Silas Ken Lowery Is A Man At Odds With His Life He Hates His Job, Is Disappointed In His Marriage, And Feels Resigned To Leading A Mundane ExistenceThat All Changes When His Wife Brings Home A Rambunctious Black Labrador Puppy Named Silas, Who Forges A Remarkable Connection With Ken And Begins To Heal His Inner Turmoil But When Some Neighborhood Children Start To Go Missing, Ken Is Thrown Back Into Despair And Takes It Upon Himself To Protect Those Around Him As He Is Thrust Into A Surreal World Where Monsters Roam And Not Everything Is What It Seems To Be, Including His New Best Friend A quick, good read for all writers You will feel buoyed and validated in Goldberg s hands. A Greta ReviewThis book is sooooooooo the Every Man Manly Man I love my dog, I m going through a midlife Crisis, Oh snap where did I wind up at, why is everything different, sort of fairytale.ANd you know what kids Its da BOMB Ken is going through a mid life crisis I mean, its not a bad thing Well, it s kinda a bad thing but its understandable He s 32, stuck in a rut, and his wife just brought home a puppy.HOW DARE SHE But after a night of nacho indulgence it isn t specified if nachos were the key but I like to believe they are Ken has a health scare with the old ticker and is put on bed rest for a bit.During that time he bonds with Silas, the new labrador puppy.I can tell you as a strict lover of cats that I fell in love with Silas I m one of those people who can t stand the needy dog I mean I like the dog on I am Legend, and I like the dog in Marley and Me, but can I like THIS dog This dog that wants to be petted and is a puppy that gnaws on things and drools on shoes, and is just so clingy The answer is YES because dogs grow up and Silas is awesome But the story isn t just about how a man bonds with his dog Well, ok some of it is Ken has been told his whole childhood that pets aren t needed because they just break your heart after they die He never had a pet growing up because his Dad wouldn t allow them I had a friend like this He got his first dog when he was in his mid 20s And you know what Just like Ken he realized that there was something missing in his life The love of a pet.As Ken bonds with Silas and his life starts to get a bit better he soon finds that life isn t always rosebuds and flea collars Some of those nasties from life before NACHO LAND are still around You know the part of the chips that have the hard cheese on them We hate those This is what spirals the LOVE SONG into a Marilyn Manson cover song.DA DA DA DA DA DAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Because Ken is about to find himself in a land that is not his own A land of holy batwing terror A land that can only be described as a nightmare.But the cool thing is he still has his dog with him.Greta s thoughts How would you describe this book THe perfect manly man fairytale IT had everything I think any man would LOVE LOVE LOVE this book What fairytales does this book remind you of PinocchioPeter PanThe Jungle BookLord of the RingsPlanet of the ApesPlanet of the Apes isn t a fairy tale Why would you say that Because there aren t enough fairy tales for men in the world so movies and comic books have become them.How is the imagery in the book Oh My GAWD amazing YOu really feel like you are there ITs told with just the right amount of description and not once do you have to know what stuff smells like, how things make you feel, and all that other oowy goowy touchy feely stuff that women dig.Did you feel you got inside a man s head Most definitely It was awesome to really hear a man s voice I super loved it Who would you buy this book for I think this would make the most awesome father s day gift I also think this book is perfect for any animal lover whether it be cats, dogs, or chickens everyone will love this book.How young of a person do you think could read this book This is NOT a book for kids There isn t much cussing which I thought was fabulous ITs amazing how women authors cuss and cuss and cuss but men authors seem to limit their swearing I really dug that And there really isn t much graphic nudity there is a bit but this is NOT your 8 year olds bedtime story I think a mature thirteen year old or high schooler could definitely read this book without any problem I would let my fourteen year old son read this but I wouldn t let my eleven year old cousin read it Were there parts that scared you Oh hells to the yes There were most awesome creepy crawlies in this book that made me squirm but also made me go WOAH THAT IS COOL Its the perfect mix of horror detail that I super loved.If you could change anything about this book what would it be THe cover THe cover is dreadful and I do not like it That is NOT how it should look I mean, I guess that is KEN and SILAS on the cover but they look evil and zombie like That s not the way they are supposed to look at ALL IF I was to judge this book by its cover its quite possible I wouldn t pick it up.Were you satisfied with the ending Oh yes yes yes yes It was superb It had everything I wantedCould there be a sequel Not with Ken s story I think where his ended is perfect and shouldn t be mucked with Now, with the other characters he met along the way they could totally getadded to the mix.Who was your favorite