Les contes drolatiques

Les contes drolatiquesHonor De Balzac Was Frankrijks Meest Geliefde, Maar Ook Meest Verguisde Schrijver Van Zijn Tijd Hij Stak De Draak Met De Schijnheiligheid N De Preutsheid Van Zijn Tijdgenoten In Vrijmoedige Verhalen Schrijft Hij Over Een Tijdperk Waarin Plezier En Buitenechtelijke Liefde Bedreven Worden Door Burgers, Edelen En Zelfs Monniken Het Zal Niemand Verbazen Dat Zijn Boek Niet Gelezen Mocht Worden Vanwege Het Aanstootgevende Karakter Tot En Met De Dag Van Vandaag Houdt Balzac Ons Een Openhartige Spiegel Voor Ich muss gestehen, ich war vielleicht bereits zu Beginn dieses Buches etwas negativ voreingenommen Zum einen hat mich Balzac bislang nie so wirklich begeistern k nnen, da sein fl chtiger Stil neben den beiden anderen gro en Realisten Flaubert und Stendhal verblasst Zum anderen war meine DDR Ausgabe mit einem mikroskopisch kleinen Schriftbild versehen, dass das Lesen unangenehm macht und auch die Qualit t der Reproduktionen der Stiches Gustave Dor s erheblich beeintr chtigte Aber auch ohne diese negative Vorpr gung h tte mich das Buch nicht begeistern k nnen Balzac versucht so etwas, wie einen Decameron seiner Zeit, den er allerdings in das Frankreich der Religionskriege verlegt Wer das versucht, der muss sich auch mit Boccaccio messen lassen und hier muss Balzac leider den Vergleich scheuen, den bei aller Zotigkeit sind die Tolldreisten Geschichten doch in vielen Punkten versch mt bieder Das aber passt nicht zum Thema Da lobe ich mir doch den w rzigen Witz der Renaissance Das brigens liegt nicht an der etwas altbackenen bersetzung Der bersetzer ist redlich bem ht, die Sprachwitze zu bertragen und dies gelingt ihm insbesondere dort gut, wo Balzac lokale franz sische Dialekte immitiert und unterschiedliche deutsche Dialekte an deren Stelle gesetzt werden.Zugleich ist Balzac bei seinem historischen Setting unglaublich schlampig Da w re es konsequenter gewesen, die Geschichte in die ihm bekannte Gegenwart zu versetzen, wie das Julia Voznesenskaya bei ihrem schwer mit Balzac zu vergleichenden aber wesentlich gelungeneren Dekameron der Frauen gemacht hat. Eigentlich zweieinhalb, bei Balzac greift der Klassikerbonus, ausf hrliche Rezi mit Empfehlungen und Warnhinweisen sp ter. A set of light, fun short stories about love Done in an imitation of Rabelais style Intricate wordplay and innuendo about love A lot is lost in translation, but some of the simple lewd humor shines through. This isn t the exact edition I read Unfortunately and inexplicably I can t seem to find the right edition, which includes 125 illustrations by the fantabulous Gustave Dore.In any case, the stories themselves sort of bored me and because of that this took me forevertime to read Balzac is sort of one of those authors that I ve always expected to love, so I ve been putting him off until just the right time But then came these stories and oompf Balzac could have been holding a gun to my head and I wouldn t have been able to muster anyenergy for reading these stories.The stories themselves are okay , but the third star is because of the illustrations by Dore They re amazing just like most of his other illustrations, and they re honestly what kept me going through reading these Maybe it just wasn t quite the right time to read Balzac but it s never the wrong time to look at some Dore illustrations Not as awesome as his work for Dante s Inferno, but a nice contender nonetheless.Balzac as for you, dear friend, I ve got some other stuff of yours that I will not give up on yet. I was really looking forward to reading Droll Stories, as it seemed to me that a ribald parody of medieval tales was subject matter I could easily find amusing treasures in However it seems as if Balzac had taken on a rabelaisian task without having the right mindset to offer the reader the same degree of grotesque bawdiness all the way through Balzac promises us a book of the richest flavour, full of right hearty merriment, spiced to the palate of the illustrious and very precious tosspots and drinkers, to whom our worthy compatriot Francois Rabelais, the eternal honour of Touraine, addressed himself , and this is true of the first ten tales, and indeed somewhat into the second ten tales, but about midway through the second lot of stories the writing takes a turn towardsdramatic themes and the absurdity so well begun wanes Some of the early pieces I quite enjoyed such as The Brother in Arms, The Vicar of Azay Le Rideau, and the most befitting The Merry Tattle of the Nuns of Poissy