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The PassionThe Passion Is A Modern Classic That Confirms Jeanette Winterson S Special Claim On The Novel Set During The Tumultuous Years Of The Napoleonic Wars, The Passion Intertwines The Destinies Of Two Remarkable People Henri, A Simple French Soldier, Who Follows Napoleon From Glory To Russian Ruin And Villanelle, The Red Haired, Web Footed Daughter Of A Venetian Boatman, Whose Husband Has Gambled Away Her Heart In Venice S Compound Of Carnival, Chance, And Darkness, The Pair Meet Their Singular Destiny In Her Unique And Mesmerizing Voice, Winterson Blends Reality With Fantasy, Dream, And Imagination To Weave A Hypnotic Tale With Stunning Effects

Novelist Jeanette Winterson was born in Manchester, England in 1959 She was adopted and brought up in Accrington, Lancashire, in the north of England Her strict Pentecostal Evangelist upbringing provides the background to her acclaimed first novel, Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit, published in 1985 She graduated from St Catherine s College, Oxford, and moved to London where she worked as an assi

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    Gambling is not a vice, it is an expression of our humanness We gamble Some do it at the gaming table, some do not You play, you win, you play, you lose You play Jeanette Winterson is one of those authors I am constantly surprised at The Passion is my favourite so far update before reading Sexing the Cherry, which is even fascinating There is something magical in her way of weaving the stories of her characters, and showing different angles of the central theme passion I do generally not like historical fiction, but in this case, the setting in Napoleonic Europe adds tremendously to the ideas she develops in her own, very special language One main thought, repeated several times over the course of the story, haunts me ever since I read it for the first time Between fear and sex is passion That strikes me as the sad truth of the human condition, a valid explanation for many women s choice to trust themselves to violent, unreliable men Those men represent such stuff as dreams are made on, and nightmares as well.To save themselves, the protagonists have to make the decision to renounce the passion that is too hurtful to endure Beautiful fiction Must read

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    Lovers are not at their best when it matters Mouths dry up, palms sweat, conversation flags, and all the time the heart is threatening to fly from the body once and for all Lovers have been known to have heart attacks Lovers drink too much from nervousness and cannot perform They eat too little and faint during their fervently wished consummation They do not stroke the favored cat and their face paint comes loose This is not all Whatever you have set store by, your dress, your dinner, your poetry, will go wrong.A small book to be experienced Historical setting VeniceNapoleonic era Luscious..eccentric storytelling with offbeat passionate themes gender identityphysical deformation.mental illness.war prostitutiongamblingalways stories and always love Magical realism at is best.beautiful and powerful A special thanks to Cecily..who turned me on to this book

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    There is little I can say about this book that does not border on gushing, but I ll try The Passion is perhaps one of the most amazing stories I have ever read It is not so much a novel as a journey through the mind and soul of Henri and Villanelle, through the real and ephemeral Venice, through history and imagination While containing a solid narrative, it delves into the psyche and spirit of the writer and her characters Read it once and you are trapped Read it twice and you gladly relinquish your freedom The story follows Henri, cook and horse groomsman for Napoleon Bonaparte, as the conqueror s army moves across Europe and Henri discovers that life is so much than working for the highly particular self styled overlord We also meet Villanelle, a wonderful Venetian who makes gender seems as fluid as the water in the canals of La Serenissima Through the consequence of Fate these two meet at one point, and their lives, strange and wonderful already, are never to be the same In the midst of it all, Love is explored as a force of creation and destruction, as that unique impetus that can make or break a person, and how it is all one and the same This is the fourth time I have read it, and every single time it casts the same spell on me, sucking me into the world that the pages, only letting me go after a fierce struggle What I love about The Passion is that, after four times around the block, it still captivates and surprises me With each reading, it reveals a new layer you did not see the time before, and only hints at all the wonderful mysteries it still holds for you It is exhilarating to think that there is so much still waiting for me there, whenever I come back And come back to it I will This is a book that is not so much read as experienced by the time the last page is turned, you are a different being Revel in it.May 16, 2013 Read it overnight, a fifth time, and still love it as much as ever.

