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Social Skills Music Is The Only Form Of Communication Connor Owens Controls No Matter How Badly He Wishes To Fit In, Friendly Banter And Casual Conversations Have Never Been His Thing College Is Yet Another Social Universe He Has No Clue How To Navigate Until He Meets Jared, A Football Player With Chestnut Eyes And A Cocky Grin That Holds The Power To Shatter His Self Imposed Prison Jared S Attention Opens Connor Up To A New Realm Of Emotional And Physical Intimacy But As Connor S Self Confidence Grows, So Does His Fear That Everything Will Fall Apart Because In This Socially Stratified World, How Long Can A Relationship Between An Introverted Violinist And A Closeted Football Player Really Last Re Edited Edition

Sara Alva is a former small town girl currently living in big city LA with a husband, two cats, and an avocado tree She recently discovered after a year in her house that she also has a fig tree in her backyard, which might mean she needs to get out But sometimes the stories waiting to be told demand attention, and when she puts fingers to keyboard, it s usually to write about journe

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  • 24 October 2019
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    3.5 stars really enjoyable Oh Connor dear sweet Connor I have invited you into my House of the Huggables to live with Ryan from the ICoS series and Parker from American Love Songs I will love and spoil and take care of the three of you and lavish many hugs not in the dirty, perverted, older woman way but in the I heart you like a teddy bear way ummm maybe no less creepy I heart Connor Painfully shy and lonely uncertain, with barely a sliver of self esteem except when he gets lost in the music of his violin His fears caused such an ache in my heart But, his growth throughout his 1st year in college had me jumping up and down and cheering Jared How many M M MC s are named Jared Guesses I can think of 4 right now closeted, popular football player I crushed on him And then I was angry as all get out at him And then I felt super sorry for him And now well, I got my eye on you kid DON T mess it up Social Skills is a sweet YA book with a than familiar storyline but with some really lovely characters I think it was a bit too long and I found the entire Ronnie storyline the last 20% of the book totally unnecessary But other than that highly recommended if you re 1 a YA M M fan, 2 in the mood for sweet, sprinkled with angst, 3 were a band geek growing up and want to see the violinist come out on top Thanks Dani for tweeting about this book and reco ing and to the BBE for a great March book of the month

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    Let me preface this review by saying this is a friend of mine Let me also add that I became friends with this author because of this story My love for it sparked an email exchange and that grew into friendship.That said, I love this story This is a slow moving story A quiet one with subtle bits of brilliance in every paragraph It is a true romance and a coming of age story about Connor, a shy violinist who has low self esteem and falls in love with someone who has self esteem issues of his own but who appears to be everything Connor wants to be.Social Skills is not a story that lets a love interest teach self worth It s a story about Connor learning his own self worth as he meets and grows and changes in the first year out of high school There is sad and sweet and funny and poignant moments and it feels completely real I love it Period And I could wax poetic about it 7 ways to Sunday, but it s free, so go read it and see for yourself.This is now available on after being edited and revamped D Still one of my all time favorites.

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    This is a wonderful story of coming out, first time love , first love heartbreak and basically many firsts all happening at once.Connor is in his first year at UVA, but the only thing he really feels safe with is his music and his violin Painfully shy and socially awkward he finds solace in his music where he can run from the demands put on him by having to socialise at college He is effectively a bit of a loner, a very sweet one admittedly, however playing in an orchestra is a social thing so he soon makes a friend, Rebecca, and with her finds himself a group of friends where at least he feels a little comfortable with.I loved Connor sweet, innocent yes, when he arrived at college he was still a virgin , a gentle soul, but I found his low self esteem and panic around crowds excruciating I could really feel his anxiety and embarrassment which has tendencies going on to panic attacks He constantly berates himself in his thoughts, second guesses himself and gets angry with himself at his lack of social skills The author let me really get into Connor s thoughts and feelings with marvellous coherent writing All this shyness must come from somewhere, maybe some things are inherent and genetic, but then.Then you meet Connor s mother it all becomes totally clear why Connor is the way he is His mother is totally over bearing, dominant, demanding, manipulative, dictatorial and, and.words fail me No wonder the boy is so shy Connor s father isn t much help either as he is just as much under the thumb as Connor The only one who really knows how to cope with his Mum is his thirteen year old younger sister At first she comes across as your normal irksome little sister, but later I learned to like her A LOT Connor s parent s has his complete life planned out for him and he doesn t even get a say in what he wants I know for a lot of people this character of Connor s domineering mother maybe a little stereotypical, but this is necessary to understand Connor, the way he is and where he s coming from, and I guess such mother s also really exist.OK, back to college Connor his a high achiever Connor s anthropology teacher suggests he gives remedial lessons I also thought that the lecturer here was also thinking about trying to bring Connor out of his shell a little He gets glittlesto football jocks, Michael and Jared to tutor Although Michael drops out, Jared still keeps coming to his class with Connor and it s obvious there is something there than just remedial teaching sessions.The attraction grows and the rest is history so to speak It is now a journey full of discovery, high emotion and changes First Jared tries to keep their relationship secret, can t have a gay football star, can we Connor wants than a closeted football player can give and this leads to a break up At this point I could have cried buckets for Connor, there is nothing worse than breaking up with the first big love in your life Oh the hurt Connor now pulls himself together with the help of Rebecca and starts a new life at college, still a little shy, but you can definitely start to see the change This time it s Jared s turn, he realises how much he misses Connor and tries to win him back, but then Jared is outed MAJOR DISASTER for the football player Now not used to dealing with not being the popular guy Connor needs to treat him gently and help nurture Jared s hurt ego and dealing with snide remarks from his friends Coming out is a very different experience for everyone Here the author takes two examples, Connor choosing to out himself and Jared being outed involuntarily I found this a nice contrast and plot device Making Jared now the one needing help from Connor, whereas before it was the other way round Coming out can be a traumatic affair and in this book we get to read both sides of the coin and its effects Some people being accepting than others, Jared has to learn that if he loses friends now that they were never really true friends to begin with, the question is will Jared be able to cope with his outing I also liked the way the author handled the different reactions of the parents Jared s mum being understanding, although upset, accepts her son s sexuality, but Connor s parents are indifferent and cold Here Connor s sister comes up trumps This is a very true to life situation and the most harrowing part about coming out is the reaction of parents for many young people.I loved this book as the characters felt real Yes, they were young, all around 18 to 20, but oh the emotional turmoil of being a young adult The author conveys these feelings wonderfully and delivers a believable and heart warming story.

