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Killing for Company On February ThDennis Nilsen Was Arrested At His Muswell Hill Home, After Human Remains Had Been Identified As The Cause Of Blocked Drains Within Days He Had Confessed To Fifteen Gruesome Murders Over A Period Of Four Years His Victims, All Young Homosexual Men, Had Never Been Reported Missing Brian Masters, With Nilsen S Full Cooperation, Has Produced A Unique Study Of A Serial Killer S Mind, Revealing The Disturbing Psychology Of A Mass Murderer

Brian Masters is a British writer best known for his biographies of mass murderers, including Killing for Company, on Dennis Nilsen The Shrine of Jeffrey Dahmer She Must Have Known, on Rosemary West and The Evil That Men Do He has also written about the British aristocracy and worked as a translator.

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    Killing for Company The Case of Dennis Nilsen is a well written, detailed case study about British serial killer Dennis Nilsen, who murdered 15 young men within four years.It s a story about crime, it s also a story filled with rejection and failed relationships It s also a loner s long journey into absolute darkness What Nilsen had done is selfish and horrible in every way, but when reading his life story and his crime, I kind of got overwhelmed by a heavy sense of loneliness Then I came to realize people may actually do what Dennis Nilsen had done when they are soisolated, with no one there to support and understand them Edited 02 08 2013I went home one day only to find my mother reading this bookHer comment being It s a scary book with so many people got killed My reply but Mom, you haven t read to the parts about the murders yet Edited 29 08 2018Here is a nice documentary about Dennis Nilsen, with the author of this book, Nilsen s friends, his victims, prosecutors, crimilogists etc among the interviewees

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    This is not a novel It is the story of Dennis Nilsson and his murders, which took place in London at the time of Margaret Thatcher s rise to power The title of the book is shockingly brilliant In all but one of the cases it seems to sum up his motive for snuffing out the lives of young men than he could remember Here truth is much stranger than fiction and many words which we probably over use and take for granted seem to lose their meaning words such as good, evil, moralWas a seed sown in Dennis Nilsson s childhood, at the time of his grandfather s death, which would grow and be grimly harvested all those years later Was he mad It seems not.The book is of course harrowing and macabre in places What heightens the grotesqueness for me is the setting in which it was all happening leafy suburbia with people going about their daily lives, Dennis Nilsson included The murderer knots his tie probably used for a sinister purpose the night before , with a naked corpse seated close by, determined not to be late for work at the Job Centre It is also sinisterly funny in places This is so much acceptable in a novel, it is heartbreakingly cruel if you are connected in any way to the victims.Nilsson was hard working, reliable, imbued with a social conscience and a determination to fight injustice Always on the side of the underdog, he was the person you wanted fighting your corner for you in the work place a Union rep who was the bane of the boss s life Much of this comes through after he has been arrested and is assisting the police He was an ex policeman himself for a short time after his unblemished service with the army.Brian Masters has spent a lot of time with Nilsson and probably gets to know him better than most His book is searching and intelligent and at the end of it the reader is still seeking to understand Dennis Nilsson, his life and his crimes That is not failure on the part of the author quite the reverse.

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    I remember I read this one I feel a moral obligation to read about the British ones, we don t have too many, fortunately This guy Nielson appears to be a slightly less insane version of Jeffrey Dahmer He picked up young men took them back to his flat then in a fit of absentmindedness there doesn t seem to have been any real malice involved he strangled them when they d nodded off Then he kept the bodies around and dressed them up and made them up and talked to them Didn t try to turn them into zombies, so credit where credit s due you know His best quote was where he was getting indignant about being called a necrophile No, no, no, he said, the corpse is the dirty platter that s left after the feast Well, after the feast of dressing them up and making them cups of tea, that is Some people are very strange.Note Brian Masters according to Goodreads has also written a book called Dreams about H.M The Queen and other members of the Royal Family Uh, well, doctor, I think I ve been working too hard I had this dream where The Queen yes, Elizabeth II yes, she invited me to the Palace for tea and then when I d had a few and was nodding off she no, I can t say Ha haaah Ha haaaaaah