character Big GuyWho is Big Guy I can t tell you. You have to read the book to find out In ClosingTHis is a most awesome book and I m super glad that I read it I think it would be a great plot for a movie and I hope one day it becomes just that I don t think the blurb does this book any justice There is so muchto Silas than the overview suggests A supernatural thriller it definitely is, but it also borders on becoming a sci fi novel The whole time while reading it, all I could think of was how much I didn t want the book to end Silas is an incredibly unique novel and one I ll easily read again It was unlike anything I ve ever read before and apart from the adrenaline pumping action, the extraordinary world it transports the reader to and the terror that keeps your heart beating at a frantic pace the writing is very Dean Koontz like, and the plot can be compared to one bled from the pen of Stephen King s imagination, minus King s well known penchant for lengthy and dragging details.The author s superb writing takes the reader places where only the wildest of imaginations venture The impression I got from reading the blurb was of a town terrorized by unseen forces preying on children As true as this is, the story in actuality takes the reader to a parallel world similar to our own in the most miniscule of details This parallel world is where most of the story and action takes place and also what made this such a remarkable read Many times I was left in awe by the author s creativity in the exceptional characters and creatures he created and how easy he makes it for the reader to immerse into this fantastical world.This is truly an amazing adventure undertaken by a man and his loyal Labrador companion, and although the last few chapters had a very Marley and Me feel to it, the story ends on a high note, albeit an unanticipated one Silas was an enjoyable, surprising read with a superbly crafted storyline and boatloads of suspense Whether you re a fan of the sci fi genre or not this story, with its colorful settings and extraordinary canine protagonist, will appeal to readers all across the spectrum Highly recommended Silas is a book that can be easily portioned into two parts The first part is a real world mystery as Ken finds himself reluctantly, yet inexorably, drawn into the disappearance of several girls in his community and the surrounding area The second part is where all hell breaks loose in spectacular, possibly crazy fashion.In some ways this is not an easy book to read The protagonist is an unhappy man He s a jerk to his wife, he s depressed and folded in on himself and he actsfrequently like a child than a man It can be hard to see the glimmers of good in Ken when he repeatedly does his best to make an ass of himself Even when he meets Silas, the title character and the Labrador puppy his wife impulsively buys to infuse their marriage with some love, he s a complete jerk He flat out refuses to have anything to do with the dog, scorning both the newcomer to his family and his wife in a stinging fashion.Somehow though, Silas reaches past Ken s gruff exterior and connects with the true man within, the man his wife fell in love with, the man he could be if he would shake off the shackles of pessimism and stubborn pride Reluctantly, Ken finds himself drawnandto Silas, who becomes a balm of sorts for Ken s soul.But, as Ken and Silas become closer, Ken s life starts unraveling And then something truly crazy occurs and Ken finds himself, with Silas, in a place that is clearly not Earth In this other world, Ken has a mission to complete, one that will requires him to put the needs of others before his own On this mission, he grows, learning the true value of the people and things in his life.This journey takes Ken to some seriously disturbed places and there are some intensely scary events that occur But no matter how horrifying and dangerous things get for Ken, I found myself enjoying how these trials by fire FINALLY push this man to be a better person.At it s heart, this is a tale of growing up, learning to value others and one s self and focusing on the important things in life I fully admit that I cried at the end.Beyond the story, which is bizarre and fascinating, is the writing which I simply love Rob cuts to the heart of the story with prose that pulls you in, making you, sometimes uncomfortably, part of the story Even the way this story is written, as a story within a story, being told by an older, dying Ken to a hospital orderly, makes the reader feel present and a part of the tale.This is a fantastic book, full of good and bad people and events, that you will find hard to put down And if you ve ever had a treasured petprepare to fall in love, with Silas

Born on Cape Cod and raised in northern Connecticut, Robert Duperre is a writer whose main ambition is to create works that defy genre His first novel, The Fall The Rift Book I is now available in paperback and for the Kindle.Robert lives with his wife, the artist Jessica Torrant, his three wonderful children, and Leonardo, the super one eyed Labrador.

[Reading] ➺ Silas  By Robert J. Duperre –
  • Kindle Edition
  • 308 pages
  • Silas
  • Robert J. Duperre
  • English
  • 25 September 2017

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