Fear Itself

Fear Itself This was divided up into 3 parts The Worthy one shot, which was really a series vignettes, one for each of the hammer bearers It was interesting but they were focused on the bearers rather than the powers possessing them I thought it would beinteresting to know about Angrir the Breaker of Souls, but I get that it wouldn t have the emotional impact of Ben Grimm struggling with his insecurities.FF one shot I never followed Fantastic Four or as they re called now the Future Foundation This didn t make me feel like I needed to start following them.Spider Man 1 3 This was exactly the right length and stuck to the fear theme well, carrying over the no one dies on my watch philosophy from some of the spider man comics I ve read recently I liked how it didn t just concentrate on Spider Man, but looked into the lives of regular people and how they were affected. This is fear II really liked what they did here.The art isn t my favorite work.This title feels connected to the bigger story.The after stories are great. Manhattan Is Gripped In Violent Panic Peter Parker Has Not Slept In Days Abandoning His Friends And Family, Spider Man CannotWILL Notstop If There Are People To Be Saved But As The Opening Salvos Of Fear Itself Take Their Violent Toll, Will Spidey Have What It Takes To Fight His Own Doubts Then Ben Grimm, One Of The Most Beloved Heroes In The Marvel Universe, Is Now The Willing Avatar Of The Srepent S Malice An Engine Of Discord Cutting An Unstoppable Path Of Destruction Through The Heart Of New York City How Did The Serpent S Hammer Seduce Him So Easily And Can He Be Stopped Before He Levels The Entire City In The Name Of His Dark Master Plus The Secrets Of Fear Itself S Hammer Wielders Revealed Get Up To Speed On The Origins Of The Foes Who Are Shattering The Marvel Universe S Very Core Some Of Marvel S Finest Writers And Artists Team Up To Bring You The Living History Of The Worthy COLLECTING FEAR ITSELF SPIDER MAN FEAR ITSELF FF, FEAR ITSELF THE WORTHY This is a very nice book, although most of it didn t make any sense I hope they make a sequel or something It s about the serpent unleashing the power of fear on New York by using the Thing from the Fantastic Four, and Spider man comes to try and save the day But he eventually gets defeated, and a major cliff hanger happens I found the crossover event Fear Itself to be enjoyable, if not as good as other events But the tie ins have been hit or miss a few stand outs but most are only so so This is definitely one of the stand outs.Though he s been on teams, Spider man is mostly a loner Here, we see him grappling with seemingly insurmountable odds and self doubt He knows he isn t the one who can stop what is happening what the heck is happening so he just tries to hold the line while the Avengers grapple with stopping the Serpent Peter is desperately worried about Aunt May, whom he can t reach by phone, but he can t make it across the city to her without stopping And if he doesn t stop to help, people will die There are a handful of regular people in desperate situations that the story rotates among Spidey helps each one at some point and though he doesn t realize it, his help is what gives them the hope they need to fight the Fear This tie in goes to the heart of Spider man in a way not many stories do He doesn t even see how he is inspiring people but he continues on none the less At one point, he stops in to see Mayor Jonah Jameson who frankly tells him to quit whining and get back out there The entire story is so action packed and emotionally charged I could not put it down Plus, it truly demonstrates just how powerful Spider man is Further, it ties into the event in a meaningful way by showing what is happening on the ground and how the non Avenger heroes are handling it.The second half of the book devotes a short origin story to each of the hammer wielding Worthy It shows a bit of their history to get them to the point of receiving the hammer These were insightful and interesting, even for less known characters like Titania Overall, this was a fantastic collection Highly recommended. The SPider man part is the best The FF is pointless and teh worthy is a series of teasers promotional material that doesn not develoop the characters. I was expecting the whole book to be about Spider Man, that it wasn t almost pulled this down to a 3 star rating The first section was about Spider Man This part was good If the whole book had continued in this vein I might have given it a 5 star rating.The second part was a brief look into the Future Foundation Fantastic Four This part was ok I was disappointed to reach this part because it meant the end of Spider Man s story, but it wasn t so bad in and of itself.The third part was a series of vignettes about The Worthy those who wield the Serpent s hammers The varied in quality but for the most part were just meh The most interesting bit was a look into Bruce Banner s head and why he created the hulk as a separate personality But what s really going on in Banner Hulk s head has been rehashed many, many times, in so many contradictory ways, and this little bit will probably be ignored in the long run, so what was the point tl dr version Cool story bro, needsSpider Man Fear Itself Spider Man 1 3 The Spider Man story manages to catch the fear missing from so many of the Fear Itself stories, and the story has some really nice character moments for a few folks, but it s also way stretched out including a totally pointless fight with Vermin and not much actually happens 6 10 Fear Itself FF 1.The FF story shows off Angrir to better effect than anywhere else, with little parasites whispering into Ben s ears, but it ultimately has the same problem as most of Fear Itself the Worthy are too obviously not themselves to be interesting, and everything else is just a big fight 6 10.Fear Itself The Worthy Finally, the Worthy, which just told the backgrounds of the people who picked up hammers had pretty much nothing of interesting to say I didn t bother finishing it 1 10 Overall, I m not sure if this book was worth reading, but it s definitely not worthy buying About what I expect from mini series that spin off of a superhero event. I never picked this up at the time but thanks to Marvel Unlimited I can see what I missed Heavily part of Spidey s no one dies mantra the Fear Itself tie in focuses on the street level events as Pete, exhausted and frayed tries to do what he can, feeling like a very small player in a larger event His fear is palpable though lacks subtlety mostly with him just stating how afraid he is and his finding Aunt May is reserved for the main title.Still, its nice to see Vermin again and he fits this story well The Thing fight was interesting but subject to some dodgy medicine I have to say if I saw a monster strike someone with an enchanted hammer, arrhythmia is not the first thing I would think of Maybe, massive chest trauma Jumping straight on the paddles and who still uses those seemed a bit out there Niggles.So, it s a fine read, explores some of the smaller level impact of the main event and given Spidey effectively dies and is resuscitated should probably be part of my larger collection Still, I think my interest in Fear Itself has waned enough now to move on So many ties in and so many other comics. For being a tie in to a major event this one has lots of heart and feels like a Spider Man story instead of an event filler.The basic premise is fear is spreading like a viral infection among the population, they re afraid of all sorts of different things but the biggest is other people So Spider Man gets to work, because after all he s scared too He doesn t know where his Aunt is, or Mary Jane, Carlie is safe though But the comic weaves in the tales of other people Swamp Thing style into Spider Man story and it s very well done The four stars is based off the solid art and writing of these three Spider Man issues The other stuff included are teasers that were released mostly prior to the event and the FF tie in issue for Fear itself Which to put it simply is fine, the tie ins don t tell you muchthen a character history.And the FF issue has the plot of Ben Grimm going on a rampage because he doesn t like himself and he thinks everyone else dislikes him too, there s some interesting stuff going on but it s mostly by the numbers Hero turned bad goes on a rampage until he decides not to because that ll be handled in the event itself.The Spider Man issues here are the most enjoyable part of this event so far for me though I ve only read up to issue 4 with good art and writing with good pay off and conclusion The four stars is for those issues.4 stars.

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  • 22 January 2018
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