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    Dans le Noir A blind pedlar never spilt his stew or missed his mouth the way I did I can see, he said, but I don t use my eyes I recently ate unknown food, served in total darkness, by blind waiters It was an intense and disorienting experience Boundaries break down you touch the stranger who guides you to your seat, talk to invisible people sitting beside you how un English , can t judge or be judged by looks or clothing, and are tempted to eat with your fingers, despite the cutlery you feel before you Phones and even watches must be locked away before you enter, so you lose sense of time as well as place.Deprived of vision, your other senses are intense But surprisingly, this makes it harder to recognise what you are eating, not easier You taste a medley of familiar and delicious flavours, but their individual identities are oddly elusive Names only spring to mind where shape or texture are unique scallops, figs, and pomegranate seeds.Reading this early Winterson was similar I m not sure if it s a good book, and I m not even sure I understood it, but it was a rich, kaleidoscopic, and confusing carnal feast that I enjoyed I like the early dark It s not night It s still companionable Real dark is thicker and quieter, it fills up the space between your jacket and your heart the Dark only lets you take one step at a time Step and the Dark closes round your back In front, there is no space for you until you take it Darkness is absolute Walking in the Dark is like swimming underwater except you can t come up for air Lie still at night and Dark is soft to the touch. Masked kiss image source the PlotThis is set in the Napoleonic wars, and told in four parts The Emperor narrated by Henri, a kitchen hand and faithful server of Bonaparte , The Queen of Spades narrated by Villanelle, a web footed, Venetian boatman s daughter who cross dresses, works in a casino, and picks pockets , The Zero Winter French troops trudging through Russia, narrated by Henri , and The Rock set in Venice, and narrated by both But the reading experience is not really about a linear narrative with its sprinkling of magic and occasional forays into the philosophy of passion and love.Just indulge your senses That s what Venice requires That s what passion demands.Invented, Magical, Invisible City Venice is portrayed as invented, magical, invisible and , and hence reminded me strongly of Calvino s Invisible Cities In the introduction, Winterson explains, My own cities were invented cities of language, cities of connection, words as gang ways and bridges to the cities of the interior where the coin was not money, where it was emotion Arriving at Venice by sea, as one must, is like seeing an invented city rise up and quiver in the air It is a trick of the early light to make the buildings shimmer so that they seem never still There is a city surrounded by water with watery alleys that do for streets and roads and silted up back ways that only the rats can cross This is the city of mazes You may set off from the same place to the same place every day and never go by the same route Although wherever you re going is always in front of you there is no such thing as straight ahead The city I come from is a changeable city It is not always the same size Streets appear and disappear overnight, new waterways force themselves over dry land I come from the city of mazes but if you ask me a direction I will tell you straight ahead I need a map It won t help This is a living city Things change LiturgyThis is a strange, mystical, and eponymously passionate book, with recurring lines that are almost liturgical Sometimes the exact same word or phrase is repeated, but other times they weave a subtly different route every time, like the enchanted streets and canals of the city itself, especially these variations Somewhere between fear and sex passion is Passion is not so much an emotion as a destiny Somewhere between the swamp and the mountains Somewhere between fear and sex Somewhere between God and the Devil passion is and the way there is sudden and the way back is worse Man cannot live without passion Religion is somewhere between fear and sex In between freezing and melting In between love and despair In between fear and sex, passion is Passion is elusive, but where IS it Everywhere, nowhere, or in a parallel realm THE PassionJohn 15 13 Greater love has no one than this to lay down one s life for one s friends. The title has the definite article The Passion , not just any old passion , which makes one think of Jesus crucifixion Winterson s infamous Pentecostal upbringing Oranges are Not the Only Fruit and Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal means this is no accident, and yet the connection is subtle than the title leads you to expect There are Biblical allusions some think Bonaparte might be the Son of God, and like Samuel, He ll call you and references to basking in the glow of a church or religion you don t