphia and after finding his fiancee in bed with another man He decides he needs time off He goes to Paris He has a history with that city and it might be the best place to do some thinking about his future The night he arrives he walks into a jazz club and is totally taken by the young man playing the violin He s never really been attracted to men before, but something about Jules, just captivates Jaz.So they begin a passionate affair, which leaves Jaz the freedom to be himself, to discover being in love and also forces him to decide where he wants to be.The men in this book were very charming for the most part, they did lose a bit of that charm in the end for me though Jules was soooo French He just threw himself into Jaz, beared it all, said it all, was sex and passion and just hijacked Jaz s heart Things were not perfect, but they were quite good together Jules had some difficulties in his life, Jaz couln t decide what to doIn the end they made it work.Paris itself was a solid character in the book and I REALLY loved that I loved thinking about these two men falling in love in Paris That being said, there were parts that felt a little like a course on all things French But overall I thought the city was portrayed lovingly and very accurately The end of this book was a bit frustrating and just went on for too long I felt there was a bit much unnecessary dramatics That was a bit irritating I will go ahead and blame most of that on DSP s nonexistent editing A bit of tightening would have been awesome.But despite that it s still a nice love story, set well and with just enough angst to make you feel like you worked for the happy ending.It was pretty smexy too.

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  • Blue Notes (Blue Notes, #1)
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  • 23 October 2017
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