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www.karenrosebooks.comInternationally bestselling, RITA award winning, author Karen Rose was born and raised in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, DC She met her husband, Martin, on a blind date when they were seventeen and after they both graduated from the University of Maryland, Karen with a degree in Chemical Engineering they moved to Cincinnati, Ohio Karen worked as an engineer for a large consumer goods company, earning two patents, but as Karen says, scenes were roiling in my head and I couldn t concentrate on my job so I started writing them down I started out writing for fun, and soon found I was hooked Her debut suspense novel, DON T TELL, was released in July, 2003 Since then, she has published fifteen novels and two novellas Her seventeenth novel, ALONE IN THE DARK, will be released in 2016.Karen s books have appeared on the bestseller lists of the New York Times, USA Today, London s Sunday Times, and Germany s der Spiegel 1 , and the Irish Times, as well as lists in South Africa 1 and Australia Her novels, I M WATCHING YOU and SILENT SCREAM, received the Romance Writers of America s RITA award for Best Romantic Suspense for 2005 and 2011 Five of her other books have been RITA finalists To date, her books have been translated into twenty four languages.A former high school teacher of chemistry and physics, Karen lives in Florida with her husband of than twenty years, her two daughters, two dogs, and a cat.

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    Olivia Sutherland and David Hunter have a history that was alluded to in the last book He s now been in Minneapolis for seven months and his first interaction with her since his move is at an arson crime scene David also discovered and tried to rescue a young girl who died in the fire Olivia is on the investigation team and now finds herself having to work with him after over two years since their infamous first meeting They must resolve what happened as they attempt to bring down a diabolical killer in their midst This was a tough, gnarly case that we get to see all but one of the answers from the onset That made it pretty chilling as your heart races when the team gets closer to solving the mystery The one element we have to solve is the identity of the blackmailer and that hooked me even Typical of this author s stories, no character is sacred so I read with real fear and trepidation Olivia and David s developing relationship was beautiful, romantic and deftly written His revelations were stunning I love this series and particularly liked this story, even though it was a bit long I enjoyed how she connected it to several earlier books without divulging the identities of previous villains for those of you who choose to read out of order.don t For me, she still reigns as the queen of the genre and the twists at the end Didn t see them coming That s how I like it.

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    5 stars Romantic SuspenseArson, blackmail, murder, intriguethis top notch, intense, taut, and emotional romantic suspense thrill ride, full of shocking twists and surprises, is Karen Rose at her very finest.Series fans me included have long awaited to die for hero David Hunter s story, and Silent Scream finds the sweet, caring, sexy, do gooder firefighter, aka Mr Perfect, caught in the middle of a dangerous, twisted arson and multiple homicide investigation that reunites him with detective Olivia Sutherland I m a Karen Rose fan, and although I ve enjoyed all of her previous works, there have been numerous times that I wished for a little romance since her books tend to lean much heavier on the suspense Well, I m happy to say that the romance element in Silent Scream was verrry satisfying and much stronger than in prior installments David and Olivia are both emotionally damaged in some way, which is a common theme for KR s characters, and have issues related to secrets from David s past and Olivia s job that have kept them apart There are some very poignant moments as their relationship develops, and the love scenes are passionate, tender, thick with desperate yearning and longing, and pretty darn steamy, too David is just flat out too dreamy and yummy for words, and he and Olivia are by far my favorite couple of the series It s an excellent, riveting romantic suspense read with pulse pounding action, chilling twists and turns, and touching, hot romance that s not to be missed by Karen Rose fans And be sure to read the free Silent Scream epilogue, available on the author s website, that expands on David s and Olivia s HEA and gives updates on other, favorite series charactersit s delicious icing on the cake Big 5 stars

