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Hollywood Economist 2.0, The A Fully Revised Edition Of The Popular Guide To Hollywood Finances, Updated To Reflect Even Newer Films And TrendsIn A Freakonomics Meets Hollywood Saga, Veteran Investigative Reporter Edward Jay Epstein Goes Undercover To Explore Hollywood S Invisible Money Machine, Probing The Dazzlingly Complicated Finances Behind The Hits And Flops, While He Answers A Surprisingly Difficult Question How Do The Studiosmake Their Money We Also Learn How And Why The Studios Harvest Silver From Old Film Prints Why Stars Do Or Don T Do Their Own Stunts The Future Of Netflix Why The Next Big Thing Now Seems In Such Deep Trouble What It Costs To Insure Nicole Kidman S Right Knee How Hollywood Manipulates Wall Street Including The Story Of The Acquisition Of MGM Wherein A Consortium Of Banks And Hedge Funds Lost SomeBillion While Hollywood Made Millions Why Arnold Schwarzenegger Is Considered A Contract Genius The Fate Of Serious Fare How HBO, AMC, And Showtime Have Found Ways To Make Money Offer Adult Drama, While The Hollywood Studios Prefer To Cater To Teen Audiences Why Lara Croft Tomb Raider Is Considered A Masterpiece Of Financing

Edward Jay Epstein born 1935 is an American investigative journalist and a former political science professor at Harvard, UCLA, and MIT While a graduate student at Cornell University in 1966, he published the book Inquest, an influential critique of the Warren Commission probe into the John F Kennedy assassination Epstein wrote two other books about the Kennedy assassination, eventually colle

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  • Paperback
  • 236 pages
  • Hollywood Economist 2.0, The
  • Edward Jay Epstein
  • English
  • 01 March 2019
  • 9781612190501

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    This book helps to explain the behavior of the movie studios, for better or for worse And I was pleased with how the author approached the subject what could have been a dry topic was kept interesting by a little bit of humor, a random smattering of interesting behind the scenes type stories, and a straightforward explanation of why movies are financed the way they are financed.I never thought I d be typing these words but it s true, I have a new found respect for Tom Cruise and Arnold Schwarzenegger Or, their lawyers Either way, they were able to structure contracts in a way that had never been done before and consequently shape the face of entertainment.Other takeaways No one makes money on the movie itself but rather it s all about orchestrating fees and access to the movie For example, movie theaters don t make money off the movies themselves 75% of theater operating costs come from concessions and advertising.The tax breaks for filming in certain geographical areas are INSANE.The book talks about issues like that.

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    Read it in two sittings By now most of what s said is history as the book ends in 2012 I m happy the book exists, but now I m wondering how the hell I m going to get updated info on this stuff As the book explains entertainment websites love box office numbers but don t have access to the actual data like where the financing came from, the marketing budget and the break even point Studios are very tricky, giving outsiders the lesser parts of deals and making money in many little ways The book gives insights on how much money theaters make and ends with a short chapter on streaming Unfortunately things changed so much, we now need a book of this nature but on streaming There s a lot going on, a lot of money is being spent on streaming content and I want that juicy info Comment below if you can point me to a book on streaming

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    I would not give this book a high recommendation, but it s a quick and easy read which gives fascinating behind the scenes information about the rapidly changing business of movies It s an area that all the PR surrounding movies never focuses on, outside of box office grosses Unless you read the specialized trades or work in the industry, it s not something that you would know about, but I find it interesting My restricted endorsement reflects that it s not that well written and it reflects its nature as basically an assembly of previously published columns which originally appeared in various periodicals.

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    Great food for mind and excellent writing.Could never imagine that Hollywood is so complex and interesting.

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    Well balanced between a layman s explanation of Hollywood s financial system and a in depth examination of dealmaking and accounting for those already familiar with the entertainment world Kept interesting with many anecdotes, Epstein sheds light on how entertainment an industry that never seems to lose our attention really keeps the wheels turning Particularly interesting areas include no net fluid bookkeeping appears constantly , financing indie films, dealmaking from positions of power, risk mitigation a major theme throughout , the history of studio power anti trust, the new movement away from audience creation and into audience retention , bank involvement.

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    It starts out ok, but then you realIze the material is dated He constantly goes on tangents that have nothing to do with the chapter title He repeats the same information several time in the book It s like a collection of his random notes and thoughts then a book you can learn something from He tries to lecture about accounting, but as an accountant I can tell he is stating generic information he s heard from someone without understanding the actual deal Poorly written garbage that s probably a nice cash grab for Epstein.

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    3.5 A good book Lots of facts, examples and explanations Final chapters the extra content for 2.0 edition weren t as good nor revealing, and not as well copy edited A good primer on the economics of Hollywood Good companion to Lynda Obst s Sleepless in Hollywood which I enjoyed .My movie industry education continues

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    If accountancy was a thriller Really interesting read.The making movies side of the process sounds way easier than the back end shenanigansVery clearly written and makes a potentially hideously complex topic a fairly easy to follow read.Excellent

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    A bit outdated but informative Anticipating the update.

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    Clear with very much information that is easy to understand You will find yourself flying through this book and learning so much in the process

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