Notes from the Firehouse

Notes from the Firehouse This is a must read for those who are interested in getting a job in the fire service today Many of the situations described in the book are ones which one might expect to encounter during the course of a career, from being a rookie on a new crew, to some of the horrific, unexpected situations we find ourselves in when we are called to a scene The scenarios were described with startling clarity and the language used was typical of that used in the fire service As a career firefighter, I can tell you that there are a great number of books written about our profession Many of them miss the mark for various reasons, but this one was a home run This one was an enjoyable, quick read which I cannot recommend highly. A Memoir From A Retired Firefighter About Firefighting, Rescue Calls And Life Around The Firehouse It S Not All About Fire That S Lesson Number One No, It S A Collection Of Things Assisting An Injured Person At Three O Clock In The Morning, Calming A Child In A Traumatic Situation, Saving The Belongings Of A Family From The Ravages Of A Fire, Seeing People In Every Heartbreaking Situation Imaginable And Trying To Help Them, While Not Losing Yourself In The Process And It S About The Insanity Found In The Firehouse To The Author It S The Cracker Factory And The Politics And Pettiness That Try Unsuccessfully To Steal The Joy From The Job The Book Doesn T Dwell On The Nuts And Bolts Of Firefighting, As Much As It Documents The Human Side Of The Job Everyday Heroes Nothing Short of ExtraordinaryWhen Author Doug McCourt contacted me about reviewing Notes from the Firehouse, he didn t know how this extraordinary group of men and women had already touched my life My younger brother worked as a volunteer firefighter and a paramedic As a nurse, my mother spent endless hours helping pediatric burn victims at the Children s Hospital of Buffalo And in my former career as a television reporter, I witnessed first hand how firefighters save lives and homes as everything burned down around them I was on set in the WTVY studio on September 11th, 2001 watching firefighters rush into the Twin Towers while the rest of New York was trying to get out.Doug McCourt s Notes From the Firehouse captures the true essence of these everyday heroes men and women who sacrifice and put their lives on the line each day for strangers and neighbors alike McCourt grew up in a firefighter family his father, Edward, retired as a captain from the Medford, MA fire department His brother, David, is a captain and active member The author, a Marine Corps vet, also spent much of his career as a firefighter.What I loved about McCourt s book was the raw honesty and real humor injected into the stories I finished Notes from the Firehouse in about two days, with my husband stopping me on occasion to ask why I was laughing or what had me almost in tears The book dedicated to McCourt s father starts with a heart wrenching account of Mac s brush with death at the hands of an arsonist The chapters that follow describe other harrowing situations in which the author and his colleagues skill and fortitude are tested to the core.McCourt describes this tight knit fraternity in exquisite detail As a reader, you feel as if you ve been given a front row seat if only for a few hours to see the real goings on inside the walls of a firehouse As McCourt discovers, It s not all about fire it s a collection of things calming a terrified child in a traumatic situation, saving the belongings of a family trying to help them, while not losing yourself in the process Lighter accounts balance the serious nature and inherent danger found in many of the stories Helping homeowners banish a bat problem, the miraculous survival of a dog stuck in a snow blower, and the hilarious account of a rookie firefighter getting a pump truck stuck in the middle of the Mount Hood Golf Course McCourt did a fine job with this debut effort I highly recommend Notes from the Firehouse.http www Notes FirehousePaperback 222 pagesPublisher CreateSpace April 1, 2011 Language EnglishISBN 10 1452872392ISBN 13 978 1452872391 My brothers and I are an odd set none of our parents grandparents served in a public service position though all were upstanding and inspirational citizens in their own way Yet all of us have served in some way one brother recently retired after 20 years in the fire department, another served as both a volunteer paid medic EMT for several years, and I served as a Reserve Deputy Sheriff in our county, and am now an active citizen volunteer for the same.This book was obviously written by someone who has been there done that My brothers and I have all seen our share of the weirdness that you encounter when you see people drunk, stupid, or both or just in need of help McCourt s book takes the story telling to another level, in that it is told in a very personal way and gives us a glimpse into the world that uniquely belongs to the firefighter Yes, we had boring days when I was on duty, but it is just 12 hours driving around in a patrol car with another deputy and I would probably be with a different deputy the next shift At least we could move around our district and change the scenery while wondering if the radio was really working Yes, there was always the knowledge that there were two long guns between our seats in the car and firepower on our hips that might be needed momentarily, but somehow it is not quite the same as living with the same people in a quiet firehouse shift after shift, getting to know their quirks and foibles, then having a call come in that perhaps changes everything in a heartbeat McCourt takes us into a lot of the corners of this kind of work the odd personalities involved, the even stranger situations they can encounter in the real world , the quirky, sometimes dark humor that erupts quite naturally as well as the internal heroism stories of people who do this job shift after shift, month after month, year after year for reasons they would probably not be able to explain if asked.As it happened, I was reading a non fiction book one of those that tends to rile you up and raise your blood pressure at the same time I was reading this book but this was the one I kept coming back to and finished first Its humanity, and realness of the stories was a real comfort to me and served to settle my mind after dealing with the reality of a day. Notes from the Firehouse by Doug McCourt was an excellent read Being a career firefighter for the last 7 years, this book hit home with many of the people, antics, and thoughts from his coworkers and the author himself It goes to show that no matter where you live the brotherhood is strong and very similar everywhere.Doug keeps his accounts very realistic, unlike many memoirs and stories in the firehouse There is not much hyping of himself as a great hero and making the unbelievable his norm In every chapter, I feel like I am there with him, experiencing as part of the crew.If you have been a firefighter for any significant amount of time you will be able to relate to these stories At some point you will have similar experiences and reading about Doug s encounters will make you laugh and become saddened by his accounts It will also remind you of your own experiences and you ll feel the same emotions of your highs and lows from calls, in the station, and your brothers you ve spent countless hours with I found many of the guys interchangeable within my own department, no doubt you will be able to do the same yourself.I recommend this book for anyone looking to obtain an insight into the life of a firefighter He tells it like it is, no sugarcoating If you are a firefighter, you should read this book because it will remind you why you are doing it in the first place and make you appreciate how fortunate you are to be doing a job you love Take in every minute of it, enjoy it, because it will be over before you know it. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a firefighter Well Notes from a Firehouse gives the reader a detailed account of life as a firefighter, not only about putting out fires and rescuing people and pets, it tells about what it is like to work and live the life as a firefighter Told with knowledge and powerful insight into how fragile life is, this is a wonderful memoir of a man in his rookie years to his retirement It should definitely be read by all I enjoyed it immensely and now it is in the hands of my hubby to enjoy. Being a female with no ties to the firefighting world, I definitely did not expect to enjoy this book so much I actually found myself reading single stories and then putting the book down so I could have future tales to look forward to McCourt is a wonderful storyteller who is both funny and honest, and I am so happy he shared with us the interesting life of a local firefighter I definitely hope we hear from him in the future. Very well written account of what it is like to be in a career that is constantly unpredictable Stories were honest, open and at times hilarious, other times humbling Quick read, it is a must for those who love anyone that is a first responder MemoriesI ve been retired 10 years, but this book brought back so many memories it almost felt as if I was going to put my turnouts on the floor beside the truck in the morning Thank you. What It s Really LikeAs a cop, I knew little about the job of a firefighter Now I live next door to a retired fire fighter, and as an MS patient who falls often and has to be picked up, I have seen many fire fighters and EMTs over the past few years But somehow I had still succeeded in learning little about this important part of the Public Safety sector.McCourt educated me to some extent, and is ready to educate you, if you ll let him.Recommended for you and everyone else This is a terrific book and I I hope for a sequel.

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