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    90% of the reviewers here manifestly didn t understand this book For one thing, it is not a true crime thriller Nor is it about a sick man What it is, is a psychoanalytical evaluation of a likeable and intelligent man, who turned to murder in part to find company The oxymoronic title is deliberate, a point missed by every review I ve seen so far This book features little by way of action the crimes and arrest take up a single chapter What it focuses on is the apparent contradiction between a man with nothing medically wrong with him, and his heinous deeds Masters takes a deliberate and studious approach to his subject, and references traditional psychoanalytical theory to describe a sane and egotistical killer Make no mistakes about it the crafted illustrations and medical evaluation prove that Neilsen was and is utterly sane which makes the Muswell Hill killings all the beguiling Of course, this isn t a medical book It offers nothing new in terms of medical or criminal theory, and to that extent is somewhat limited But it is, relatively speaking, a highly intelligent, non tabloid analysis.

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    In February 1983, the residents of 23 Cranley Gardens in Muswell Hill started having problems with their drains Calling out a plumber, the blockage would turn out to be much, much worse than the usual toilet blockages, as well as accounting for the terrible smell that had been permeating the house for some time The resident in the attic flat had been flushing human flesh Quickly arrested, Dennis Nilsen was extremely forthcoming with the police As well as immediately copping to having bodies hid in his wardrobe awaiting disposal, police asked him if they were dealing with one body or two Nilsen calmly replied Fifteen or sixteen, since 1978 Born in a remote Scottish fishing village, Nilsen was an extremely withdrawn child With even his mum stating she never felt she could cuddle him, Nilsen bonded with only one person throughout his childhood his grandfather When his grandfather died at sea and was brought home for burial, 6 year old Nilsen was awoken without having been told his grandfather had died and asked if he wanted to see him It is now thought that the image of his grandfather s corpse made an unbreakable link within his mind, equating love with a dead body Nilsen had a range of careers whilst maturing first in the Army catering corps where he learned butchery skills , then as a police officer, and eventually in the Jobcentre He remained, however, unequipped to make lasting friendships, his strident personality proving off putting to most check out his home video footage to get an idea of what he d have been like as company, forever monologuing with no one else able to get a word in edgeways Unbeknownst to his colleagues, Nilsen would also spend his nights out looking for male company, so many of whom would never make it out of his house alive Strangling his victims, Nilsen would then spend days caring for the corpse bathing, dressing and posing his victims as though they were still alive hiding them under the floorboards for days and weeks at a time before removing them to spend time with them, only disposing of them when the stench of decomposition became too much to realistically hide Killing for Company is an excellent true crime book, looking at the psychological and sociological aspects of Nilsen s make up as well as providing documentation of his crimes That it is able to do this so well is partly due to Nilsen s behaviour post capture Much like Ed Kemper, Nilsen was not only intelligent and articulate, but extremely forthcoming with the police as well as with the book s author, with his own diaries providing a lot of material around his thoughts and behaviours both during and after his crimes.This isn t an easy read by any stretch of the imagination, but it is a fascinating and very informative look at one of Britain s most notorious killers Also posted at Cannonball Read 10

