Spider-Man The Sinister Six Vs Spider Man And The FF And By FF, We Mean The Entire Future Foundation Know What S Not A Good Place For Children, Even Super Powered Kids A Full Scale Battle With The World S Deadliest Super Villains It S Not Bring Your Kids To Work Day, It S Not A Field Trip, And It S Definitely Not A Game This Is A High Stakes Battle, And There S No Way It Will End Well Collecting AMAZING SPIDER MAN Book Details Format Hardcover Publication DatePagesReading Level AgeAnd Up

Dan Slott is an American comic book writer, the current writer on Marvel Comics The Amazing Spider Man, and is best known for his work on books such as Arkham Asylum Living Hell, She Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Superior Spider Man, and Ren Stimpy.

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  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • Spider-Man
  • Dan Slott
  • English
  • 28 October 2019
  • 9780785151067

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    What a difference a capable writer makes.Compare Dan Slott s Spider Man Fantastic Four story with Christos Gage s Spider turn and you can see the fine line between a fun, well written story and a just quite doesn t cut it Spider run.Any writer that can throw together references to Scooby Doo, one of the worst Fantastic Four stories ever Ben Grimm as Blackbeard the pirate , getting a Green Goblin tattoo while drunk and the Invisible Girl s Woman s revenge on a mime, and make it work is okay in my book.It s easy to see why Slott was given the reins to the Spider Man books his Superior Spider Man was one of best Spider Man runs in decades.Christos Gage Meh He took what on paper could have been a storyline with terrific potential Spider Man becomes a substitute teacher for the troubled kids class at the Avengers Academy , and just churns out another With great powers come great responsibility throwaway The Welcome Back, Kotter cover to the first issue promised great things, but Bottom line Read Slott s story Skip the rest.

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    I thought this was good for a FF Spidey team up I m not really sure about the details that go along with how he ended up on the team, though I knew that at some point Johnny had diednot sure how why And I knew that he had asked Peter to take his spot.But that s all, because I ve never read the story that goes along with it In fact, I m not even sure how I picked up that random piece of information to start with, because I rarely read anything with the Fantastic Four in it Huh.So the parts with the FF now known as the Future Foundation , were kind of cool Even though they re always mixed up in that wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff Which is fun, but I can t take anything they do seriously because of it.Sorry.I really loved the story with Ghost Rider That was probably my favorite The issue with Spider Man taking over as a sub at the Avengers Academy was also pretty good, considering I m not crazy about those guys.The last story about the ex con can t remember his name was awfully sweet sniffleAwwww So, yeah.I recommend this one if you re in the market for a team up book.

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    So I m again picking up on random events in the Marvel Universe by reading trade paperbacks Apparently the Human Torch died And Spider Man lost his spidey sense This volume collects one three issue run in which Spider Man joins the Fantastic Four, which is now the Future Foundation, and a two issue run in which Spider Man substitute teaches for the Avenger s Academy, plus a couple of side stories, one of which teams up Spider Man with the Ghost Rider in a lackluster tale about a demon trying to repossess the Ghost Rider s bike, and another about Peter Parker trying to redeem a small time criminal that Spider Man put away years ago.The Fantastic Four issues were the best there was a great mix of humor and adventure, with much wise cracking The Avenger s Academy tie in was mildly entertaining, though once again there s an expendable batch of newbie superheroes I don t know or care about.I have always been a fan of Spidey and the FF, and this book had a little of the old Marvel flavor, but none of the stories were stand out Also, I thought Spider Man had progressively matured over the years, and he should be acting like a veteran now he s a pro Still wisecracking, of course, but there is a reason why he s now a member of both the Avengers and the FF And meanwhile he has an adult job at Horizon Labs Not the insecure man child he was in most of these issues, acting almost like a teenager.Enjoyable light superhero fare, but nothing epic or brilliant.

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    This story with the fantastic four didnt work that well with me Slotts writing is far superior when compared to others on Spidey though.

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    Spiderman FF Avengers .

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    Spidey as a full fledged member of the FF is pretty rad, man I m always not so secretly thrilled when Parker gets his science geek on, and we get a few flashes of his intellectual chops here alongside the grandmaster Reed Wouldn t a rap off between Mister Fantastic and the Amazing Spidey O be hilarious Give that one to Van Lente, puh leeze The FF adventures here are pretty fun and don t take themselves too seriously, which is good considering how much weight they throw on Puny Parker s shoulders when they keep bringing up who s been lost to make room or Spidey Geez, you d think the dude had something to do with Johnny s temporary death is there a Catholic priest in the house to pile on a little Aside I may have gotten a little too excited when I saw what Carlie did to get back at Peter shudder I am such a sucker forthat sort of thing.What I m NOT a sucker for not a fan in any way of is giving Christos Gage any pages to screw up Bad enough he s ruined Avengers Academy with his overlong monologues and explain it to me like I m an eighteenth century five year old explanations why you gotta make me wade through a completely unnecessary and painfully after school special very special episode of brutally obvious teen angst and overplayed you can overcome this I believe in you garbage If I wanted to put myself through this kind of pain, I d just sign up for a Tony Robbins seminar At least I d be left with a little dignity at the end.Seriously we actually get the you don t screw up Spidey I really learned something today speeches at the end of this bird cafe liner Oh My God MIKE SMASH.Thankfully they included a few backup stories to wash that fecal taste down, including an emotionally genuine story about Magnetic Man and an amusing if transparently promotional Ghost Rider launch.Art in this collection had creators than a freakin cattle call so I can t even begin to render a verdict, but Pulido and Caselli do pretty damned well with such a short runway.Four stars for some great tales around the smoking AA crater, but I gotta dock them for that shite.