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    I was bored to tears with this.Sorry but not sorry, I couldn t enjoy this Boredom, pure boredom Dull and empty Tedious and uninteresting I m not even mad I need to feel the MCs lives are exciting in all their mediocrity But I couldn t connect with them in any form I couldn t understand why they fall in love with each other They are totally forgettable because they didn t start any emotion The story is just blah I have to think really hard to find something I liked, but I just don t want to do so All in all, Sara Alva is not my kind of author.

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    Connor comienza el College enfrent ndose a una nueva vida en la que sus problemas para relacionarse socialmente le supone muchas trabas para hacer amigos y encontrar un lugar en el mundo en el que sentirse bien, a esto hay que sumarle que es gay y nadie lo sabe, parece que lo nico que tiene es su viol n y su m sica Pero, pronto conoce a Jared, deportista, sociable, con una confianza en s mismo que Connor no tiene y es cuando lo conoce cuando empieza esta historiaLa uni n entre el chico t mido y estudioso y el deportista ha sido ya muchas veces un lugar visitado, pero en esta ocasi n, los problemas reales que tiene Connor para relacionarse hacen que fundamentalmente la primera parte del libro sea dolorosa de leer, agobiante y angustiosa Para mi ha sido dif cil leer c mo puede sentirse alguien al que le es tan dif cil mantener una conversaci n m nima o incluso ir por un pasillo, no quiero ni imaginar c mo debe ser experimentarlo Durante todo el libro el POV es nico, el de Connor, y es f cil sentir simpat a por l y gritarle en tus pensamientos vamos, Connor Puedes hacerlo Leer c mo sufre Connor, su falta de autoestima, c mo se pliega a Jared, es doloroso, pero cuando comienza a superar sus miedos es realmente bonito.He le do varias cr ticas negativas sobre Jared, es cierto que sus decisiones no parecen las m s acertadas, ni lo son tampoco en ocasiones sus palabras, pero le dan al personaje un tono de realidad, no va a ser ese chico perfecto que salva al pobre Connor de sus miserable vida, realmente se salvan el uno al otro, y aunque Jared no es perfecto sus acciones son las que probablemente tomar amos muchos de nosotros, o al menos aquellos que no somos tan perfectos Jared tiene miedo de no cumplir unas expectativas que el mismo se ha marcado, es l gico que a veces se pierda en lo que l quiere por otro lado, su car cter es totalmente distinto al de Connor, es alguien tremendamente sociable y tambi n es l gico que a veces no sea capaz de entender totalmente que a Connor cosas que para el resultan tan f ciles para l sean un paso tan dif cil Y ah est la grandeza de sus historia de amor, que se enan y aprendan a estar juntos a pesar de sus diferencias y de las dificultades que pueden acarrear que todo el mundo conozca que son pareja.Es el 20 % ltimo de la historia, el arco argumental de Ronnie, lo que menos me ha gustado, creo que es totalmente innecesario, la autora ya ten a mucho material con el que trabajar y que podr a haber desarrollado m s, realmente no aporta nada a la historia de los dos protagonistas.Un libro dulce y entretenido Recomendable.