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    Alas I did not write a review back then but I did gave it 5 stars and I remember that I liked it ETA Checked and I gave it 9 out of 10 so not really 5 stars.Decided to re read and finished reading yesterday Now after having read true crime books for 15 years I think I am experienced now then when I first started reading about about this subject.That being said I would not give this book 5 stars again Yes this book is filled with information about the murder and go s very deep into Nilsen s psyche The author and the killer became friends which makes for interesting reading but there is one thing missing The victims story.First of all I did not like that the author jumped about I skipped the first 2 chapters called preface and arrest and started with origins cause even though I knew a bit of this case I like my tc books in chronological order.First all was fine but then all of a sudden the author began about all the men Nilsen killed and some details and then jump back.I felt there was a lack of interests for the victims All the author cared about to seems to me was knowing about Nilsen So I felt he was biased.Another thing which I do not blame the author back then, not all the victims were known and especially the first victim the so called Irish guy was Nilsen s first kill of which he fantasized about.In 2006 I think they thanks to DNA discovered who the victim was and he was not 18 19 runaway as Nilsen told Masters and the cops, but a 14 year old innocent boy.Curious to find out about the victims.All in all even though Nilsen is known as the man who killed because he was lonely, like Dahmer in a way, I still think he was a selfish control freak and loved the control and am not so sure he was ever sorry.So I am going to change this to 4 stars.

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    The corpse is the dirty platter after the feast Or how Nilsen vehemently denies he ever engaged in necrophilia or cannibalism Dennis Nilsen is a less intense version of Jeffery Dahmer He murdered 15 young men over the span of four years, and he doesn t express remorse and doesn t even really know why he murdered these men He isn t an insane men He is articulate, intelligent, and introverted His love for death started as a child and escalated into cold blooded murder This is a short little piece about what this book contains, but it really much deeper.This isn t a true crime thriller at all Instead it is a deep psychoanalysis of Dennis Nilsen, complied by the author from letters and interviews with Nilsen himself The book is very dark and doesn t skip on details In fact, there are very explicit details of the murders told by Nilsen in letters and from other firsthand sources The reader is given a chance to delve deep into who the murder is, spanning from his beginning life all the way up to his being caught and incarceration This book provides a lot of details about his life and his stages of emotions and changing over time At times it can be a lot to take in, sometimes you can be easily overwhelmed with details Often, I was wondering why I needed to know every little piece of his life, but I think it did well to build upon who he was and why he committed such heinous murders for no explicable reason The author breaks down the book into 10 chapters From his arrest to his childhood all the way to Victims, Disposal, and Answers Masters expounds the importance of the death of his grandfather to childhood and how Nilsen became sexually aroused by death and corpses during adolescence to who his victims were and his methodology to disposing of the bodies Answers tries to explain why Nilsen acted so horribly by going through various psychological reasoning such as schizophrenic tendencies, sexual aberrations, and even if there was some aspect of necrophilia involved Building upon the letters from Nilsen and interviews, Masters provides a full account of why this happened and how the answers can never be fully clear The courts found Nilsen wasn t insane by any means, but there s still no reasoning for why Nielsen would say at times he didn t remember all of the details but yet he could also give explicit details about the method of murder along with the rituals and disposal He was fansicated by death so he was enad with the bodies He, as the murderer, had all of the power and possessed the ability to control each of his victims fates So he would strangle them, wash their bodies, sometimes mastrubate on the bodies, and then shove them under the floor until he could find a way to get rid of the bodies At times getting rid of the bodies would mean burning or his super genius idea of flushing them down the toilet which led to his demise because plumbing became backed up at his house and the flesh chunks were traced back to his house I mean it should have been obvious it was a bad choice to literally dump pieces of a body down pipes and expect them to just go away.The postscript of the book is very insightful as well It shares how drinking may have played a larger role in the murders than the author of the book thought which makes sense when one thinks about other murderers as well Pretty sure Jeffery Dahmer and Ted Bundy were also major alcoholics Perhaps the drinking numbed them enough to allow them to carry out the murders Also it shares about how Nilsen made very detailed drawings of victims proved he saw the corpses as beautiful He also wrote Real and beautiful and dead Nielsen seemed to see himself dying in each victim and found beauty in that, like the only way he could ever be loved was by these dead men who he later just burned or shoved into bags like it meant nothing He had a strange love for death and found a twisted sense of romance at looking at what he had done to these innocent men Nilsen was a man who wanted company But only found it worthwhile once they were dead.One of my favorite parts of this book was how Masters mentioned other serial killers He mentions John Wayne Gacy, Peter Sutcliffe, Norman Collins, and even Edmund Kemper The author included this piece about Kemper stating,.burying the head in his garden facing the house, so that he could imagine the victim looking at him This reminds me of how Nilsen took one of his victims from the closet and would have inane conversations with him and also placed him on the couch so they could watch tv together The author even talks about how serial killers are becoming less rare and may represent a motiveless criminal who is an accepted part of society.Overall, this book provides great insight into how Nilsen killed men he liked so they wouldn t be able to leave him However, the real reason for why Nilsen did what he did is still elusive This book is gripping and chilling it gives the reader great knowledge of how even despite what Nilsen did he is still human A sad, lonely human who just wanted some company and would do anything necessary to receive it.