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    Another awesome, intricately plotted book by Karen Rose I always marvel at the ideas that KR comes up with her villains are so dastardly yet clever Many times while reading the book I said to myself Ahhhh, that s so evil yet clever You just have to admire how her mind works This one is a little unlike her other books, maybe not as gruesome, no real tortures going on here, although there is some violence It s all about blackmail, extortion, that kind of thing, so if you re a bit squeemish you need not be with this book And there s a decent romance going on here too Although still not as much time spent on it as I would ve liked, but understandable since the whole timeline of the story takes place in less than one week.This is Minneapolis firefighter David Hunter s book David 36 was first introduced I think way back in Roses s first book Don t Tell, and has reappeared time and again throughout her loosely connected books Good guy David has always had a one sided thing for one of KR s characters from another book, but after an incredible one night stand fueled by too much champagne at friend Mia Mitchell s Count to Ten wedding in Chicago where he made a deep emotional and physical connection with Minneapolis police detective Olivia Sutherland Mia s sister , he decided it was time to move on with his life He packs his bags and leaves Chicago behind, ready to make a life for himself in the city where Olivia 31 works But it s almost 2 1 2 years since that night that he and Olivia spent together, and he hasn t contacted her He knows he did something wrong that night since Olivia left him alone in bed afterward , but he can t remember what He wants to see her again, but something is holding him back, even though he s interested enough to keep tabs on her and worry about her When a case of arson brings both Olivia and David face to face again, they both realize that the feelings are still there These two need to talk, to see if they can move forward from that night where something definitely did happen, and get past it Soon both Olivia and David get involved in a case of multiple arsons, murders, and blackmail, that put their lives, and the lives of their loved ones in jeopardy Will Olivia and David be able to stop a madman before it s too late I loved David I ve always loved his character He s such a nice guy, always giving of himself to help others, and the fact that he s a sexy, heroic, tall dark and handsome firefighter doesn t hurt either But David has a secret from 18 years ago that s eating him up inside He wasn t always this Mr Perfect guy he s doing penance for something he failed to do when he was a young, selfish teenager He s really haunted by this, and he s dedicated his life to being a better person Which he is But he can t seem to let himself off the hook Until Olivia who has problems of her own comes into his life, and he opens up to her which I loved reading These two were just great together, and I was rooting hard for them to make it Luckily Olivia decided to cut David a break over what happened the night they spent together, and give David a second chance, once she heard what was in his heart And boy if she didn t, I was going to check and see if she had rocks for brainsI liked Olivia too She was beautiful, brainy, gutsy, compassionate, and passionate, and a little lonely She needed a guy like David in her life I also liked the two friends she had, former cop turned dog trainer Brie and gym owner Paige I enjoyed their girl talk and you just know that KR will write a future book with either of them as the heroine In fact, if you read the epilogue of Silent Scream available on Karen Rose s website you ll see who the H h of her next book will probably be.This book will appeal to readers who like a good who done it Although the reader knows who done it we don t know exactly why But chapter by chapter, Rose lets us into the mind of the master manipulator, and what his ultimate plans are And we get to see the police detectives put together the clues, piece by piece, and we hold our breaths to see if they can figure it all out before it s too late There were plenty of surprises along the way KR is good for that and a couple of heartbreaking scenes I didn t think would happen Rose has no problem knocking off a major character if it will wring some emotion out of you , and the last 100 pages of this very long book were un put downable The book did lag just a bit in the middle for me with a little bit of too many clues to follow, but it bounced back nicely when she refocused on David and Olivia s relationship and the blackmailing schemes of the villain.Those of you familiar with KR s work will probably love this book You get a nice mystery where you can play detective along with Olivia and follow the clues, you get a pretty hot romance between two passionate people, and there are plenty of secondary characters interwoven in the plot to care about Try not to get too confused over all the names tossed out in the beginning of the story arson investigator, CSU people, medical examiner, firefighters, victims it will all come together once the story evolves, and you should have no trouble remembering who s who For those readers who ve never tried a Karen Rose book, I suppose you could start with this one, but if you really want the full experience, you ll go way back to when the character of David was first introduced Don t Tell , which unfortunately is 10 books ago But if you do follow that path, you re in for a great ride, because each and every one of those books is a winner For this one, a very solid 4 1 2 starsDavid Hunter

