Nothing Venture

Nothing Venture A British Mystery Classic From The Renowned Author Of The Beloved Miss Silver Series Due To His Uncle S Diabolical Will, Jervis Must Marry Within Three Months Of His Uncle S Death, Or The Huge Estate And Vast Fortune Will Go To His Fiance, Rosamund When Rosamund Dumps Him Just Two Days Before The Wedding, Jervis Must Scramble To Find Someone Else

Patricia Wentworth born Dora Amy Elles was a British crime fiction writer.She was educated privately and at Blackheath High School in London After the death of her first husband, George F Dillon, in 1906, she settled in Camberley, Surrey She married George Oliver Turnbull in 1920 and they had one daughter.She wrote a series of 32 classic style whodunnits featuring Miss Silver, the first of wh

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    Nothing Venture 1932 by Patricia Wentworth has several things going for it that should make me love it Most importantly a plucky heroine who repeatedly saves the rather dense love of her life yay for Girl Power and lots of atmosphere from a gloomy, isolated country house to a dank underground cave where our heroine s love is held captive near the end of the book But it just doesn t take me beyond the middle of the road, this is an okay story point I like Nan Forsyth our plucky heroine and I m always glad to see a strong female character It s just a shame that Jervis Weare the love of life is so darn dense I mean, you d think that after a few near misses he d start believing Nan when she tells him someone s trying to kill him But nooo, that bridge that collapsed practically under their feetthat was just old and rickety The taxi that nearly ran him down that was an accident too Yvette over at In So Many Words has reviewed this from the opposite side of the fence saying that this is basically a very silly book it is , but that doesn t stop her from loving it In fact, she makes such a great case for the book that you should probably wander over there and read her review and maybe you ll be convinced to read it and love it as well Her review persuades me that I must have read the book when I was feeling grumpy and not at all in the mood to suffer fools Jervis gladly I ll need to give this one another try at some point but for now for my middle of the road reading.First posted on my blog My Reader s Block.

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    So satisfying Do you ever come across a book you wish you had read when you were younger, so you could have liked it longer I just did Improbable mystery meets sentimental tosh, and I loved every second of it It starts off remarkably Wodehousian Jervis Jervis is to marry within 3 months, or by terms of his grandfather s will, he s disinherited Coincidentally, he s engaged to the girl who inherits if he doesn t Of course she jilts him 2 days before their wedding and 3 days before the deadline Up steps Nan, who is in love with Jervis and has been for forever not that he knows it or her , coincidentally employed in his attorneys office Murder attempts, love, etc etc I suppose one of the reasons I like this book is I married a man I d had a crush on for years and he didn t know who I was either dreams can come true

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    Free Oddly satisfying, even though it shouldn t be If I were to explain the plot it would sound pretty awful, really, and the book is populated by some fairly selfish terrible people Somehow, though, it does satisfy Not really a mystery, the crimes are all attempted murder, the culprits are known from the start, the motive is very clear, and since it s obvious that the intended victim will survive to the last page he s the romantic lead , the only question is how the would be killers will be caught.

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    Excellent mysteryI have read many of her books and found them all both suspenseful and enjoyable My only wish is that she would include one chapter to tell us what happens to everyone Once the mystery is solved and all are safe then the books just end Guess I have liked them so much I want them to go on.

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    I love these vintage mysteries Patricia Wentworth was an awesome writer, and the most graphic the books is, perhaps, a kiss This one has a determined young woman who knows what she wants, is afraid to go for it and the end, winds up protecting it Good read.

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    Very enjoyable read, fun Jane Austen esque romance, good pace, great intrigue if a bit fluffy on actual facts, but the ending was ridiculously short, lol.

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    Romance and mystery that s thoroughly enjoyable Ended a bit abruptly but that was OK.

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    Excellent tale with engaging characters, and some rather pleasant twists, even when you expect ugly ones looking forward to finding of her works.

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    This Wentworth was so much better than her previous one Though still plagued by silly coincidences, she has dialed it back to Dickens levels, making them unrealistic, but a little charming The characters are cute and likeable and they don t outstay their welcome The mystery is practically nonexistent, the best kind for Wentworth to write She really needed to just write romantic comedies, because she is great at coming up with contrived scenarios for her engaging characters to move through In this case, a man is required to marry within three months in order to gain his inheritance, otherwise it goes to his fiancee Of course, she jilts him three days before the deadline, and he must scramble to find a replacement wife Enter Nan, the quiet typist who has been mildly obsessed with him for years Ignore the stalker vibes this is Wentworth, and of course Nan is a self sacrificing darling and is the perfect wife for our hero He must simply discover it for himself This book is not deep, but if you like the 50 s era British mystery scene as I do, then this is a good one to add to your collection By far the best part of the novel, though, is the American in it British authors in this time period tended to write great caricatures of Americans, but this one takes the cake He is rich of course and filled with bonhomie, but best of all, he is stuffed with the random catchphrases that came with every depiction of Americans in this time period This incarnation swears by American national monuments, which is the best thing ever Some examples Holy Niagara, Great Washington , Jumping Mississippi, Great Wall Street, and my favorite Good Bronx This has to be a joke, right I don t credit Wentworth with much subtlety, but she couldn t have seriously thought this was how Americans actually spoke This novel is worth reading just to encounter this one character If you find it in a second hand bookshop somewhere, give it a try.

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    A British mystery classic from the renowned author of the beloved Miss Silver series Due to his uncle s diabolical will, Jervis must marry within three months of his uncle s death, or the huge estate and vast fortune will go to his fiance, Rosamund When Rosamund dumps him just two days before the wedding, Jervis must scramble to find someone else This was an outstanding, incredible read The characters were so very unique, clever and diabolical couldn t put the book down It was mystery, cozy, suspense, romance all wrapped up together with a wonderful happy ending Perfect read There s not enough stars to rate this book

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