The Third Gift

The Third Gift From Two Extraordinary Talents, A Beautifully Crafted Picture Book For The Christmas SeasonThe Three Wise Men, Or The Three Kings, Are Familiar Figures In The Christmas Tradition Newbery Medalist Linda Sue Park Has Taken The Brief Biblical References To The Three As The Starting Point For A New Story In It We Meet A Boy Who Is Learning His Father S Trade A Man Who Gathers Resin From Certain Trees A Merchant In The Marketplace And Three Strangers In Brightly Colored Robes Who Are Shopping For A Gift For A Baby Illustrated By Bagram Ibatoulline With Exquisite Paintings, This Simple, Moving Tale Of Ordinary People Involved In An Extraordinary Event Brings New Resonance To The Well Known Gift List Of Gold, Frankincense, And Myrrh Includes An Author S Note

Linda Sue Park is a Korean American author of children s fiction Park published her first novel, Seesaw Girl, in 1999 To date, she has written six children s novels and five picture books for younger readers Park s work achieved prominence when she received the prestigious 2002 Newbery Medal for her novel A Single Shard.

[Ebook] ➦ The Third Gift  ➬ Linda Sue Park –
  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • The Third Gift
  • Linda Sue Park
  • English
  • 10 June 2019
  • 9780547201955

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    Wow, the scenes look hot with bright yellow and orange light It has a desert feel to it This is about a boy learning to harvest Myrrh sap from the trees The father is an expert at reading the trees and knowing the perfect time to take sap from the trees That is the interesting part of the story Later, some Wise men end up buying the Myrrh to give as a present 3 guesses who the baby is It s a well done story and I appreciate the subtlility of the story The artwork is lovely I found it interesting what Myrrh is and what it comes from I knew it could be a resin, so it makes sense it is tree sap It s so interesting the way this is harvested The trees should not be too damaged so they keep living and producing sap Fascinating really.Neither of the children really got into this story sadly We explained about who the wise men were and how this is part of the Christmas story but that did not impress them They both decided to give this 2 stars.

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    A young boy observes and learns from his father, a myrrh gatherer in the ancient Middle East, in this lovely picture book from author Linda Sue Park and illustrator Bagram Ibatoulline An apprentice of sorts, the boy notes his father s skill in gathering the tears the coagulated, resinous sap that forms from the X shaped cuts made in the small trees from which myrrh comes that are then sold to the spice merchant Proud of the large tear that he himself gathers, the boy is curious when it is purchased by three wealthy foreigners who have come to the merchant s stall He is even curious when he learns that the myrrh is intended as a gift for an infant, given that it is a substance often used in funerary ritesAnyone familiar with the Nativity Story the story of the birth of Jesus Christ will know who the three foreigners are, and who the infant recipient is, making The Third Gift an unusual but very meaningful addition to the body of picture books meant for Christmas time I grew up singing the traditional Christmas carol, We Three Kings, but I don t think I ever really considered what myrrh one of the three gifts brought by the Wise Men Magi as gifts for the newborn Christ child actually is Obviously, Linda Sue Park has Her afterword, which explores the Biblical story of Jesus birth, as well as various theories about the Wise Men and their origin, is quite fascinating, and her story would make an excellent companion to and expansion of a traditional Nativity Story, or to a picture book retelling of We Three Kings The illustrations here are lovely, although not my favorite, of Bagram Ibatoulline s work something about the human figures felt slightly out of place in his landscapes Leaving that one quibble aside, this is a wonderful book, one I would recommend to anyone looking for children s stories set in the Middle East long ago, or tangentially related to the Nativity Story.

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    This is a a beautiful picture book of a boy who collects myrrh with his father One day three wealthy men come to the market to buy the best they have to offer They already have gold and frankincense that they want to give to to a Baby Myrrh is a strange gift and the narrator is left wondering about this Mysterious Baby.

