Five Little Pigs

Five Little PigsThe best thing that can be said about this book is that you get a lot of Poirot He is present in almost every page where there are no notes that had been written by the characters We are privy to his thoughts.Not only that, but the Poirot we see is almost human He is normal, foreign, but normal He isn t the eccentric walking bag of tics that a few generations of fans have grown to laugh at deride Despite that, I gave the book 3 stars.Oh, the story is cleverly written But we get the same multiple accounts of the one event, that of murder of Amyas Crale It quickly becomes grating and tiring until numbness takes over the mind The murderer for once looks to have escaped the law That s a first Otherwise, I can only shrug. Deceived again Well played, Christie Well played. This review and other non spoilery reviews can be found The Book PrescriptionAh, but my dear sir, the why must never be obvious That is the whole point It is no secret that I am a fan of Agatha The idea of a lady writing mystery murder novels almost a decade ago and they are so smart and good is just mind blowing I was in the mood to read something by the queen of mystery in the second half of 2018 and I finally did this only days away from 2019.I only picked this because I bought the book on sales and not for any particular reason This is by Poirot which may be the most unique detective everRest assured, said Hercule Poirot I am the best As usual, the story is interesting, kind of hard to guess because Agatha likes to keep some clues hidden till the big reveal I also like the format of Agatha s books, the chapters are kind of short and makes sense.I don t have much to say about this one, I was fascinated by the reveal although it was a little bit over the top but at the end Poirot mentions that he doesn t have a proof and that it is all just his dedications which saves the day Summary While this is not Agatha s best book, it was so enjoyable and easy to read Poirot is as queer and funny as always I think it is a good place to start for those who never read anything by Agatha and a good read for all of Poirot s fans. Five Little Pigs is the 25th book in the Hercule Poirot series by Dame Agatha Christie My friend Medhat reminded me that Christie s birthday was this month, so we agreed to read a few of her books together I ve probably finished at least 50% of her novels and usually read them out of order a rarity for me First up was Five Little Pigs, and it was quite a fun story Let s dive into my review.Caroline Crale went to prison for killing her husband The jury felt sorry for her and rather than sentence her to death, she was kept in jail for life Sixteen years later, she passed away Her young daughter receives a letter, just as she turns 21, from her mother, who basically says I promise, I didn t kill your father The daughter tracks down Hercule Poirot and hires him to investigate the past Poirot is intrigued, quickly agreeing and meeting with the lawyers and police detectives who d been involved in the case By the time he s finished, he learns there were 5 other people at the house the day of the death Poirot conducts his inquiries, and in the end discovers the true killer.The book is divided into three parts 1 Introduction discussion with the cops and lawyers, 2 Meetings with each of the 5 people who d been at the house, and c Bringing everyone together for Poirot to reveal what he s learned It s classic Agatha Christie format, and I adore it The setup might be frequently used, but it s a perfectly logical approach to solving the crime It can, at times, create a bit of redundancy and duplication, but that helps keep the main points in your mind Or prevents you from thinking about the strange things you learned along the path, usually the biggest clues to the truth The mystery was simple I guessed it this time It took a little while, but it hit me as soon as all the interviews were completed My reasoning was mostly accurate, but Christie tossed in a little surprise that changed the exact root cause Still, it was clever and intriguing The backdrop for the story was pleasant and engaging The victim was an artist who d been having an affair known by his wife and others with his subject The subject was onsite when he was murdered, as were the victim s much younger sister in law, the girl s governess, and two neighbors friends A few secrets come to light, highlighting what really happened on that crazy day nearly sixteen years ago.For me, Christie s books are always easy and immersive reads She knows how to craft a story The plots are usually methodical and direct, even when there are red herrings and side stories There is an intelligence in the design of her phrasing and structure, not like the stories we see today I like both approaches, but there has never been a Christie tale I didn t like or devour quickly I ended up at around 4 stars because I compared it to other classics of hers that I adore This one was good, but it could ve tied together the three different sectionstightly I also would ve liked to getin the end, specifically reactions from everybody when they learned the truth about who killed the man The ending was slightly different, as it wasn t about convicting the true killer but simply getting the answer so the daughter knew the truth Her mom was or was not innocent.I can t wait to start our next buddy read in the coming days The Thirteen Problems. It Was An Open And Shut Case All The Evidence Said Caroline Crale Poisoned Her Philandering Husband, A Brilliant Painter She Was Quickly And Easily Convicted And Sentenced To Life In Prison Now, Sixteen Years Later, In A Posthumous Letter, Mrs Crale Has Assured Her Grown Daughter That She Was Innocent But Instead Of Setting The Young Woman S Mind At Ease, The Letter Only Raises Disquieting Questions Did Caroline Indeed Write The Truth And If She Didn T Kill Her Husband, Who