Moonlight Becomes You

Moonlight Becomes YouNew version from Dreamspinner is the 0.99 deal of the day 7 16 14 4.5 stars Wow Piper Vaughn and M.J O Shea rocked my socks off I loved this adorable book First of all the writing whew So seamless and just really flawless in my book I loved the style of these two ladies I couldn t believe how much emotion this little story wrenched out of me I was near tears at times and was so in the characters heads I knew who they were, where they were coming from everything I was in it and I loved the ride Most importantly, I felt the LOVE between the two MCs It wasn t insta love by any means and it felt so true I think this might be my favorite rocker story I have read to date This is just gushing rather than a full review sorry folks Piper Vaughn and M.J O Shea, you have a new fangirl This Edition Is No Longer AvailableEleven Years Ago Shane Ventura Made The Biggest Mistake Of His Life When He Caved In To Pressure From His Record Label To Kick His Best Friend Jesse Seider Out Of Their Band, Luck Though He Had A Gorgeous Voice, Jesse Wasn T Beautiful, And Didn T Fit The Label S Ideal Look But Shane S Never Wanted Anyone Else , And All The Sex And Alcohol In The World Can T Fill The Void Jesse Left Behind As His Thirty Second Birthday Approaches, Shane Feels Miserable Than Ever Even The Prospect Of Teaming Up With Britain S Hottest Band, Moonlight, For An Epic World Tour Can T Get Him Out Of His Depressive Funk Until He Meets Lead Singer, Kayden Berlin, And Falls Into Instant Lust Though Kayden Acts Like He S Not Interested, Shane Knows He Feels The Spark Between Them But The Harder Shane Pushes, The Kayden Pulls Away Then One Explosive Night Things Finally Come To A Head And Shane Is Left Nursing A Broken Heart That Seems To Be Shane S Lot Lucky At Everything But Love, The One Thing That Matters Most But There S A Lesson Shane Still Hasn T Learned When It Comes To Love, You Can T Always Leave Things To Chance 4.5 Until one day he realised that suddenly everything about Jesse turned him on, that somewhere along the way, without ever intending it, he d fallen for his best friend hard starsI want to tell the guys, Shane whispered against Jesse s lips It wasn t the first time he d mentioned it I wanna be with you for real, Jess, out in the open We shouldn t have to hideShane has regretted his decision for over ten years, the decision to cut Jesse out of his life But for the first time in what seems like forever, he wants something than sex, he wants a relationship, he wants love Kayden Berlin, the ice cold singer, is the one of his affections.Cute and fluffy only because I knew the ending from reading it previously I first read Moonlight Becomes You as the 1st kindle edition in July 2013, just shy of a year ago today It was also the first M M romance I had read, and I would completely love to tell you that this converted me, but it did not I finished the series and then went on to F M, I m still not sure what was wrong with me Eventually I read a few , and a few , and a few , until I wasn t liking reading anything other than the beauty of M M.This reminded me a lot of Rosemary s Baby, as there was an incredibly slow build up, where little hints are strategically placed, making you feel uneasy, and yet not knowing why They then lead up to something huge and expected, and yet still shocking.The switches between the past and the present were very good, but sadly not as seamless as Pandabomb s Eat, Knot, LoveI loved the incredibly slow buildup with Kayden and Shane, there wasn t too much drama, it was just perfect There could have done to be scenes with Jesse when they were young but that s in the prequel so I can t fault that It s really well written and an easy read.Kayden wasn t immune to him, no matter what he tried to pretend, and that meant Shane had a chance No matter how slim it was, he wasn t about to let such a prime opportunity slip by.Because it has been a year since I first read this, I had forgotten some of the minor details, but it seems exactly the same as the old edition except for the graphic description of Jesse A copy of Moonlight Becomes You was kindly provided to me by Piper Vaughn, in exchange for an honest review.P.S I am not a fan of 1D, I just thought the.gif was pretty awesome. MJ O shea and Piper Vaughn,You two have done it again I had looked forward to this book for months and then I thought it was ruined for me because a spoiler was posted I was stuck between really wanting to read it and fearing that because I knew a big portion of the plot I wouldn t enjoy reading it Well, in the end I had nothing to fear I freaking loved it There s so much I want to say but can t My lips are sealedWhat I can say is if you re a fan rock star books then this is not to be missed It was sweet, hot, emotional The story had a great flow Definitely pick this one up guys 5 Stars Psh, like no one saw that coming This isn t exactly a well written book, but the uber angst had me craving like a crack addict Delicious hurty goodness. 