believe in, but most of the passion is fiercely carnal.Kaleidoscopic CornucopiaWith a browser and laptop, you ll see key words in bold with a phone app, I don t think you will Surely a god can meet passion with passion We re a lukewarm people They say that every snowflake is different If that were true how could we ever recover from the wonder of it I would have preferred a burning Jesuit, perhaps then I might have found the extasy I needed to believe Romance is not a contract between equal parties but an explosion of dreams and desires that can find no outlet in everyday life Recruits have to gather up their passion for life and make sense of it in the face of death The King and Queen had no care for us, except as revenue and scenery Adults talk about being happy because largely they are not Talking about it is the same as trying to catch the wind Stories and even diaries are not, need not, be true The way you see it now is no real than the way you ll see it then If stories make people happy, Why not Non believers can bask in the trappings of religion longing for strong arms an certainty and quiet holiness around In the dark you are in disguise and this is the city of disguises We don t build our bridges simply to avoid walking on water A bridge is a meeting place A neutral place To kiss well one must kiss solely The lips and the lips alone are the pleasure There s no dark like it It s soft to the touch and heavy in the hands You can open your mouth and let it sink into you till it makes a close ball in your belly You can juggle with it, dodge it, swim in it You can open it like a door Bridges join but they also separate Will you kill people, Henri Not people just the enemy What is enemy Someone who s not on your side Kissing only The greedy body that clamours for satisfaction is forced to content itself with a single sensation and, just as the blind hear acutely and the deaf can feel the grass grow, so the mouth becomes the focus of love and all things pass through it and are re defined It is a sweet and precise torture Up she went, closing the dark behind her How is it that one day life is orderly and content and then without warning you find the solid floor is a trapdoor and you are now in another place whose geography is uncertain and whose customs are strange Travellers at least have a choice We who were fluent find life is a foreign language Is every snowflake different No one knows I longed for feeling though I could not have told you that Words like passion and extasy, we learn them but they stay flat on the page Sometimes we try to turn them over, find out what s on the other side We fear passion and laugh at too much love and those who love too much And still we long to feel We gamble with the hope of winning but it s the thought of what we might lose that excites us I like passion, I like to be among the desperate They re all different snowflakes Think of that I did think of that and I fell in love with her A true gambler prepared to risk the valuable, fabulous thing Fingertips that had the feel of boils bursting whose hands crept over her body like crabs Why would people who love the grape and the sun die in the zero winter for one man Why did I Because I love him He was my passion and when we go to war, we feel we are not a lukewarm people any Being with her was like pressing your eye to a particularly vivid kaleidoscope Beware of old enemies in new disguises I say I m in love with her What does this mean It means I review my future and my past in the light of this feeling It is as though I wrote in a foreign language that I am suddenly able to read Wordlessly, she explains myself to me Pleasure on the edge of danger is sweet It s the gambler s sense of losing that makes winning an act of love The cities of the interior are vast and do not lie on any map The one who took your heart wields final power When passion comes late in life for the first time, it is harder to give up and only devilish choices are offered give up the familiar to follow it, juggle, or refuse the passion as one might sensibly refuse a leopard in the house, however tame it might seem at first So you refuse and then you discover that your house is haunted by the ghost of a leopard This is the city of disguises What you are one day will not constrain you on the next What am I interested in Passion Obsession The dividing line is as thin and cruel as a Venetian knife What is freedom To love someone else is to forget about yourself through the flesh we are set free Our desire for another will lift us out of ourselves cleanly than anything divine I longed for feeling though I could not have told you that Words like passion and extasy, we learn them but they stay flat on the page Sometimes we try to turn them over, find out what s on the other side We fear passion and laugh at too much love and those who love too much And still we long to feel You play, you win, you play, you lose You play As a wise man said, Love is akin to risk Take a chance on passion.