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    Hit and Missliked the parts that show Spidey is a brain, alongside Reed, when others are like I didn t know he was smart.Also liked that he keeps cracking wise.VERY much liked the Ghost Rider story , obviously for a new Ghost Rider series, butHell yes pun intended.Sinister Six baddies, very fun.Didn t love the story with Peter teaching all the Avengers Academy kids and the tone of that.Some of the FF stuff is silly, and Sue Ben really shit on PP for the fact that he s not Johnny, even though he s pretty valuable to them, I disliked that Sue would be so angry, though Ben I get But I hate when he s stereotypical dumb strongman.The FF kids I don t usually care for either, but oh well.It s entertaining, and there s some good stuffa mixed bag but worth a look for FF and Spidey fans.

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    Much like Chris Claremont on the X Men and Frank Miller on Daredevil, Slott is carving put his niche in comics history with what is arguably the greatest run in Spider Man history I ve never been a big Spider Man fan, but I ve always read the books because the stories and villains even when they re the hardcore B listers are almost always guaranteed to entertain With Slott, we get a supremely gifted architect who brings both classic appeal and modern story telling to the Amazing Spider Man book And although Spider Man s formula couldn t be simple, it s a surprise how many people really It up You take one part private life and one part super heroing and turn it into a juggling act and viola A great web slinging book is born Slott manages to give us enough of everything older fans of the book enjoyed through the Silver Age while coupling it with modernized story telling techniques and we have an absolutely enjoyable read from star to finish It doesn t hurt that this book is filled to the brim with guest appearances, especially from my favorite new ish team, Avengers Academy The only thing it needed was an artist that could work on it for than 2 issues at a time Different styles created a chasm in the middle of arcs that seemed to separate and divide the story from itself Writing AArt B

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    Spidey is in the Future Foundation now the renamed and reoutfitted Fantastic Four after the death of a key member This trade really does fall into the territory of a romp light and breezy approach to big adventure stories, with one dimensional menace on display In that sense the main story feels like a Future Foundation story with Spidey involved which is really what it is The backup stories are fine, if not exactly memorable.Overall this volume isn t great, isn t bad, and ultimately isn t memorable For completists only.

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    Reprints Amazing Spider Man 2 658 662 June 2011 July 2011 Johnny Storm is dead and now Spider Man is a member of the Fantastic Four or actually the Future Foundation Being a scientist, an Avenger, and now a member of the FF pulls Peter s already strained time in directions and his secret life could catch up to his relationship with Carlie Plus, it s a throwdown with the Psycho Man as Spider Man stands in as a substitute for the Avengers Academy.Written by Dan Slott with back up stories by Fred Van Lente, Christos Gage, Paul Benjamin, Frank Tieri, and Rob Williams, Spider Man The Fantastic Spider Man is a follow up to Spider Man Matters of Life and Death The collection features art by Javier Pulido, Stefano Caselli, Reilly Brown, Javier Rodriguez, and Lee Garbett and the issues were also collected as part of Spider Man Big Time The Complete Collection Volume 1.This is a better entry in Dan Slott s run because I actually rather like Spider Man as a member of the FF Spider Man initially auditioned for the Fantastic Four in his first issue and his science aspect always seemed closer to Reed Richards than anyone on the Avengers The last volume of Spider Man was rather somber, but this collection is on the lighter side.The storytelling is really aided by Javier Pulido s throwback art on a few of the issues While the other artists in the collection don t do a bad job, Javier captures the feeling and essence of Spider Man better than many recent artists It combines modern art with vintage comic book art to make something feel entirely new.As far as the story goes, it is a light romp While I liked the FF issues and Peter s attempt to fit in with a pre existing family, the actual story with the pirates faux Sinister Six real Sinister Six was a bit convoluted, but I can forgive that because of the FF aspect The Avengers Academy story felt like build up for a big nothing I liked Spider Man s interactions with the kids, but the Psycho Man battle felt like a waste especially since it was set up issues before.I d like to see of Spider Man in the FF, but I also would like him to scale back his activities to a realistic level Spider Man has always been thrown in for guest appearances and cameos when logically it doesn t always make sense, but it also seemed like it was because there were writers involved With Slott s big control over Spider Man s destiny , I d like the idea of being spread so thin be of an aspect of the story what happens if they need something at Horizon Labs when he s gone for a week on an adventure with the FF What does Carlie say when he gets a broken arm in a battle with the Avengers These are the problems I ve always liked Spider Man to deal with and I would love to see a real world Spider Man face these issues Spider Man The Fantastic Spider Man is followed by Spider Man The Return of Anti Venom.

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