Ursa Major

Ursa MajorA Peaceful Camping Trip Turns Ugly As A Step Father And Daughter Come Face To Face With A Blood Thirsty, Mindless Force What Happens When You Have To Make Decisions That Have No Pleasant Options It Has The Same Kind Of Scary As The Terminator You Know, Like Being Chased By A Relentless Pursuer, A Heartless Androidwho Is Getting Closer, Closer, The Ending Inevitable

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Ursa Major book, this is one of the most wanted John R. Little author readers around the world.

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  • Paperback
  • 85 pages
  • Ursa Major
  • John R. Little
  • English
  • 17 June 2017
  • 9780983221180

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    I enjoyed this short horrific tale, as I ve enjoyed everything written by Mr Little.I found it hard to put down, though a little reminiscent of Cujo This story didn t shy away from what we would call the ugliness of nature but what nature would call plain old daily life Recommended to fans of horror and creature features

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    Dan wants to bond with Nicole, his 6 year old step daughter, on a weekend camping trip to watch the Perseid meteor shower in the middle of the woods outside Fairbanks, Alaska Sounds like quality bonding time As a matter of fact, it was going ok, until view spoiler a big ass mother f cking Grizzly Bear ate their dog and trapped them in a supply closet with no food or water Sh t Nicole s mom is going to kill him hide spoiler

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    Top Notch This is everything a short read should be.snappy little joke grabbing the readers attention another little joke but most importantly sheer enjoyment You know the situation you re trying to bond with your step daughter and suggest to her mum that both of you travel to a log cabin in deepest Alaska where you can stare at the stars Ursa Major and get to know eachother over a few days So there you are snowed init s below freezing.you are miles from any townand big daddy Ursa Major comes calling..are you surprised The Great Bear A flash image of the big dipper zipped through his mind, and he felt the irony of loving seeing Ursa Major in the sky the other night Now it seemed like that was a million years ago I read this short story in one sitting and loved every minute That wily old bear has got our two heroes trapped in the cabin and he is quite prepared to wait it out as he has already enjoyed his horderves I ll not disclose that little surprise Will old Ursa be sitting down to his main couse or will Dan and Nicole escape his evil claws.read and enjoy Well done Mr Little not only is this a great concise and cautionary little tale for the wise but a brilliant and well executed no pun intended conclusion.

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    In a word Yikes This story novella wastes no time getting started and is a vertical drop from the first 5 pages Like someone else said, the front cover tells you all you need to know As I was reading , I couldn t help but think that this story would make a great campfire story if you didn t mind staying up all night because you scared the crap out of all the little campers

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    Ursa Major by John R LittleOctober 31 to November 1, 2014 Read while visiting in Kentucky HR weekly group readThis was a short story for the reader but a long story for those characters in the story What happens when a big ole bear decides to make you his dinner and doesn t mind waiting for the main course with a few hors d oeuvres to pass the time Dan s desperation of trying to bond with Nichole changes to a desperation of trying to save Nichole s life and return her to her mother unharmed This desperation was well written which helped the reader identify with Dan s feelings There is nothing precious than a young child, especially one you have been given total responsibility for.I thought the story of the bear attack to be realisticI mean it could happen However, I have to question what mother would let their little girl or boy for that matter go off miles away on a weekend camping trip with a man that she has known for less than a year I ll tell you whoNO mother in their right mind would allow such a thing My goodness, any thing could happen, be it innocent or long planned by her Mr Wonderful So for me, while I was reading this book, I kept thinking, This could never happen, because no women allow her little girl to go off alone with a man like this I guess it s because Mr Little is a male and not a female All in all I enjoyed the book and it s length and gave it 3.5 stars Because I greatly enjoy this author s writings, I rounded it up to 4 starsI recommend this book to all campers

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    A short, possibly realistic thriller about being trapped in a cabin by a giant, man eating bear I felt like the action kicked in right away and the author did a good job making you care about the plight of the little girl, Nickie, and her 40 yr old guardian, Danny I liked seeing Danny improvise and find weapons in the room where they re trapped It made me think what I would do if I was in a situation like that Plenty of tension and emotion Didn t much care for the ending, but I was satisfied nonetheless.

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    Dan s intentions were good He wanted to bond with his love s young daughter Nickie and takes her and her miniature dachshund on a weekend camping trip that turns into a nightmare when they are terrorized by an 8 hungry grizzly bear.The story follows Dan s piss poor but well intentioned attempts to keep them safe It s a dark, tense and grizzly sorry, I can never resist a bad pun little tale that grabs you from the very beginning The characterization is believable and I felt terrible for Dan who was a sweet love struck every guy sort with a case of really bad luck Seeing as this was only 50 pages or so I m not going to say any and spill the entire thing.

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    I enjoyed this scary tale of nature by Mr Little It was a fast read and had a very gripping tale My heart went out to the people in the story stuck fearing for their lives I could feel their fear It was very intense I highly recommend it.

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    Little follows a string of fantastic time travel novellas with a suspense filled action yarn, this time pitting a man and his girlfriend s 6 year old daughter against an 8 foot tall grizzly bear at an isolated cabin In classic Little style, we get plenty of great writing jammed into this 70 paged novella, and an ending that ll rip your heart out But that s all I can say about this short work without giving anything away.There s also a 10 paged introduction by Gene O Neill and Gord Rollo that s quite funny, but at 15.00, few outside of the serious collector s market will get to read this.

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    Dan plans a camping trip with his girlfriend six year old daughter Nickie Dan wants so much for Nickie to like him So Dan, Nickie and her dog Pupply are headed to an isolated cabin in Alaska Of course thing do not turn out the way that Dan has plan them John R Little is an excellent writer and storyteller.

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