Shinobi, Book One

Shinobi, Book One I knew, when I started Shinobi, that I didn t care for erotica or BDSM, and so I mostly skimmed those scenes I did enjoy the story and the characters, and I suspect that many of the things I would highlight as flaws in this book are the result of genre constraints and not the abilities of the writer I would ve liked focus on the story and less on the sex, for instance, and I wish the paranormal aspects and the use of ki had prominence and definition Shinobi also left me with no doubts about Sessha s ability as a writer or storyteller, and I secretly hope or not so secretly, I guess that she turns her hand to mainstream fiction at some point Caveat this book is pretty dark Yoshi the main character is brutally and explicitly raped early on, and several characters share a background of childhood sexual abuse To be clear, there is no graphic abuse of children depicted in the book, but this is a trauma several of the characters continue to deal with, so the subject comes up several times. Extremely intense but completely engrossing Although I was at the point where is one person abused Yoshi I didn t know if I could finish Just be prepared Well written and very interesting. In Modern Day Japan, The Ninja Legends Live On In A Grim Saga Of Political Maneuverings, Betrayal, Sexual Abuse, Torture And Dark HomoeroticismThe Shinobi Clans Lurk In The Shadows, Performing Services That Not Even The Hardened Yakuza Will Touch Takahashi Yoshi Fulfills His Duty With Soul Stripping Resolve, Each Assignment Driving A Nail Into A Coffin Of Lost Faith After Years Of Sexual Abuse And Torture In The Name Of Clan Honor, Yoshi Must Learn To Trust, But The Man Who Offers Him Hope Is Himself Flawed Sasaki Makoto Has Spent A Career In Torture And Interrogation, Exploring Not Only The Dark Secrets Of His Clan S Enemies, But Also The Darkness Within His Own HeartHow Far Must Yoshi Run To Escape His Shame And Torment Characters with so much potential, but their development, if that can be called as such, left me disappointed I was intrigued by the darker aspects of this story, the description made it so full of expectations Where are the high skilled shinobi and the long experienced torturer We don t see them acting as the professionals they are supposed to be. After reading Shinobi it took me several days to gather my thoughts to well, write a clear enough review that expressed my thoughts sufficiently So without further adoShinobi reads like your typical graphic novel or anime series at first, I am not sure whether this was the authors intent or not, but it does 10 points to Gryffindor for that Sorry for the Harry Potter reference, but he s totes bae Shinobi immerses the reader into the modern world of the samurai culture.Yoshi, along with all the things that he has been through in his life has taught himself that he is not important, that his desires and wishes are secondary He believes that his duty to his clan and the Shuudan are all that is important Young Yoshi has been through many things in his young life, with the majority being the worst of the worse, but his life changes the day he meets Makoto The six foot four mountain, scarred Japanese Samurai rescues the great Samurai Yoshi from a terrible fate two unlikely souls meet by chance, both scarred by life, and yet they both choose to pursue a relationship The couple went through many things, but still managed to triumph and over come through it all, which made my romantic heart beat proudly Alright my grievances While this book was easy enough to believe, and it is evident that the author did do her research in regards to the Japanese Samurai culture, but the sheer amount of couple swapping kinda put me off, and made me vomit a small bit in my mouth, there is a such thing as too much sex in a book ya know literally everyone was fucking one another, what happened to monogamy Its a thing still ya know.The character development was a bit spottyy, could have been better, but for 412 pages its golden Took me about five hours to read uninterrupted Possible four hours It s a mildly dark book, had just a little edge to it the edge being it almost tripped way past my comfort zone of way too much anal rape age, but all in all solid story. This book took darkness and depravity to a whole new level with the amount of sexual abuse that it described in detail when Yoshi went on assignment with the Yakuza I have read some dark and horrific things, but this might be a whole new level for me as a reader Just when I thought that some of the sex scenes would be too much for me, the storyline itself swooped in and whisked me away with an intense interest in the story and concern for Yoshi s future Some of the titles and heirarchy were a bit difficult to follow, but I found myself intrigued and wanting to know about the mysterious Shadow Wolf and the accompanying organizations.When Makoto finds Yoshi and brings him back, their ensuing discussion and realizations were a bit heart warming after all of the pain that had taken place previously I wanted to believe that things would become easier for Yoshi, but I knew there would be much darkness to overcome.There seemed to be so much happening behind the scenes in this book and I wanted to know how all of that would come to light When Yoshi ended up with Kento and Kazuki, I needed to know about their plans for him and how that fit into the bigger picture