which has a novice nun searching her naked body by command of a senior sister for a potentially sinful flea This is the kind of bawdy absurdness I was hoping to unravel through out the entire collection of stories, but by the time I had reached the third ten tales I was struggling to keep engrossed and felt that Balzac was writing in a completely different mood to when he had started out despite the verve of the prologues and epilogues that would have us believe otherwise Give us a story, then, that stops at the girdle , this is what I was expecting all the way through Droll Stories, it may be that Balzac is tickled by the wit of Rabelais but I just don t think he has the same nuance of the absurd that is required to replicate it in his own outpourings It s worth reading for the few tales that will delight thelewd of the senses and my 1946 edition has saucy illustrations by Steele Savage which enrich the feel of the collection, but if you are hoping for something that will make you gasp and guffaw then I d recommend Rabelais himself Having said all that, it is splendid that Balzac attempted such an ode and I m sure it is probably better read in the author s native tongue. For those unfamiliar with Balzac, he s one of the first realist writers of his time Most of his work is vulgar and broad, but set in a time when vulgarity was a part of life It s refreshing to see that Shakespeare wasn t the first only one to transcend the pattern of dark Europe.While most of the stories contain subtle filth on bodily functions and bedroom escapades, it s not difficult to understand, even in translation It s all quite entertaining, and broad though it may be, still lends to an appropriate feeling of familiarity with the era the writer s 19th century or the fictional 13th century, or anywhere in between.It wasn t all farts and tresses and entrails, however a four part story in the middle of the collection concerns a witch trial of sorts The Succubus reminds me of Milton s Paradise Lost, which probably took clues from most witchcraft stories of the medieval era.Overall, I found it light reading and worthy of my time I recommend it to anyone weary of unrealistic, morally bound pre victorian literature. I read a version that was printed in 1874 It was rich with engravings, making up about 20% of the volume It was very much about ribaldry and cuckoldry, and thus very French Male female relations, and the clergy figure prominently The short stories are all written as if they took place in the 15th century the time of Rabelais I found it very entertaining, humorous, and titillating in a very refined manner. I enjoyed taking a break with this book its humorous style and short story format made it ideal for filling in odd moments throughout the day and providing relief from heavier reading.I really can t understand why any careful reader would think this book dull True, most of the stories utilize the same main themes cuckoldry being the most common, I think , but the quality of the writing makes the common theme stories unique and engaging throughout If something seems odd or nonsensical upon the first reading, I would suggest going back over the passage to look for double or triple, in some cases meanings I definitely would have missed a lot of the charming humor Balzac employs if I had not slowed down at certain points when reading his work I m sure a lot of his pun power was lost in translation, but the editor of the edition I read made quite an effort to fill in the English reader to the lost complexity whenever he could, a practice I found very helpful.I loved the amazing engravings featured in the work their complexity and macabre styling was quite impressive, so don t skip by them if you happen to have an edition where they are included. I loved these stories and I loved Balzac s crazy interludes where he tries to reason about why he s writing them Some of them are just begging to be stage productions and are very amusing Definitely not for prudish people, but also excellent for those interested in a version of historical France.

Honor de Balzac was a nineteenth century French novelist and playwright His magnum opus was a sequence of almost 100 novels and plays collectively entitled La Com die humaine, which presents a panorama of French life in the years after the fall of Napol on Bonaparte in 1815.Due to his keen observation of fine detail and unfiltered representation of society, Balzac is regarded as one of the found

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