3.5 StarsShane Ventura has been doing nothing but waking up with a head full of regrets for the last 10 plus yearsForget pluralMore like REGRET The ONE regret.He s a rockstar, he s got it all, the fame, the fortune, all he ever wanted All the things he chose over Jesse JesseHis first love The One The one he betrayed over a record deal Shane has never gotten over the guilt from that, the shame of knowing he broke the heart of the only man he ever loved.But the show must go on, and he and his guys are set to tour with another band Moonlight, with that lead Kayden Berlin, fucking sexy bastard Shane gets one good look at Kayden and all of a sudden the fucked up Kurt Cobain routine he s been pulling seems a little wasteful He gets right, and goes on a courting He wants to get A LOT closer to Kayden Only tiny little baby problem is that Kayden hates his guts.So, Shane bides his time and slowly tries to wear down Kayden, because Shane reaaaaallllyyy likes the man, despite his bastard like waysKayden, Kayden, Oohhh Kayden, you made me want to pimp slap my kindleThat boy, made me want to break something.I liked most things about this book I am self admittedly a sucker for the rocker boys and these boys were quite good I really enjoyed the scenes where they performed, A LOT, I wished there had been Shane was really likable too, he was so lost and soooo contrite, and his conversations with his baby brother and bandmate Nicky were FRIGGIN HILARIOUS I also have to say that for a collaborated writing effort this book read well, flowed nicely and did not have a stitched up feeling at all The sex was also super HOT.My issues First, the premise and unravelling of the story did not work for me AT ALL I just did not get it I kind of figured it out, but was still floored and not particularly on a good way when THE BIG THING happened It probably would have helped if I would have felt I knew Kayden better though This bring me to my second issue There was a big imbalance for me with these characters Too much Shane and not nearly enough KaydenWhich I get was the pointBut that just brings me back to my first issue.So overall sweet and sexy rocker story Will look for sequel when it comes out, I hear it s Nicky, kind of want to see who gets sauce on his noodle. So, when I started this I didn t realize that there was a prequel At about 13% I was still a bit disoriented, a little bored and didn t really care about the characters so I stopped reading and quickly read More Than Moonlight I highly recommend reading it first because when I came back to MBY, I was enjoying it a lot The beginning started off a little slow and there were hardly any scenes with Shane and Kayden Jesse talking and I was really wishing that the book was from Kayden s POV That could also be because I had not read the prequel yet But somewhere around 30%, I connected with Shane and became so hooked I could not put it down I really ended up liking him and felt bad for him even though he was kinda in the wrong for what he did to Jesse years ago But Shane was put in a bad situation and he had to make a choicenot saying that that choice was right or wrong, though Kayden Jesse could have handled things differently, too The ending was really sweet and I m happy that they were able to forgive each other and find love again I know that sounds really bad but I can t say without spoiling Looking forward to the next book of the series and interested to see where it will be going. I wavered between 4 and 5 for this I was thinking 4 because it really needed information on the backstory Had I not read the prequel, I think I wouldn t have understood the love between Jesse and Shane, which made what happened so much painful Ultimatly I decided on a 5 because so very often, in stories of this kind, the betrayal happes, years pass in between and then when they meet up again, it is very YES, I love you still, I forgive you in six minutes and we can now fall sweatily into bed That doesn t happen here The betrayal happens Shane is an asshat , time passes, and nope, not forgiving anything It is a plan of revenge, and that seems real to me, than ruin my life but I m good with it Jesse, mmmm, how lovely is Jesse Maybe because I loved him in the prequel trio, I loved him here Kayden, icy and beautiful Jesse, soft and in love great character development and investment It is dramatic, but they are rock stars I felt it fit The blue glittery guitar was a nice touch Nicky s story, can t wait Yes, he is rude, crude, lewd and obnoxious He also seems to me to be hiding a lot of hurt, push them away before they can push you away sort of thing I think he s going to be glorious Piper and MJ, thank you for a great read. No Spoilers3 4 stars Sometimes I really wish there was a 3.8 star rating, ya know THE WRITING This was a sweet, romantic, quick read that hit all the right marks The writing was fresh and well paced The story