Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony

Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony Enjoyed the anecdotes and tea related stories he translated for this some great little bits about historical locations and treasured tea utensils too Nearly 90 years old, yet still the essential classic in English for chadou.. The book does and entertaining job of recounting some of the stories around the Cha no yu, but falls short when it comes to going into detail on the ceremony itself. While not a primer in the tea ceremony, it does give an in depth history of tea I was hoping for some comparisons of different styles of ceremonies, or at least one style through the different seasons The language of the book is for people with a foundation in tea culture already, but will leave the foreigner with many questions about ritual. An enjoyable, well put together book on the historic importance and aesthetic principles of tea Unfortunately, if you ve never actually witnessed a tea ceremony, this book isn t going to do much to help you understand how it s performed The first half of the book delves into the articles used in tea ceremony, the various kinds of gardens, tearooms, lanterns, utensils etc The color photographs are a nice touch, though not as extensive as perhaps desired Supplementing these are detailed illustrations throughout the book, which at least break up the huge blocks of text in what is an academic book written in the early portion of the 20th century The second half are stories, legends and historic parables in which tea oroften than not, some famous tea item features prominently If you re interested in the relationship between Hideyoshi and Sen no Rikyu among other tea notables, this is an excellent collection of stories However the stories often lose a casual reader in names and dates and places with few points of reference Little to no mention is given to how the tea ceremony is performed, outside of what etiquette hosts and guests must perform to each other, and likewise little mention is given to the differences in the ceremony depending on what sort of tea is served, or from which school of tea it is being performed from.As a historic text, and a glossary of tea items, this is a fantastic book If you re looking for a place to learn HOW to perform tea ceremony, you re better off finding yourself a tea master to teach you. I usually don t read these kinds of books but I m living in Japan at the moment and found it at the library. An excellent guide to the Japanese tea ceremony by the esteemed scholar, A L Sadler First published in 1933, this 1963 second edition, hardback book covers all aspects of the the Japanese tea ceremony and is the one discipline where nearly all aspects of Japanese culture come together Such topics include utensils and pottery etiquette architecture the garden and stone lanterns forms of the ceremony its relation to the Catholic Mass flower arrangements order of the meals guests the appropriate dress scrolls its relation to zen tea masters various other aspects of the ceremony, including various schools of tea A must read for the serious student of tea. I was not expecting a historical view of the tea ceremony, but that is what this book is The first part reviews the sizes, shapes, and designs of the ancient teahouses in extreme depth This part was a little slow to get through, but the diagrams of the tearooms and pictures of lanterns helped with understanding the dimensions and details that were in the book.The second part was what I found farinteresting It is a compliation of various stories about the tea masters from the 1600 s and 1700 s Put together the stories help the reader get to the spirit of the tea ceremony without any specific instruction in how it is performed I think this is a great way to begin to appreciate the tea ceremony I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes history, or wants to understand the tea ceremony and learn about it s founders. This Disciplined Estheticism, As Expressed In Architecture, Garden Design, Flower Arrangement, Pottery, Painting, And Other Arts Intimately Related With The Cha No Yu, Forms The Focus Of Attention In The First Part Of This BookThe Second Part, Entitled Tea Masters, Presents A Series Of Stories Illustrating The Tea Experiences Of Representative Men Of All Types During The Muromachi, Momoyama, And Tokugawa Periods The Book Is Abundantly Illustrated With Drawings Of Tea Ceremony Furniture And Utensils, Tearoom Architecture And Garden Design, Floor And Ground Plans, And Numerous Other Features Of The Cha No Yu A Number Of Photographic Plates Picture Famous Tea Bowls, Teahouses, And Gardens

Full name Arthur L Sadler.

[PDF / Epub] ☉ Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony By A.L. Sadler –
  • Paperback
  • 265 pages
  • Cha-No-Yu: The Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • A.L. Sadler
  • English
  • 21 July 2017
  • 9780804812245

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