Lone Star

Lone StarPart Of Men Under The Mistletoe Anthology From Carina Press But Also Available Separately , Words Growing Up In Rural Texas, Mitchell Evans Ambition To Be A Dancer Made Him A Target Though He Found Success In New York City, Mitch Is At A Crossroads, And Heads Home For The First Time In Twelve Years To Figure Things Out When What Appears To Be A Reindeer Jumps Out In Front Of His Car, He Drives Off The Road And Into The Path Of The One Man He Hoped To AvoidThe Last Person Texas Ranger Web Eisley Expects To See Four Days Before Christmas Is His First Love He Hasn T Seen Mitch Since They Quarreled Over Coming Out To Their Friends And Family Years Ago Though He S Not In The Closet Now, Web Has Worked Hard For The Respect Of His Fellow Officers, But He Still Regrets The Loss Of Mitch In His Life And His BedThe Attraction Between Them Is As Strong As Ever, And It Doesn T Take Long For The Men To Pick Up Where They Left Off But Is Love Enough To Keep Mitch In Town In The New Year What a great, enchanting story for the holiday season Absloutly loved it And as always Lanyon s way of writing is pretty remarkable I really wanted to love this, but I just couldn t My Rant The odd use of y all as a singular pronoun kept pulling me out of the story Each time I read it I was looking for a 3rd person in the scene I m sure there are people out there that use it that way but I ve never in my life heard it, and I live in the South I hear and use y all every single day and it is always plural AlwaysIt took me 4 days to finish reading it After 12 years of not seeing or speaking to each other, the MCs are back in love with each other and planning a future together after 2 days The ending was too predictable and unrealistic It is forgettable What happened to the reindeer The MC kept seeing a reindeer but that whole plot line was just dropped It seemed pretty important to me since it almost killed him My Praise Ummit was a somewhat enjoyable read and there was a hot scene So basically, this did not feel at all like a Josh story to me and unfortunately I feel disappointed. There are times in our lives when we miss a beat, or we fall And then there are times we fall from a swift kick in the ass Mitch Evans just got his ass kicked Frantic and desperate he runs The only place he knows to go is the last place he wants to be.Just when he believes things couldn t get any worse, he hallucinates and flips his car Low and behold his angel appears in perfectly cut jeans and cowboy boots As luck would have it this particular Texas Ranger held his heart many moons ago, and if he s honest with himself, he still does But he can t stay herethey can t be together Too much time has passed, too much pain has yet to heal, and his hard earned dream come true is thousands of miles away How will he chose between his dancing career and first and only true loveor does he have too Romantic and sweet, and just what I was looking for 4tumbling twirling tender stars I enjoyed this, but the ending could have been a little rushed sarcasm Oh, oh, oh Josh Lanyon with no mystery a short kind of Christmas second chance romance.I enjoyed this quick read about Mitch, a professional dancer going back to his home town and, of course, his first encounter is his crush when a teen, the laid back and now Texas Ranger Web A reunion that will make Mitch reassess his life.It s short, so there are a few points not enough developed, it s low on steam, but brings a nice HEA. Early reviews on this particular story from the whole anthology hadn t been really good, as I kept seeing 2 3 stars So I was a bit weary Then I read it myself and well, I stand on my opinion that Josh Lanyon is still one of my favorite authors There are some things that make the story works for me personally One, it s the whole the one who got away reunion theme I m such a sucker for that, and Josh has written a good one in this Two, the delicious chemistry between Mitch and Web, after 12 years being apart, is still instant and burning The tension is so palpable I love the tidbit information given about the men s past including the part where Web secretly came to see Mitch s dance, as clich as it was Three, the supporting characters, in form of Web s family, are also wonderful to be around with Finally, the lovely and OMG the beautiful ending Web and his surprise for Mitch, sigh This is just a Christmas story with all the right element.The only thing missing is the explanation about the reindeer, darn it I want it explained, Josh I know, I knowit s NOT Christmas But what the hell I do as I please and this pleases me.Overall book rating 3.8Audio Book Max Tatch 4Book Cover 3 Okay so I laughed at the reindeer thing Really It was funny Of course I loved Mr Texas Ranger Web has a calmness about him I really enjoyed It balanced out the high strung ballet dancer, Mitchell Evans, very well.I found it sad that Mitch spend so much time chasing after a part of himself, but never being complete Sad that his relationship with his father hurt them both because of stubborn pride Sad that Mitch ran without touching base with Web one time But I do understand the whys and the hows.This was bitter sweet I suppose But I am happy that they both found what they were looking for in the end.Really enjoyed Max Tatch on the audio I did the Anthology audio for Men under the Mistletoe on this one It s not like I even have to say itBut I will I positively, unequivocally, totally and completely LOVE Josh Lanyon s writing This was the perfect Christmas story, about coming home, finding what was lost, rekindling old flames, and finally finally getting your deepest wish.Mitchell Evans left Llano, Texas at 18 in despair and with blind determination Yes, he had lost everything he loved in that place, but he WOULD be a great dancer And so he was Twelve years later he was back in Llano coming back to deal with things after his father s death First person he runs into is no other than Web Einsley, the man who had been everything to Mitch.Web and Mitch find their way to each other again quickly, if a bit reluctantly but with certainty too It was so lovely to read how they reconnected There is a love scene in this story that may be one of nicest things I ve read from Josh So fragile and intimate that I almost felt like an intruder, but so outrageously erotic and sensual, I could not look away.As always, for this reader, Josh delivered and then some A great way to end an amazing year of fantastic stories from Josh I can t help feeling a bit wistful that we won t have his stories to look forward to next year but hey, he needs his break, and I have all that re reading to do Here s to 2013 O Mitchell Evans, today a famous ballet dancer, used to be an awkward boy living with his disappointed, non accepting and occasionally abusive father His coming home for Christmas makes him remember all the ugliness of his childhood But he remembers something good too Web Eisley.

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  • 84 pages
  • Lone Star
  • Josh Lanyon
  • English
  • 12 July 2018
  • 9781426892806

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