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Good Girls Some People Would Say This Is The Story Of A Photograph How It Was Taken And What Happened To Me After The Whole World Saw It And It Is But It S Also The Story Of A Lot Of Other ThingsSo Look At The Picture All You WantI Am So Much Than What You See

Raised in the wilds of suburban New Jersey, Laura Ruby now lives in Chicago with her family Her short fiction for adults has appeared in various literary magazines, including Other Voices, The Florida Review, Syca Review and Nimrod A collection of these stories, I M NOT JULIA ROBERTS, was published by Warner Books in January 2007 Called hilarious and heart wrenching by People and a knowi

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    Also appears on Lissa WritesI really liked this book.There are a few parallels with Forever, and in fact this book even references Forever, but unlike Forever I wasn t reminded of the awkwardness and quite frankly horrible memories of my ex boyfriend, but instead I was actually reminded of my fianc e.So, win for this book already.When someone takes a photo of Audrey, the school s resident good girl otherwise known as a spock, swot, or general nerd in a compromising position with a boy at a party and spreads it around her school, Audrey has to deal with the fallout of a tarnished reputation, a broken relationship with the boy in question, the friendships of other good and bad girls, and her parents.And the biggest question is, who took the photo and destroyed her reputation Was is a friend of the boy Was it Audrey s ex boyfriend, the guy who couldn t handle being dumped Was it another girl jealous that Audrey was casually hooking up with the hottest guy in the school It doesn t shy away from uncomfortable issues The scene with the doctor had me cringing The reactions of almost everyone in the novel is completely horrible most of the boys decide Audrey s easy and will want to have sex with them, the teachers who found out disapprove and think they re warning her the behaviour wasn t appropriate for a girl of her intellect, and the girls of the school turn into complete bitches This is slut shaming from the point of view of the slut And we all know that slut shaming in YA books is wrong and quite often misjudged.Which is why I think a few specific people will like this book, because Audrey s still a good girl She still goes to church and to all honesty, normally I m against using religion in YA novels but in this instance it works , she still studies hard, and she still works on her relationship with her parents She also has hobbies notably the school plays where she s in charge of the stage design.But of course nothing is ever black and white This novels explores the shades of grey of sluts and slut shaming and good girls And I use the term slut ironically Why do girls get called sluts and boys get called players Why is a girl having sex a slut and a boy having sex a god Why is a bad boy really a good boy, and a good boy is a pansy or a mama s boy Audrey s a realistic portrayal of a teenager, even if she s a little too perfect I knew a girl like her at my high school who changed schools when something like this happened over the summer holidays And the teenage voice in this book is spot on.I think it d be an accessible read for adults who enjoy reading YA books as well as a great book for the YA crowd My version of the book had a parental advisory warning on it for mature content, so if a mother is thinking of giving this to her daughter, maybe she should read it first I d be than happy to give this to a fourteen year old.

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    an interview in the back of this book suggests this book be required reading for all teenagers, their parents, and teachers That will make lots of readers squirm Ruby is a unflinchingly honest about teen sexuality as any YA author I ve read She examines the double standard we all know exists between girlsand boys getting caught in compromising situations She puts it all out there and makes her characters and us wrestle with it.Audrey and Luke hook up at parties all fall, until someone with a camera snaps and sends an incriminating picture of them in the act to everyoneincluding the school principal and Audrey s parents Audrey gets hate mail and Luke gets but does not return high fives She s a slut and he s a playeror are they Someone they know, someone at the party, took the picture and sent it to everyone But that s the least of Audrey s problems her parents, her pastor, her friends and classmates, all treat her differently This book is graphic in a way most YA books aren t, and Ruby takes on heavy, heavy issues with courage There s a saying, we read to know we re not alone Audrey s story IS someone s story I hope this book finds her and reassures her.