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    Karen Rose delivers another page turning blend of gut churning suspense and bone melting romance in SILENT SCREAM, which finally gives her fans the story of David Hunter, who has played a secondary role in several of her previous books Having moved to Minneapolis in the previous book I CAN SEE YOU, the sexy firefighter s company is called to the scene of what looks to be an environmental arson case, where he is unable to rescue a young woman from the burning building As luck would have it, the homicide detective assigned the case is Olivia Sutherland, whom David has been admiring from a distance for quite some time Their relationship is complicated, but their chemistry is undeniable, and as they both edge closer to finding out just who is behind the string of arsons, their budding romance becomes the one thing they can rely on As always, Rose tells a story that is intricate but eminently readable The mystery plot here is diabolical, and all the chilling because it could happen anywhere The twists and turns are deftly written and genuinely surprising enough to keep even the most jaded suspense reader guessing.I really enjoyed the banter between Olivia and David they are both strong characters, but they hold their own, and it s easy to see why these two would be drawn to each other They each have some pretty compelling reasons to be shy of relationships, so watching them move past their fears and come together is emotionally satisfying The multilayered story features some wonderfully funny and poignant moments punctuated by great dialogue The conversations between David and his various male friends and relatives are especially entertaining As are Olivia s with her partner, Kane, and her friends Brie and Paige Of course, I m left wondering who the NEXT book will be about There are some definite possibilities here, but it s never smart to predict where Karen Rose will go next I just know that I for one want to be along for the ride

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    Karen Rose never disappoints me with her books I stayed up very very late reading this new one the other night because I just could not put it down I was dying to know how the suspense plot worked out Plot wise, this isn t one of my favorite KR storylines, but it was still an absolutely fantastic book.Series Note Karen Rose s books are a same universe type of story where the books generally don t officially tie together, but a lot of characters are related or are friends and all that For this one, I think you could read it as a standalone, but the story would be fuller if you had all the backstory Lots of references to past events.Summary Over two years ago, firefighter David Hunter and police detective Olivia Sutherland connected while at Mia s sister s wedding Both were emotionally battered and events led Olivia to run the next morning David left her go but neither ever stopped thinking about the other Then David moved to Minneapolis where Olivia lives and since then the two have been playing a cat and mouse game with each other The murder of a teenage girl finally brings them together.When David s company responds to a condo fire, everyone is saddened to learn that a teenage girl was squatting there and got trapped The fire appears to be an eco terrorist act and a guard was also shot to death Olivia and her partner are called in to investigate But nothing about the case quite makes sense Soon there s another fire and another death, then another A few other dead bodies turn up that appear connected Nobody can figure out how all these events tie together But as Olivia and David struggle to find answers, they re forced to deal with their past together and figure out if there s a future for them.Review This book started off just a smidge slow for me You re bouncing around between a lot of characters with a lot going on It kept me from digging into the story right away But it wasn t a big thing and pretty quickly I was hooked into the story and just wanted to keep reading Silent Scream is nowhere near as creepy as some of Rose s other books like the Vartanian sub trilogy It s not a particularly dark tale like those, but there s still a pretty decent body count This story is a complicated web of deception, revenge, greed and probably some good old fashioned psychotic tendencies There are a lot of plot threads, a lot of characters So it s not a book you want to read casually You gotta be paying attention.I loved the way Rose had it all work out though She weaved all the story threads together seamlessly When you get to the end and everything has been revealed, it all fits together perfectly and logically I love that Such a complicated story, a story that would be easy for the author to get a little lost in and a reader to finish and be confused, but it s all tied up nicely I finished and was just like, damn, how does she do this write such amazing suspense plots.I admit that I like her psycho serial killer stories a little better, but you can t have a Simon Vartanian in every book That would get old Still, this one has a great plot Once I got hooked into the story, I just wanted to keep reading because I really wanted to know how it all tied together You know the whos for most of the book, but the whys take to the end to be completely revealed And I was surprised on a few things I also loved some of the subtle tie ins to the previous book I Can See You The book has its sad moments, too I cried a little over the death of a character It was so damn sad I kind of expected the deathcharacters tend to die in the situation that one was in But it still had me all teary eyed.Now, as for the romanceI know a few KR fans who wish she d up the romance element a bit like in her first bunch of books Will this book satisfy you Maybe yes, maybe no The suspense plot is still the most dominate aspect of the story That s the main focus But I do think the romance was stronger than in some other books Olivia and David get to spend some significant time together It takes a while to get to that point, but once they connect, you get some sweet scenes between them I enjoyed the way Rose wrote their relationship It fit and the FREE epilogue available gives readers a nice fluffy bunny HEA extra It also helps that both characters are very likable David is a sweetheart and Olivia s a nice, strong woman The book also lets you visit with some other series characters Noah Webster I Can See You , his troubled former cop partner Jack has a small appearance, and there are mentions small appearances for Eve, Mia, Ethan, Caroline, Max, Danamaybe some others Great to catch up with all those guys Just a very satisfying book to read The plot was excellent, the romance good, the characters great I honestly had no complaints at allno loose ends, no mistakes, no unlikable characters, nothing I was a happy camper when I finished I will be anxiously awaiting Rose s next book My guess is that it will be about Brie, Olivia s friend.