Did To Find Out, The Crale S Daughter Asks Hercule Poirot To Reopen The Case His Investigation Takes Him Deep Into The Conflicting Memories And Motivations Of The Five Other People Who Were With The Crales On The Fatal Day With His Keen Understanding Of Human Psychology, He Manages To Discover The Surprising Truth Behind The Artist S Death What are you going to do I am going to visit these five people and from each one I am going to get his or her own story Superintendent Hale sighed with a deep melancholy.He said Man, you re nuts None of their stories are going to agree Don t you grasp that elementary fact No two people remember a thing in the same order anyway And after all this time Why, you ll hear five accounts of five separate murders That, said Poirot, is what I am counting upon It will be very instructive On the umpteenth re read, still my favourite Agatha Christie book.It is hard to tell why even though there are some obvious reasons It is a classic mystery with a love triangle, the solution hidden in plain sight and surrounded by cleverly built up and well laid red herrings and yet there is something in it that touches me deeply I am probably as fascinated by the problem of personality as Poirot seems to be In this novel AC reaches new perfections in subtle and intricate characterisation and plotting, which never ceases to amaze me Hercule Poirot was fascinated by the problem of personality Each person had seen her differently Montague Depleach had despised her as a defeatist a quitter To young Fogg she had represented Romance Edmunds saw her simply as a lady Mr Jonathan had called her a stormy, turbulent creature.How would he, Hercule Poirot, have seen her On the answer to that question depended, he felt, the success of his quest.So far, not one of the people he had seen had doubted that whatever else she was, Caroline Crale was also a murderess A young woman visits Poirot requests him to investigate an intriguing and challenging murder case her mother was convicted of poisoning her father 16 years ago, but on her deathbed she wrote her daughter a letter, claiming she was innocent Everyone else involved apart from Caroline s sister is deeply convinced of Caroline Crale s guilt, so it seems a hopeless case And if Caroline Crale did not kill her husband, who did Who are the five little pigs witnesses concerned and could would they have done it Five people with totally different personalities and background, but seemingly without motive for the murder Poirot visits all five of them and asks them to write down how they remember the events of the past Through the filter of their memories, we learnabout the murderer Caroline the victim Amyas Crale wonder if his having the same initials as Agatha s cheating first husband is a coincidence , but also about everyone else concerned Everyone sees the others just a bit differently and layers and layers are added to all characters, some obvious, others surprising Long forgotten, seemingly inconsequential, but surprising bits and pieces of information resurface and together with Poirot we put the jigsaw puzzle together And when the last piece falls into place, we are stunned again by Dame Agatha s brilliancy, her understanding of human nature as we learn the identity of the real murderer. Also known as Five Little Pigs One of the best Christie s I ve read, sorry to see it s not mentionedChristie changed it up a bit by having Poirot having to take apart a crime that happened decades ago Digging into the past and focusing on interviews instead of actual occurrence and eye witness details A lot has been forgotten in the small details, and some of it has been skewed by memory and deceit Like some of her other novels, the bulk of this one is interviews In between that is the written accounts Poirot asked suspects to write, and when he compares them at the end it starts making sense.One thing that did bug me was the flatness of the daughter who is seeking answers I figured she d.careon a personal level I know she doesn t remember much, but still What I found the most interesting was the villain and everyone who was in love with everyone it was like a soap opera or mysteries and most people wore fake faces Interesting reveal and impossible for me to guess the actual villain since clues could have pointed in multiple directions.This is one of those mysteries where the crime is solvedby studying the psychological of the characters and what turns out plausible because of that, instead of following actual evidence and clues There are some of those that help point the sign in the right direction, but it comes down to understanding and studying people in the end, as Poirot often says I know she uses staple characters but I found the governess hatred of men to be taken to an even higher level than usual The daughter came across as flat, but the other characters were convincing in their hatred or loyalty There wasn t as much humor in this one as some of Poirot s books it felt like a somber casting over the entire thing but it fit the story What impressed me the most with the psychology of the characters was Christie showing how demented romantic pairings can actually make some couples happy, even if they seem miserable to the outside world. Originally titled Murder in Retrospect ugh , Five Little Pigs is one of several books where Christie used nursery rhymes for titles concepts, such as Ten Little Indians and Then There Were None In this one, Carla Lemarchant comes to Poirot with a letter her mother had written to her when she died, but had only recently come into her possession Her mother, Caroline Crale, was 16 years ago convicted of the murder of her husband, accomplished artist Amyas Crale, and she died in prison a couple years later In the letter Caroline claims she was innocent, a claim not shared by anyone who was actually closely connected to the crime, but one that Carla wants Poirot