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    Reviewed by Me for TeensReadToo.comAudrey Porter is a good girl The kind that works hard to keep up her grades, spends weekends working in her dad s store, manning the cash register, and basically just being a good daughter and a good friend Things change, though, when she falls for Luke DeSalvio, a guy known around Willow Park High School as a player Audrey s best friends, Ash and Joelle, had warned her from the beginning not to lose her heart to Luke But unlike her dedication to schoolwork and good grades, there s something about being with Luke that turns her brain to mush and her normal level headedness to idiotic levels After Audrey hears that Luke has been with another girl as if all of his constant flirting wasn t bad enough , she decides to call off their friends with benefits, not really boyfriend and girlfriend relationship Unfortunately, she decides to do this after one last hurrah with Luke, one last make out session at a party that puts her in a very compromising situation A situation that someone captures on their cell phone camera and proceeds to distribute among the student body She could have ignored the millions of instant messages on her computer calling her a and a ho, she even could have ignored the leers and jeers of the guys in the halls at Willow Park What she can t ignore, though, is the fact that someone has sent the picture to her father s work email address Or that Mr Swieback, the principal, found copies on the library computers Or that even Ms Godwin, the drama teacher, seems to think Audrey is some type of sex maniac Humiliation complete, Audrey must come to terms with her new social status, which has nothing to do with being a good girl Along with Ash and Joelle, who have stood beside her, she forms a new, tenuous friendship with Pam and Cindy, two girls who had previously held the title as school But as Audrey realizes that she may have been wrong about the girls, especially Pam, she also realizes that being a good girl doesn t mean always being perfect I really enjoyed GOOD GIRLS This is a book with heart and emotion, with true to life characters who don t preach or moralize, but who work hard at being the best type of people they can be There are girls like Audrey, Ash, Joelle, Pam, and Cindy in every high school just as there are boys like Luke and the insufferable Chilly This is definitely a book for your keeper shelf.

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    I guess it s kind of a theme in YA books that a super smart, high achieving girl who has an intense need for control might sometimes fall for a guy who is either out of her league, or moves in a different social circle he s a player, The Duff, he s a jock, Not That Kind of Girl, he s too old and taking advantage of her, Story of a Girl also the Duff, or a stoner, At the Party They have a relationship that mostly consists of secret hook ups, in order to assuage her anxiety about various issues revolving around parents, school, or self esteem The reason this works for her is because when they are kissing or whatev she is so caught up that she escapes her overthinking, overanalyzing mind for a while, and just feels the moment Far be it from me to question whether this works in real life or happens , because there must be something elemental and powerful about this idea in order for it to be so prevalent and popular.So, obvs, this book is in that genre, and it s a good one The MC is mixed up than troubled, and seems to just find it unbelievable that the boy could actually like her beyond wanting to hook up, so she breaks off the limited, secretive relationship they do have, without explanation, without thinking about him or his feelings or that boys even have such things So when that sexy times photo someone surreptiously snapped of the two of them makes the rounds at school, it s maybe even humiliating, overwhelming than might otherwise be the case, although, it s hard to imagine how it could be so, honestly I found Audrey likeable, believable, and possessed of a quirky, fresh and appealing voice and point of view The whole issue with her Dad, and how the picture impacts their relationship was maybe the most affecting part of the book for me cause I m a Dad maybe , and the resolution of that element is one of the touching parts again, maybe just me This was the part that was the most like Story of Girl, another great book, btw, if you haven t read it How Audrey deals with the aftermath of the overexposure, and becomes a open, forgiving, understanding and less crazy person, makes for a good story, with good supporting characters and, for a change, fairly believable parents.

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    GOOD GIRLS is a gem of a good read Super smart Audrey does something completely out of character for her before school starts she hooks up with Luke, the well liked, athletic playboy Party after party, they hook up, yet hardly ever speak in school Audrey feels for Luke than she s felt for any other boy, but as she watches Luke talk to other girls, she can t help but draw back from a possible romance between the two of them.Then someone takes a picture of Audrey hooking up with Luke, and the picture is passed around to everyone Even Audrey s teachers and parents see it Audrey goes from having a fairly decent reputation to being labeled as a slut The consequences of the photo are far reaching Luke isn t talking to her and her parents don t know how to act around her.However, some of what happens in the picture s aftermath surprises Audrey She befriends several girls she had always considered as slutty before, and she learns that she does have the ability to be strong while people snicker behind her back.GOOD GIRLS is snidely hilarious and a surprisingly feel good read It s raw and explicit I wouldn t recommend it to anyone not in high school yet However, Audrey is a great, strong protagonist with a wonderful voice Not everyone has been in Audrey s particular situation, but I m sure that everyone knows how it feels to be hurt, and then to rise above it.

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    This deliberately incorrect title contains absolutely disgusting descriptions of hookups, and that s just a small part of its problems Basically unlikable girl makes stupid decisions, is completely unsympathetic as a result For instance, here is a list of things that I feel like it is incredibly obvious are bad decisions 1 Performing oral sex on a guy who isn t even your boyfriend and who therefore has no obligation toward you or implied sense of trust 2 Performing oral sex at a party with tons of other people on the other side of the door3 Performing oral sex at a party without bothering to make sure the door is locked and or barredAre we actually surprised when this results in negative consequences Because I feel like if you are okay with casual sex encounters and don t take any precautions whatsoever to keep it private, you should be okay with everyone knowing about it and not be all that bothered by whatever names they call you This is not to say that the people spreading the photo and doing the name calling are right and the double standard still doesn t make sense , but it does mean that as a detached reader, I m going to be completely unaffected by your main character being all sad and oppressed.