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    Brian Masters The Shrine of Jeffery Dahmer is the best true crime book I have ever read so I have had Killing For Company on my reading list for quite some time now This book essentially is the blueprint for Masters Dahmer book nearly a decade later in the sense it starts with the arrest works chronological from childhood to the trial and concluded with a psychological analysis Its a formula that works for me this book succeeds in been an edge of your seat page turner while simultaneously been informative and thought provoking I have always been interested in the psychology of the criminal than the actual gory details of the crimes themselves and this book brilliantly brings to life Nilsen s nightmarish fantasy world becoming flesh and blood while daring to dive deep into the darkest corners of the human psyche Masters achieves these results not just from his brilliant writing but the fact with both Nilsen and Dahmer he spent time getting up close and personal with his subjects and consequently this book is very much from the horse s mouth rather than some half arsed effort cobbled together by a sensationalist journalist.Although this book dates back to the mid eighties it still resonates today not just because Nilsen remains one of the most notorious serial killers Britain has ever produced but importantly in part his crimes were spawned from loneliness and isolation and in a brave new world where the planet has become a global village due to the awesome power of the Internet yet ironically we feel alone than ever the reader is left with the bone chilling thought that it is not beyond the realms of possibility that maybe, just maybe there could be another Dennis Nilsen somewhere out there Sleep tight and sweet dreams

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    This book looks into the mind of an infamous murderer and the author had first hand meetings with Dennis Nilsen himself There is a great deal of detail in this book which would certainly not be for any reader, however I am sceptical on the reasonings behind the killings and to believe whether or not Nilsen had an abnormality of mind during the killings It appears that he was fully aware of the law, knew the difference between right and wrong and did appear at times quite humane There were times when he helped others and yet there was also this dark, horrific side to him I think most people would deem a serial murderer to be quite mad , insane or pyschopathic and I find it quite difficult to believe that the loss of his grandfather was possibly the huge moment in his life that affected him in the most profound way that could have perhaps been the onset to his different mental ability It has been said many times that throughout our lives we all experience the death of our grandparents and other close relatives and friends and yet we do not react in the way in which Nilsen did.I do find it very difficult to come to any conclusion, especially as I recently watched a documentary regarding Nilsen and it was a different angle The book portrays Nilsen as a man that the police almost warmed too, as he was so open and honest with them about what he had done The documentary, on the other hand, made him out to be the cold and callous killer the majority would think he is I did find it a relief to complete this book

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    I don t think the comparisons with In Cold Blood are justified mostly because In Cold Blood is so much its own thing that it s hard to compare anything to it usefully , but this is a very good book about how and why one particular serial killer became what he was he died last year.Nilsen would be tragic if he hadn t killed fifteen young men intelligent, ambitious, driven by his staunch union beliefs, living alone except for his faithful mongrel bitch Bleep, unable to form connections with other living people But then there are the murders and his macabre near worship of the corpses and the utterly grotesquely utilitarian methods by which he disposed of the bodies.Masters is a very calm dispassionate narrator, always looking past what Nilsen who was extremely articulate said about what he did to the reasons underneath He does an excellent job of showing where the crevasse in Nilsen s psyche was, even if he can t quite explain it any than Nilsen or any of the defense or prosecution psychiatrists can.

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