Death Comes as the End

Death Comes as the End In This Startling Historical Mystery, Unique In The Author S Canon, Agatha Christie Investigates A Deadly Mystery At The Heart Of A Dissonant Family In Ancient Egypt Imhotep, Wealthy Landowner And Priest Of Thebes, Has Outraged His Sons And Daughters By Bringing A Beautiful Concubine Into Their Fold And The Manipulative Nofret Has Already Set About A Plan To Usurp Her Rivals Rightful Legacies When Her Lifeless Body Is Discovered At The Foot Of A Cliff, Imhotep S Own Flesh And Blood Become The Apparent Conspirators In Her Shocking Murder But Vengeance And Greed May Not Be The Only Motives

Mary Westmacott, and was occasionally published under the name

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  • Death Comes as the End
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  • 07 April 2017
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    A trifle, a little, the likeness of a dream And death comes as the end Agatha Christie, Death Comes as the EndWhy is does this book not have a solid 5 star average rating Oh bias is showing.Agatha Christie s Death comes as the end is the only one of her books that I feature on my favorite books of all time list It differs from many of her books in several ways.First off..there is nothing..I repeat..nothing..cozy about this book I first read it as a child and do not mind admitting it scared the heck out of me Many of Christie s books have a cozy element to them This does not.Second this book is just as much Historical Fiction as a mystery It takes place in Ancient Egypt I grew up obsessed with books about Egypt and this one doesn t disappoint Historical fiction will be transported to Egypt via this book The atmosphere and setting are top notch.This book has some of the standard things..a murder..who did it..another murder But this book is as much about the human element as the crime element..who we are, how we become the people we are, how does the world see us and is that view accurate How will we grow and leave the past behind I would so recommend Death comes as the end It is interesting that I have read many an Agatha Christie book and while I liked some of them, none really got me involved as this book did A definite five stars.

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    Death comes as the End, Agatha ChristieDeath Comes as the End is a historical mystery novel by Agatha Christie, first published in the US andUK in October 1944 The suggestion to base the story in ancient Egypt came from noted Egyptologist and family friend Stephen Glanville He also assisted Christie with details of daily household life in Egypt 4000 years ago A young widow reacquainting herself with her family when her father Imhotep, a successful but pompous and short sighted mortuary priest, brings a new wife , Nofret, into their lives Nofret soon disrupts and antagonises Imhotep s sons Yahmose, Sobek and Ipy as well as their wives Renisenb realises the housekeeper Henet, while feigning devotion, is full of hatred She eventually confronts Henet, who in a fit of pique admits she hates Renisenb and hated Renisenb s long deceased mother 2005 1381 312 9647033362 1382 1385 1386 1387 9789647033367 1389 320 9786001191978 20

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    This is the only Agatha Christie novel set in antiquity The setting for this murder mystery novel is ancient Egypt It is the most haunting of all her works because of the sheer number of people who get killed under mysterious circumstances Seven people are killed before the murderer is caught As always the climax is brilliant Even though as a Christie fan, you would have guessed the murderer yet in the end you are left wondering at the brilliance of the plot Great read.

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    Choose Your Own Adventure You are Imhotep, ka priest of Ancient Egypt, ruler over a family of nitwits and schemers and busybodies, with drama enough to drive you insane Poor fellow, all you want is a little peace the kind of peace that is found in the arms of a gorgeous concubine Who can blame you The only sympathetic person in your life is your daughter, a lovely and tragic young widow But sadly, the concubine turns out to be as big a drama queen as everyone else in your life and very bad things begin to happen Bad things begin to happen to everyone If this wasn t bloodthirsty Ancient Egypt, the sheer body count that you have to deal with during this drawn out massacre would definitely raise an eyebrow Sometimes enough is enough Whatever is a ka priest to do If you decide to further indulge your need for beautiful and powerful women, choose you decide that life holds no mystery for you and it is time to end it all, choose

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    A unique entry in this Christie cannon sees the queen of crime tackle a suggestion by family friend Stephen Glanville tinder a mystery in the past.Deciding to take up his request, Christie opted to set this novel in Egypt 2000 BC.Wisely choosing to have a family based drama as the main plot, it was easy to be transported to this era.With the father of the family bring home a concubine that unmuffles the other members of the household, it s not long until she is found dead.There s a vast array of characters that can get confusing, but this does lead to a higher death count The plot was simple enough and as you start to suspect the next person, they are subsequently murdered.I liked the idea behind the novel rather than the story itself, it was an interesting and unique experiment.This is best suited for those that wish to read ever Christie book.

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    Death Comes as the End is a standalone Agatha Christie mystery drama set in ancient Egypt Although a murder mystery, there is a ton of family drama and entertaining relationship dynamics to follow I highlighted many quotes from Ms Christie s fabulous writing, but as a mystery, this is far from a favorite for me However, I enjoyed it overall and would recommend it to any Agatha Christie fan.My favorite quote Not so easy to kill an old woman Old women knew the value of life and knew most of the tricks too

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    I can t believe I am saying this, but I KNEW IT.

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    What a story What a story indeed I admit, I have read very few of Christie stories, and only two of them weren t translated including this one Here and now I am mesmerized by her fabulous storytelling So organized well masked plot and witty characters There were motive for many and killings took place, but why you may never be sure until the end I had particularly two in my mind, and one of them turned out to be villainous So, there is hint if you can observe well enough, but I admit, it could have gone either way.All in all, my respect for the queen of mystery has increased greatly after reading No doubt its one of her finest stories Do read it everyone.

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    Fear is incomplete knowledge Out of Christie s huge writing output, Death Comes As The End is the only novel set in Ancient Egypt While it still features murders, and quite a few of them , the description of life by the Nile, in all its intricacies, takes on the role of another character, and I d even say the main one Archeology fascinated her, even before meeting Sir Max Mallowan who became her second husband , and took a huge part of her life when she came to share his work and passion, spending months in excavation sites from Iraq to Syria Much of her acquired knowledge was used in many of her popular titles, such as Murder in Mesopotamia and Death on the Nile.Having the same interest as her although nowhere near the same amount of knowledge , I really enjoyed this story The mix of portrayal of life thousands of years ago with a murder mystery worked really well Having said this, I wonder if other readers will feel the same Christie after all is known for her depiction of the 19th century, with her sharp gaze on that society, that it might be too wide a change Still, I loved it O I m even resolved to find time to read her Come, Tell Me How You Live Memories from archaeological expeditions in the mysterious Middle East.

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    All life is a jest, Imhotep and it is death who laughs last Do you not hear it at every feast Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die Death Comes as the End is Dame Agatha s only historical mystery and she makes full use of her in depth knowledge of Ancient Egypt The detail of Egyptian artifacts and religious beliefs Dame Agatha weaved into this was delightful and made up for the odd dalliances with annoying love triangles What it didn t quite achieve was to give some authenticity to the characters which still seemed as if they had been copied out of an English country house setting I guess, in a way one could argue that the relationships between Christie s characters and their issues are universal, but I could not help imagine some of the characters having a strong London accent Never mind, it was a fun read.

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