of what they were trying to achieve As everything started to fall into place, I found it hard to step away from this book The storyline and drama were very masterfully woven together and I had an intense need to know what would happen next.All of the uncertainty felt by Yoshi and Makoto when Yoshi returned was almost getting to be too much for my patience, but then they were finally able to communicate and start the healing to move forward As things appeared to be settling down, I was curious about what actions would come next to stir things up for Yoshi When Yoshi seeks refuge at another shuudan, I started to find the story to be growing redundant Yoshi is constantly ending up in someone else s bed over and over I found myself just wanting to finish and going through the motions of reading when I felt this way When Yoshi gets attacked, it changed things up a bit, but there was still so much book left to read and my interest was already starting to wane based on the constant repetitive feel of the events In the hospital, when Yoshi is arguing back and forth with everyone, I did find it a bit heartwarming that Mayu was able to get him to comply and possibly see some reason Yoshi was all flight when the first bit of challenge or difficulty appeared in his budding relationship with Makoto I desperately wanted him to fight for his potential happiness rather than talk himself out of it I got especially annoyed with Yoshi when he became jealous after trying to make Makoto interested in someone else He was deliberately trying to sabatoge their relationship and then becoming upset with the potential outcome I just wanted him to accept that Makoto wanted to stay together and move on with things When Yoshi and Makoto ended up in the hospital and Yoshi was having some issues with his memory, I was once again drawn into the story I was glad that my interest was once again piqued as I worked toward finishing the book When I finally got to the end of this book, I felt pleased with the outcome There were times when it started to lose my interest along the way, but it was always able to pull me back into the story. Shinobi was an unexpected surprise for me I knew what the book was about, having seen it mentioned on several social networking sites, but I had no idea it was as good as it was Shinobi takes place in modern day Japan, where clans of ninjas are at war with each other Yoshi, the main character, is a shadow wolf, and a very special ninja He is also used as a sex slave whipping boy to fund the drug other habits of the malevoent Rin.Yoshi is an amazing character, used to years of abuse, a powerful and hard enough ninja to withstand countless torments, a tormented character himself who doesn t realize his own worth.I m not going to give the plot away, but suffice it to say that Yoshi, even though he s been sorely used under Rin s rule, performs selfless acts and shows that loyalty, sacrifice and love can indeed save a group of people, and eventually, himself as well, He s a clever character, an endearing one, and Sessha Batto did a wonderful job of delving deep into the inner workings of Yoshi and all of the supporting cast This is an amazing book you ll remember long after you ve turned the last page. This book is almost impossible to write a review for because even though it is an excellent and well written book that clearly deserves five stars, the content is not something that I want to say that I loved Yoshi, oh my god, my heart was so broken for this man He is the Shadow Wolf The strongest and most feared shinobi in his clan However, instead of using his talents as an assassin his leader uses him as a sex slave to pay off her opium debts and his loyalty does not allow him to say no The abuse that Yoshi undergoes is horrific The scenes are graphic but not gratuitous They are necessary to the story so that the reader can understand why Yoshi does not think that he is worthy of kindness or love Makoto is a torturer and interrogator who discovers what Yoshi is going through and sets out to save him He is himself heavily scarred and doesn t feel like anyone will ever love him These two men are both afraid to love or to be loved This book is unlike anything that I have ever read Thank you Ms Batto for this unique and heart wrenching book that shows us that everyone is deserving of love. I bought this book because of the fabulous cover and publicity the author has done Reading the blurb, I thought it looked interesting, and having watched a few Japanese anime about ninjas over the years, I thought I d check it out Unfortunately, the book was a disappointment.This book had such a cool premise a talented shinobi warrior , forced to prostitute himself for the good of his clan, who is so battered emotionally and physically by his own people that he is really just waiting to die Unfortunately, I had the feeling all along that I was reading a fan fiction piece that had been rewritten to sell as an original story but which needed work The physical sexual abuse the main character suffers is detailed to such an extent that it seemed it was meant to titillate, rather than illustrate what dire straits this man was in at the beginning Not that I mind dubcon noncon, but it was so abusive, it just made me cringe And I just didn t get how such a talented shinobi could be used just for sex you d think they d want to exploit all of his abilities And when there was