Going Gray : What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood

Going Gray : What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood Anne Kreamer Thought She Was A YouthfulUntil She Saw A Photo Taken With Her Teenage Daughter That Stopped Her In Her Tracks She Set Out For Herself A Program To Let Her Hair Become Its True Colour, And To Discover Her True Self This Is An Exploration Of That Experience And A Frank Investigation Of Aging

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Going Gray : What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood book, this is one of the most wanted Anne Kreamer author readers around the world.

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  • Hardcover
  • 209 pages
  • Going Gray : What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood
  • Anne Kreamer
  • English
  • 22 March 2019
  • 9780316166614

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    What prompted me to choose this book at the library My age, I think, and an urge to somehow discover my genuine self I do admire Anne Kreamer s bravery in making her vulnerable insecurities public in this book Still, the title is misleading Seriously, 50 percent of the book is about hair, rather than beauty, sex, work, motherhood I think we can all agree that there s a media perception that women with gray hair are no longer sexually attractive I think we can also all agree that it s a stereotype and not true My own definition of sexy is deeper than that and I believe that it s deeper for most men as well I think what made me sad about Kreamer s discussion is how much emphasis is placed on finding an authentic self via the physical self I m nearly positive that my authentic self is somewhere inside my mind, inside my heart.

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    Going Gray What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood by Anne Kreamer is an easy read on a seemingly light weight subject but one that I find intensely interesting as I suspect many women do hair The book is also concerned with a obviously serious subject, aging Although neither subject is handled in a deeply philosophical way, I found the points made fascinating and personally relevant.At 49, Anne Kreamer has had several successful careers as well as a happy marriage and a family One day, she is looking through some photographs and is struck by one of her with a daughter and a friend She finds the pictures of the other two women authentic but feels that there is a falseness to her image which she decides is the result of her hair color a dye she has used for years This leads her into an experiment in going gray what it would mean to let herself look her age, to not fight it with hair products Kreamer explores what hair and its color means to women mostly in the United States but also in France and shares her experience of how she felt letting her natural gray show.I am struggling myself at the moment to define or discover who I am at this stage in life Kreamer s book was a perfect find for me I decided to try out a natural look myself with an option to go back to coloring if I want to see what that reveals about me and maybe clear the way for some decisions about how I want to present myself now, what my look is or should or could be It s an adventure and I appreciate Kreamer s presenting it in that way.Going Gray What I Learned About Beauty, Sex, Work, Motherhood is probably not for everyone but if you re a woman of a certain age as the French say or interested in hair and what it says about us or how our obsession with it reveals who we are, I strongly recommend this book.

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    Here at the beginning of 2019, I like many others have some goals eat healthier, work out , get better sleep, and so on The change I most want to make is to stop coloring my hair I am 52 and every few weeks when my roots start growing out I can see that I have lots of gray, maybe all gray I don t know if I have any natural blonde left, but I know that I am sick of attempting to cover the gray which now needs frequent color This seems so trivial, but as Kreamer talks about in this book, it most certainly is not trivial to millions of older Americans who spend millions of dollars coloring their hair She discusses the prevalence and growth of the hair color industry over the past 60 years, and it is huge Americans are a people who cling desperately to the illusion of youth.There aren t many options for getting rid of hair color Stripping it is extremely damaging and not very successful so no one recommends it Growing it out is really the only way to go It is easiest if you have short hair which is why it s not too hard for most men to make the transition I have long hair several inches below my shoulders So I can keep my length and have about a two year grow out process Two years of two toned hair doesn t sound great I can have highlights and low lights added as it grows out which will mimic the gray and look better, but that is coloring and too much time and money for me Or I can cut it short and have only a few months to go natural I don t want to be a short haired gray old lady Jamie Lee Curtis and plenty others look great, but I would not Hence the dilemma and now I have to decide which way to go For now, I will let the dye grow out and see how it goes I was hoping to read about another woman s journey to going fully gray, but this is not about that Kreamer briefly describes her decision, but this is mostly about the why and the aftermath not about the process I think she chose the highlight low light option She discusses the ramifications of being gray like how it affects dating, getting a job, and needing to change ones wardrobe to freshen their look But Kreamer is married so she had to pretend to be interested in dating, both online and in person She is self employed so she only spoke to headhunters She got a consultant to help her cull her wardrobe to clothing that was flattering and less dowdy This was not information that interested me much since I am married and currently employed, but I ll keep the clothing tips in mind as I shop She calculates that over the 30 years she colored her hair, she spent an astounding 65,000 Kreamer lives in Brooklyn and seems to know some famous people This is not a life I can relate to at all I would like to read about someone s actual grow out journey and the emotional toll that takes, but I think I will have to find that online.

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    Disappointing.The author was interviewed by Margaret Throsby on ABC Classic FM earlier in the year, and it sounded like a fascinating book But the interview turned out to have been far interesting than the book Kreamer s context is so far removed from my own she randomly ends up at dinner parties with Anna Devere Smith, for example , and as my mother pointed out to me, she s also from a distinctly different generation, one that grew up adhering to general expectations on hemlines and the appropriate use of hats and gloves, etc.I know that my own anti hair colouring stance is an oddity amongst my own peer group, but are women really that concerned about gray in their hair Those I know who colour their hair do so for fun , or to emphasise rather than eliminate grays And I do know two women who have begun to go gray in their late twenties early thirties The book may be subtitled What I learned about beauty, sex, work, motherhood, authenticity, and everything else that really matters , but I didn t feel that I learned anything much beyond a confirmation that there s a society out there that I just don t understand On the topic of work, Kreamer s life is so dominated by the entertainment industry she worked for MTV and set up the Nickelodeon cable channel that she can t see past it Even when she supposedly was looking at people who work in the corporate sector, it was the corporate section of entertainment based companies She had a throw away line about appearance not being as important in medicine, law and academia which to me only proves that she didn t really look into law at all.