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    Silent Scream3.5 StarsTwo years ago, detective Olivia Sutherland and firefighter David Hunter shared an ignominious night together Now Olivia and David must work together to solve a series of arson attacks that may or may not be connected to an extremist environmental group Can the two resolve their personal issues to catch a malicious murderer Olivia and David have strong chemistry, but the lack of communication concerning their one night stand makes them seem childish and immature This improves once they get over themselves long enough to have a conversation and the romance is satisfying overall The investigation into the fires is compelling and there are some intense situations for the characters Unfortunately, the identity of the culprit s is revealed early on and all that remains is determining the motivation The eventual explanation comes somewhat out of the blue as there are few clues along the way and it all seems a little too contrived Nevertheless, Silent Scream is a fast paced and entertaining read with some bittersweet moments The next book changes location and characters, so it will be interesting to see how it links into the ongoing series.

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    Karen Rose continues to prove why she s one of my favorite authors She has delivered another heartwarming yet gut wrenching suspenseful novel This one features David Hunter and Olivia Sutherland We first met David in KR s book Don t Tell and we first met Olivia in Count to Ten Both of them have appeared in a couple other of KR s books as well David has had an unrequited love for Dana Dupinsky heroine in Nothing To Fear for years He and Olivia meet up at Mia s wedding two and a half years ago and shared an unforgettable night unforgettable for many reasons When mutual friend Eve Wilson heroine in I Can See You and a supporting character in many other books asks David to help her with her roof in the previous book, he decides to make a permanent move to Minneapolis where Olivia lives and works.Silent Scream takes place approximately 7 months after I Can See You leaves off David and Olivia are thrown together in an arson investigation after someone burns down a condo complex and an innocent girl gets stuck inside David was called to the scene as a firefighter and Olivia as homicide once the girl s body was found More buildings continue to burn with bodies inside and the pursuit begins looking for the arsonists murderers Typical Karen Rose, there are lots of twists and turns in the suspense part of the book Just when you think you figured everything out, she pulls another trick out of her hat Definitely kept me guessing to the end Also there is a part in the book where you will feel like you were punched in the stomach, at least I did I had tears in my eyes over something that happens and it effects a very personal professional part of Olivia s life Of course there is also a nice romance that develops between David Olivia They both have had feelings for one another since that unforgettable night of Mia s wedding but both were scared to share their feelings due to things that happened in their respective pasts.The book could be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend reading from the first book Don t Tell Not only to get a solid perspective on all of the related characters, but also just to enjoy a fantastic read Karen Rose is just that good Karen Rose writes at the end of the book that a free epilogue for David Olivia will be available on her website As of the writing of this review, it s not there but the book is not technically released until 5 25 Can t wait to get an update on their relationship Hopefully it won t be the last of them, but only time will tell.