consensual sex, it wasn t as detailed as the noncon dubon stuff.There is no real world building and very little explanation of who the shinobi are, and how they fit into modern day Japan at least I think it was modern day Japan I wasn t sure There are lots of terms bandied about having to do with the shinobi, but no explanation of what they mean which leads me to the fan fiction conclusion maybe someone who watches reads the series it was based on would understand the universe here, but I had no frame of reference I felt lost and I didn t connect with the characters. I promised myself I would finish this after reading the firdt few paragraphs and realising just how bad this book is, but it just isn t possible I won t even go into the story because for all I care this could have been the most brilliant story ever and it wouldn t have mattered one bit.Instead, let s consider writing and style This book is so terrible, the writing so riddled with glaring examples of bad life choices, it s impossible to read I m not kidding it s been a long while since I last read such a tenacious pile of garbage writing.Frist of all, the whole book makes no sense It s set after money, after drugs and after real estate, but strangely enough there are neither cities nor cars nor even horses to be found in the book Maybe it s some weird fantasy Japan Also, these Shinobi which is the smarter word for ninja can apparently dematerialize, but simply go on foot everywhere, which takes them days and makes me question where convenient means of transportation went to.The author apparently decided that while the Shinobi were Japanese, they would still talk like modern day Americans, which males no sense and leads to tasteless writing like Oh Kami and What in Kami s name which was said by no Japanese person ever ever ever ever ever I can t stress this enough First of all, Japan has a number of religions philosophies they very loosely follow, but in a ritualistic kind of way than as true believers That being said, Shintoism, which is the only religion which even has gods yes, plural it s not all christianity, folks , isn t very prevalent in ninja culture, which was linked if to any school of thought, to Buddhist traditions Buddhism doesn t have gods And even if Buddhism did have gods, they would be called by their names to be invoked And even if they would be invoked, names of gods are either too irrelevant or too holy to be spoken in vain And even if they were taken in vain, why would Japanese people living in the times before horses existed but homosexuality and foursomes are weirdly okay with everyone, why would these people speak like Americans Right, there is absolutely NO good justification for the utter lack of research that has been done here.But I d have let blatant nonsensicality like that slide if not for the rest of everything, which was just as bad or worse I find fault with literarly every single chapter, paragraph and sentence in this book, and sometimes even with words that are overused to the point of makimg me want to burn my Kindle together with this book The writing isn t bad, it s atrocious The characters aren t bad, they are atrocious and the dialogue is also, you guessed it, atrocious.If you ever find it in your heart to reead this pile of garbage, you will find story, characters and dialpgues that make no sense mind boggling disrespect and less than poor understanding of Japanese culture no horses, but black ops exist overusing of the words shadow wolf over 500 , elite nearly 300 the use of the word the legendary for a person 31 times in one painful chapter the character description was sometimes qualified with handsome legendary time skips people who literally never talked to each other hooking up and later reflecting about how that was true love weird ki powers that are never explained but constantly referred to a main character who is apparently super powerful but doesn t bother with the power the overarching plot being like yeah I m having a vacation extensive growling, grouching, retorting, panting, husking well you get the idea I don t talk that way, no one talks that way I have never met people growling at each other Animals do that, and people in badly written books when his weeping length brushed Makoto s sizable bulge it s like the author read somewhere that she shouldn t repeat herself and that s why she comes up with so mang funny words and descriptions, when really just using the person s name every time instead of the elite the shinobi the shadow wolf etc would have been less repetitive than what she did random name shortenings, from Daisuke to Dai, from Katsuki to suki, and, adding insult to injury, from Takahashi san to shi san Are you kidding me Don t shorten names Don t put random apostrophes jinto your idea of Japanese pet names Don t shorten names, ever You know that scene in Ratatouille when the Master Cook tells the world that everyone can cook Read a cookbook first, for the love of god.

Sword carrying Buddhist author of transgressive homoerotic fictionSessha turned to writing full time after a twenty year stint in video production editing, scripting and creating motion graphics Published works include the Shinobi Saga Geisha, Shadow Wolf and the soon to be released Ripples , and Strength of Will Her short fiction is collected in the anthology Sex Ray Specs Her short story The

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