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    As a woman who has been going gray since high school, I m not sure what I expected from this book Validation Instead, I am reminded how silly some people are It boggles my mind that Kreamer spent enough money to send her kids to college on her HAIR This book wasn t written for those of us who would never dream of a 300 hair styling appointment Apparently, all we have in common with Kreamer is the color of our hair.

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    This book is a research paper covering every possible angle of graying I found it completely mind boggling that Anne had figured out that she had spent upwards of 65,000 dying her hair over the years Cost has been the biggest reason that I haven t highlighted mine for the past year and half When things got tight it was one of the first things to go But even before I read this book I was watching several people around me who are very blond colored and I decided I didn t ever want to look like that It just looks fake and overdone These women are pretty women and could mostly likely go without I think the extreme blond on them actually makes them look older because I notice their crows feet and roots It is like Anne says that she wasn t fooling anyone about her age I might still play with color sometimes, but I don t know, I really like spending my money on other things new clothes would make me feel just as good I m one who was so happy to finally turn 30 because I was tired of people treating me like I didn t know anything because I was only in my 20 s So I think I ll probably enjoy my hair changes because I ve read this book I like the idea of being comfortable in my own skin.

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    This book was full of wisdom for middle aged women and men transitioning into their fifties When Kreamer, a former exec of Nickelodeon decides to let her hair go gray at 49, she realizes that it isn t all about the hair, but rather what gray hair represents embracing her authentic older self In the process of interviewing people from all walks of life, she discovers about the psychological aspects of aging and vanity than ever expected It s hard to believe a book about letting your gray hair grow out would have so much depth I ve got bookmarks throughout, where I had to stop and think about what she had learned about herself and others I found this book oddly inspiring and uplifting And to think I almost didn t read it Who wants to read a book about getting old But once I picked it up, I couldn t put it down If you are in your late forties DO read this book

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    One year ago today I stopped coloring my hair or should I say it was the last time I colored my hair All the old color was finally cut off about a hair cut ago It has been an interesting year I have received all kinds of reactions I am 54, so am young to have a head of white hair But it is not completely white and I personally love the way it has grown out with naturally dark lowlights highlights Some people, complete strangers, will come up to me and say I love your hair I had a lady in Ojai yell this out of her car window as she drove past Some people will glance my way and start whispering to whoever they happen to be with.Sometimes I m shocked myself when I glance in a store window and there is my white haired reflection.But aside from the personal ups and downs you feel emotionally when you grow your hair out, I actually would wake up in the middle of the night when I first started the process , terrified it has been in a practical sense very freeing.No organizing my days and weeks around my hair coloring appointments.No white lines the WEEK AFTER I colored it No having to use harsher and harsher chemicals to get the color to stick because my hair was so resistant to color.No spending so much money and so much time EVERY THREE WEEKS for 20 years.I think it was the last one that got me and I finally just said enough.Going into this, I would say you need a lot of support not only from your family but from your work if you happen to work outside the home I am fortunate to work in an engineering aerospace environment where I felt comfortable and accepted as I was going through this process I thank my husband, Jeff, and my kids, Jordan and Natalie Although I think it is probably not their first choice for my hair, they have not said, No or I hate it or You are embarrassing me I appreciate that Thank you to Anne Kreamer, the author of Going Gray She was a great help and support with her words and the websites she recommended Thank you to Val Shope who went gray ahead of me and was my inspiration and motivation to keep on going Both of these women encourage me to be bold and go up to other women who are going gray and say, Don t give up It IS difficult It IS easy to buy a box of color and undo a year s worth of work You are going against society norms, against all the media encountered every day and so you do stand out But my conclusion after this year It is worth it.

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    Well, what can I say I was down with a bad cold and it seemed as a good idea at the time.Good writing, spoiled on something so irrelevant As if once you decide you go gray or grey in the UK you are not allowed to dye your hair EVER again Most likely because the secret is out now and nobody will believe now that your hair is really purple or green or pink or whatever crazy colour is trendy at any given time.

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    Looking at herself in a picture, standing beside her teenage daughter Ms Kreamer decided that she did not like the artificial look she had perpetuated for so many years and made the decision to stop coloring her hair She was 49 years old In this memoir about following through on that decision Ms Kreamer tells of all the avenues she explored while going gray Often funny and always insightful she takes us through the experience of gathering opinions on her new old look from friends, professional personal style consultants and family members She takes a hard look on how much time and money her hair coloring has cost her over the years scary and how she felt the gray hair would affect her feelings about her age, her sexuality and of being a vibrant, feminine woman The results were often not what you would expect such as when she put herself on a dating site, once as a brunette and once with the gray hair, or when she went bar hopping with friends, again once as a brunette and then again with gray hair She pulls no punches when she writes about the white skunk stripe which has to be endured and how she eventually made the decision to cut her trademark long locks to expedite the process.At the risk of TMI, I read this book because I have been toying with the same decision for many years Becoming a victim of the dreaded gray hair when I was barely into my 20 s, I too am sick of the time and expense required to maintain the fa ade When the title of this book popped onto my radar I knew it was one I had to read I am glad I did.

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