moved along with little to no lulls THE CHARACTERS I found Shane to be a surprisingly contemplative and sentimental character who tugged at my heart strings He let an eleven year old mistake nearly ruin him When times were bad, he was the most happy When times were supposed to be good, he was the most miserable Shane the selfish jerk strikes again Jesse, as seen through Shane s eyes is someone you would want to know He is not perfect but beautiful Not confident but positive, clumsy but gifted After all those years, all the resentment I d felt toward you, I hadn t thought that hurting you would hurt me too I had to take a little bit away for some predictability in this story but I add high marks for the thrilling tummy twinges I enjoyed I m sure that I ll be looking for from the author soon Take a look at my Male Male Romance Book Blog Like others I m a fan of rock star angst stories so I was happy to see this offering Unfortunately the premise was hard for me to buy into and the ending just devolves into what was for me, an eye rolling experience It s an easy story to read and mostly enjoyable but overall it just didn t work that well for me Others may not be as bothered, especially if they can buy into the concept and twist presented The writing is decent and the angst and sex scenes are enough to satisfy fans of those elements so this could be successful with another reader Bands Luck and Midnight are two very successful bands with albums releasing around the same time They team up on a world tour and right away lead singers Kayden and Shane clash Shane isn t sure what s going on and why Kayden seems to dislike him but that doesn t stop the electric chemistry between them Shane is determined to find out why Kayden treats him so differently from other people and while pursuing the other singer Shane discovers some hard truths about himself But when the full truth about Kayden is revealed, Shane s not sure how to handle it The story involves numerous flash backs to Shane s first boyfriend best friend Jesse and how they met, became friends, and eventually formed a band When that band, Luck, got signed the label wanted to get rid of pudgy Jesse and Shane was the one to tell Jesse These flashbacks are interspersed with the present current timeline as Shane pursues Kayden The twist is not so much of a twist since it s obvious from the beginning what s going on I won t spell it out but it s easy enough to deduce Knowing that tests whether you can suspend disbelief enough to buy into the idea If you can, then the story will likely appeal than to those readers that need a bit reality in their fiction I have to say that I couldn t entirely buy into this plot device, which definitely affected my enjoyment Part of this is the characterization of both Kayden and Shane Shane comes across frankly as somewhat of a whiner He s unhappy with his life and empty band existence, which feels authentic in many ways Yet he doesn t really try to change that because he s simply too lazy He stops drinking and sleeping around mostly because he s bored and apathetic rather than a concerted choice to change his life Shane continually pushes at Kayden, despite anything Kayden says, because he simply wants what he wants The fact that Kayden won t give in feels like the typical case of a someone whose interest is caught only because the other person is the first not to give in I couldn t really buy into the descriptions that Shane was finally in love This just didn t feel real or true Likewise Kayden comes across cold and arrogant Of course he s playing a role but he never really has much depth since the story is told from Shane s perspective Kayden is alternatively aloof or caring depending on Shane s view and not so much his characterization Kayden feels like an idea than a real person during the course of the story Kayden only starts to develop depth and a unique presence towards the end but the ending really killed it for me so that didn t help my particular enjoyment The writing is decent with some good angst and descriptions of a rock star life It s easy to read and a little light on prose, focusing a lot on sex and the made up tension rather than the surroundings This isn t bad per se but didn t really do much to capture my interest I really wanted to like this story as it has all the elements that should really work for an angsty rocker story but due to the issues I ve mentioned it just didn t work well for me It s a decent enough read but not something I d remember or recommend.

Piper Vaughn is a queer Latinx author and longtime romance reader Since writing their first love story at age eleven, they ve known writing in some form was exactly what they wanted to do A reader to the core, Piper loves nothing than getting lost in a great book.Piper grew up in a diverse neighborhood in Chicago and loves putting faces and characters of every ethnicity in their stories,

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