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    I knew I was in trouble with this book about the time I started feeling really protective of Connor like he was my little brother Connor suffers from social anxiety and he s really introverted The only time he really feels in control is when he is playing his violin And he is good Really good Getting to college is supposed to offer young adults freedom, but for Connor, it was just a larger form of high school Until, that is, he is befriended by his stand mate from orchestra and he gets tasked with tutoring a couple football players for his anthropology class Out of his element Oh, yes But Connor finds a way through his anxiety and shyness Eventually.Jared is one of the football players Connor is tutoring Jared seems to want to understand the material, but he has such a hard time staying awake in class, much less making it through all the reading His football schedule and social activities with his jock friends take up an enormous amount of time But he certainly does not have trouble paying attention to Connor.The problem is, Jared is very much in the closet and isn t really interested in coming out He initiates a relationship with super shy Connor knowing that Connor was shy with people and really didn t trust easily Let me tell ya, I wanted to shake Jared for not treating Connor like he deserved to be treated The thing is, though, Jared wasn t using Connor for sex Not at all He was a scared, closeted boy and the thought of being out than terrified him But he was also kind to people and especially to Connor When the inevitable breakup happened because Jared was terrified of people finding out he was gay , I wanted to give him what for I was angry that he was hurting my little brother He was also hurting himself But then, it was exactly what Connor needed to start to come out of his shell and realize his self worth There is nothing like a first love, and there is nothing like the pain when it goes wrong.What I really loved was how their dynamic really developed when they reconnected Connor was so much sure of himself where Jared was in uncharted waters It was so beautiful.So, yeah, Social Skills started strong and finished so much stronger Just like Connor and Jared Very highly recommended.

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    More to followbut this was me in my freshman year in college I had a little people skills than Connor, but as I read this charming, insightful book, my heart ached for the boy I was.Watching him grow throughout the book was so familiar Sometimes, a book just hits that note that rings through your whole body, and this was one of those books for me It won t be everyone s favorite, but it is mine.Tom

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    Two days after I finished, I realized I haven t written my full thoughts on it lol Okay, Never read the free version so I don t know how different this is or whether it has been significantly reedited and revamped This rating is for the published edition.This is quite a long one and at times, I feel that the book is dragging While most of the times, I feel for Connor and his struggle over his shyness, to be better at his social skills, but other times I get frustrated with his relationship with Jared The thing is, I am not convinced on these two boys No matter how much growth he experiences, I still feel Connor will always be a bit insecure regarding Jared And Jared Well, doesn t anyone realize that he never really TELLS someone that he s gay That his friends and his mother find out about his sexuality through other resources Veronica s gossip , Veronica s mother, seeing it themselves So how can I be sure that Jared is indeed accepting that he s gay now In addition, I still wish to see Jared doing some groveling for hurting Connor.I do appreciate the twist that the author gives readers with Veronica But unfortunately, everything feels rushed nearing the end, which ends up inconclusive

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    A lovely addition to the Jock Geek stories that Ive been reading and thoroughly enjoying recently I think this is definitely my favourite up to now A lot of these J G stories can be carbon copies of each other so its what an author does with the bits in between that either makes it run of the mill or a cut above the rest and Sara Alva makes this special by plumping it out with believable characters, great background plots and two MC s who grabbed this readers heart from the word go.To be honest this follows exactly the same trope as most Young, introverted gay guy goes to college and ends up tutoring and falling in love with gorgeous, popular straight jock, with popular girlfriend Over time the jock starts to show interest in than friendship so they start a secret relationship but because Jock is closeted there are heartbreaks and misunderstandings and lots of emotional ups and downs.That s taking it down to its bare basics but as I said this lovely college romance is so much than that and Its all down to the endearing characters of Connor and Jared, who I fell in love with the moment both of them appeared.Connor I just wanted to jump into the book for, so I could give him loads of loves and hugs because he s so introverted and shy His music is his lifeline and is the catalyst for him making his first friend, a lovely caring character, Rebecca, who I liked very much She helps him to come out of his shell and make some tentative friendships that strengthen over the course of the book and she s always there for him as a shoulder to cry on.He doesn t have a great relationship with his parents or sibling and he too is hiding the fact that he s gay from them, fearing their reactions I immediately fell in love with Jared even though he had me smiling and sighing contentedly one minute then gnashing and chomping my teeth in another I could see why Connor fell so fast for him, but of course Jared s story is not all it seems and his refusal to come out of the closet that he s even deeply locked in than Connor has repercussions on their relationship, so they have a very bumpy roller coaster ride Its a hard earned HEA but it left me smiling and contented and I adored every bump they had to endure The love scenes are quite explicit but not in your face, they re written very tastefully, so as its set around late teens I d still class it as YA but the mature end The protags are around the ages of 18 19 so obviously they re not clueless about sex, these are young consenting adults I loved this and will definitely read it again Big heartfelt thumbs up

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    I really loved how the characters interacted Connor learning through Jared that he can overcome his fears and self imposed exile Jared learning through Connor that his love for Connor is important than what anyone else might think It was nice to see how each character ended up unselfishly giving just as much as they took from the other, leaving both of them much confident and happier than they ever were without one another.A crazy ex girlfriend and complete asshole parents provide the requisite drama.5 highly recommended stars and I wouldn t have changed a thing about the book.

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