False Dawn

False Dawn It Is The Turn Of The Twenty First Century War, Disease, And Pollution Have Made The Earth Nearly Unfit For Human Habitation In America, Food Is Scarce, And What Food Remains Is Quickly Confiscated By The Pirates A Murderous Band Of Raiders Determined To Save Themselves And To Destroy The Last Stronghold Of Civilized Human Beings The Mutant PopulationOne Of These Mutants, A Woman Named Thea, Has Eluded The Pirates For Years Armed Only With A Crossbow, Her Pride, And Her Common Sense, She Has Been Slowly Making Her Way Eastward To Gold Lake A Legendary Place Of Safety And Enlightenment Until One Day She Meets Evan Montague, A Man Who Needs Her Help, A Man Who Is Also On The Run From The Pirates, But For A Different Reason He Once Led The Pirates Himself And Has Now Become Their Most Bitter And Most Hunted EnemyTogether, Thea And Evan Trek Across A Dangerous And Wasted California, Hoping To Survive The Brutality Of Twenty First Century Life And, Perhaps, To Find Eden Before They Die

A professional writer for than forty years, Yarbro has sold over eighty books, than seventy works of short fiction, and than three dozen essays, introductions, and reviews She also composes serious music Her first professional writing in 1961 1962 was as a playwright for a now long defunct children s theater company By the mid 60s she had switched to writing stories and hasn

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  • Hardcover
  • 208 pages
  • False Dawn
  • Chelsea Quinn Yarbro
  • English
  • 14 October 2017
  • 9780385131445

10 thoughts on “False Dawn

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    This utterly tedious story gets 1 star.But that FREAKISHLY AWESOME cover gets 5 stars Seriously, the cover is the only reason this book is staying in my collection.

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    I read this upon publication, in 1978, and I wish I could convey what a radical, ground breaking book it was for its time First, it s post apocalyptic, but the apocalypse is ecological, where every other book in the genre before that was nuke, nuke, nuke As a futurist, she may end up being right, too Second, there s a woman protagonist who can and does function alone through most of the book, and she carries a weapon and is good with it I know people younger than I can t imagine a world in which these are revolutionary bits of characterization, almost unpublishably radical, but back then, they were I m still giving an extra star for that.It s dark, yes, as other reviewers say, and not hopeful at all Survival is a Hobbesian struggle view spoiler There s no sense a bunch of people are going to rebuild anything at the end of the book Maybe, just maybe, she can stay alive another day that s about as hopeful as it gets hide spoiler

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    I was reminded of my Yarbro phase when I read my GR friend Chris review of Hyacinths recently a work I d never heard of, which is not surprising Yarbro is a prolific writer.I came across the author as a teen ager and keen on vampire novels, and le Comte de Saint Germain is one of the better bloodsuckers in the literature I acquired the early Saint Germain novels like Blood Games and H tel Transylvania and became a fan of the author s.I haven t read False Dawn in decades but I still have the used, hardcover 1978 edition and still remember it as one of the bleakest, most disturbing and best dystopias I ve ever read I reread the novel sometime in the 90s and it held up.Highly recommended NB There is a brutal rape described fair warning to readers.

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    Written maybe inte late 70 s, this book blows away The Road, and it s the post civilization road trip that should have been made into a movie.

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    Interesting premise, but the e edition is very poorly edited Missing punctuation, Hs instead of Bs, and other issues that made it hard to read.

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    Pros about this book Post apocalyptic setting is revolutionary for its time of publication 1970s Has some very nice desolation scenes, the bleakness of which reminded me a lot of Frazetta paintings This would be a good companion for anyone who read the Dark Tower series or played any of the Fallout Games, if only for the Con part of my review.Cons about this book Did not age well after publication vinyl record albums and hippie vans now seem dated in 2015 Where is my plot If False Dawn had been stylized in a way like Chet Williamson or Stephen King, it would have been far gripping As it is, there is no real conclusion to this story, it has no sequel unless I m wrong and I finished feeling disappointed.

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    I had to rate this right in the middle Love this author Loved the plot Loved the writing This is not a book I will be able to read again The title, False Dawn, is completely appropriate Engaging and realistic post apocalyptic vision No candy coating.

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    Read this back in high school A fascinating look at the future of America, human mutation, and post apocalyptical survival.

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    I m abandoning this book This is my favorite genre and I like the concepts and ideas, but dear God the typos Multiple per page, and some so egregious that it s clear this didn t get even a basic proofread The word Arid was used in place of and , words were broken up like thought fully , a character s name was spelled differently in its multiple uses on the same page Just, wow I can t.

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