What Do Illustrators Do?

What Do Illustrators Do?The unseen, abstract struggles of an illustrator are brought out in the open in this enlightening story of how illustrators tackle the challenges of the picture book, from figuring out the style of drawings to capturing the child s perspective. This is an entertaining and informative book that explains the job of an illustrator We read What Do Authors Do several years ago and I liked that it described the process of writing and publishing a book This book is very similar and details the process of creating the illustrations for a story It shows that there are different styles, perspectives, media, and even ways to tell the same story It s an inspiring book for young artists and we enjoyed reading it together. In This Informative Companion To The Popular What Do Authors Do Author Illustrator Christelow Turns Her Attention To The Visual Side Of Creating A Picture Book Employing Her Relaxed Style And Trademark Humor, She Shows How An Illustrator Develops A Book From Rough Sketches To Finished Artwork, Following Two Artists As They Illustrate Different Versions Of Jack And The Beanstalk Christelow Answers The Questions Often Posed By Children, Such As, What Materials Do You Use And Is It Hard To Be An Illustrator And Reveals That The Uniqueness Of Each Book Depends On Many Creative Choices And A Lot Of Painstaking Work This instructional graphic novel gives a very creative approach on how to write a book It is a story of two separate illustrators illustrating the classic tale of Jack and the Bean Stock The point of view is from the illustrators pets and how they are worried that both books will end up looking the same, however they and the reader both learn that illustrators have different styles and that is what makes each book unique What is learned throughout is that even if two books were to have the same words, two completely different stories can be told One of the main differences between the two stories is that in one the main character was Jack, while in the other one the main character is Jacqueline Another key difference is one story takes place in a small country cottage while the other one takes place in the big city Creativity comes from different places and even though both story lines are similar, both books are completely different yet both equally acceptable. Loved reading this with the kids When I was a kid, I loved to draw and I had no idea that one could do anything to make a living as an artist It never occurred to me that someone illustrated books, cartoons, advertisements, etc Both ds8 dd5 enjoyed reading this with me and seeing what illustrators do Both of them enjoy drawing quite a bit and it s good for them to know that they can continue their passions instead of turning them off in favor of income. My daughter 9 is artistic and this was a great explanation of something she appreciates She loved the story about two illustrators who chose to illustrate the same book It showed the processes they followed and the options faced It explored the choice of mediums with examples of a few side by side and the role of editors My daughter enjoyed it so much she insisted on reading it to me and her brother. This was really a fun story.I think they should have a whole serious of book like this that describe the in s and out s of jobs and make all high schoolers read them I think they should also add typical wages pay checks, and how to get a job How hard is it to get a job and what kind of training you would need Simple, yet complete. I really enjoyed this book As an artist myself, I can relate to the sometimes grueling process of creating a piece I think that this book is an accurate depiction of what goes on in the life of an artist illustrator I loved how there was a comic strip going on along with the book s illustrations This added humor and added to the story overall I think children would really enjoy this book. One of my 5yo s professed career ambitions is illustrator, so I was excited to share this picture book with her We both liked the way that it compared two different illustrators as they worked on a similar project It gave lots of interesting details about the job and the book industry without overloading the text with too much information for my little one Great book I am really glad I picked this book up Often I will read a children s book and think that the author did such as amazing job writing the story, but would the story have been as good without the wonderful illustrations describing the story I think that illustrations can be pushed to the back sometimes and students should see the hard work they put into their illustrations and books This book tells the story on the process of an illustrator and all the different things they do Illustrators do not simply sit down and draw pictures There is a lot of time and effort put into the illustrations The majority of the story is written in speak bubbles and the animals in the story elaborate or question what the illustrator is doing The story describes the different pencils, paper, and other materials illustrators choose from The steps of completing the book are described using the proper vocabulary such as sketch and dummy I would definitely include this book in my classroom library because students should investigate and learn about illustrators the same as they learn about authors Illustrations bring the story to life I would pair this story with examples of different versions of stories and ask students to describe difference in the illustrations even though the story is the same I would recommend this book to be read in the second and third grade classroom.

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[PDF / Epub] ☀ What Do Illustrators Do? By Eileen Christelow – Webcamtopladies.info
  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • What Do Illustrators Do?
  • Eileen Christelow
  • English
  • 22 March 2017
  • 9780395902301

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