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    I visited with Laura Ruby for about 20 minutes at the NCTE conference in New York 2007 I appreciate her writing style and candor when it comes to teen sexuality I have recommended this book to many students and they agree that Ruby has the teen life nailed down In the book, Audrey has her picture taken with a cell phone, during a certain sexual act The picture goes around to everyone and she is labelled My students say this is a common occurance and they are surprised it is taking YA literature so long to catch up They herald Ruby s book as one of the best in the past two years.

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    I ve liked Ruby s middle grade books so much,and I ve been meaning to give this a read since a decade or so back when it came out, but my library didn t have a copy and somehow I just never got around to it Pity I quite liked the nuanced characters and story Although all the stuff about the camera phone from when it was new is kind of awkwardly amusing now that they are ubiquitous and native to folks of a certain age who use them for all kinds of things I never think of, like as a mirror, and for shopping advice from friends who can t actually be present and in lieu of note taking Not earth shattering stuff, I know, just as an example of the difference between coming to a technology as an adult and growing up with it I ended up having to read it in one evening as someone else had requested it and I couldn t renew it again, but it s a quick read, so that wasn t a stay up all night sort of challenge.Library copy

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    DNF Great concept, horrible writing.

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    When a photograph of Audrey in a disturbing position gets sent around the school, the gossip mill starts churning In one night, her good girl, always gets top grades, does the right thing, image is ruined Now, she s in Slut City with Pam and Cindy, the other school proclaimed sluts Her life goes downhill from that her parents are conflicted and disappointed her teachers are turning into judgmental freaks, and her classmates are either hooting or whispering behind her back Ah, stereotypes just never go away, does it In other novels, you have the protagonist facing off the male lead s bitchy girlfriend, who also happens to be a slut I ve always found that situation really unrealistic and too overused Just because Girl A likes Boy, who already has Girl B, the authors have to make Girl B either a dumb blonde not worthy of Boy s attention, or into a slut with nothing to do but snatch up guys Why can t Girl B be nice, you know Or, why not just make Boy not have a girlfriend Anyway, I m just trying to say that this is kind of different It s not exactly about a character that s a slut, because Audrey isn t Some people have been comparing this to Forever by Judy Blume, which is kind of accurate considering how much hook ups Audrey and Luke have, and the fact that he s her first love Audrey is a stable character, like someone you would never expect to do anything wrong, which makes her the best person to fall into these situations For someone who s always planning and knowing exactly what she wants, it s easy to imagine how one mistake can change her views on herself and everyone else Mistakes change people all the time, sharpens their perception of things, whether good or bad Even for those who live spontaneously and say they never make plans, the fact is that whatever you decide to do is a plan It makes me go crazy when people shrug and say, I don t know Why don t you know You might not have the whole picture yet, but at least you have some of the pieces So I figure most people are just reluctant to admit that they re not this adventurous person they make themselves out to be It s also kind of nice that, despite everything, Audrey and Luke decide to start all over again at the end of the book I believe in starting over, even if things seem downright impossible People always say your first love never works out and that your first sex experience is a painful memory, but I disagree I like to think that your first love is the one you ve thought it hard and thoroughly with, the one who makes you so certain that whatever happens, will not be a mistake and something you ll always remember I would think that kind of certainty would take a while to come to, and once you do, how can you let go of something that you ve spent long and hard obsessing over I don t think another book has ever made me think this crazily about first loves and sluts Not even Forever, which was supposed to But It really bugs me that just about every character in this book is so stereotypical Good Girl Audrey Valedictorian Ron Slutty Pam Chain smoking, Goth, Cynical Ash Sure, they have some distinctive qualities, but I would hate people to think that in every high school, you have these cardboard ish people who can only be described with one or two adjectives It kind of encourages other people to think of how shallow and superficial this world is, as if we already don t know that Good Girls could have been better edited and, the subplots definitely could have been expanded I thought the whole idea of turning Shakespeare s Hamlet around so that it matches some antsy teenage drama production where Hamlet is actually a disturbed chick and Ophelia is a boy called O rather witty, and wanted to see how the play could be re written But sadly, that didn t happen The author fast forwarded the storyline so that they could have opening night, and then move on to Drama Club s production of Grease I ll be on the lookout for Laura Ruby if she has an up and coming new book.

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