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    What do you get when you combine a Newbery winning author and a fabulous illustrator You get a book like this one The story is told beautifully in just the right amount of words and illustrations that put you, the reader, into the background of the story I felt almost like I was there watching the young boy and his father harvest tree resin I remember the first time I heard the story of the wise men, I, like many others, had no idea what frankincense and myrrh were Gold is pretty self explanatory, but frankincense and myrrh I had no clue I admit I just barely learned that frankincense came from trees This book taught me that myrrh also comes from trees and has symbolic relevance to Jesus Christ beyond being a valuable gift I had no idea that Myrrh was traditionally used primarily at funerals to show respect and caring to the departed I appreciated the author s note at the end explaining the origins of the story and the author s interest in the subject As for the illustrations, what can I say beyond that they are gorgeous They show so beautifully the tender story of a father patiently teaching his son the art of harvesting the trees What a sweet and powerfully symbolic story I can t recommend this book highly enough I loved it, definitely one of my favorites this year.

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    I never really knew what myrrh was or where it came from until I read this book In this story a young boy accompanies his father as he harvests tears pearls of sap that seep out of a cut in a tree to sell in the market Of course, Christians associate myrrh with the birth of the baby Jesus and the three wise men, and here we see father and son selling their best and largest tears to three men who are going to give them as gifts to a baby This the boy does not understand, as myrrh is traditionally associated with the dead Interesting A note at the end of the book quotes the only place in the New Testament the book of Matthew to mention the wise men, and then no number is given Apparently three wise men became traditional either because of the mention of three gifts in Matthew or because of the popularity of the carol We Three Kings of Orient Are Beautiful illustrations by Bagram Ibatoulline accompany this story, which is perfect to read aloud at Christmas time Recommended

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    A boy helps his father harvest tears drops of myrrh that seep from trees, used for medicines and funerals He and his father sell the boy s large, prized tear to a spice merchant, who sells it in turn to three magi, who want to give it to a baby as a gift As the men mount their camels and leave, the boy is left wondering about the baby who is about to receive such a strange gift Readers unfamiliar with the nativity story may not understand the Biblical connections, but an author s note at the end contains scripture explaining the significance of the myrrh and the magi in connection with the birth of Christ Ibatoulline s acrylic gouache illustrations are stunningly lovely and realistic some images are so lifelike they look like a combination of painting and photography This would make a nice addition to collections of Christmas picture books in the home or church The historical aspects of myrrh harvesting make it particularly useful in church school settings.

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    I believe this was featured in PW, which is how It ended up in my TBR The illustrations are wonderful, completely invoking the desert atmosphere and the historical period While this is not strictly religious the text is told from the perspective of a young boy who obviously has no context of what is occurring , it is clear that this is a story that is a small part of the larger Nativity story The author s note at the back of the book shines a scholarly light on the book I was definitely interested because, while I was raised Catholic, I never really considered the wise men or the origins of their gifts before Due to the death implications we learn that myrrh was used in funeral rites , I would not recommend this for young children This might be best for elementary school aged Sunday schools.

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    The combination of this Newbery award winning author and the incredible artistry of Ibatoulline results in a lovely story of the gift of myrrh given to baby Jesus.Through superb illustrations, we see a young man and his father as they scour the land in search of the solidified tears of sap, which when carefully cultivated results in the precious medicinal myrrh The sap like substance, which has a unique sweet and smoky aroma, has a wide range of uses, including perfume, embalming fluid and is believed to hold therapeutic properties.As a side note, some scholars believe the significance of the gift of myrrh lies in foretelling that the Jesus would heal those who were ill and would then die a tragic death.

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    this tells you how jaded I amThis is an easy picture bookMeant to be read to small children sitting on your lap, at bedtime, storytime Whatever In it, a little boy is harvesting myrrh to sell to the merchants So, he comes across this gigantic tear of myrrh, like the tree is crying sap It s like the size of his palm Turning the page, I m expecting some bully to come and rip it out of his hands and push him into the dirt Or, that his father is killed while putting himself between the marauders and the son holding the myrrh Yeesh It s a picture book Nothing bad s gonna happen I love Linda Sue Park She s an excellent storyteller Cute book.

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    A young boy is learning his father s trade..collecting the sap from special trees The sap comes out in a tear shape, allowed to dry, collected by father and son, and then sold They are used to make medicine, flavor wine, soothe rashes and used to anoint dead bodies When you smell the tears at a funeral, you know that person was treasured.The boy collects a very large tear which is then taken to the spice merchant Three men are there to purchase tears to be given as a gift to a baby..very strange indeed.Includes an author s note about what is known about the wise men or magi and speculation about them as well.

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