to help refute Poirot agrees to investigate, not promising anything, of course, and finds five little piggies that might be suspects and or might shed light on the case Philip Blake, the little and yes, he s fat piggy who went to market, in this case the stock market his brother Meredith Blake, the piggy who stayed home to play with herbs and poisons, one of which may have killed Crale Elsa Greer is the piggy who ate roast beef she s gluttonously sexy, voracious Miss Williams is the piggy who had none, the straight laced governess, and finally Caroline s sister, Angela, the little pig who cried wee wee wee, all the way home, presumably because she s a teenager with a disfigured face who might feel sorry for herself Amyas causes his wife some distress by inviting a young woman, Elsa Greer, into the house so he can paint her portrait and apparently, have an affair with Amyas and Caroline basically have an open relationship, but this one might just be different The painting goes on throughout the book and figures in the mystery in a pretty interesting way Caroline tells her hubby she will kill him for this affair, and there is plenty of evidence to prove she did But, oh, did she One interesting angle in the book in addition to the important painting is that the case is 16 years old Poirot improbably gets all five of these folks to write their memories of the case, so of course they are all different, and all flawed, because of their various investments in the situation and limitations on their perspectives Why should they all agree to write But once we accept this premise, the stories are interesting Of course most mysteries have witnesses or interested parties recount what they know of the case This is different in that it is in writing and 16 years after the fact Okay, so it s not that different as an angle for a book, but the resolution of this one still terrific, innovative and, yep to me surprising I bump up my 3.5 rating to 4 just for the ending The books tend to be a bit long, sluggish in the middle, but the Dame knows how to wind up a mystery 4.5 5 stars rounded up I am genuinely surprised that this novel of Christie s is not talked aboutThis is one of my personal favorites and this time it was actually a re read for me.I ve read Five Little Pigs for the first time about 7 years ago, and now that I have picked it up for the second time all I could remember was that I liked it a lot I didn t remember who the murderer was, or how the book played out so in a sense, my experience was like reading it for the first time One does not, you know, employ merely the muscles I do not need to bend and measure the footprints and pick up the cigarette ends and examine the bent blades of grass It is enough for me to sit back in my chair and think This novel is quite different from all others from Christie To start of there s no crime scene and no looking for fresh clues, this is a murder from the past Poirot takes on a task of uncovering the truth of a murder that happened 16 years ago Such interesting premise makes for a completely different novel structure and I think that it was because of this that I enjoyed it so much What do most people mean when they say that So young Something innocent, something appealing, something helpless But youth is not that Youth is crude, youth is strong, youth is powerful yes, and cruel And one thingyouth is vulnerable Poirot himself is not very prominent in this book, although he is in every scene, he takes a background and lets the story weave itself, just occasionally butting in and asking questions It s very uncharacteristic of him, as he is normally very pompous and quite weird little man The whole book is comprised of him talking to people who were present at a murder scene trying to get to the truth of what really happened that day.Boring You d think so, but believe me it is not Agatha Christie did a great job on this novel weaving a story of hints and small details, leading the reader on and on, until the very end I kept suspecting different people at different times, and in the end it wasn t the person who I thought it was And I loved that With women, love always comes first Another great mystery to the collection I highly recommend this one.My WEBSITEMy INSTAGRAMMy WORDPRESS BLOG Five Little Pigs Murder in Retrospect Hercule Poirot 25 , Agatha ChristieFive Little Pigs is a work of detective fiction by British writer Agatha Christie The UK first edition carries a copyright date of 1942 The book features Hercule Poirot Five Little Pigs is unusual in the way that the same events are retold from the viewpoints of five people present on the day of the murder sixteen years earlier Sixteen years after Caroline Crale is convicted for the murder of her husband Amyas, her daughter Carla Lemarchant approaches Hercule Poirot In the meeting, Carla claims her mother was innocent, and told her so in the letter she received at age 21, from her mother She fears that her fianc will leave her if the truth behind the murder is not found Poirot agrees to her request and begins researching the case He learns that on the day of the murder, there were five other people at the Crales home, whom he dubs the five little pigs Meredith Blake, an amateur chemist Phillip Blake, Meredith s brother Angela Warren, Caroline s younger half sister Cecilia Williams, Angela s governess, and Elsa Greer, a young woman who is the subject of Amyas s latest painting, now Lady Dittisham The police investigation discovered that Amyas was poisoned by coniine, found in a glass from which he had drunk cold beer The poison had been stolen from Meredith s lab by Caroline, who confessed to stealing it because she planned to use it to commit suicide 1994 1372 244 1390 290 9789649915227 20 1390 290 9789643636920 1392 1395 45 9786008299264

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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