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    I had seen Karen Rose mentioned recently in the same sentence as Tess Gerritsen and Karin Slaughter, both authors I enjoy, so thought I d give a different author a try I didn t realise when I started reading it that the main characters had appeared in her previous books.The story begins with an arson attack on a new condo, resulting in two deaths The cuplrits are being watched and become the target of a blackmailer who uses them to achieve his own ends Olivia Sutherland is a homicide cop called to the scene to investigate, and David Hunter is a fireman who attends the fire and almost loses his own life while fighting the fire Their paths have crossed in the past and the book follows the investigation but also details the relationship between these two characters.I found the start of the book had me turning the pages quickly as I was drawn in, but there were a lot of characters introduced and I struggled at times keeping track of who was who and how they were all related As some of the characters are deaf and the police use a sign language interpreter I was pleased, as the parent of a deaf child, to see that the author appeared to have done her research well The start was very promising.Early on I was keen to see how the relationship between Olivia and David would pan out, but as I read on he seemed too good to be true and with the sex scenes thrown in it became a bit Mills and Boon I did find the main characters quite likeable though One of the things I liked least about this book was the way the author used conversations between them and family or friends to reveal their backgrounds These conversations, with family member or friend recounting all the major events in their life, seemed very false and a slightly lazy way of laying out what events in their past were affecting the present.The last third of the book contained a lot of action as the homicide squad closed in on their suspects, but I found that my attention wasn t sustained all the way through to the end, trying to maintain the book at such a pitch for so long just didn t work for me I felt a bit like I was limping over the finish line when I got to the end I quite liked Silent Scream, there were a few twists and turns, but there are other authors in this genre I would select ahead of Karen Rose based on this book.

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    Review to comeNotes Karen Rose is one of my favorite writers and I m usually giving her books 4 and 5 stars, but this one didn t work for me as well as other books by her.I had issues with the length of time between the main MCs one night stand and their finally getting together with both parties still carrying issues around it but not trying to make contact or get over it This led to some dissatisfaction with the main characters.On a personal basis, I was what I will refer to as out of sync with the investigation I would be why aren t they doing this and then a few pages chapters later it would be referred to.

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    I picked this book up because it won a RITA award and I m exploring a variety of romance novels I enjoy a good mystery and suspense, but despite the accolades, I am not enjoying this book that much I m about a third of the way through and will push on just a bit further Surely, it gets batter For starters, there s almost too much going on I m losing track of suspects and side characters I also find the hero, David Hunter, a little unbelievable because he s such a saint He performs all kinds of charity work even his mom thinks it s a little odd He reveals that it is because he stumbled across a police scene in which a young girl and her mother were beaten too death by an abusive husband Perhaps there is to that back story, but even though such an event would be traumatizing his reaction seems unbelievably extreme And then there s the heroine, Olivia Before this case, she had been the lead cop on a case where the killer threw his victims into a lime pit She had to pull bodies out and identify him Understandably, that case traumatized her and still does She s still so disturbed by the case, however, that I m having problems her supervisors would continue to let her work Yes, they ordered her to meet with a therapist but it had no impact I m surprised they re letting her work in this emotional state And finally, a minor complaint The story is set in Minneapolis, but apart from the occasional reference to being set in the city and a brief mention of a walleye lake the reader gets no feel for the location Because I am from the Twin Cities, I keep hoping there will be of a local feel to the story but so far it could be anywhere Update after finishing Really wish I could have liked this book almost stopped reading it but made it to the end The underlying mystery was interesting and has me scared to death about using public wireless I just couldn t get into the romance after all this hemming and hawing about him calling out someone else s name, she decides okay, I ll sleep with him I couldn t figure out what triggered the change apart from the fact that he s really hot and she was horny It seemed to abrupt for me It appears I m the only reviewer who did not like this book Maybe this sub genre is just not for me Perhaps if I want suspense I go for one that s not a romance as well.

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