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    Jeanette Winterson pops up from time to time on BBC political debate programmes and she is like a laser beam of sensibleness, from a decidedly rad lesbian perspective she cuts through the waffle and she s a joy to hear, Germaine Greer s punkier young sister maybe But in her books she goes off on one, to coin a British phrase to go off on one Brit colloq to suddenly become very angry and start shouting or behaving violently, as in He went off on one because he thought I was threatening his dogJW doesn t go off on one violently, but wildly and artistically She pins you against the wall and rants in this really wonderful poetic prose style Leaving aside the autobiographical stuff which is great I ve read two of her actual novels, this one and Sexing the Cherry, and each time I was like you sometimes get in a movie like Fellini Satyricon or Last Year at Marienbad you whisper to the person you came with hey, do you know what s goin on here Who s she Is he supposed to be the bad guy Is that guy her father Who are all those people and if your friend says I was just about to ask you, I have no clue what s goin on then you can say Let s leg it to the pub, this is auteurist codswallop but us readers, we can t do that If I say something to this effect to my cat Hatter, he just yawns back at me and mutters pal, I ve never read a book in my life I don t know why you re wasting your time like that when you could be sleeping.

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    A magical book The story of the French country boy Henri who was personally picked by Napoleon Bonaparte to be his special chicken cook and Villanelle, the adventurous red haired daughter of a Venetian boatsman whose feet are webbed, but she cannot swim They escape Napoleon s army at the siege of Moscow and make their way to Venice where they meet their separate fates It is wonderful to see Venice through the eyes of Henri, who gets lost for days on end and is almost convinced that the churches and mansions of Venice can change positions overnight Venice does give that feeling Jeanette Winterson pictures Venice as a city where one is constantly lost and so are the hearts and minds of her protagonists I enjoyed this lovely book and recommend it wholeheartedly.

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    To my surprise I m kind of disappointed in it The New York Times review of it says that it dares you to laugh and stares you down Unfortunately, I m just laughing She s trying so hard to be profound with these statements, and 9 out of 10 times it doesn t quite work The book is filled with cliches and trite conclusions that are just so hackneyed actual example death and darkness are like each otherwow Have you noticed that Her attempt to be Marquez fails quite badly, unfortunately I am okay with basic points, but I just need them to be expressed in a nuanced way I mean, Ulysses a canonical classic and its message is about love and family.She did have a few really good lines But she would immediately follow up those good lines with groan worthy ridiculousness for the next thirty pages I really wanted to like this Everyone said it was right up my alley I was ready to love it I doggedly tried to And yet meh I was disappointed that I found it nothing than below average with a few glimmers of good.

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    Somewhere between fear and sex passion is. This short novel packs in so much beauty in the intersecting stories of French soldier Henri and daughter of a Venetian boatman, Villanelle Winterson is a sage, a poet, with each scene, each paragraph containing gorgeous words about love, and the gamble of life and choices made.Set in the times of the Napoleonic wars, Henri was selected by Bonaparte himself to prepare and serve his nightly chicken He did this with devotion, and saw horrific death, suffering, and disappointment which was rampant among the French devotees to Napoleon s cause Villanelle is a web footed, free spirit How I loved being immersed in her labyrinthine Venice When the two stories intersect, oh my heart Such beauty, such pain, such passion.4.5 stars Sequester my heart Wherever love is, I want to be, I will follow it as surely as the land locked salmon finds the sea.Passion will not be commanded It is no genie to grant us three wishes when we let it loose It commands us and very rarely in the way we would choose

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    I don t even know where to begin with this, so I ll likely keep it brief Basically all I can say is that Jeanette Winterson is officially my next obsession, that I m absolutely thrilled that my adviser recommended her to me, and that this is one of the most invigorating novels I ve read in a long time Winterson reminds me a bit of Angela Carter here not that they write in the same way, but in that they use magic and intertextuality in similar ways, and that each have a very blunt aesthetic that hits the reader s gut with a great deal of force.I had to restrain myself and make sure I wasn t highlighting every last word for they re all powerful, and I often found myself reading passages aloud to anyone close enough to listen Henri and Villanelle are close enough to touch, the language is startling, the inquiries are brilliant, and the landscapes grab hold of you and don t let go I m not coherent writing of this, so the best I can say is that EVERYONE should read this It s in fucking credible.

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    I was not sure where this book was headed when I began, and I m not sure where I landed at the end, but I do know I enjoyed the journey This is only my second Jeanette Winterson book, and the first one was Christmas themed short stories I enjoyed it enough to look for , and picked this one up at a used book sale In this novel, you simply ride along on a river of magical prose until, every page or two, you hit the rapids with an awesome sentence or idea that whirls you around and leaves you breathless A fairy tale of sorts about Henri, a Frenchman who was Napoleon s personal food server, and Villanelle, the daughter of a boatman in Venice, a magical city How they meet in the Russian winter that defeated Napoleon is a story of gambling, passion, love and hate, cruelty and greed Winterson is 2 for 2 with me now I m off to find .

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