InfernoBush Pilot Lauren Taylor Knows Better Than Most The Devastation Fire Can Leave In Its Wake Two Years Ago She Lost Her Husband To A Raging Wildfire But When She Flies A Stranger Into Her Isolated Hometown Of Vermillion, Montana, Her Actions May Be The Spark That Starts An Inferno Because The Mysterious Passenger Bears An Undeniable Resemblance To A Serial Arsonist Wanted By The FBI And He S Disappeared Into The Tinder Dry WoodsFBI Agent Brad Hale Doesn T Have Time To Fly Into Picturesque Towns Based On One Woman S Vague Suspicions, But Lauren Taylor Seems DesperateAnd When Her Young Son Goes Missing, He Realizes The Little Boy May Hold The Key To His Investigation Hot On The Stranger S Trail, Lauren And Brad Will Do Anything To Stop A Man Bent On Destructioneven If That Means Rushing Headlong Into The Flames Hats off to Karen Harper for this book It is riveting, fast paced, and maintains you interest A real winner. Got 100 pages onto this when I realized this was not the book for me Typical girl meets guys and they lust after one another That took upof the book than the fire story did I didnt like this book at all I enjoyed this action packed book An arsonist is connected to the past and the present to Lauren Taylor, pilot and widow in a remote town in Montana FBI arsonist investigator Brad Hale does not expect his visit to Montana to lead not just to the arsonist, but also to love and community. This novel hooked me right from the beginning and the suspense kept building and building and building making it impossible to put down Lauren Taylor and her young son, Nicky, live alone in the small town of Vermillion, Montana where Lauren makes her living flying a small Cessna, ferrying people in and out of town to the larger settlement of Kalispell Lauren s husband and his partner were killed two years ago fighting a fire which Lauren always believed was suspicious as her husband was a well trained fire specialist.One day she flies a stranger into her isolated hometown but little does she know that she may be responsible for the fires being set in Vermillion which eventually become a raging inferno FBI agent Brad Hale hesitantly flies into Vermillion after Lauren phones in her suspicions, but Laura seemed so intent on the phone that agent Hale couldn t refuse her After his arrival, Lauren s young son Nicky goes missing which turn the tables for agent Hale Perhaps Ms Taylor is right about the stranger she flew into Vermillion Together, agent Hale and Lauren set out to find the mysterious stranger who seems to have literally disappeared but little do they realize that they themselves may be caught in the raging inferno I would highly recommend this novel to anyone Karen Harper is a skilled author who knows how to build characters and has the ability to keep the suspense going, only releasing a small clue at a time making you want to keep going headlong into the story. This was a real thriller A real page turner.The good guys came through though Highly recommend. A really great example of a PG 13 contemporary romantic suspense The bad guy is truly deranged And yet, from what I have read about firestarters, he certainly fits the profile The profile is also discussed within the book as FBI agents join the heroine in tracking down the boy next door arsonist.The BND arsonist has been bedeviling the FBI for some years He also has a connection to the heroine The final Big Fire in a Dry, Remote, Highly Forested Area and the pursuit of the BND give the requisite adrenaline rush The characters, major and minor, are detailed The growing relationship between the hero and heroine is nicely handled As a bonus for those preferring PG or PG 13 romances, there is a genuine romance minus the heavy sex Bonus points for information about wildlife of the area and a particularly disgruntled bear A refreshing change of pace, this might also appeal to some readers of thrillers. Choosing this book to read from the library shelves was impulsive and regrettable When will I learn to research writers and books rather than just picking randomly I could only stomach about 150 pages of this book It s just a ridiculous premise, another of those handsome hero saves lonely and lovely young woman Had I known it was a romance suspense novel, it would have stayed safely on the shelf An FBI agent falling for a witness within a matter of hours Come on I d like to think that most federal agents areprofessional than that Unless you love romance novels, don t bother with this book Yuk. This was a good suspense story, with a very rushed romance thrown in to qualify for the genre, I believe There was no mystery to this one, as the reader knows how the antagonist is from the beginning However, the setting was different and the climactic inferno was pretty impressive but ran on a bit too long for my liking There were other slow portions of the story that would have benefitted fromediting Still, I was entertained and engrossed for most of the story, and the heroine wasthan a sobbing pretty face despite everything she faced I ll round 3.5 stars up to 4. I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads I enjoyed every minute of reading this book I really liked the characters, especially Red and Mari Lauren is a brave heroine, and Brad is right for her I like airplanes, so this was very entertaining for me Wish there had been a fewdetails on how Evan met his end, but overall, it was a very good book I will recommend this book, and author

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[PDF / Epub] ✅ Inferno By Karen Harper –
  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Inferno
  • Karen Harper
  • English
  • 11 February 2018
  • 9780778324041

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